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  1. Microsoft/Rovi EPG data expired on the evening of April 2. Attempts to Get Latest Guide Listings fail, producing an error message never seen until recently: This might really be the end of Microsoft's EPG service.
  2. The last version of iTunes for Windows to support XP was of course 12.1.3, released in September 2015. Versions older than 12.6.5 have been unable to sign in since October 2019, apparently because the iTunes Store now requires secure TLS 1.2 connections. If anyone is interested, a workaround has just been posted in the Windows Vista forum that might also work for XP:
  3. My apologies. I was under the impression that YouTube had already introduced changes, as mentioned in March 8 posts on page 4 of this thread (i.e. "lack of miniatures"). I must have missed the YT announcement that even bigger changes were coming 31/03/2020. I can hardly wait!
  4. Solution for Chrome 49 was posted by VistaLover on page 1 of this thread February 6. This will be my last reminder for those who did not read the thread.
  5. It is a moot point since the OP has already enabled TLS 1.2 and this thread appears to be concluded, but the only prerequisite for the IE9 standalone installer is SP2.
  6. Microsoft/Rovi EPG data expired on March 19 and efforts to Get Latest Guide Listings have failed. Microsoft may have finally figured out how to retire their EPG service. Then again, the situation looked just as bad on New Year's Eve. Correction: After a brief data outage, I now have Microsoft EPG data until the evening of April 2.
  7. You could always create and upload a profile photo, i.e. avatar (e.g. I put a Windows Vista flag on the Titanic using Photoshop), or just use this one:
  8. I wonder why 52.9.0 does not simply update to 52.9.1 in the usual way? Perhaps because the 52.9.1 tinderbox build contained no significant changes. I will continue to use 52.9.0 on Vista x86. Are you saying that the 64-bit build works on Vista x64? That would be remarkable.
  9. That image looks more like one posted by someone using Advanced Chrome in the thread Chromium V 54 not displaying Youtube properly on February 25 (which was before the classic layout was discontinued by YouTube). My guess is that both browsers are being served Polymer v2, but are incapable of actually displaying it. Citrio has a bad reputation, e.g. Beware of Citrio, an iffy Chrome-based browser.
  10. My settings were mostly the same. When you see the "Health Check" system tray notification, I suggest that you click "No, thanks" and perhaps it will never pop up again.
  11. Does that mean you know how to disable system tray notifications for 5.64.7577? If so, could you please explain how?
  12. Pretending to be Opera would presumably work also.
  13. Not very surprising to me, because it seems to confirm what VistaLover said in his February 6 post on page 1 of this thread, i.e. that Chromium 49 is capable of displaying the polymer layout, but YouTube served the now-discontinued classic layout to Chrome 49 by default. (When it comes to browsers, VistaLover is seldom mistaken!)
  14. If anyone still has Opera 36 installed, it would be interesting to know if it suffers from the same inability to display thumbnails as Chrome 49. The only Chromium-based browser that I use is Yandex 17.4.1 (based on Chromium 57), which is unaffected by this issue - and btw I'm using UBO 1.24.4 from the Chrome Store with Yandex.
  15. If I use that link with FF 52 now, then it suffers the same issue as PM 27 and IE 9. Have you perhaps altered your user agent for Chrome 49?
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