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  1. Very busy the last few weeks, basically returning to an irl life after nearly 3 years of being at home. Driving school, normal school, after school stuff. At least I get to take a programming class! I also may get some extra credits for working with the school tech team. I was offered that it could be possible. As with all stress though it sometimes gets to me, and I've spent most of my weekdays just playing games when I get home to relax. I use weekends for my hobbies now mostly. I'm doing fine, I think. Sometimes hard to tell if I'm fine or not after how this year has been. I think I'm okay
  2. Do you have this option turned on? Also, you are using StartAllBack, that could interfere with it. Try rebooting?
  3. If you have Pro or a higher SKU you can set a target feature update in Group Policy. Would look similar to this in Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update. Somewhere in that I believe it changed structure in Windows 11. Option should look similar to this: You set the target version to 2004 and it will not update from that. You can set it to anything really, and it will stay on that version or upgrade to it, even if it is EOL. Very powerful policy here.
  4. Windows 11 imo is fine. It has some new stuff some ppl may like, such as: Built-in improvements to monitor-rearrangement under setups where they disappear from Windows in sleep mode (I got my first DisplayPort monitor this year, and this problem completely wrecks me on Linux and Windows 10, on 11 though it isn't an issue) Refreshed UI Design Language (which some may hate, some may like, but its nice to see at least some change and attempt in a more unified UI, that Microsoft has not been doing since id say Windows 7) Improved performance on Alder Lake+ (more of an Intel thing, but if you have 12th gen you really should use Win11 if you want all the performance out of your CPU) 22H2 will have smaller feature "moments" rather than large updates like Windows 10 did (Moment 1 is expected to release in October, one month after 22H2 comes out) So all I can say is give it a try. You may like it you may hate it. Personally I am indifferent to it, I really don't see much in it that I like or hate, so I use it just because I have no reason not to.
  5. Wow, I didn't even know there was another person from '06 here. They are younger by a few months, on my profile it says 01-24-2006
  6. Sorry, but I haven't read the last 5 pages of this thread, I don't necissarily have the patience too unfortunatelly. just a thing about ADHD! i can say my life has suddenly turned around in a week, which is kind of crazy, because i met someone and they are the person of my dreams. they noticed i wasn't really acting like myself and they sent me a PM on Discord, but then we just started talking more and more and more and well, we really like each other. we had a moment last night where we were just happy to talk to each other. we may be seperated by the entire US (im east coast, they're west coast) but that doesnt stop us from liking each other. of course, we will give it a month or two until anything is official, but we are patient with our issues and forgive each other. truly a healthy friendship so far. i also saw this image about ADHD and id like to share it here. shows a lot to how much deeper adhd goes... The unfortunate thing about ADHD is that a lot of the world thinks its just impulse and trouble focusing, as the image shows. But it is sooooooooooo much more than that... and that causes a lot of people to just find people with ADHD and more severe forms of it as lazy people, people who dont care, and people who just use other people. but that is not how it is. im just mentally limited by something that makes every day running at the speed of sound, and everything is either a "really great!" or "incredibly depressing!". It sucks. A lot of people just didnt have the patience and care to work with me on it, either. They just decided i didnt care about them and saw me as a bad person and avoided me. Luckily, the person i met, has tought me more on how to slow down and take things cautiously, think more logically about things and make better decisions. and even sometimes i still make mistakes in that area.. she will forgive me. id also talk more about how her family is incredibly homophobic and transphobic (as she is trans and pansexual) but those topics are pretty controversial. only if ppl here want me to talk abt it.
  7. well im back here again. on vacation right now to Florida. currently about halfway through the trip and well, even vacation hasn't been able to make me feel any better. hopes that maybe i wont feel so horrible once im actually there. i feel so bad to everyone here as they have tried their damndest to make me feel at least a little better and aren't seeing good results from it. i wish some of my friends had the dedication of some people here. i get really jealous of people in relationships because someone loves them enough to dedicate as much of their time to making them feel better. sadly im not in that situation, and im too scared to tell my family about anything, so im just stuck here with the words of people on the internet. i guess im still here to just tell at least someone about this or to write it down, hell even to just post it somewhere so i can speak my mind but not actually have to be there to hear any reactions to it. I feel so alone in this world, scaping for the small bits of happiness I can get, and even when I get it, it doesn't last. Everything is so empty. sorry for being so negative and depressing here. i cant let these thoughts stay in my mind. if they stay longer im gonna go insane.
  8. I don't know if you are serious here, but I'll take it as that. ADHD. I was pretty much diagnosed with this on Monday. There are likely others that I am going to be looking into with my psychologist such as depression, anxiety disorders, etc. ADHD is really well known. The overall basis of it is unstable dopamine levels. Fast produced in euphoric situations, but easily depleted. Kind of like a 1970s muscle car with a 1 gallon fuel tank. It causes me to be very happy easily but also really down easily. It's sometime confused with bipolar, but it isn't that. Bipolar is over the span of months. For me, these mood issues have been over the span of as low as 10 minutes, all my life. It also makes making decisions the worst thing ever. Thats why I have constantly changed my "current OS" on MSFN here a lot, as back in 2020 and 2021 I used to constantly reinstall my PC between Win10, Win8, Win7. Luckily, I managed to stop that on my desktop, where my install of Windows (21H2 Pro) is now from March 2022. A new record for me! As far as meeting a priest, I don't want to talk about this much but I wouldn't consider myself religious. I don't like bringing up religions though because it always seems to cause arguments between people... and if you were just playing around... sorry regardless, i feel better today. some days are better / worse than others
  9. One thing I understand about my subconscious is that it seems to always find some kind of answer that I myself wouldn't like. For example, in the event someone is not responding to me, tries to convince me that "they dislike you" or "you did something to them". In other cases, it tries to convince me of something being true that isn't, or otherwise, something being false that is actually true. Always attempting to give me false information to make myself feel worse. It's weird. Some people describe it as the brain attacking itself.
  10. I had a dream last night that I was with a person I really like. We were having fun and it was all I ever dreamed of. The worst thing that happened was I woke up. I was then reminded of the truth and reality of the stagnating friendship I have with them.
  11. Well, I feel better now. I think mainly is that I seek and depend on a lot of approval and appreciation; without praise, acceptance, and constantly reminded of how important I am to someone, it tears me apart.
  12. It's hard to have this kind of enthusiasm when nothing seems to be in favor of me survivng. Whatever this mental coud or fog or something I am feeling just brings negative energy everywhere. The only time I don't feel this way is when I am distracted from the truth. But the truth always finds its way.
  13. I'm not sure if it was the friend group I met or what. But earlier this year I just started feeling like nothing is true, that everyone is against me. If i can describe it, its like this: I'm stuck in a hole. Every time I start climbing I fall to the bottom. Sometimes, I'm stuck to the bottom and can't climb. When I finally reach the top, i'm pushed back down it by someone, and all my work has been invalidated. Feels as if the conflict has overcame me and is only making me make bad decisions. As far as impulsive, I have said things to people so serious on a personal level that I can't share it here. But it is quite obvious with my previous statement. I'm very young compared to others here but I never in my whole life have ever seen myself at that point. I've always doubted i'll make it there.

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