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  1. We have a scenario where the Windows 7 Edge gets released very near (just over 5 months if they release it now) or after the Windows 7 end of support. Would it make sense for Microsoft support a browser on an OS that they don’t support? Will windows 7 edge be only available to paid support users? If Edge on 7 drops support soon after release would it have been a waste of Microsofts resources?
  2. Microsoft's Security Chief is no longer recommending Internet Explorer They say it is not a browser anymore, only a "compatibility solution". Once Edge is released on Windows 7, Microsoft will probably officially kill off Internet Explorer for consumer use.
  3. Microsoft has announced on their blog that they are making a Chromium based version of Edge and that it's coming to older versions of Windows. How will this affect Windows 7 usage by having a newer browser being supported in its twilight years. And what will become of the EdgeHTML version of Edge and Internet Explorer?
  4. By releasing extended updates for 7 Microsoft is admitting Windows 10 is a failure in the enterprise. Enterprises don’t want to have to deal with telemetry, Candy Crush and forced reboots on mission critical machines. I hope Microsoft gets a clue or we will see Windows 7 usage into the late 2020s.
  5. I do the same but with Virtualbox. One problem is the layers of mouse integration conflicts
  6. There's a few news articles going around that suggest Intel is launching the H310C chipset, which will be backward compatible with Windows 7 due to it still being popular in China. I wonder if it will be fully compatible or will it still need to add USB3 drivers and wufuc for updates.
  7. I've been lurking here for years. Finally got around to registering an account. I've been using Windows 7 as my main OS on my laptops as I got too frustrated with 10. I l love using operating systems past their official support dates getting them to do new tricks.
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