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  1. Thanks so much guys...I will keep this in mind if it happens again.... I had upgraded the hard drive so I reinstalled the old one and cloned it again to the new one and continued with upgrading to Windows 10 without hickup.... bookie32
  2. Hi Tripredacus! Couldn't get any info with detail vol C.... But this has been taken in Windows.....
  3. Hi guys! I have upgraded a computer from 7 to 10 and it is a new ssd that is performing well... The problem is disk manager isn't showing a drive installed at all? Never had such a problem before.... I have an entry Disk 0 is dynamic....invallid....but I haven't changed anything at all... What can have happened bookie32
  4. Hi again Ok I fixed it....I just turned off fast boot in Windows 10 and it shutdown normally,,,, bookie32
  5. Hi guys! I have a hp probook with support for Windows 10 that I have just upgraded for customer to Windows 10 from Windows 7.... If I try to shut down it starts to shutdown and after a few seconds logs in again.... I have tried the Intel Management Engine solution and it doesn't help.... Anyone any ideas? bookie32
  6. Hi jaclaz AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Administratör Description=Fördefinierat administratörskonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Administratör PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-500 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\DefaultAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet. Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=DefaultAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-503 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Gäst Description=Fördefinierat gästkonto för datorn/domänen Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Gäst PasswordChangeable=FALSE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-501 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\Ingrid Description= Disabled=FALSE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=Ingrid PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=FALSE PasswordRequired=FALSE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-1000 SIDType=1 Status=OK AccountType=512 Caption=Ingrid-Dator\WDAGUtilityAccount Description=Ett användarkonto som hanteras av systemet för Windows Defender Application Guard-scenarion Disabled=TRUE Domain=Ingrid-Dator FullName= InstallDate= LocalAccount=TRUE Lockout=FALSE Name=WDAGUtilityAccount PasswordChangeable=TRUE PasswordExpires=TRUE PasswordRequired=TRUE SID=S-1-5-21-522315048-2383364653-3190067693-504 SIDType=1 Status=Degraded Can't see any problems here... bookie32
  7. Hi guys! Do not understand.... Upgraded a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for a customer and if I logout of Windows there are two entries for same account.... No there is no duplicate account in same name and despite different attempts it is still there....? I even added a password for this local account and can login from both entries...) bookie32
  8. Like you have tested many but stick with Debian...hadn't heard about your one though....;) bookie32
  9. Tell us a bit more about your Linux flavour....;) bookie32
  10. I do thank UCyborg for the information but as mikedigitize points out this would probably need to be addressed every six months and that isn't an option for a customer.... Please tell me if I am wrong...but have seen this? bookie32
  11. Hi guys! Have a customer that runs a book keeping company... He needs to be able to allow multiple connections/sessions to one computer at once via remote desktop.... Can someone tell me the right way to do this? bookie32
  12. Hi guys! Getting several friends harping on about how good LTSC is...?! Ok forgive me if I am stating the obvious....all of your attempts to remove Windows 10 of crap and they come with this version without a lot of the crap....?! Now that is funny....come on....it is hilarious.... As if that is going to make Windows 10 better......yes....I admit more usable but still crap from where I am standing...... Sorry I am a little late with this about LTSC....been busy all summer trying to get my cottage finished......lol bookie32
  13. Becoming unusable is what many of my customers assume after receiving the update warning that the time is nigh.....Still amazes me how many of them just don't listen to a word I have told them...?! What I like about the update is Microsoft offering to help with backing up files etc....bloody nerver of this company!! bookie32
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