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  1. Looks like a fake. He probably uses unity mode in vmware (notice the green frame around the window). It's also strange that the taskbar has two discord icons.
  2. You need to open mypal preferences -> advanced and uncheck "Allow webpages to choose their own fonts"
  3. Try copying firefox to a directory that does not contain cyrillic letters.
  4. I have attached the depends and kexapi logs, as well as error messages before and after increasing the stack commit value. What else can I do to make chrome work properly? depends log.txt kexapi logs.txt error messages.txt
  5. How did you get Chrome 6 running? And can you open webpages?
  6. I don't know because VMware has some sound issues. And I mean FF52 ESR.
  7. Yes, they are a little slow, but they work stably. I even managed to watch a video on youtube in 1080p quality. It seems to me that this is a good result for a 20-year-old system. https://www.mediafire.com/file/gyxrwqlenqgggcy/chrome.7z/file download
  8. My configuration: VMware VM Xeon processor E5-2667 512 MB of RAM DX 9.0c installed I followed the instructions, put firefox and xul.dll in XP SP3 compatibility mode, but it still gave the "couldn't load XPCOM" error. Then I deleted all entries except xul.dll from dependentlibs.list and the browser started working. I downloaded the offline chrome installers and unpacked them, then copied the executable to the browser libraries folder, set it to XP compatibility mode and ran. Not even sure if I used Blackwingcat's Chrome Tool. I've tested very early Chrome versions up to 5.0.307.1. Later ones did not start. You can download them from Oldversion.
  9. I managed to run FF52 and mypal after I cleared all the contents of the dependentlibs.list file except xul.dll. I also managed to run Chrome 5, but it is very unstable and unusable. It does not open any websites and crashes with secur32.dll error on almost any action. https://imgur.com/a/vMiTY86

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