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  1. bookie32

    Windows assigning same name to USB's when connected

    Hi dencorso! Thanks for the tip....not sure what it is but I reformated several USB's and the problem seems to have gone away at the moment.....strange behaviour.... bookie32
  2. Hi Guys! Ok! This isn't something that is happening all the time.... The first USB that i connect to the computer is assigned the letter Q: I have several drives installed and then a card reader so, the next available drive letter is Q: Now at some point I have had a Windows764 USB attached to the computer and now when I add USB's whatever I have assigned as the name of the USB is overwritten to Windows764? I have just backed up all worked files and reformated a USB and gave it the name USB6....which the computer sees the first time it is attached....but on the next connection it assigns the same drive letter Q: but calls it Windows764 and if I check disk management it has even a different name there? Even if I disconnect the USB via Window "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" I still get the same problem happening over and over again....and now when I attach other USB's it takes for ever to open them and usually it is the same name Windows764?! Has anyone the faintest idea as to what is happening? There is a twist to this which I don't understand... If I remove the USB's and connect them to another computer and then retry them on this computer it sees them as what they are....BUT have just discovered that USB6 is assigned the letter Q: and I have access to the files on it no problem until I check disk management...no media? There is a partition showing but no media is the message shown.... I have tested the USB and find no fault.....? bookie32
  3. bookie32

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    Hi guys! I wish I had the same understanding of the situation as you have.....but it is obvious that this is not a good development for those trying to have a small footprint.... For years I have (like many of us) always wondered why Microsoft can't fix general cleaning after installation of updates...?!....tons of files that are needed anymore are just left to clutter the system....Yes...disk cleanup can remove a lot of the rubbish...just don't understand why Microsoft don't have something in place like adobe....please don't shoot me but everytime adobe installs ex. adobe reader the installation file is removed afterwards which saves space....the average user in Windows just uses third party tools like ccleaner to do the work that Microsoft has never been good at doing.... Another thing that just annoys me is when Windows 10 adds a new version update it resets all settings made in the system instead of leaving them as they are....so if I build a computer with an ssd system drive C: and move the user to the separate D. drive then every update resets the user files and they have two of everything....just frustrating.... I get fedup with the so called happy email...Windows is doing this....Windows is doing that....why not just leave things alone...if it works don't fixit and if it doesn't work abolish it and make/build something better.... Never been brilliant att maths but as I see it we are heading for 4 b*****years of this crap and they still say it is the best ever...... Most of those that think and say that have their heads up their a****! bookie32
  4. bookie32

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Why waste energy wondering why Microsoft would do this.....BECAUSE they are MICROSOFT and the "user" is too insignificant for them to give a crap about....MICROSOFT is about being MICROSOFT and us mere mortals just have to deal with it.... bookie32
  5. bookie32

