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  1. Try NTFS Permissions Tools? https://m.majorgeeks.com/files/details/ntfs_permissions_tools.html Oh of course! It's not a permissions issue but related to reparse points not being preserved. Sorry I must've been high or drunk (it was late at night)
  2. MSFN was awesome (it still is) but more active then probably because Windows was less dumbed down and Windows 2000/XP were such a huge step up from 9x (although 9x itself was pretty amazing for its time). Update/service pack slipstreaming was fun, automating various pre and post-install things, tweaking things was exciting. And given Microsoft's commitment to backward compatibility of Windows features, people (I feel) were a lot more interested in investing their time and effort in finetuning and automating Windows because they were sure that feature would be there for years to come. Ther
  3. If you are using versions of Windows 10 before the official colored title bar fix, you could try this: https://winaero.com/get-colored-title-bars-in-windows-10/
  4. What if you turn off the extra monitor(s) using an app like ClickMonitorDDC instead of disabling? Usually I use this cmd line to turn off my secondary display via software-only: ClickMonitorDDC_7_0.exe <name of monitor listed in ClickMonitorDDC app> x The same command turns it on again. Does that improve your gaming performance?
  5. Hello. I just noticed that StartIsBack++'s Taskbar msstyles don't support the white boxes/keyboard visual indicators that appear when one presses Win+T. The stock/default Windows 10 taskbar has these. Can SIB++ Taskbar msstyles add it in next release, please?
  6. They took 6 of the most commonly called functions out of 100s of GDI functions and added hardware acceleration for them: https://web.archive.org/web/20120322202136/http://www.passmark.com/support/performancetest/2d_windows7_performance.htm (BitBlt, ColorFill, StretchBlt, AlphaBlend, ClearType fonts & TransparentBlt). Anyway the point of those tweets is whatever performance hit GDI took from XP to Vista/7/8/10 seems to be getting worse with newer versions of Windows 10 as they probably don't pay attention to that old code and focus only on Direct2D, Direct3D, DirectWrite APIs. Is there
  7. Test #1: How much GDI has slowed down in newer versions of Windows 10 Test #2: Test #3: Finally he posted the test itself for you to test it on your physical hardware if you have different versions installed in multi-boot configuration on the same hardware: https://github.com/ADeltaX/REGDI/
  8. Buy and install StartIsBack++ and theme the taskbar to 7/8 style.
  9. Back when I tried Mint with Xfce, this was as close to Windows as I could get it. But not a single desktop environment with folders as cascading menus+search, and a case sensitive file system were deal-breakers that made me switch back to Windows.CdF4z0t.png

    1. Tommy


      Linux is so much more than just the GUI. That was one of my frustrations as well. I didn't like the case sensitive file system, I didn't mind the terminal too much but I'm used being able to download an executable and it launches an install wizard but you don't get a lot of that in Linux. I mean most of the time there's some sort of set up procedure but I don't want to go through terminal or software center to do it. I want to double click on the file to get it going. I also don't like how the desktop works. I haven't found how to create effective shortcuts. I think that's what it was, I can't remember. It was something to do with when you'd put something on the desktop that it didn't always show up on the actual desktop and that was annoying. Q4OS was the one closest to Windows I've ever tried and it's pretty good for what it is, I haven't tried the newer versions so I can't say what it's like now but the pre version 3 releases are pretty good. But even that was a bit too different in order for me to use full time. I have no qualms with open or shared source and understand that Linux is a totally different beast from Windows, but I feel as if Linux is still more of an internet browsing OS that can run open source software, but it's not for those who need to run specific applications. Advanced networking is also a nightmare. I have my own Windows Domain on my network with custom group policies in effect. But I couldn't even get Fedora on the domain where I could log in even after following a bunch of walkthroughs online. So for what it's worth...Linux isn't bad, but it's just not for me full time.

    2. xpclient


      Of course it is so much more than just the GUI. In some technical aspects, it is even superior to Windows. But it is not for me as GUI and usability/ease of use hold the top spot for me and Windows delivers that in addition to unprecedented compatibility.

  10. One thing you can try is get StartIsBack++ since it can skin the taskbar independently of its Start menu and the rest of Windows. Once you create and apply a Uxstyles made for taskbar in StartIsBack++, it should work as long as SIB++ works. Even if the Windows Uxstyles breaks.
  11. Speaking of "where's the advancement", can we start a discussion or make a list of the features that Windows 10's dozen releases have that are a significant/notable/actual improvement over Windows 8.1 (note: not Windows 7). I have started a list in my Notepad but would like to expand it (if I can find any worthwhile features) Note: such a list should not have bogus crap, lame features or gimmicks like Cortana or Fluent design etc. Just solid advancements. - Windows Hypervisor Platform (WHPX) is nice to have for me for running emulators that take advantage of it, since 1803 - Wi-Fi Hot
  12. Sorry for offtopic post but thanks to this topic, I came to know what NVIDIA Broadcast is and what RTX Voice is (I own an RTX 2080 Max-Q). Anyway, good to know at least RTX Voice is supported on Windows 7. It does some amazing noise reduction/removal.
  13. Do MSFNers use Windows 10 with updates enabled?

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    2. InterLinked


      I use a Group Policy to delay updates for some period of time. I forget what it is. It's somewhere between 7 days and 6 months. I also have it notify me to install updates, but do nothing else, so I manually choose when to install updates.

      Most of the time, I use Windows 7, and I have updates disabled since there's no point. Every now and then, I'll manually patch it with the latest updates. No point in having the update service running just for that.

      Honestly, IMO, frequent security updates are the least of anyone's worries with Windows 10. Easily configurable with a GPO. There are far bigger fish to fry with that terrible OS.

    3. jack980517


      I do, because I'm scared of missing out on security updates. But it's really irritating. It's only been 5 months since I last re-installed Windows 10, and update failure has already happened 3 times!

      I use a batch script combined with a scheduled task to change the "active hours" every 17 hours when Windows is running, so that it's always active hours, to prevent Windows from auto-restarting due to the update.


    4. Suurin


      I don't get forced update installations, I get notified of when they're available when I check settings every patch Tuesday and usually wait a week to see how people's experiences have been. Haven't had any major issues with updates in over a year.

  14. I think for 64-bit Windows 7/8.1, SATA SSD 8 GB RAM Dual-core or Quad-core For Windows 10 especially 20H2/21H1 Insider or if you are on relatively newer (1803 to 2004), NVMe SSD 16 GB RAM Quad-core or 6-core Of course, they will run at lower specs but given the number of processes, bloat, web browser processes, overall responsiveness of UI desired, it's this.
  15. Yeah I saw the Reddit post but this user seems to be determined that it is malware just on the basis of 1 false positive without any further convincing argument. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I trust Winaero tools and apps completely and do not think you are out to distribute malware, Sergey. 😆 If anything, the tweaks and tools at Winaero are very useful to Windows users. Legolash2o would know if he updated the file later without changing the version (and the size didn't change either). As for Defender, it is known to hang or slow down PCs even for perfectly harmless apps and tools. A couple of years ago, Defen
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