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  1. What type of code do you mean? It happens that I want to know since in the future I am going to add more ordinals and I will also do it with other systems such as NT 4.0 and 9x if possible.
  2. Yes, in firefox 12 I have that error. I use the blackwingcat kernel32 addresses for Windows 2000, which does not call any instructions, instead the one from SP3 calls NTDLL and I don't know if it works. I Fixed "No more room for sections" bug in PEMaker with Del Rich.
  3. I already managed to create the kernel32 with DecodePointer and EncodePointer but when I got to the desktop, when starting some programs I have the error 0xc000005. I added the instructions with PEMaker
  4. Hello Dibya, when extending the table in kernel32, in dependency walker it was correct, but when replacing it I got BSOD and Windows restarts indefinitely. Here I send you files of the operating systems that I want to add functions to the kernel32 in this case XP SP1 and 2003 RTM (both in Spanish). When you can get the edited kernel to work with the DecodePointer and EncodePointer instructions in case of kernel32, and the dll file is in good condition when opened with dependency walker and Windows starts up the desktop, send me the files and tell me the procedure you did with the files of both systems and what software did you use. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t_8zdfHrBwztlGObGKPRs3RaMFa9ApwA
  5. I'm using PETool 0.0.5, but i'm going to add section before .rsrc and .reloc, i'm have the error "No more room for more sections.". When i'm move .rsrc and .reloc i have the error "Invalid number."
  6. How to add another section? Can it be done with PEMaker? With section refers to .text .reloc and .rsrc for example?
  7. I am using PEMaker to add these two functions in the core of Windows XP SP1 DecodePointer and EncodePointer, because a lot of software requires it like New Moon from roytam1, and all versions of Firefox 13+, I want to make a little KernelEX for Windows XP SP1 that can run SP3 software. All good up there, but when I save the export table, the import table is corrupted since those two ordinals occupy part of the import table and therefore the dependency walker sees it as a corrupt file, but when I change the addresses of the import table does not move the table and extends the capacity, it only changes the line of code in which it begins and it is also corrupted. With PEMaker I was able to successfully add in ntdll.dll; RtlDecodePointer and RtlEncodePointer since it had no import table. Does anyone know how I can add one or more instructions to a file with both export and import tables, without making them corrupt.
  8. Good morning everyone, I want to use Photoshop CS6, it installs correctly but when I open it, the splash screen appears and the program closes and the typical error appears when a program fails, install all the VC runtimes and I saw other forums that putting fcwin2k in Windows XP or 7 mode Photoshop works correctly in Windows 2000, it happens to me with CS3 and later versions (that is, the versions that Windows 2000 does not officially support)
  9. Hello, someone managed to install Office 2010 in Windows 2000, when installing it I have an error with the SPP Service, but when editing with Orca and adding conditional on spp_service.x86 for Windows XP or later in Components, the installation fails rollback
  10. I managed to install in Windows 2000, up to VMWare Workstation 7.1.6 with the method I used to install VMWare Workstation 11 and 12 in Vista, but I am thinking of installing VMWare Workstation 8.x with the same method, in this site blackwingcat demonstrates that VMware Player 4.0, which is equivalent to Workstation 8.0, managed to install it correctly and I installed Windows 8 at: http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1544432.html But when installing VMware Workstation 8 all files are fine except for vmx86.sys that is missing an instruction and I have the Extended Core v16d installed. In case there is a custom vmx86.sys or it is edited in some way since in the future I plan to install VMWare Workstation 10.
  11. I successfully installed Office 2007 Pro Plus on Windows 2000 but when opening any program the installation program opens, did this happen to anyone?
  12. There is a blackwingcat posting of how to install Office 2007 on Windows 2000 from an MSI file instead of .exe, I tried with Enterprise.WW and it didn't work due to an error 1713 that one of the required products could not be installed, I did what was said allow Win2K, allow independent execution, overwrite and rewrite, and it didn't work. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/814868.html Error 1713 appears even in Windows XP and later, but installing it from setup.exe in XP is installed correctly but in 2000 I get an error even if I uncheck Groove.
  13. Yes, and it still doesn't install
  14. Hi, I can't install Office 2007 on Windows 2000 i tried with fcwin2k and NNN4NT5, neither worked for me. It appears to me that there was an error in the installation after 20% of the installation and it does not give me code or log, does anyone know why this is due? https://drive.google.com/open?id=14vRau1xzdIpkTwu0h_fLsbKUenOdaS-h
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