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  1. KB2937636 is superseded/replaced by KB3013767 though, at least that's what MUC claims it does
  2. what audio devices do you have on your Win7 machine, j7n? open Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) and check the audio devices listed in the Sound, video and game controllers section
  3. https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/14659-win-7-office-2010-monthly-download-days-starting-october-1-experimental/?do=findComment&comment=135456 I had a feeling this was gonna happen eventually once Win7 went EOL
  4. I usually disable windows defender using Defender Control app and I run Win10 LTSC 2019 which get updates (excluding feature updates) & support until Jan. 2029 very rarely have problems with using the Win10 LTSB/LTSC editions and are stable
  5. https://www.neowin.net/news/amd-2161-driver-drops-support-for-windows-7881-and-pre-polaris-gpus/
  6. AMD has already dropped Win7/8.x support starting with the 21.6.1 radeon driver released in late June 2021. last AMD Radeon graphics driver to support Win7/8.x is 21.5.2. https://www.neowin.net/news/amd-2161-driver-drops-support-for-windows-7881-and-pre-polaris-gpus/ so AMD has already abandoned support earlier than what nVidia has planned to do
  7. regarding Openshell and Windows 11 support read this.
  8. try searching for the drivers for that rtx 3060 card thru the "beta and older drivers" link from this page. v466.47 came out several days ago. and be sure to install the KB4474419 & KB4490628 Win7 updates before installing the driver.
  9. that's because the newest nVidia drivers (esp. new graphics drivers) require those SHA-2 updates as noted in this nVidia support document. I did not see anything similar from AMD nor Intel for their recent drivers on their respective sites
  10. you guys have limited time to upgrade .NET to 4.6.2 before April 2022 (forget these .NET updates for 4.5.2). MS will be dropping support for old .NET 4.x versions like 4.5.2, 4.6 & 4.6.1 by then [just to give you Vista users out there the heads up]
  11. here are the direct download links to the KB2763674 update for Windows Vista from both MS Download Center and MS Catalog (why didn't the OP think of that?) so let's cut to the chase! MS download center msu links - (32bit) (64bit) MS catalog msu links for both Vista & Server 2008 - (32bit) (64bit)
  12. yup, Win8.0 (NT 6.2) removed both the start button & start menu (the UI was barely a mess there) Win8.1 only restored the start button but not the start menu
  13. not exactly WinXP x86/32bit is NT 5.1.2600 WinXP x64 is NT 5.2.3790 (shares same "kernel" as Server 2003) that's because XP x64 uses the Server 2003 kernel codebase
  14. Ok I just edited my previous post to mention a Latitude E6400 & E6410, which DO have XP x64 support E6420 & higher do not have it
  15. hmm, what kind of Dell laptop do you have, legacyfan? support for X64 WinXP was limited and varied by different PC manufacturers & models only certain Dell business PCs like the Optiplex 7010 & Latitude E6400 / E6410 had official XP 64bit driver support.
  16. no. the ms catalog site should still work - ms catalog is the modern day "ms download center" yea, so much for the SHA1pocalypse (hah!) my friend's old HP a1600n desktop PC with XP media center edition 2005 (patched with SP3 and a lot of the post-EOL XP updates) is still working recently
  17. an observation from me about KB3020338 - that patch is actually an oleaut32.dll bugfix and not related to RDP; on the other hand, KB3020388 is an RDP patch but is for Win7/Server 2008 R2 only and does not exist for xp embedded. while there is no custom xp equivalent of KB3020338, it is superseded by KB4466388 (which does have a custom xp patch) and KB4493563 which have newer oleaut32.dll files
  18. this version of rsaenh.dll is included in KB4459091 update for XP embedded (need posready reg hack to install on other XP x86 editions) also need to update schannel.dll file (KB4459091 has 5.1.2600.7567 of that DLL file) edit - also read the following from this MS forum thread: so KB968730 is not really needed at all as newer updates include it
  19. highly unlikely that this forum will stop working
  20. unfortunately still MS never really released a KB4507704 DST patch for XP Posready thru WU (they may have tried to produce one at one point but ultimately decided not to post it up) I have to remind you about the comment you made here almost a year ago. the info written in MS support article 4507704 remains inaccurate for XP x64 (64bit) yes, up to Aug. 2019 but for XP x86 (32bit) no - up to June 2019 (with KB4501226 for xp posready)
  21. aahhh shoot! v5.131.2600.6459 of the crypt32.dll file is included in the KB2868626 (MS13-095) security update for XP which renders the KB968730 hotfix worthless (a bit late in realizing this, Dave). also reading this from MS technet forums: edit: a slightly older crypt32.dll file for XP is also included in the KB2808679 update (also makes KB968730 hotfix useless), which prevents internal URL port scanning (to me this feels like a security fix even though it isn't classified as such) - I have both KB2808679 & KB2868626 updates installed on a friend's old eMachines PC running XP MCE 2005 + SP3.
  22. this is very good news for Vista users out there because Microsoft will be retiring support for .NET Framework versions 4.6.1 and earlier by April 2022 as recently mentioned here and here (Vista users need to be aware of this).
  23. except that Microsoft recently announced that they will be retiring support for certain 4.x versions (including .NET 4.6) next year in April 2022. also announced here as well. best to find a way to install & use .NET 4.6.2 or better under Vista by April of next year
  24. according to this specs sheet from Dell, the Dell Latitude E6230 laptop can support up to 16 gigs of RAM (2x8Gb) - that's what this Crucial site says. install a pair of 8Gb RAM chips before attempting to install & run a Win10 X64 OS
  25. edit: previous comment removed an 8.0/8.1 key from an MSDM table could activate 10 but not the other way around (aka. a W10 key won't activate W8.x)

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