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  1. As one of the youngest people on MSFN, and also have had my several moments of thoughts like these, a lot of it to me boils down to the truth about how we see the world. Me, along with many others my age, see the world in a very pessimistic sense. We see and hear of all the events of mass shootings (especially in the west), increasing cost of living, more and more jobs being replaced by computers, and the continuous argument of each side constantly berating each other to death. If its okay to be transgender, if its okay to be gay, if its okay to do anything, really. We look at the world and just see it as something falling apart and our generation having to be the one to deal with it. The internet has reduced social contact significantly, and many of us are still recovering from the years of isolation especially during the pandemic. Not to mention the unstable politics in the east, with Russia / Ukraine, Palestine / Israel, it really doesn't give us much positivity in the future when all we hear is how horrible the world is. I personally had thoughts of ending it all when I felt like there was no hope. Most people typically have those thoughts when they feel there's no reason to live their life and that everything will continue to be suffering. Especially when we are told to just man up, and deal with it. The younger generation as a whole really values the comfort of living a happy life much, much more than having to work ourselves to death just to make ends meet. A lot of us just want to live happy lives with our friends and close partners. We want to live and be the person we aspire to be, express ourselves not limited to a certain construct, and just be our best self. But the idea that you lose your soul as you get older, are forced into certain restrictions just for society... its a thought that a lot of people can't swallow. I'd love to see a future where people can come together on their differences and make a change for the best interests of the people, not for the best interests of people who agree with you. I'd love to see a future where things are fair and that you can actually get an education for cheap, be able to live for cheap, since we are all humans on this planet. Why does anyone have to be more important than someone else? This is our home. There are no other homes out there for us. We need to respect this planet that supports all of our lives. Battling each other until the death, even if it is human nature, will really be what causes the human extinction. Ourselves. Mental health is so utterly important right now, the focus of humanity needs to really push into improving the health of everyone worldwide, physically and mentally. Along with ensuring both males, females, and however else you identify yourself as, are all treated equally. But even then, its not a problem that can be solved unless the entire world meets and agrees on our problems, and most countries actually take a stand to improve it in response. I just want the future to be exciting, man. But in reality a lot of us aren't excited. We really are fearing the future. We will likely see this as the numbers of young parents will decrease as newer generations decide to not have children.
  2. No, I just meant that the alternative forms of viewing other people’s thoughts online outside of social media are small time forums or blog sites that are usually behind a paywall. Especially news sites. Continuing from this, the whole idea that people get where they want to increase their value exponentially is to what I believe the reason many good things don’t last. If you set your sights on a realistic expectation, a goal that fits your needs rather than making billions just because you can, then you won’t drown in the thoughts of economic loopholes and consistently exploiting your customers for just pennies more per day. If you can be happy with what you have and not be greedy and selfish, then that is a big help towards keeping you and your products healthy and afloat. There are some exceptions though, like a situation where you are able to price your products out and make billions (Apple), but that’s mostly because the American culture nearly revolves around them. Social media can exist if they didn’t fall into these traps and maintained a strict trust and safety team. You’re moderating mostly losers in their parents basement on social media, you can’t let them just roam free.
  3. The importance Reddit had though was that it was the most “real human” you could get at times. Rather than the paywalled blog posts and heavily biased news outlets, you could gather a bunch of information from other people out there if you were trying to make a decision for yourself. Not only that, it was a fairly decent place for focused communities as well. But their ignorance especially to the moderators who do their work for free and the visually disabled who need the third party tools to use the platform really shows they too fell to viewing their platform as a “social media” when it really is still better off as a forum network. People abandoned Facebook quite fast because even the illiterate know it’s a privacy nightmare. Plus the whole image that your grandparents use it drove a lot of the younger generation away. This could also be said for issues countries encounter but that can get too political for here. The companies are quite interesting with how they can be so misled and completely out of the know from what their community wants. What ever happened to customer feedback? Valve is an example of a company that manages well. The layout is nearly identical to an open source repository and everyone just does whatever they want. The company is private and isn’t made to make every penny possible. Their support team is fantastic on steam and their support of Linux is even better. This is an example of what happens when you don’t have $$$$ shoved into your eyes. You can actually do something great and not be greedy.
