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  1. Okej this seems to be a tough one for anyone to take on.... I have run the usual sfc /scannow and checked with DISM but don't find any problems just can't understand why this isn't working.... Might do a reset of Windows 10 and start again... bookie32
  2. Hi Mr.Scienceman2000 Nor really sure what you mean.... This isn't a browser search.....computer search... Windows 10 Pro 2004 version bookie32
  3. Hi guys! I have a problem on one of my computers.... When I do a standard search Start > Search field....I get up a list of different things to look at depending on what I am looking for..... If I click on "Show more results" a windows starts to open and then shuts again? Can anyone give me any idea how I can fix this? bookie32
  4. It is a mixed bag Microsoft these days... When installing just don't connect to Internet when asked to.... On the other hand there is a lot of **** attached to digital licences...have just checked one that a customer bought cheaply but it activated and it was supposed to be a license for Windows 10 Pro. When I checked the digital license with Microsoft it was for Windows 8.1....now how does that work...????? If you have a retail license Microsoft wants you to have it connected to a Microsoft account for easy moving to new hardware... I still prefer after doing that to logou
  5. Ok....but you are talking in general about Windows....if you don't like Windows...what do you personally use? bookie32
  6. One can agree on the fact that they have spying but....that doesn't make the OS bad...just Microsoft.... Tell us what you use if you have this opinion.... bookie56
  7. Stable version (20H2? Nothing about Windows 10 is stable apart from it is crap and that is a constant that hasn't changed...sound problems have plagued Windows 10 and especially 20H2....Several of my customers have had no choice but to buy new sound cards....BUT there is no guarantee with that either...Microsoft still think they can fix problems with drivers....BUT instead cause more problems!! bookie32
  8. Interesting question..... I really can't decide on a version because I genuinely think Windows 10 as being the biggest load of crap that we have had to put up with.... XP and Windows 7 were the closest that Microsoft have got to being good....but we all have different opinions on that and I respect all opinions.... Sorry, could not bring myself to picking a version.... bookie32
  9. Ok....I hear you..I can also say that certain programs I use are not available in Linux...plus I need to keep up to date with Windows because of customers..so, I have several work computers that are just Windows 10 and many that are Linux....I know there are deep discussions on which version of Linux one can use...I have used many and my favourite was Dreamlinux but there was just too much squabbling behind the scenes and it disappeared from the market place. I prefer debian xfce because Debian is so stable. I add the stuff I want and then maintain it. I also have several servers that have Ope
  10. Well...now there is a surprise.......lol
  11. Hi guys! Have checked several threads but still can't find where Microsoft stores email for the email app... I have Windows 2004..... I have looked in AppData\Local\Packages\microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps... in localstate there is no indexed folder?! Can anyone shed some light on this... bookie32
  12. As you all will see I have changed my profile to show Windows 10 x64. And yes...most of you know why I started this thread...but because of restrictions för bank tasks via older versions of Windows I was forced to update.... But it is still CRAP!
  13. Now there is something I wasn't considering when wondering why Windows 10 is so slow......
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