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  1. Good find for systems where I may want to keep WER enabled. On some PCs where I feel the dumps are too bloated, not getting properly cleaned up by cleanmgr, or in cases where MS isn't going to fix anything, I disable WER completely but for some PCs, I keep it enabled.
  2. Name a SIGNIFICANT/MAJOR enhancement/improvement/solid addition to Windows after Windows 8.1.

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    2. mina7601


      Also, you can't restart the system, unlike in VMs. Personalization in Windows Sandbox is also limited, unlike in VMs.

    3. mina7601


      Oh, and let me name 2 more improvements: text cursor indicator (since Windows 10 version 1909) and changing/adjusting cursor size/color (since Windows 10 version 1903).

    4. xpclient


      @mina7601Oh yes I like those 2 improvements very much. The pink around the text cursor indicator and being able to enlarge the cursor. They even ship some SVG mouse cursors by default. But the icon/bitmap-based get pixelated when enlarged to even 2x.

  3. I will forever miss the Bill Gates' Microsoft and the personal computing decade from 1995-2005. Those were happier times for Windows users.

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    2. XPerceniol


      Yeah, I sort of miss logging on to dial-up and hearing ... You've Got Mail :) https://www.eonline.com/news/807666/holy-90s-the-voice-of-aol-s-you-ve-got-mail-has-been-found

    3. Suurin


      They were exciting times with clear trends of development. Most of what was happening impacted consumers as individuals while today most of the focus is now directed towards other businesses.

    4. Tommy


      I miss when Windows gave the user control over their own machine and allowed them to customize it as they saw fit, and it wasn't preloaded with a whole bunch of garbage right after installation.

  4. Sadly, it seems Microsoft broke it further in Windows 11 so it doesn't work at all. In Windows 10, it was partially broken. If in Multitasking settings, the option "When I snap a window, show what I can snap next to it" was off, it used to work.
  5. It doesn't? It works flawlessly for me. All apps are searched.
  6. For fans of XP, be sure to read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Features_new_to_Windows_XP which I almost wrote in entirety (with some contribs from other Wikipedians). A legendary OS and will always remain in my mind as the highest quality Windows (relative to its time of course, now it's obsolete in some ways). No later release impressed me as much as Windows ˣᵖ. I remember I had the FCKGW Volume licensed media before "launch day". The icons blew me away. At least they made it to RTM unlike a certain recent lackluster regressive anti-customer hostile OS with ugly flat emoji.
  7. The only small fix I want from StartIsBack++ for Windows 10 is make the Windows 7 style date flyout close with a click again if it's open. :)) On StartAllBack it works correctly but not on StartIsBack++. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell] "UseWin32TrayClockExperience"=dword:00000001
  8. It looks like the Widgets button (The transformed Cortana button) stopped working in Windows 11 22478.1012. Anyway, I know dev channel Windows 11 builds are not supported. Just giving a heads-up. Search and Task View button toggles work.
  9. Everything is in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StartIsBack. Doesn't even require admin rights if you use reg.exe import/export.
  10. I see. My bad. Indeed in my Windows 11 dev channel on my test machine, they are not working! But in Windows 10 21H1/21H2 Release Preview, for me they work but I have noticed they depend on Snap/Multitasking settings of Windows. If the setting "When I snap a window, show what I can snap next to it" is off in Windows 10, then they work perfectly for non-minimized windows just like Windows 95. I always turned that annoying setting off so I didn't check in 11 and assumed they would work once the classic Taskbar was enabled. Oh well, Microsoft broke them I guess, nothing to fix. Thanks for clearing it up.
  11. Hello Tihiy, I just realized that StartAllBack removes the verbs "Cascade windows", "Show windows stacked" and "Show windows side by side" from the Taskbar right click menu when it is enabled. Can you please restore them, have an option to restore them, or at least a Registry setting? Why are they removed? They are quite handy to quickly snap non-minimized windows with two clicks.
  12. We are a very large group of testers (and users) :)), but he's a single developer.
  13. Hey thank you ntfoxy for these XP enhancements. XP will always have the most special place for me as the OS that treated users right. It is lovely to see little enhancements for it that later Windows releases got. I no longer have XP on real hardware but my VMs will live on forever.
  14. Yes I can confirm. Connect To item has no display as a link option. Also right click on it -> Open does nothing.
  15. Thank you, Tihiy, for Control Center icon and for fixing NVIDIA/AMD Control panel context menu icons! Both fixed in RC4. - Can you make it remember last used page in Configuration instead of always opening on Welcome page? - 'Enhanced classic jumplists' works great now with drag-towards-center-with-mouse but has a minor conflict with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. If in 7+TT, right click is set to "Standard window menu", it still opens jumplists instead of classic context menu of the taskbar button. And Shift+right click does nothing/is broken with enhanced 7 style jumplists enabled and when 7+TT set to open window menu instead. On Windows 10 with StartIsBack++, there is no such conflict with 7+TT. - Title bar system accent color ignored by configuration window and selection on the left for which page of config is active is extremely faint/difficult to see - Use new font for classic UI works after Explorer restart but it made the Configuration dialog hang in dev channel build 22471.1000 as soon as it is checked. When frozen config window is re-opened, that setting is unchecked even though the menus actually use the new font - There's this app called FileMenuTools: https://www.lopesoft.com/index.php/en/products/filemenutools The empty icons for some of its menus look like this with black square icons with StartAllBack enabled: https://i.imgur.com/79sFZo9.png. With SAB disabled, they look normal: https://i.imgur.com/LrlJMNL.png
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