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  1. It is good we can speculate...just I don't see the point where Microsoft are concerned..... They lie and lie to us so what is the point of discussions on what Microsoft will, won't, are going to do? Sorry....don't believe anything I see from Microsoft any more....they change their minds from day to day.....?!!!!!!!!!! bookie32
  2. Sorry was just posting the result when you posted! Thanks for coming by! bookie32
  3. Hi guys! I have solved this issue without having to do a recovery.... Firstly...I swore some time ago I would never let Microsoft support in another customer computer....- but I was a little desperate for answers.... I will add it was a waste of time and he came up with what others have said a partial recovery- but I wasn't having any of that and thanked him and went back to the drawing board... I tried once more with the following: sfc /scannow dism /online /cleanup-image /scannhealth dism /online /cleanup-image /restorhealth Had no errors and rebooted - but the same problem remained....couldn't find any upgrade on window update... I did one final check... I right clicked on drive to do disk-cleanup and then cleanup-system files... When I looked in the list there was old image files....I removed them and cleaned up windows update directory and rebooted... I clicked on Windows update and this time 20H2 came up and has installed with all updates....no sign of 21H1 but that isn't a problem Now it could be that the customer missed an error on upgrading and it caused the problem because there were already system problems...no point in speculating now...it works! I am not sure this will help any others in the same boat....just wanted to say it is solved. bookie32
  4. Hi guys! Have a customer that had a warning come up about her Windows 10 version being old....I took over her computer and saw that 20H2 was ready for installation , so I started the process and told my customer to keep an eye on it and report to me if any errors came up... She didn't get any errors and came to me to update the bios on the machine.... I saw that 1909 was still installed and this warning was on windows update: The problem is a search didn't give any updates or a sign of a failed 20H2 update?! I then tried to update it from a USB I created and it gets to: I did a check and several have had such problems but the solutions suggested didn't work.. I checked the system with sfx /scannow and used dism to check version health etc....no problems at all... I have tried resetting Windows SoftwareDistribution but that doesn't help either.... My problem is....the customer has several book keeping programs installed and reinstalling is a lot of work and I would like to avoid that... Has anyone any suggestions? This is a Windws 10 Pro 1909 version bookie32
  5. What still amazes me is people still go out and buy it......
  6. Sorry...am I missing something here.... It is updated and doesn't work.... I thank you for your time but not going to reinstall Windows to get this working..... It can stay as it is... bookie32
  7. When I start Word Excel or Power Point I get the following error roughly translated from Swedish... "An error occurred while retrieving the current templates, so it is not possible to view them right now." I then get two options to "Try again" or "Work offline" If I click "work offline" I get all the default templates No I am not logged into Microsoft bookie32
  8. Hi again. Office is 15.0.4420.1017 Windows 10 is 2004 and 120.2212.551.0 I have now removed and reinstalled completely but same error remains... I can look at templates offline and that works but only offline...? bookie32
  9. Hi guys! When I start Word I usually get the assortment of default templates appear at the same time... Just lately I get a download error? I have looked at solutions and repairing office....done...didn't help... I haven't Visio Viewer installed... I have Office 2013 Professional Plus on another compute and it is loading the default templates on start up... Has anyone any suggestions? bookie32
  10. It never ceases to amaze me how much people trouble go to even before Microsoft has decided how Windows 11 should be....The TPM part just ****** me off and one cannot trust anything Microsoft states from one day to the next..... The videos already out there on how to install, setup, and do so many changes and the full release hasn't even appeared..... Why waste so much energy on such things when we will never know what they are really intending to do to the last minute.... Just seen a video and Microsoft changed information on their website before the guy could even finish his video It is the same old story over and over....Microsoft as a company are a bunch of lying ********. Just don't understand people putting their trust in Microsoft or companies that behave like them?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rant finished.....I think... bookie32
  11. Yes....I would agree with you but "anything" shouldn't include Windows...... Debian is my favourite of all the distros... I don't have the time to test newer ones....most of them are based on one of the better distros and that is Debian... bookie32
  12. Well it is time for them to change....I always thought and still do "You are never too old to learn if you want to" Yes, I get what you are saying but this isn't rocket science.....I have customers that are in the 80's that have made the change to Mac or Linux.... bookie32
  13. Why don't you do you install with everything and make a clone?..That way you don't have to reinstall everything every time.... bookie32

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