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  1. Hi jaclaz! Thanks for the info as usual... I could not download the removal of the S mode with out logging in ....hence creating an account... Going to have a look at your info for future reference... Thanks again for coming by... bookie32
  2. Hi guys! So Microsoft are not happy enough with the s*** we have to deal with already...they decide to produce more?! Just had the first laptop I have started with S mode active... Had no idea about this and was trying to install the standard software I usually install for my customers...and get blocked by Microsoft...saying to use Microsoft Store?! I am so fed up with the so called excuses for this type of crap from Microsoft! I was forced (didn't know how else to fix it) to create a Microsoft account for my customer just to remove this s***... Am I the only one ****** off with this crap? bookie32
  3. Hi guys Have a customer that has several computers where she would like to stop Internet access for her users....at these terminals Internet is not needed... But she wants to leave the general Internet on in background for Windows updates... Is this possible in Windows 10 Home..... The users have only Standard accounts... Thanks! bookie32
  4. You are entitled to your opinion and no the majority of Windows users don't disagree with me...rubbish...it's your opinion - but don't include everyone else because you haven't a clue about what you are stating. Linux was never good enough for Microsoft...all of a sudden things are different?! Linux has a far better support and development network than Microsoft ever will...and because you say you haven't much experience of Linux...then my advice...get some before having an opinion...
  5. One already has a choice..Run Linux or Windows...Linux should never be connected to anything to do with Microsoft. Windows is crap and Linux is much supperior...end of story...😀
  6. Microsoft are not happy enough to be ****** up Windows 10 they have to drag Linux into the mix in the form of WSL2....What the hell is going on! Linux is, and always will be, far superior to Windows....If people want Linux then use Linux and stop this crap!! Microsoft just can't leave well alone...they are failing as a company and want to add Linux on their list....God help us!! Not a happy bunny! bookie32
  7. Jesus...just getting to grips with 1909 and they are releasing 2004...why don't they simply call it 2020.. Would make it easier to remember which year the rubbish was released
  8. Hi guys! I just wonder what apps can be removed without causing problems.... For Example I use skype but can that can be installed instead of using the built in app? The same for Office app...I have office so don't nned the app...? Can someone give me the ins and outs of removing these and other apps? bookie56
  9. Hi alacran! Thanks for the update! bookie32
  10. Hi Guys! Can someone do an update here.... I have a test Windows ** computer and would like to know who has the most up to date list of what to do and not do on Windows ** Pro... I wll not be using the Home version... Would appreciate some up to date feed back....and I know that I am behind the times....been avoiding Windows ** like the plague....sorry for the pun.... bookie32
  11. You have a point there.....lol....ok here goes Windows ten......lol bookie32
  12. I am not happy but coming around to the fact I need to make a decision about upgrading... Have your got a procedure for avoiding all the crap with this version of Windows... A lot has been discussed here...just wondering what is the best way to go about installing this .......Windows.......version....can't bring myself to say it....lol bookie56
  13. Sorry I do not believe that crap written by these so called experts... Windows defender is only good enough if you know what you are doing.... If you just totally rely on it out of the box...more fool you.... Microsoft have produced the worst operative system since Windows came on the scene and suddenly they are good at an antivirus solution....don't make me laugh.... Sorry....serious tests done do not show it as favourable as your links.... bookie32
  14. Sorry for the late reply....the fast boot that I turned off which is the norm if you are having problems getting into the bios.... Go to battery settings via control panel....in the left menu you have several different things you can change.. I am working with Swedish computers but you should have "Choose what the power buttons do"....sorry don't have access to an English computer... You then have a link that you need to click on if you are to make changes.... "Change settings that are temporarily unavailable" click on that and after that untick "Turn on fast startup (recommended) and you are good to go... Most computers that one would normally work with F2 or Delete will work again after removing this tick... Doesn't matter how quick you are to press F2 or Delete it won't work if you have this enabled in Windows 10.. bookie32
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