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  1. You have a point there.....lol....ok here goes Windows ten......lol bookie32
  2. I am not happy but coming around to the fact I need to make a decision about upgrading... Have your got a procedure for avoiding all the crap with this version of Windows... A lot has been discussed here...just wondering what is the best way to go about installing this .......Windows.......version....can't bring myself to say it....lol bookie56
  3. Sorry I do not believe that crap written by these so called experts... Windows defender is only good enough if you know what you are doing.... If you just totally rely on it out of the box...more fool you.... Microsoft have produced the worst operative system since Windows came on the scene and suddenly they are good at an antivirus solution....don't make me laugh.... Sorry....serious tests done do not show it as favourable as your links.... bookie32
  4. Sorry for the late reply....the fast boot that I turned off which is the norm if you are having problems getting into the bios.... Go to battery settings via control panel....in the left menu you have several different things you can change.. I am working with Swedish computers but you should have "Choose what the power buttons do"....sorry don't have access to an English computer... You then have a link that you need to click on if you are to make changes.... "Change settings that are temporarily unavailable" click on that and after that untick "Turn on fast startup (recommended) and you are good to go... Most computers that one would normally work with F2 or Delete will work again after removing this tick... Doesn't matter how quick you are to press F2 or Delete it won't work if you have this enabled in Windows 10.. bookie32
  5. bookie32

    No UEFI mode

    Thanks again.... Yes....I tried that and it just didn't help how ever many times I tried....first time I have ever been defeated on a bios problem... bookie32
  6. bookie32

    No UEFI mode

    Thanks guys for your input.. Did try several times without hard drive..but it didn't help the situation...Never had such a pig of a computer...but such is life.
  7. Sorry....couldn't resist this one...Since when is Windows Defender all you need?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bookie32

    No UEFI mode

    Hi Tarun! I have already stated that the UEFI firmware settings are not available otherwise I would have used that option... But I do thank you for coming by... On can create a shortcut which I have also tested that doesn't work...this is a Dell thingy.... bookie32
  9. bookie32

    No UEFI mode

    Hi halohalo Yes, I have noticed a lot of threads with similar problems on this model... Yes...the computer is old but works fine at the moment with the new hard drive.... I will admit I haven't tried a repair of UEFI because I don't actually think there is anything wrong with the partition...just Dell's handling of it... I haven't tried removing the cmos battery either....the customer had an old bios because most customers never need to update the bios...it is only now with Windows 10 we are seeing a steady stream of updates for the bios from most manufacturers...that it has become more common to update the bios.... This computer was not cheap...and the last bios update was from 2015....pretty poor show from Dell.... Most manufacturers have support even if the guarantee is out of date....but date want to charge extra for help..... As someone suggested the way around this is to use Macrium reflect and have another hard drive with all the settings software etc already installed and clone it to another drive to replace the one that could be faulty...Even creating a bootable Windows recovery USB is pretty pointless because the bios not allowing changes will just keep trying to start the problem drive... can't say I have ever felt powerless to help a customer before.... I just hope he doesn't experience anymore problems......that is a bit of a tall order being as this is Windows 10 we are discussing.....
  10. bookie32

    No UEFI mode

    Hi guys! Have a customer Dell Inspiron 7720. The customer had problems with startup.... I tried to get into the bios and that was a no go...F2 has always worked with Dell computers but nada.... I removed the hard drive to see if I had access....nada just wouldn't go into bios mode... I put a new drive and a Windows 10 USB and the USB loaded and partitioned the harddrive as in UEFI mode...have efi partition etc... When in Windows 10 I have turned off fast boot and restarted the computer in advanced mode but no UEFI firmware settings available... I have checked the usual msinfo32 and it states bios mode set to UEFI... I have checked bcdedit and it also shows UEFI.... Where do I go from here...? I have a computer that is now working fine and I have backed up the customer's files from the old drive that actually had many damaged sectors so a good reason for the new SSD drive.... I would like to understand why I can't get into the bios even from Windows it is a no go.... I even tried creating a shortcut to force it but that doesn't work either... bookie32
  11. Thanks so much guys...I will keep this in mind if it happens again.... I had upgraded the hard drive so I reinstalled the old one and cloned it again to the new one and continued with upgrading to Windows 10 without hickup.... bookie32
  12. Hi Tripredacus! Couldn't get any info with detail vol C.... But this has been taken in Windows.....
  13. Hi guys! I have upgraded a computer from 7 to 10 and it is a new ssd that is performing well... The problem is disk manager isn't showing a drive installed at all? Never had such a problem before.... I have an entry Disk 0 is dynamic....invallid....but I haven't changed anything at all... What can have happened bookie32
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