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  1. It was clear from your screenshot showing Windows 6.1 being spoofed that you have Extended Kernel. This particular thread was never about software that works with Extended Kernel, but good to know it solves Notepad++ compatibility.
  2. Welcome to MSFN Scarf32! Your screenshot of the DEP tab indicates that DEP is disabled. I would suggest looking at problem reports for Spotify to see if they are still BEX or instead APPCRASH. However, there was another report earlier this year from an extended kernel user who could not successfully disable DEP (see this thread at another forum), so this might be an issue with the extended kernel that only @win32 could address. (Edit: solved) It seems likely that Spotify was already crashing when it caused a buffer overflow triggering DEP. If another member is successfully using Spotify, I hope they will reply to offer you some advice.
  3. And that does not prevent you from installing KB4493730, or do you not bother with the SSU at all? Assuming he downloaded the x64 version, I think he has already installed a subsequent SSU.
  4. You’ve been a member since April 2020, so it’s surprising that you would expect Windows Update to work on Vista. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/windows-update-sha-1-based-endpoints-discontinued-for-older-windows-devices-10b58bd9-5ba2-b23d-498b-139ce5c709af You could use the same method of installing updates that you used for your extended kernel system, whatever that was.
  5. First of all, KB4493730 was a servicing stack update released in April 2019. “Microsoft strongly recommends you always install the latest servicing stack update (SSU) for your operating before installing” later updates. My guess is that you did not follow Microsoft’s recommendation and have already installed KB4474419 (SHA-2) and perhaps others. Have you installed KB4517134? That was another servicing stack update released in September 2019 that replaced KB4493730, however it was signed with SHA-2 exclusively. If you have it, or are able to install it, then you are probably OK (I’m not really sure).
  6. True, but if anyone feels that their vintage Vista system is incomplete without Flash Player, there’s a thread in the Windows XP forum: https://msfn.org/board/topic/182654-adobe-flash-shockwave-and-oracle-java-on-xp-part-2/ The last official version without a time bomb was reportedly
  7. Reviewing this section, I noticed that Emsisoft and McAfee are still listed, the former with a notation that definition updates ended in 2016. As VistaLover pointed out in a March 31, 2021 post, definition updates for the legacy versions of McAfee ended January 1 of last year. Of course he provided an official link for this bad news.
  8. You’re answering a question that I asked 18 months ago!? Thanks. It’s funny that Imacri couldn’t resist the compulsion to ask you a question that was already answered in this thread. Imacri never installed any Server 2008 updates and formerly warned others against it, but “no SHA-2 support” now means “no new software.” You sure do change your screen name often. Thanks again!
  9. Hello again. The instructions in the first post should work for Vista x86, but since you are running Vista x64, you need to make 2 more registry changes as mentioned here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177994-tls-1112-and-vista-issue-no-options/?do=findComment&comment=1157010
  10. Great work, but Webroot might warrant more attention. Changes for Consumer PC Agent Version (Released September 28, 2021) state that it was “the final build provided for Vista systems.” I found no official download link, but saw a report at Reddit that this build broke Intel NIC drivers, so one version earlier might be more recommendable. In the replies below PC Agent Version, TripleHelix posted a download link. (Unfortunately my old Vista hardware is kaput. ) I must mention and thank @CameronSM36 who posted March 25, 2021 that he was successfully using Webroot on Vista (both with and without extended kernel). If he is still using Webroot on Vista or can confirm the last version he was able to use, then I hope he will post!
  11. The explanation might be that the updates now require SHA-2 support edit: but see VistaLover’s post on the next page.

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