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  1. What version of VMWare workstation? Are you running 6003 solely because you installed the SHA-2 update KB4474419 (and perhaps the servicing stack update), which I believe is all the extended kernel requires, or have you also installed one or more monthly rollups or security-only updates released in April 2019 or later?
  2. So if that upgrade actually affects Vista issues on Haswell and newer, a security-only update might be just as effective as a monthly rollup. In that case, I would suggest testing with KB4499180 from May 2019, which Microsoft actually encouraged Vista users to install due to the BlueKeep scare.
  3. I admire your zeal to investigate something that was reported April 25, 2019 by one member who now runs Windows 8.1. Are you thinking this report was “fake news” as Dixel might say? I was a little suspicious at the time, if only because no one else ever reported a VMWare issue whereas Avast/AVG users with exactly the same BSOD were posting far and wide. (The member lives in the Czech Republic, where Avast/AVG is based - possible motive?) But in fairness to a member in good standing, he posted some clarification about affected and unaffected versions on September 6, 2019 in a short thread that might interest you. While searching for that, I went back too far and found something else that might interest you: Windows Vista + Intel Haswell issues: Documentation.
  4. Lately there have been reports that devices cannot be restored using iTunes version (e.g. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/253272795), so good luck with that version check bypass!
  5. KB4489887 was a March 2019 Preview in which build 6003 was first introduced. For those actually running Server 2008 SP2, such Previews were Optional updates. I don’t think any MSFN member running Vista installed it at the time, since the build number change was not noted here until April 2019. About your BSOD: AFAIK those Win32k.sys BSODs were all attributable to applications that depended on version string “6002.” Even if you don’t use Avast/AVG, antivirus would still be my first guess. One MSFN member traced his BSOD to VMWare (see my link and read a few pages). If you can identify another program that was broken by 6003, I would be as interested as anyone. Since this seems to be the only Vista thread that new members want to read, I’ll mention that Avast solved their issue with a microupdate in June 2019. To install Avast 18.8 on 6003, I would try an online installer because the offline installer is older than the microupdate.
  6. I am inclined to agree with that. Reports of limited improvement could be an example of the placebo effect.
  7. Your skepticism is perhaps not unwarranted. I couldn’t help noticing that the BetaWiki link currently says “Last edited 5 days ago,” which was the same day the “news” appeared in this thread. Where did BetaWiki learn about this “new version of the HAL driver which fixes the corruption bug that affects Intel CPUs based on the Haswell and later microarchitectures”? Obviously not from the Microsoft link provided under References, which does not mention HAL at all. You also have a valid point that this discussion is rather OT here in the extended kernel thread. It might have been better to resurrect Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista. (My link leads to the point where contemporaneous discussion of build 6003 began, but you wouldn’t find anything about Haswell+ issues there. Personally, I was rather concerned about 6003’s potential to break software that worked on 6002, and there were a few such instances.) Or perhaps Compatible hardware with Windows Vista, which AFAIK was where Haswell+ issues were first documented. On the other hand, I would very much like to hear what @win32 has to say about this HAL discussion. Your forum style is perhaps overly aggressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if TSNH feels offended, because I was once offended by one of your attacks. Let’s seek the facts without any flame wars.
  8. That laptop GPU was not very powerful. Have you tried with Aero disabled? The last Vista driver should be 342.01. You mentioned “while using Chrome” in your September 12 post. If the issue is only with Chrome, maybe look up your CPU to see if it supports SSE3 that Chrome now requires.
  9. I think @burd has them all (see his yesterday post), but not sure if he is currently on Haswell+ hardware and wish he could remember which Patch Tuesday he was referring to. I can’t test myself, but this is interesting.
  10. Microsoft’s article on KB4493471 (April 2019) and associated links don’t appear to mention Hardware Abstraction Layer at all. Since it was a monthly rollup, any subsequent monthly rollup would presumably include the undocumented changes and perhaps even undocumented bug fixes related to those changes (but the Security Only updates might not include anything of the sort). If one were to install e.g. KB4499149 from May 2019, they should be able to duplicate your results and would also be patched against the once-infamous BlueKeep vulnerability. It might be worth noting that the SHA-2 update KB4474419 was not a monthly rollup, although installing it would change the build number to 6003.
  11. That was only for Home Premium and Ultimate systems with Media Center. Some thought it could not be installed on a system that was already running SP2 (it dates back to 2008), but I successfully did so in 2015 and used it until Microsoft pooped the party (see Windows Media Center EPG ending in January 2020). It’s hard to think of a good reason to install it in 2021, unless some bright person wants to solve the EPG dilemma. It did add support for Clear QAM, which could be useful if your North American cable provider does not encrypt basic channels. It did not add support for h264, but I believe there was a hack that only worked for x86.
  12. Sorry, that sentence was about Vista and therefore OT here. I don’t think there is any way to install similar SHA-256 support on XP, so Idrassi as quoted above by Proteus probably does make a valid point with respect to XP support.
  13. Mounir Idrassi’s English might not be the best: “drop complete support” might mean “completely drop support.” Windows 7 received updates adding SHA-256 support in 2019, but there seem to be many Win7 diehards who avoid Windows updates. I notice that Vista does not exist as far as Idrassi is concerned, but we too could have SHA-256 support by installing Server 2008 updates.
  14. I presume your experience was on Vista. (The previous poster was asking about Windows 8 RTM. Perhaps @Jody Thornton might take a look at that.) I also presume it was before you joined MSFN, having searched in vain for an earlier post with more details. In December 2020 you were running Vista RTM with .NET 4.0. The OP of this thread asserted that SP2 is a requirement, which I have no reason to doubt. Of course no software that officially supported Vista should require a .NET version higher than 4.6.0 and a large majority would be fine with 4.5.2, and numerous problem reports have convinced me that installing 4.8 on Vista SP2 is a big mistake. However this thread is about 4.7.2, which seems to have a decent track record among MSFN members running Vista. For those who want a higher .NET version to try newer software on Vista, this is the highest version that could be suggested. You might want to read WinClient5270’s May 16, 2019 posts on this subject as well.
  15. I have not yet heard any reports of iOS compatibility being broken (if you have Windows 8.1, please try it and let us know), but I’m sure it is only a matter of time. No one cares less about old Windows versions than Apple! (Well, Google comes pretty close.)

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