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  1. check out these recent articles I saw: Softpedia News - Turns Out You Can Install Windows XP on a 1MHz Computer Neowin - Booting Windows XP on a 1MHz Pentium CPU takes three hours guess someone out there was bold enough to try to run XP on the oldest and slowest intel pentium system
  2. it seems only the July 2021 & August 2021 security only updates [aka. KB5004302 & KB5005094 for Win8 / Server 2012] (and any W8.x big monthly "rollups" from July 2021 onwards) are the only updates that do remove activex flash. the Sep 2021 security only updates like KB5005607 for Win8 and KB5005627 for Win8.1, on the other hand, do NOT remove flash as Microsoft mistakenly said they would include flash removal but in reality these updates do not even touch the adobe flash files and the flash player control panel app remains intact
  3. indeed. what Vistapocalypse is simply saying that only the update agent (or windows update client) on Win8 needs to updated with certain updates in order for windows update to function correctly (or it will ask to install a newer update agent if no win8 updates were installed when attempting to check for updates) and yes SHA-2 support was built-in Win8.x
  4. actually you need to install both KB3013767 and KB2999323 updates. KB3013767 updates windows update agent to 7.8.9200.17172 while KB2999323 updates windows update agent to 7.8.9200.17185 but you need both of them installed for WU to work in this current era. KB2999323 isn't listed as a standalone update in MS update catalog but the download links to both KB3013767 and KB2999323 are revealed after searching for just KB3013767 from MUC.
  5. on the amd side, maybe an amd r9 290 but amd only provided very old vista drivers for those - see this topic from Vistax64.com
  6. some OEMs like Dell & HP at that time did provide some Vista system recovery DVD discs (like for my mom's old Dell Inspiron e1405 laptop and my cousin's old HP pavilion dv6500 series entertainment notebook pc which bundled those Vista DVDs)
  7. I beg to differ on 1607 as that one became stable for me for most of my old PCs, especially with the LTSB 2016 variant of 1607 near the end of 2016 & beginning of 2017 and later edit - and try telling that to this guy who runs 1607 & no other version but that one
  8. speaking of 1607, 1607 LTSB 2016 is now in "extended" support as mainstream support for LTSB 2016 ended mid-October 2021.
  9. yup. also extension INFs can only be installed thru pnputil.exe or RAPR (driverstore explorer) and Realtek HDA drivers (UAD/DCH versions) use Realtek Audio Control UWP app from MS Store or Realtek Audio Console [RtkUWP.exe] but that one requires at least 1703 (build 15063.0) standard/legacy or non-DCH based Realtek HD Audio drivers bundle Realtek HD Audio Manager (either running RAVCpl64.exe or RtkNGUI64.exe at startup)
  10. that update appears to be included in the July 2021 KB5004302 & KB5005389 updates for server 2012 / embedded win8 as I checked the contents of the KB5004302 & KB5005389 updates myself, which seems to have the flash removal files. also included in the KB5005094 security-only update for Aug. 2021 as well. the flash removal files don't seem to be included in the KB5005607 & KB5006732 security-only updates so Jody could just try to install those and avoid installing KB5005094 and KB5004302/KB5005389
  11. KB2937636 is superseded/replaced by KB3013767 though, at least that's what MUC claims it does
  12. what audio devices do you have on your Win7 machine, j7n? open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) and check the audio devices listed in the Sound, video and game controllers section
  13. https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/14659-win-7-office-2010-monthly-download-days-starting-october-1-experimental/?do=findComment&comment=135456 I had a feeling this was gonna happen eventually once Win7 went EOL
  14. I usually disable windows defender using Defender Control app and I run Win10 LTSC 2019 which get updates (excluding feature updates) & support until Jan. 2029 very rarely have problems with using the Win10 LTSB/LTSC editions and are stable
  15. https://www.neowin.net/news/amd-2161-driver-drops-support-for-windows-7881-and-pre-polaris-gpus/
  16. AMD has already dropped Win7/8.x support starting with the 21.6.1 radeon driver released in late June 2021. last AMD Radeon graphics driver to support Win7/8.x is 21.5.2. https://www.neowin.net/news/amd-2161-driver-drops-support-for-windows-7881-and-pre-polaris-gpus/ so AMD has already abandoned support earlier than what nVidia has planned to do
  17. regarding Openshell and Windows 11 support read this.
  18. try searching for the drivers for that rtx 3060 card thru the "beta and older drivers" link from this page. v466.47 came out several days ago. and be sure to install the KB4474419 & KB4490628 Win7 updates before installing the driver.
  19. that's because the newest nVidia drivers (esp. new graphics drivers) require those SHA-2 updates as noted in this nVidia support document. I did not see anything similar from AMD nor Intel for their recent drivers on their respective sites
  20. you guys have limited time to upgrade .NET to 4.6.2 before April 2022 (forget these .NET updates for 4.5.2). MS will be dropping support for old .NET 4.x versions like 4.5.2, 4.6 & 4.6.1 by then [just to give you Vista users out there the heads up]
  21. here are the direct download links to the KB2763674 update for Windows Vista from both MS Download Center and MS Catalog (why didn't the OP think of that?) so let's cut to the chase! MS download center msu links - (32bit) (64bit) MS catalog msu links for both Vista & Server 2008 - (32bit) (64bit)
  22. yup, Win8.0 (NT 6.2) removed both the start button & start menu (the UI was barely a mess there) Win8.1 only restored the start button but not the start menu
  23. not exactly WinXP x86/32bit is NT 5.1.2600 WinXP x64 is NT 5.2.3790 (shares same "kernel" as Server 2003) that's because XP x64 uses the Server 2003 kernel codebase
  24. Ok I just edited my previous post to mention a Latitude E6400 & E6410, which DO have XP x64 support E6420 & higher do not have it
  25. hmm, what kind of Dell laptop do you have, legacyfan? support for X64 WinXP was limited and varied by different PC manufacturers & models only certain Dell business PCs like the Optiplex 7010 & Latitude E6400 / E6410 had official XP 64bit driver support.

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