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  1. So I hope you guys know about some of the interesting things about Windows Me, at MSFN in fact, I found all this info in bits and pieces scattered over many threads so I am posting it in a single post. Also, there are many people here who already know it or are much smarter so ignore, I am only posting it for those still playing with this ancient OS in a VM or real old hardware. Hope it's not a problem: 1. Only the OEM version of Windows Me has hibernation support, retail doesn't. Also, OEM Windows Me CD is bootable. 2. It is common knowledge that Windows Me was patched to restore MS-DOS real mode. Io.sys, Command.com and Regenv.exe can be patched so it processes Config.sys and Autoexec.bat. That is old news. But this way of patching has a downside - you lose the nice white Windows Me boot logo (logo.sys that's inside Io.sys) because it takes the Io.sys/Winboot file from the EBD (Emergency Boot Disk). But instead what I recently learned (sure seasoned members and experts know it already) is after using the Me2Dos patch to modify Io.sys, command.com and regenv.exe or patching it yourself with a hex editor, if you take the Io.sys from Windows Me's Bootable CD (after it boots to DOS for Setup) or from the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) that's there in tools\nettools\fac -> DTA files (which are actually CAB files on the CD) and overwrite the one in C:\ drive's root with this one, then this OEM Io.sys does have the nice boot screen and you can still boot to DOS if you want due to the patched Command.com and Regenv.exe. In fact you get the full set of startup options like 95/98 except "Previous version of MS-DOS". So, after you have patched Windows Me with the famous Me2DOS patch to boot like 95/98, you can replace Io.sys with the non-patched Io.sys from Me OPK or Bootable Me ISO, and you get the best of both worlds - boot screen as well as boot to DOS/startup files no longer ignored. 3. Another advantage of Io.sys from OEM CD vs EBD patch is Expanded Memory is available in Windows Me for DOS programs. 4. Finally, you need to make a few changes to startup files after the Me2Dos patch and replacing Io.sys from OEM CD, so that "Command prompt only" option works like 95/98 and also you don't get boot errors at startup when booting Windows Me with the "Normal" option. I'll explain why you need to modify files again after the Me2Dos patch. With this unpatched Io.sys from OEM CD Boot image/OPK, it always loads Windows Me even if you choose the "Command prompt only" option. This is because the Command interpreter line in startup files lacks the /P (permanent) switch. You just need to add the /P switch to config.sys. After you install the Me2Dos patch, it modifies Config.sys to add this line: shell=c:\command.com e:32768. Just modify it as stated below so you don't get a "File creation error" when booting. Like this: shell=c:\command.com c: /p /e:32768 (Note the correct use of /p switch in Config.sys is to list dir where command interpreter resides before it so you must add: c: before /p) Also this Io.sys will automatically load Ifshlp.sys so you can comment out the line in config.sys added by Me2Dos patch by a semicolon and lastly remove the line from Autoexec.bat: C:\WINDOWS\win.com as with the non-patched Io.sys from Bootable OEM CD, it will load Windows Me anyway when "Normal" startup is used. So you get all options working exactly like Windows 95/98: Normal, Logged, Safe Mode, Step-by-Step Confirmation, Command Prompt only (which does process your Config.sys and Autoexec.bat but boots to DOS only) and Safe mode command prompt only which bypasses them. 5. Another fun thing I recently learned is with the ORIGINAL Io.sys that Windows Me officially installs (not the patched one from Me2Dos/EBD patch and not the one from OEM Me CD), Windows Me does not actually need Win.com to boot! It is there only for compatibility but Win.com then loads vmm32.vxd which is the main file that switches from real-mode to protected mode. So you can do fun trick (not that there is any use of it): - Rename C:\Windows\Win.com to WinMe.com so Windows doesn't find it automatically - Rename C:\Windows\system\vmm32.vxd to vmm32.com. - Take Command.com from tools\nettools\fac -> DTA files and rename it to C:\Windows\system\vmm32.vxd Now when your PC boots with original unpatched Io.sys, it will only load Command.com Also you can directly load Windows Me by running: C:\Windows\system\vmm32.com. Or create a batch file in C:\ called Win.bat which points to C:\Windows\system\vmm32.com. That way it loads command.com. If you type, Win, it loads Windows Me. Note that I find this trick (#5) useless as original Io.sys bypasses startup files so there is no advantage of booting to DOS. Also if you use any different Io.sys, then vmm32.com will fail to load Windows Me directly. Let me know what you guys think. I think having access to MS-DOS almost like Windows 98 is awesome. The only thing that is still missing is Restart to MS-DOS Mode option but you can always dual boot between some version of DOS and Windows Me/DOS if you don't like "Command Prompt only" (Windows Me DOS 8.0).
  2. I have collected all the post Office 2010 SP2, Post Office 2007 SP3, Post Office 2003 SP3, Post Office XP SP3, Post Office 2000 SP3, Post Office 97 SR-2 updates minus the superseded ones but including hotfixes. Just need to find motivation and a little appreciation to upload them (already uploaded XP, 2000 and 97).
