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  1. Completely Removing a Bluetooth Driver

    Hi HarryTri! I am beginning to think it might be more related to the Memteq mouse...I can connect anything else bluetooth to the laptop... I have the Acer drivers installed and when I start the pairing mode from the mouse it takes a while for the Bluetooth to see the mouse and then "We are not receiving a response from the device. Please try again"....but nothing happens... I will point out that the mouse was working on an older version of Windows 10 but as I said before...just a matter of time before the laptop automatically gets upgraded so it is about making it work with this version.... The really annoying I downloaded a bluetooth driver from realtek and it worked - but after reboot not working even though it is showing connected? bookie32
  2. Completely Removing a Bluetooth Driver

    Hi kosamja! I don't get involved with trying to restrict customer computers....I do that sort of thing for myself but not a customer... Thanks for the suggestion....;) bookie32
  3. Hi guys! I have a customer computer that had Windows 10 when he bought it but with the latest update 1803 ( i updated it to the latest version because it would save the customer a lot of time when using a mobile broadband connection) a bluetooth mouse from Memteq isn't being recognised...? It sees the mouse but keeps failing to connect because of no signal from the mouse.... OK....let me explain a in a bit more detail....the customer came with the computer and wanted a general check to be done... he had 1709 installed ...his Memteq mouse was working but other stuff not so well...I checked with the supplier and model of the Computer Acer SW3-016 to see if there were later drivers than when he bought it.....and everything apart from BIOS updates were original drivers.... I downloaded the original drivers but can't really see if they are working or not...being used... Under Device Manager > System Devices I can see Realtek Bus Driver which is the version I have downloaded and installed from Acer.... Under Bluetooth I can see Bluetooth-radio, Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator..all Microsoft drivers... Even Acer say if drivers are missing use Windows Update.... I have tried removing the Realtek driver but it defaults to the same Microsoft driver and no connection to the mouse....I did, however have a connection after the 1803 update but after reboot nothing.... the mouse was said to be connected and wouldn't work....I removed it and now it wont add it.... Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can force it to use the drivers from Acer? bookie32
  4. Open Windows Center Screen

    Hi Tripredacus There seems to be third party programs that cope with this quite well...just haven't checked as to how and why they work... One that seems popular is Autosizer.... bookie32
  5. Open Windows Center Screen

    Hi guys.... Is there a way to get system windows to open center screen? If I open for example "Manage" your computer it always opens on the left of my 27 inch screen.... Is there a way to get it to open center screen? bookie32
  6. Customising .wim file

    Thanks mate...gives me options! Thanks again! bookie32
  7. Customising .wim file

    Hi mate! Yes...sure sorry just wasn't thinking...my age or is it Windows 10....lol bookie32
  8. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi mikedigitize Well, been losing my hair for some time and this crap doesn't help.....lol bookie32
  9. Hi guys! I am still building and keeping .wim images in vmware... I usually just use the .wim files for new installations but with the absence of Samsung nvme drivers I would like to add them to my Windows install media.... To save spending time downloading all updates etc....is there anything I need to think about before just adding my install wim to a USB boot media? I then have my custom .wim with all my stuff instead of slippstreaming....everything into a new build.... bookie32
  10. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Hi dhjohns Do I take it you are an avid fan of Windows 10 and think the Microsoft development team are doing a wonderful job....? If the answer is yes to the above....then please tell me what is good about it...it has the worst track record of any OS Microsoft has ever produced....computers have literally died on a regular basis because of this crap.... I was a devolper then I would at least try to devolop something that works.... But I just have to fix the crap and explain to customers that this is normal....?!!! bookie56
  11. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    This is what DISM had to show...
  12. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    Thanks! I have noticed that I created a boot USB with nvme and that even boots from English...... I will have a look at DISM to see what gives.... boookie32
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    They couldn't fix a p*** up in a brewary...so not much hope of them getting anywhere with Linux...
  14. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    Hi again! I have checked that and it says Swedish....but I get English Bootice
  15. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    Thanks for the info 😁 Will have a look bookie32