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  1. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    You make....in my opinion....som valid points and that is why I am so negative towards Windows 10 or should I say Microsoft as a company...not forgetting the fact that all the crap with windows 10 and how it was being pushed on us...only came to light because of the diligence of those who actually read the agreements that anyone upgrading to Windows 10 were saying (not knowingly) that Microsoft have the right to spy on so that the American government have an extra weapon against us..... Of course my ramblings could be taken as paranoia....but my response to that would have to be....isn't that a typical trait of the American government... Sorry....getting off track there....;) bookie32
  2. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Sadly the founder of IKEA has just passed away at the ripe old age of 91....He proved without any doubt at all staff are treated as equals actually works and he had one of the most successful companies in the world... I just hope that they keep to his way of running the company.... bookie32
  3. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I had a customer that came day before yesterday....she is a sweat little old lady...she said she remembered my warning about not upgrading Windows 7 to 10 if the manufacturer hasn't drivers for the computer... I thought...smart lady...but it turns out that she had been using Windows 10 on her Windows 7 only computer for quite some time... but at this moment I just thought the computer had finally updated from Windows 7 to 10 after several attempts over the months....or so I thought.... The problem, howerver, was she had the Windows creator edition install on the computer and everything stood still couldn't even get to desktop after several hours of waiting... I backed up her files and then reset it to the previous version.....it was here I discovered she had had Windows 10 for a while and that Windows 10 Creators Edition was waiting to install....also the fact she had told me porky pies.....lol I know some people wouldn't notice if the version changed....they would put it down to an update......;) I didn't say anything...just reinstalled Windows 7 and she is a happy bunny again.... God I just love hating Windows 10....gives me something to b***h about....;) bookie32
  4. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi Mate! No idea if they are using Windows 10 or 7....I do see a lot of computers in different offices...but nothing connected to local government.... bookie32
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    One gets the sneaking suspicion that you are starting to like Windows 10....but I suppose someONE does..... bookie32
  6. Hi jaclaz Well, that did the trick...no warnings now in linux! Thank you for your time! bookie32
  7. Hi jaclaz! I appreciate what you are saying and no I haven't done chkdsk as you state but will do that now and keep your post as a guide in the future....;) I always appreciate your help...it is sound and most often right! Thank you! Will post the results after testing.... bookie32
  8. Hi Jaclaz I have run chkdisk on the ssd just to see if there was errors and it fixed some file but I am getting exactly the same in gparted... GParted 0.25.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid --enable-online-resize Libparted 3.2 Check and repair file system (ntfs) on /dev/sda2 00:00:00 ( ERROR ) calibrate /dev/sda2 00:00:00 ( SUCCESS ) path: /dev/sda2 (partition) start: 821248 end: 345597951 size: 344776704 (164.40 GiB) check file system on /dev/sda2 for errors and (if possible) fix them 00:00:00 ( ERROR ) ntfsresize -i -f -v /dev/sda2 00:00:00 ( ERROR ) ntfsresize v2015.3.14AR.1 (libntfs-3g) Device name : /dev/sda2 NTFS volume version: 3.1 Cluster size : 4096 bytes Current volume size: 176525668864 bytes (176526 MB) Current device size: 176525672448 bytes (176526 MB) Checking for bad sectors ... Bad cluster: 0x75d7f0 - 0x75d7f0 (1) Bad cluster: 0x75d8f5 - 0x75d8f5 (1) Bad cluster: 0x75d9fb - 0x75d9fb (1) Bad cluster: 0x75dc34 - 0x75dc34 (1) Bad cluster: 0x75dd39 - 0x75dd39 (1) Bad cluster: 0x75de3f - 0x75de3f (1) Bad cluster: 0x7711f3 - 0x7711f3 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7712f8 - 0x7712f8 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771531 - 0x771531 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771637 - 0x771637 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77173c - 0x77173c (1) Bad cluster: 0x771841 - 0x771841 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771947 - 0x771947 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771a4c - 0x771a4c (1) Bad cluster: 0x771b51 - 0x771b51 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771d8b - 0x771d8b (1) Bad cluster: 0x771e90 - 0x771e90 (1) Bad cluster: 0x771f95 - 0x771f95 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77209b - 0x77209b (1) Bad cluster: 0x7721a0 - 0x7721a0 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7722a5 - 0x7722a5 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7724df - 0x7724df (1) Bad cluster: 0x7725e4 - 0x7725e4 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7726e9 - 0x7726e9 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7727ef - 0x7727ef (1) Bad cluster: 0x7728f4 - 0x7728f4 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7729f9 - 0x7729f9 (1) Bad cluster: 0x772aff - 0x772aff (1) Bad cluster: 0x772d38 - 0x772d38 (1) Bad cluster: 0x772e3d - 0x772e3d (1) Bad cluster: 0x772f43 - 0x772f43 (1) Bad cluster: 0x773048 - 0x773048 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77314d - 0x77314d (1) Bad cluster: 0x773253 - 0x773253 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77348c - 0x77348c (1) Bad cluster: 0x773591 - 0x773591 (1) Bad cluster: 0x773697 - 0x773697 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77379c - 0x77379c (1) Bad cluster: 0x7738a1 - 0x7738a1 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7739a7 - 0x7739a7 (1) Bad cluster: 0x773aac - 0x773aac (1) Bad cluster: 0x773ce5 - 0x773ce5 (1) Bad cluster: 0x773deb - 0x773deb (1) Bad cluster: 0x773ef0 - 0x773ef0 (1) Bad cluster: 0x773ff5 - 0x773ff5 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7740fb - 0x7740fb (1) Bad cluster: 0x774200 - 0x774200 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774305 - 0x774305 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77453f - 0x77453f (1) Bad cluster: 0x774644 - 0x774644 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774749 - 0x774749 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77484f - 0x77484f (1) Bad cluster: 0x774954 - 0x774954 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774a59 - 0x774a59 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774c93 - 0x774c93 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774d98 - 0x774d98 (1) Bad cluster: 0x774e9d - 0x774e9d (1) Bad cluster: 0x774fa3 - 0x774fa3 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7750a8 - 0x7750a8 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7751ad - 0x7751ad (1) Bad cluster: 0x7752b3 - 0x7752b3 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7754ec - 0x7754ec (1) Bad cluster: 0x7755f1 - 0x7755f1 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7756f7 - 0x7756f7 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7757fc - 0x7757fc (1) Bad cluster: 0x775901 - 0x775901 (1) Bad cluster: 0x775a07 - 0x775a07 (1) Bad cluster: 0x775c40 - 0x775c40 (1) Bad cluster: 0x775d45 - 0x775d45 (1) Bad cluster: 0x775e4b - 0x775e4b (1) Bad cluster: 0x775f50 - 0x775f50 (1) Bad cluster: 0x776055 - 0x776055 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77615b - 0x77615b (1) Bad cluster: 0x776260 - 0x776260 (1) Bad cluster: 0x776499 - 0x776499 (1) Bad cluster: 0x77659f - 0x77659f (1) Bad cluster: 0x7766a4 - 0x7766a4 (1) Bad cluster: 0x7767a9 - 0x7767a9 (1) ERROR: This software has detected that the disk has at least 78 bad sectors. **************************************************************************** * WARNING: The disk has bad sector. This means physical damage on the disk * * surface caused by deterioration, manufacturing faults or other reason. * * The reliability of the disk may stay stable or degrade fast. We suggest * * making a full backup urgently by running 'ntfsclone --rescue ...' then * * run 'chkdsk /f /r' on Windows and rebooot it TWICE! Then you can resize * * NTFS safely by additionally using the --bad-sectors option of ntfsresize.* **************************************************************************** There isn't any problems with this disk.... bookie56
  9. Hi guys! I have a Windows 7 computer that has problems with the system files....according to gparted in linux and that is never usually wrong... The drive originally in the computer was in a bad way....but because the customer had a lot of programs installed I decided to try and clone it on to a new Samsung SSD Evo 850 250GB hard drive Firstly I ran chkdsk to see if I could get some order before cloning and defrag... For this exercise I used Macrium reflect....Macrium reflect has a couple of functions...a direct clone or creating an image... The clone failed but I could create an image and then copy that over to the SSD... After the restart I found it was still sluggish, so I decided to run an "install repair" When starting the Windows 7 Home Premium Sp1 it told me there could be a problem with a couple of programs like graphics driver so I removed them as suggested.... After running the "install and repair" I went about updating it to today's date.... I did a check with sfc /scannow just to check and that comes up clean... I know this isn't a linux forum but I ran a Ubuntu Live cd to check the state of the partitions.... If anyone is used to using gparted a formating tool in linux - then they know if you get a yellow triangle by the C: partition there is something wrong some where.... If I look at the information tied to the yellow triangle - it shows loads of sectors damaged just like it was on the old drive... What I am wondering is there any other checks I can do that would resolve this without reinstalling the drive....? I know there is no problem with the SSD but maybe someone knows where linux is reading info on the drive and attributing it with the same errors as the old sata drive? Have we any Windows/Linux gurus here that can give me some help? bookie32
  10. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I truly believe that Microsoft have lost the plot..... bookie32
  11. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi guys! Well, windows 10 is improving its record of being "Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!" Continually getting customers coming to me with problems with either...upgraded to Windows 10 or bought with Windows 10....doesn't matter....when the new major releases come they end up with either a computer that installs an update and erases everything (because as Microsoft points out) they are new versions of Windows 10 and that is like a new OS....causing havoc for manufacurers trying to keep up with the releases and trying to have drivers etc that keep the computers working efficently....not working OR the updates don't install and the computer plays almost dead all the time because of the update trying to install!! I have had several reasonable computers bought by customers with Windows 10 that want me to add user details...etc for them....had two entirely different computers...different hardware etc - BUT the first thing the computers do is update and then the latest update is trying to install and a day later I am nearing the state of them being updated to today's date?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never convince me that this s*** is worth having! Yes, it is giving me lots of work.....but it is futile.... I personally "HATE" this crap they call an OS!! bookie32
  12. Telemetry

    Nice info alacran! bookie32
  13. Telemetry

    Thanks guys! bookie32
  14. Telemetry

    Hi guys! I try to just install the necessary updates as most of you with Windows 7... Has anyone the latest list of what not to install? Are there any basic services one should disable as well? bookie32
  15. can i change it to a 5tb drive in windows 10

    Hi m1ck! You have UEFI on that motherboard...Unified Extensible Firmware Interface where you can setup... Here is the link for your motherboard manual Sorry, should have said that is in the bios Go to page 25 in your manual and it explains booting UEFI mode...;) bookie32