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  1. You will have BSOD on VFAT.VXD initing. All reasonable checks WAS done already ;)
  2. and i personally have such problem with Intel Core i7-10700 on Gigabyte B460M DS3H. It is not memory size (and map), processor speed or specific hardware drivers related. And reproduced on any version of VCACHE from 95 to ME.
  3. Try to disable any PnP BIOS detection: setup /p i
  4. I think this debug kernel: http://web.archive.org/web/20020805200146/http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/download/98/Win98SED.exe is useful too (for debug, of course)...
  5. You are in Windows, not Windows _NT_. Off-topic: And just for completeness - it is possible to have access to ports from ring 3 even in NT. Some special privilege or little help from driver...
  6. MSDOS.SYS->[Options] AutoScan=0 BootWarn=0 DisableLog=1 SystemReg=0 Booting without ANY questions into normal mode no matter what happened before.
  7. Your config is very stable under 98SE (even ACPI works flawlessly) and has full driver support. >RAM: Atech 1GB DIMM DDR PC2700 333mhz x 3 but read about what you have to do with big memory. Few solution exist. And yes, having 3 equal RAM modules are not optimal on Nforce2. >some DOS ... games Nforce2 is not optimal chipset for games under pure DOS. There is not support for ISA DMA emulation over PCI.
  8. Of course. Here is original post. The translation: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Detect] "IgnorePnPBIOS"="1" (string value) If this is "1" then disable any PnP (ACPI BIOS and PnP BIOS). If this is "0" (or absent) then will work well known ACPIOption. So use the next table to switch: "IgnorePnPBIOS"="1" - PnP disabled "IgnorePnPBIOS"="0" and "ACPIOption"=dword:00000002 - use PnP BIOS "IgnorePnPBIOS"="0" and "ACPIOption"=dword:00000001 - use ACPI BIOS Of course, don't forget to full redetect your hardware in control panel after any changes. P.S. This registry key is exactly what "setup /p i" does. And it is actual for Win95 also.
  9. I said about disabling APM after setup, on working system. And reinstalling OS to disable some feature is definitely not simple method.
  10. much more simple (and right) way exists to remove APM
  11. As with any other hardware that omit documentation - first check whether Linux sources exist.
  12. Since the main thread was locked i ask it here: There is patch from KB959765: rndismp.sys and rndismpx.sys, which are RNDIS port drivers for USB minidrivers usb8023.sys and usb8023x.sys But they aren't in tables of main thread. Can anybody point me why?

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