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Found 10 results

  1. As most of you already know, chrome dropped support for RTM 1507, and possibly others (needs to be tested), despite the official statements, "To use Chrome browser on Windows, you'll need: Windows 10 ". They may edit any time, so make copies. The lies is well within their usual behaviour. The discovery was made by @yoltboy01. Ladies, please gather the remains of your will and stay on-topic, be polite and respectful, stick to the facts. All have a nice chat.
  2. I noticed this post a few years back in the browser thread https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/page/198/ and was wondering if this was actually true this whole time and they have just covered it up to look like it not so my question is has firefox really secretly been chrome based this whole time and they just never said anything about it?
  3. I'm looking into different browser choices for windows 7 and chrome was what I found works best except that it can't be used above ver 109 so my question is has anyone gotten version of chrome above ver 109 working on windows 7? this has been a big research project for me and would like to know if anyone has found a solution yet to this problem-legacyfan
  4. will newer versions of chrome work on windows 7? I know its been discussed before and was just wondering if anything ever came out of this (if anyone could help with this it would be much appreciated
  5. Hi all ! From what we know, I ditched 360 Explorer quite some time ago and upgraded to Chromium 102. It's the Ungoogled version, their official one. But, as you can see on the screenshots, some of the members began to look weird. Weird looking @Jaguarek62, Tripredacus and some others, while @msfntor, @jaclaz , @win32 and me are absolutely normal ! Why is that ? Ideas ? It was fine on 360 Explorer , yet I can't use it since it's in the past. Is it the website not sending the right icons/colours, I dunno. Help appreciated.
  6. So ... here we go again. Another article that reminds me that its time to barbecue the old clunker and dig out the abacus and grandfather clock out of the moldy basement and forget about electronics altogether Seriously, got to always be serious - no time for funny business. https://thehackernews.com/2021/12/14-new-xs-leaks-cross-site-leaks.html I see mitigation techniques mentioned for only firefox and nothing about Chrome?! " At the end-user side, turning on first-party isolation as well as Enhanced Tracking Prevention in Firefox have been found to decrease the applicability of XS-Leaks. Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, which blocks third-party cookies by default, also prevents all leaks that are not based on a pop-up. I prefer to always block 3rd party cookies; always. Perhaps there exists something 'along the lines' of First Party Isolation in Chrome that I'm unaware of. Isn't it nice when they scare you with no solution. If the microwave were big enough I'd try to just hide in it. Oh, and, by the way; I know (first hand) now, the refrigerator light does go out when you close the door Any thoughts about possible mitigation to lesson vulnerability?
  7. Installing a Google Chrome on Windows XP? Does supports? Does works?
  8. I have a firefox Add-on that I would like to run on Google Chrome. Unfortunately, I could not find any guide on how to port Firefox Addon to run on Chrome. Does anybody know a tutorial on how to do so?
  9. Bah. I did one more search after posting this and found it right away. I'll leave it up in case someone else needs frame. My user agent string.. Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; chromeframe/32.0.1700.107 Get frame here: http://dl.google.com/chrome/install/GoogleChromeframeStandaloneEnterprise.msi (may be pulled at any time) Anyone know where I can get the last version of Chrome Frame? I found v15 but they made it up to version 30 something a couple of months ago. I moved the newest Chrome files into the frame folder and it works but not as good. I want the real thing. I've looked for around for an hour or so it seems in the last couple of days but can't find it. I'm not asking for anyone to do the legwork. I'll keep at it myself for a week if need be. Just if someone know by the off chance who's still hosting Chrome Frame. Reason being stupid apps like Secunia PSI use the IE engine and send me around the web on IE8 which I don't want happening. Thanks
  10. Looks like we might see Google stop forcing us to have a Google+ account to do Google things. I hated it from the outset and for those like me that like their YouTube, Gmail or Google Chrome accounts disconnected from Google+ may finally see the light of day. Yipee! http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/24/google-is-walking-dead/

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