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  1. Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge does work with Windows 7. A couple of overclockers posted results.
  2. Could messing with a BIOS setting fix this?
  3. Great work. Not only does this work fine under Windows XP, it works under Windows 2000 with the bwc extended kernel.
  4. I've recently plunged into the Linux world. After testing a few distros, I ended up switching to Ubuntu Budgie, as it worked the best for my needs. I personally do not see myself using Windows 10 or anything beyond that. Apart from the fact that Windows itself isn't a very ideal OS, they've turned it into an absolute crudshow with the latest versions. I'll probably strip down a Windows Install and get a second graphics card to use that for gaming, in a kernel virtual machine. Isolated from everything I consider important, I can disable updates and other annoyances.
  5. Well, I've officially switched to Linux. I might as well get myself acquainted with it. I'll be using a KVM-GPU passthrough to house a version of Windows that I've stripped down for the sole purpose of gaming. The distro I'm using is Ubuntu Budgie (I like the desktop environment).



      I did it a couple years ago. Windows still has a lot advantages opposed to Linux. Its OK though.

  6. I have some sad news to report.  I found some SkyLake issues with Vista.  I would probably suggest if you want long term survivability you just go with W7 SP1 and try to keep that alive as long as possible.


    Seeing how XP 32-bit is = W7 64-bit when it came to major support.

    Windows 2000 = Vista when it comes to how MS and manufacturers now view it.

    The amount of workload to make everything Windows 7 function in Vista would probably consume so much time it wouldn't be worth it in the end.

    When comparing 2000 to XP only the Activation issue is what made it worth investing so much time keeping alive.  I can't see the same for Vista.

    Porting Vista features missing in Windows 7 would be the best solution.

  7. I personally think we should start working on an "extended kernel" for Windows 7, just like how blackwingcat made one for Windows 2000, which can port Windows 10 functions and the like. It won't be long until manufacturers/devs succumb to the will of MS, and prevent older OSes from working on newer hardware and software.

    1. greenhillmaniac


      I think in terms of Win32 functions there isn't much difference between Windows 7 and 10. Where we really should focus is on porting driver functions, since those seem to be really different between the OSes (and Microsoft only ported the Windows 8.0 User Mode and Kernel Mode to 7)

    2. Anixx


      Better, for Win8.1

    3. pablorosatti


      Yes! Can u imagine a Windows 7 compatible with Windows 10?
      Running DirectX 12 for example...

  8. I'm looking at getting my Ryzen system working with Vista. Getting the USB 3.x drivers in is probably gonna be the biggest hurdle. It runs 7 like a charm, but for a friend of mine who likes Vista, I'm looking to test Vista on it too. AMD uses ASMedia for a lot of their chipset, and ASMedia is known to support Vista to an extent, so we could get lucky.
  9. When will Microsoft actually start listening to the people? Guess never, at this rate. Windows 10 is designed to be a dumbed down, cash cow for folks who just want the latest stuff and trust MS to keep things in check. Good luck with that!

    1. Tommy


      They don't want to listen to people, they want to do what they want to do. Gone are the days of giving the people what they want, now they want to follow the crowd and do their own thing regardless if it works or not.

    2. Anixx


      It was Bill Gates who knew what people wanted. Now, Nadella is completely clueless. He is trying to ape Apple, Android and Ubuntu.

  10. I have a feeling this would be more appropriate on the XP forum, but regardless, it had to do with it popping up some strange storage related errors. Even updating AHCI drivers did nothing. I'll install XP again as a secondary OS and see if I can get it working the next time around.
  11. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I was starting to like Windows 10. But some caveats have caused me to go back to Windows 7. 1. For some reason, when I go to open my folder with all my documents, Explorer would crash. 2. Windows 10's updating system was horrible. Because my Internet is limited, I need more control on how Windows 10 downloads its updates. But when I go to do that, it decides to just sit there and use up 30% of my CPU doing nothing. 3. Who knows how much data was being siphoned out... however I haven't really recorded any significant signs of that happening. 4. Compatibility with older programs is quite subpar. Anyway, that's just me. I'm pretty sure Windows 10 has been working for many others, but I'm gonna wait longer. 'Till then, 7 is a solid OS.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, BWC. It's really a shame how MS let Windows 2000 to die off. The fact that they claimed 2000 had an issue which was fixed just so they could sell more copies of server 2003 is downright misleading. Furthermore, I'm relived that Windows 2000 supports high cache CPUs, as I run it on an FX-8320 box because of my 26 year old compiler that hates modern OSes (and virtual machines). I would run XP, but XP simply produced issues of all sorts on that machine for whatever reason. Also, I must clarify that the BSOD only happened while installing a sketchy HPET driver. My simple solution is to simply disable the device altogether, and Windows 2000 runs solid as a rock. Additionally, my AFD.SYS is version 7204, the fixed version.
  13. install win 10 on a Win Vista computer?

    You'll be able to run Windows 10 x64 on your machine just fine. http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/112596 These are the drivers needed for your graphics unit.
  14. The issue with Win2k's MPS HAL is well documented, and typically happens in the following scenarios: -Certain BIOSes (such as "insydeH2O") -Conflicts with the Serial/Parallel port (this was documented by bluebolt and could actually fix your problem, if you have a way to disable those ports) It's unknown why Win2k (and NT4)'s MPS kernels do this, however you gotta understand that they were built for multi processor systems years ago. Perhaps a change in how Windows XP recognizes processors is what fixed the issue for that OS. Nonetheless, Win2k does end up supporting most MPS/Multi-core systems, provided that they are either desktops (custom built ones in the case of modern units), or laptops prior to 2008 (some 2011-2012 ones support Win2k, but it varies). Even though it's probably too late to ask, I'd love to see a fix up of the Win2k MPS HAL to repair these issues, and possibly even bring in proper HyperThreading support. It's a long shot and likely not even worth it for this OS, but it would be interesting to see the result.
  15. I was browsing the web, and came across an article which points to a flaw under Win2k that could cause it to BSOD with the 1E error "under a processor that is very fast or with a large L3 cache". https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/924439 So, I was wondering if anyone over here has actually experienced this anomaly with Win2k. I will admit that I got some KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED errors on my FX-8320 when I tried to install an HPET driver, but without it, Win2k runs solid there.