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Running Windows 98 in 2020 and beyond...


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12 hours ago, Bruninho said:

What happened here?

When Wunderbar98 started this thread, I came here precisely because it was about running "vanilla" Windows 98 editions without anything like KernelEx.

Just the same pure experience of doing it the first time we did in 1998 and later.

I feel like his thread was "hijacked" by people with different Windows 98 experiences that have nothing to do with the goal of running it the vanilla way.

You are perfectly entitled to start a new thread for users of 'vanilla' Windows 98 only, if you feel it to be necessary.
This thread had gone far beyond that, to the point where trying to clean it up would be pointless and would make a nonsense of it.
Any new thread must be kept strictly on topic though, or it will go the same way!

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The rationale for removing vanilla from the thread title was because Vanilla implies completely untouched and that such an OS is likely extremely rare. Modifying or adding things makes something no longer vanilla and it doesn't matter if it is a KernelEX or not.

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On 12/10/2022 at 6:51 PM, Wunderbar98 said:

Hi @D.Draker. Sorry you missed my post, my PM is disabled as i don't frequent here much. First third without cheats then with cheats i finished SpellForce: Order of Dawn, it was good fun. Level 26 character, two-handed weapons, more force than spells. All SpellForce related data was purged to effectively full-return the game to you. Thanks for lending it to me and your help and patience setting up the game. Take care.

Acknowledged, admitted.

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@UCyborg: For Armagetron, it's different. The developers don't test it specifically on old computers. Armagetron is rather old in its codebase and is based on an old version of SDL. There is a plan to upgrade things, but hopefully the main developer will be as slow as ever!

You probably have to tune down the graphics on a Pentium 3 to make it look fluent, but firstly: Armagetron has lots of options in the graphics menu and secondly: In such a low-poly game, there is not much lost.
100 FPS on the P3 is possible!


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On 6/17/2022 at 4:02 PM, Wunderbar98 said:

A few years ago i coded by own browser in Bash script (bsurf - Bash Surf), including a scratch coded HTML parser and viewer. It doesn't do JavaScript and is text-only, keyboard commands, from a terminal. It has basic features: bookmarks, search engines, history, page search, file downloads, image popups (external viewer, eg. feh). It doesn't do tabs. To avoid new terminal popups for another page, hyperlinks can be preloaded in the background while reading the existing page. Upon page exit, all preloaded pages are listed on the main screen, below the bookmarks, ready to be instantly viewed. Fun but lots of work, still needs bug and speed fixes. The world has changed so much and i'm older, don't work on it anymore but still use it for some sites.

oh cool, can you give a link? im sure everyone else would like using it... no promises tho.

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