  4. Within the last few months we have seen the biggest decrease and corporate self destruction I at least have ever seen. Reddit and Twitter, both competing to see who can destroy their platform the fastest! Kinda makes me think after this that even after how advertisers are leaving both platforms, and especially how Microsoft has stopped making major posts (mostly Mojang), brings up the interesting thought that smaller more focused content forums like MSFN and other ones like Planet Minecraft and TenForums may actually grow in popularity once more, especially with Reddit now having upset their user base to no end. Really unfortunate. Now a good amount of my google term + Reddit searches won't be as useful anymore. Really unfortunate though because you can't really tell if the news you are reading is even real or not. Guess everyones back to the smaller places again. The internet honestly, has never felt more emptier to me. I've stopped using Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Snapchat. Probably for the best, though. I still communicate on Discord. Truly hilarious.
  5. Haha, I can only focus with background music or anything really. I also understand the whole caffiene thing, I can drink a lot of it without issues. But at a point it becomes the opposite and I start bouncing off the walls. December 2022, I drank a Mountain Dew and a Mountain Dew Amp in the same hour, which totals to 200mg+ of caffeine. I ended up bouncing on an exercise ball laughing because it was fun. I also at the same time was tired so I felt like I hadn't slept for weeks but couldn't sleep.
  6. An update about this, this is a feature in 22621. You can enable it with Mica for Everyone, and there are also browser themes that carry the theme into those. Works decently well if you want a modern Aero look.
  7. ADHD is an issue I deal with on a daily basis. It's the feeling of having everything to do and not enough time to do it, since now is the only time I can do anything.
  8. It depends on your preference. I personally have not updated my PC at home yet, although my laptop is on it just because I upgraded it at some point. I haven't bothered to downgrade it at all. So it is really up to you, if you think the changes are something you can get used to, or if you'd prefer to find other options.
  9. I wouldn't really recommend using an insider build either. It leaves 22H2 as an option for you since you don't want 21H2 or a bleeding-edge dev version. You do also have betas available such as 2262x if you'd like to try out future features.
  10. i have quite a strange issue where after installing the latest extended kernel in a vmware VM, the mouse no longer works. HID-compliant mouse and PS/2 compatible mouse both say that windows was unable to load drivers for the device (code 37)
  11. Quoting myself, thats also why Unifi has gotten fairly popular- they provide in my opinion one of the best services for networking. For businesses, the importance of a simple network that is powerful, and easy to use, is the reason Cisco networking has been dying off in the business world, and only still remains in data-centers. However eventually that will change. My home network runs on a Unifi AP from 2019 and it has performed exactly the same since we have gotten it, and has been the most reliable WiFi AP we have ever owned.
  12. for most businesses nowadays they purchase whatever is the best value from their vendors. Today that would be Server 2022. Older servers likely are still in use. at my school they still have a couple 2008 R2 and 2003 systems around. Most of theirs though are 2012 R2 and 2016. Some 2019 ones are around too. Outside of windows ad and such, Linux excels at server tasks. And even then, most stuff is going cloud based today, so on-prem servers aren't as prominent as they used to be. The only thing most businesses need now are routers and networking.
  13. Read through some of the convos that happened here, and I have a lot of interesting topics. To put it flat out, I am a non-binary pansexual person. Whenever you'd tell this to someone, they'd either be heavily supportive, or extremely against it. Most of the time because they don't understand but I love being like this so much because I have never felt so free with who I want to be. Of course, I know I'm a male at biological level. But I prefer not to assign myself to that socially due to aspects of gender I dislike. I have a partner who is transgender, and while there are struggles, mostly with her body dysphoria, stuff goes pretty alright. To make it clear, I do support opposing ideas. If nobody had their opinions, then what is there in the world? However, the issue in today, is the misunderstanding of truth v. opinions. What we as a society need to know is that people will have opposing opinions, there is no doubt about that. But we also need to accept those opposing ideas and consider them. We also need to know the truth, with the truth being we are living on the planet Earth, and we are just another species sharing this planet with every other animal. We are no more powerful or weak to the rest. By nature, we are mammals. We are just like them. I keep myself socially gender neutral as I dislike the ideas that different genders are held to different standards and do not get treated equally. It disgusts me that people in this world still believe that women are just an object in your home that raises your kids and cooks' dinner for you. What is exactly the reason why anyone else who is not a women cannot do that? As well as that, pansexuality by definition is the attraction to people regardless of gender, which means to me, I don't care what gender you are. Male, female, nonbinary, etc., I really do not care because for me I find something else much more attractive- personality. Having a strong loving bond with someone you mentally like, instead of just being attracted to them. Then again, my views on gender and attraction, are still an opinion. That opinion is I support for people to be who they want to be (to a certain extent, you can't be a platypus or a whale), and support the idea of gender being less of a thing in society, which would drive more human like connections among people, in my eyes that is. I just want a world without conflict. The more I can feel that in my life, the happier I will be.
  14. Did not know @XPerceniol left, haven't checked in here in a while. 😔

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