  3. I just came to know about this guy's work. What a legend! Rest in peace. Some great work from this guy: ● AHCI CD DOS Driver ● AHCI for Windows 9x ● Full Disk encryption for Windows 9x ● PTCHCDFS - To correct displayed size of DVDs on Windows 9x ● Blu-Ray writing and reading support for Windows 9x ● >4GB file support for Windows 9x ● 48 bit LBA support for Windows 9x (HDD up to 2 TB) ● SATA support for Windows 9x ● >4GB RAM support for Windows 9x ● API Redirector for Windows 9x ● HDD Advanced Format support for Windows 9x ● SSD TRIM DOS program for DOS/Windows 9x on FAT32 file system ● 9x shell32 patch with newer functions ● Windows Driver Model (WDM) API Extender ● Update slipstreaming for Windows 9x ! Simply AMAZING! Thank you Rudolph Loew, you will not be forgotten.
  4. I just noticed that in Windows 95 Disk Defragmenter, you have the option to consolidate free space whereas in Windows 98/Me, this option is gone. Does anyone know if the Disk Defragmenter of Windows 98/Me automatically consolidate free space or Microsoft removed this ability after Windows 95? There's always sysinternals sdelete to wipe free space but Defragmenter of 95 doing it built-in was a nice option.
  5. Just like my previous posts for Office 97 Post-SR2 updates, Office 2000 Post-SP3 updates and Office XP Post-SP3 updates, I have collected all Office 2003 post SP3 updates as well as Office 2007 post SP3 updates. They also include updates available from MS support by request. If an update is superseded by a newer one, the older one isn't included. Given that Microsoft has deleted older updates under the pretext of being SHA-2 signed, am I allowed here on MSFN to post links to Office 2003 post SP3 updates and Office 2007 post SP3 updates? I will only do if it is legal and allowed. Last time I remember I did that, my account was banned.
  6. Btw as part of the stupid UPDATE DELETION of many EXE updates by Microsoft due to them being SHA-1 signed, and keeping only the CAB updates available via Microsoft Update Catalog, they have deleted the following Office 2010 Post-SP2 EXE updates: Office 2010 (KB2553092) Office 2010 (KB2553140) Office 2010 (KB2553388) Office 2010 (KB2589298) Office 2010 (KB2589318) Office 2010 (KB2597087) Office 2010 (KB2791057) Office 2010 (KB3054873) Office 2010 (KB3054886) Office 2010 (KB3055047) Outlook Social Connector (KB2553308) Project 2010 (KB3054882) SharePoint Workspace 2010 (KB2760601) Visio 2010 (KB2881025) If anyone has any of them downloaded already in EXE format for 32-bit Office 2010, please send me the links privately (I don't know if it's allowed to post publicly). I know I can install the CAB updates by cmd line but I prefer EXE as they can be automated via cmd line as well as manually installed. All the rest are still available in EXE format on the web. I searched the web but couldn't find any of these in EXE format. Since Office 2010 extended support is ending in October 2020, I thought I would start preparing and collect the updates right now as you never know when Microsoft will delete more updates. At end of support, I will revisit and revise the list again in October to remove superseded updates.
  7. Official announcement: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-it-pro-blog/sha-1-windows-content-to-be-retired-august-3-2020/ba-p/1544373 Opinion: https://virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2020/08/04/microsoft-to-delete-legacy-updates-in-the-great-sha-1-purge What a sad day!
  8. This is so awesome!! I wish someone could create generic Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth 4.0 drivers too for Windows 7 (and Vista).
  9. Oh gosh! I hope someone creates an unofficial SP3 for Windows XP x64!
  10. Great so I got all English files installed now. With this batch file, I installed all the cab ones without making any mess of tons of files in the folder where the cabs themselves are located: md %tmp%\Updates cmd /c for %%U in (*.cab) DO pkgmgr /ip /m:"%%U" /s:"%tmp%\Updates" /quiet /norestart rd %tmp%\Updates /q /s
  11. Yes thank you I got around it by mounting with a different tool, Virtual CloneDrive with another format.
  12. I just clean installed Windows Vista SP2 in a VMware Workstation 14 Virtual Machine. Usually I mount an ISZ image (Compressed ISO) on the host using Daemon Tools and then passthrough that mounted image to the VM. This has worked for Windows 95, NT4, 98, 2000, Me, XP, 7, 8.1. Daemon Tools doesn't emulate a DVD drive but a Blu-Ray/BD-ROM drive. But Windows Vista shows the drive as an "HD DVD ROM Drive" and won't let me read/access the contents? WHAT is this nonsense? 😆 I need help accessing a mounted drive in a guest OS! I am sure no Blu-Ray drive requires any special drivers. Why is it misrecognizing it as an HD DVD ROM Drive? 😆
  13. Must be some telepathy because I just TODAY installed Windows Vista with SP2 just for fun in VMware and found they broke Windows Update due to SHA-2. Offline updating is always better. Thank you! By the way, Windows Vista offline updating finishes must faster if you disconnect from the internet otherwise every update tried to check applicability online and gets super slow. I hope everyone knows this. This was fixed in later versions of Windows. @greenhillmaniac, which updates exactly are language-specific? I noticed some Ultimate Extras folders were named in Portuguese. I did find the updates with pt-pt or ptg in their file names. Any others too? Are Ultimate Extras non-English?
  14. Speaking of which...what program would you recommend as the best one to see which apps are programmed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores and heavily multithreaded? Is the "Threads" column in Task Manager/Process explorer/Process Hacker indicative of that? On my PC, amongst the programs that consume a significant amount of memory and CPU cycles, I see Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Telegram, OneDrive, foobar2000, MPC-BE, Everything Search are heavily multithreaded. All the other smaller apps are single threaded.
  15. Well they broke the Event Viewer: https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-latest-patches-crash-event-viewer-but-microsoft-has-temporary-fix/ Maybe they corrupted the Event log too.
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