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  1. You could run sfc /verifyonly (which does not “fix” anything if I remember correctly), then check CBS log to see if anything other than extended kernel files was found, but that does sound rather tedious to me.
  2. Your hard drive might be wearing out. About reinstalling Vista, I hope you are aware that Windows Update no longer works.
  3. True, but OP said he does not want that browser or anything Firefox-based, which narrows the choices for Windows XP considerably. (He might want to consider Windows 7.)
  4. Welcome to MSFN Kewun. I don’t think “Advanced Chrome” was really based on Chromium 54 despite its user agent string, and it seems like I heard it was developed in China like Extreme Explorer 360, which btw is currently the darling of this forum. If you don’t want anything Chinese, then you may want to consider Yandex 17.4.1, which was a Russian browser version based on Chromium 57 and released about a year after your Chrome 49. Chrome 49 only supports TLS 1.2 insofar as Internet Explorer can be updated to support TLS 1.2, which is not very far in the case of IE8 - and no support at all f
  5. No, those builds are only needed by computers that don’t even support SSE2, which is only a fraction of the remaining Windows XP diehards. I think browsers that support SSE2 will be around for a long time - they just won’t be based on the latest Chromium.
  6. You absolutely cannot use “the new version of iTunes” on XP or Vista. (In fact Apple ended support for Windows 7 and 8.1 a few months ago now.) The information posted above relates only to the possibility of signing in to your Apple account using iTunes 12.1.3, which was released in 2015 and was the last version to support XP. (Even signing in was apparently blocked for such old versions by October 2019, and I mistakenly thought that might be the reason you posted here.) If you or anyone else wanted to download iTunes 12.1.3 from Apple’s website, it can be found at this page: https://supp
  7. I’m glad to hear that AVG Internet Security is still usable on Vista, but this is not AVG Support Community! If you trust AVG never to throw a false positive more than you trust these browsers, then don’t use these browsers. If these detections are behavior-based rather than signature-based (which is most likely), then you should be able to turn off behavioral detection in AVG settings. In the unlikely event that AVG definitions have blacklisted your browser, you could contact AVG to request whitelisting. (Many years ago, before AVG was bought by Avast, I persuaded them to whitelist a hack cal
  8. Hello KennyOmega. I’m not sure if you joined MSFN just to answer this 2-year-old question or if you would like to use iTunes 12.1.3 on Windows XP yourself? FWIW, a Windows Vista user posted on February 1, 2021 that he is now able to sign in with two-factor authentication enabled on his Apple account. If that doesn’t work for you, another Vista user posted a “trick” on March 27, 2020 that might be worth investigating.
  9. Hmm, the original post still lists them both as ONG under PDF Viewers/Editors, so hopefully WinClient5270 will fix that sometime. (I still prefer my old Adobe Reader XI.)
  10. Welcome back again. I concluded that functionality was gone forever soon after your October 20, 2019 post and uninstalled my legacy iTunes, so I cannot confirm your very interesting report. (I used to prefer 11.1.5 because it did not crash with a DEP error when closing on Vista like 12.1.3.) Since you bring up this topic, I’ll mention that a workaround was posted here March 27, 2020.
  11. I could only quote older threads regarding SSDs and Vista: Windows Vista with SSDs (2017) Vista is probably destroying my ssd (December 2020) Edit: Here’s another thread with very relevant answers: SSD for Vista (December 2019)
  12. I don’t know of any Norton users here anyway (I use Avast Free 18.8), but it sounds like definition updates for the XP/Vista version (final revision will end February 28 according to a recent thread at Norton Forums. I don’t know of any ESET users here either, but their support article Do you run ESET on Windows Vista or Windows 7? indicates that SHA-2 support will be mandatory by April 15, 2021. That is bad news for Windows XP, but of course it is well known here that SHA-2 support can be installed on Vista - but does ESET know that? Earlier today I posted a question at ESET
  13. That is good to hear. So the answer to your original question, Has Windows Update For 7 Get Shut Down? is No - but you must have SP1. I first learned that from Volume Z actually. Can you confirm that you had not manually installed any update pertaining to SHA-2 before Windows Update started to work (just SP1)? I also wonder what version of Windows Update Agent you have now. You may want to follow Volume Z’s earlier suggestion about KB3138612.
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