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  1. Hi guys! This is probably a simple question just when you go to Office for companies it is a bit daunting.... If I have understood the agreement right then I can create one user and then that user can install the full office on 5 pc's? If I need to install it on more than 5 pc's then I create another user and have 5 pc's extra...=10 pc's for two users? Does this mean I can install it in 5 pc's and connect outlook to whatever email address in each one? bookie32
  2. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi RanCorX2... Wont change the fact that Windows 10 is crap...I do install classic shell on most computers with windows 8 or 10 if the customer doesn't prefer the standard menu...but I can't go uninstalling apps etc...there would be nothing left... bookie32
  3. bookie32

    Internet keeps dropping out Windows 10 1803

    I am so sorry guys..... Have been so busy.... My customer has collected the computer and I haven't written down on customer info about the network card...but according to Asus it is a Intel® I219V, 1 x gigabit LAN-controller, GameFirst technology... I do apologise for not commenting here earlier.... I will let you know if he still gets problems... bookie32
  4. bookie32

    Internet keeps dropping out Windows 10 1803

    For my customer it is wired and Intel card
  5. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Do you mean with the cottage? Haven't had time to put up any new pics...
  6. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    I don't really spend time "wondering" about anything Microsoft does these days....it is just one continuous nightmare.... bookie32
  7. HI guys! I have read tons of threads regarding the problem with Internet connection in 1803....I have yet to see one that works... I have tried updating the driver for the intel network card and it still keeps dropping out... I have tried resetting winsock and that works for a while and then the same problem.....!!! Bloody Windows 10 crap! Has anyone found the real problem behind this...apart from Microsoft? bookie32
  8. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Thanks jaclaz! That worked.....;) bookie32
  9. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Yes I agree but with that attribute I couldn't remove the assigned letter.... I tried that attribute and then removed the assigned letter but after reboot it was back... So, I don't know why it worked the way I did it... I will try again to make sure.... Thanks for your reply! bookie32
  10. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Thanks Tripredacus! I gave it the attribute 0x8000000000000000 and then removed the letter assigned via diskpart and it wasn't there after reboot...nice fix... bookie32
  11. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Back on the case of the partition problem.... I have seen that many have complained of my customer's problem since updating to 1803.... I am attaching a pic with the relevant info: To me it seems contradictory.... I have read threads where some have done the same as me and remove the letter but it is there again after reboot...another thing is it keeps giving warnings for full partition....
  12. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Probably a good idea....;) Your maths is right.... We are leaving the floor until I get the main joist and roof on.....no point at the moment.... The main cottage will have a small kitchen, bedroom and main living area...with a small loft above the kitchen and bedroom..... So...we keep on track with this thread I will send you a link when more pics are on onedrive....Just coming up to my 62nd birthday in July...didn't expect to be building a cottage....we bought a "kolonistuga" last year and it had so much wrong with it we had to take it down.....so my partners idea of us having somewhere to grow veg and relax will have to wait a couple of years.....There is a glimpse of a second smaller cottage still in place as a storage hut at the moment and then with some of the original cottage build a smaller 10m2 one that will be the toilet shower and storage area for garden tools... Not many new cottages are built....from scratch so all our neighbours are keen to see what happens....;) bookie32
  13. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Ja det stämmer....;) bookie32
  14. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Thought you might be interested....En liten knutstuga från Arbråstugan.....
  15. bookie32

    Problem with partitions Windows 10

    Hi guys! I am busy building a summer cottage at the moment.... This was a new installation when the customer bought the computer and we haven't changed anything since then....apart from Windows 10 upgrading through the different verisions....can't remember exactly the version we installed at the time.... So when creating partitions on the ssd I let Microsoft create the necessary ones and not me creating them individually....so we haven't done a conversion from BIOS/MBR to UEFI/GPT afterwards....and the customer is just a novice....he wouln't and hasn't changed things.... I will try to get back to you later today....got to get on with my cottage...got a company coming tomorrow to lift up the main support joist in position...so need to get the last bits ready..... Thanks as always for your time! bookie32