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    This is where I chirp in with the standard reply....."I also believe we hear more from those with problems than those who are not having problems." Not entirely true but on the other hand it isn't every day someone writes somthing negative from a company point of view...fixing computers for a living.... Yes you have had success...depending on what you base success on....installing Windows 10 in VMware isn't the same as on a real machine and will never be the same as testing on the real thing.... Also your perspective isn't from a company point of view....The reason for negativity like I write is entirely based on experince with many computers where Windows 10 is the worst by far for failing.....to live up to any kind of expectations....and without someone saying....well google do that....Microsoft are very good at hiding by long drawn out agreements which cover their arses in just about any situation.... I have yet to see the stability and performance that Microsoft boast of with Windows 10 and to have a computer starting quickly isn't the be and end all of everything..... And for many even if their laptop screens turn off (giving the illusion that it is fast) the computer is on for quite a long time after that....a lot of this performance sacrifices something along the way.... I wish the individuals that like Windows 10 and belive in its future...the best of luck....BUT for many of us we are going to need more convincing.... bookie32
  6. Wasn't going to really say anything about this reply....just find it hard to believe that some people are so naive to think that Microsoft are actually trying to improve by telemetry updates..... No....perhaps not but Microsoft are more willing to over step the boundaries of what is in the user's best interests.... are we really saving settings...private information....just to improve the user's experience?! Microsoft hide behind contracts that have been written by so called top law firms to protect their stupid arseses when they get caught....What Microsoft do is no better than the American government thinking it is OK to "spy" on everyone in the name of national security.....sorry, just no respect for a company whose employees seem to do what they like and think it is ok? I am of course refering to the so called support rep for Microsoft that was helping me with a customer computer and while connected to it did whatever she thought ok to fix the problem...including surfing dubious sites to get help to fix the problem.....
  7. And you want to call this something that is positive....?!! Microsoft couldn't resolve a p***** in a brewery....so us sending them information via telemetry isn't going to improve the situation....God I have seen some crap in my time since this Windows 10 crap came out but the telemetry is just for spying on us and if it resolved issues why are there so many problems.....3rd party software....? a lot of the problems we have now is because Microsoft in its so called wisdom wants you to let them look after drivers for hardware etc....and then the computer just dies....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi guys! Can we keep on track here....I, as many others, still offer the best help I can to my customers that have upgraded or bought Windows 10 so when a member asks for help then it should be their subject we are commenting on....I admit I am as bad as the rest of us....love condemning this crap for what it is....crap....but not everyone shares my opinion and I respect that.... Was at a local store where of course they push Windows 10....that is all that is left...and a guy I spoke to couldn't understand why I felt so strongly about it being crap.....he was a salesman and not a repairman.....Firstly, they are conditioned into selling what their company wants them to and secondly...it amases me how many I have actually talked to that still have Windows 7 because Windows 10 is crap.....and then say to me they don't know why I feel so strongly against it....lol Go figure..... bookie32
  9. That is obviously a matter of opinion....and anyone working with fixing this crap on a daily basis would almost certainly consider Windows 7 as an upgrade If you are going to write a three word sentance for something most of us think is s**** then please have the decency to explain "why" Me thinks that a certain person only writes things to provoke....I could be wrong....but then I would like to be proved wrong... I am sorry that SkyySX isn't getting the replies expected....we already have threads like mine where we can write about Windows 10 being a pile of crap as much as we like because that is what the thread is about.... I apologise for adding my comments....just saw red.... bookie32
  10. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I agree....but can't say I am impressed...
  11. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Another victim for Windows 10...I have a customer that was in the middle of sending an email when the was a power cut that nealy took the whole town... After coming back on he restarted the computer and it tried to repair itself...nada He came to me and I tried to repair the start functions....nada... Started diskpart and checked volumes.... his C: drive was Raw....nice....now the only positive thing to come out of this is I always create a recovery image...and that when I create partitions always move the user from C: Now before I even think of doing a recovery install need to backup all his files... Windows 10 "Worst Crap Ever" In my book is really living up to its name.... bookie32
  12. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I was wondering why I have so many headaches....that answers that question....;) bookie32
  13. bookie32

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I don't want to appear picky....but where did incompetence get called a bug.... Had the same from Bitdefender support....I installed the latest release and all of a sudden I couldn't access my "Home Network"...?! Turned off Bitdefender and had access again...got in contact with support and they said they have a bug in the fire wall that will be fixed soon with an update.... I then contacted sales and demanded my money back.....Releasing a version with a firewall bug?! But I see the same with Windows 10....instead of improving they get worse....why the desperate hurry to release a new verison all the time....concentrate on fixing the original before pushing new crap on us....because of the amount of computers that I am getting with Windows 10 and serious problems with hardware etc....I have warned all my customers about Microsoft and their insistance to update hardware drivers...Yes, we can turn it off but as you all know Microsoft activate it again with a new update....So, my customeres are left with "grin and bear it" Look at this crap... Windows Insider Program Explore the future of Windows You’ll be amazed at just how many highlights our engineers have already packed into this early Windows 10 Insider Preview build (19H1), including a more powerful Windows Search, a beautiful new design update, and more.1 PREVIEW FEATURES > Link now working... What bloody engineers?! They couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag!!!!! bookie32
  14. bookie32

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    I just thought I'd pop in and try and write something positive.....but it is the same as reading about Trump everyday...nothing changes it just gets worse.... So, I guess I am a failure.... I am glad I stuck with Windows 7... bookie32