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  1. I was born in Italy, but I've been living in the UK since 2015 (namely in Chelsea, London), so my IP Address is always a British one. I didn't pick any country when I registered, but rather "European Union" in fact I had the EU flag (not for any particular reason other than trying to be as generic as possible).
  2. I really hope it's the name of the host and they login with their own account via Active Directory... ... and that the post it is not the password xD P.s why do I have the French flag? I didn't choose it. Besides, I'm not French, "France" in my nickname stands for my first name: Francesco (aka Frank) and "B" is the first letter of my surname (double B cause FranceB was taken). Not much creativity, I know, but still...
  3. Looks like the NHS is still very much based on Windows XP. This was spotted at St George's Hospital in London: p.s not my CT Scan, it's the one of an old woman I think
  4. Greenwich station, London, UK Mon 28 Jun 2021, 10:45 UTC, picture by Stuart, a bloke who was passing by and posted it on the internet.
  5. A friend of mine was going to get the tube in Catania, Giuffrida Station, Italy, and he sent me this picture: and we're both pretty sure that it's Windows XP or one of its derivatives
  6. Well, sure thing, I can check. The version I have is: And if I search for updates, it says that I'm on the latest version. If I try to download the latest 32bit version from here: https://t1.daumcdn.net/potplayer/PotPlayer/Version/Latest/PotPlayerSetup.exe it says: And VideoHelp states that the last supported version for XP is: https://www.videohelp.com/download/PotPlayerSetup-1.7.17508.exe so version 1.7.17508, which is NOT correct as I'm running version 1.7.21295 on XP. Now, the version linked by @VistaLover is this one: https://www.videohelp.com/download/PotPlayerSetup-210209.exe and although it's not the "latest and greatest", it is indeed newer than mine as mine was built on September 2020, while his was built on February 9th, 2021. So I downloaded it and tried to install it and guess what? It worked: and just to let you see that it's an XP system: Works like a charm, so I'm glad he tagged me and I was able to test it as I'll keep using it as my main build. See? This is what happens when you actually test things. About software origins, my XP has the kernel from the One Core API project, the HAL from the Russian mod, drivers for USB 3.0, ACPI, NVME support etc from another modding project that backported them from the Microsoft ones etc... I mean sometimes you have to have a bit of faith in other human beings. I do and everything works.
  7. Absolutely, but unfortunately there are no arrays in the old version, which is a big disadvantage...
  8. By the way, I'm one of the maintainers of FFAStrans which is entirely written in AutoIT and I can tell you that although the UI runs on XP, it shows some weird totally meaningless errors on XP when I try to create nodes, therefore the new beta version of AutoIT doesn't seem to be working correctly on XP...
  9. I voted "yes". I will continue using XP, but as a VM on my Fedora 33 (Linux). The reason for this choice are several: lack of support of new hardware, programs dropping support for pretty much everything, C++ Redistributable no longer available, can't run Skype, can't run Teams, can't properly use Office 365 unless I use the browser, no AVID Media Composer, no Davinci Resolve, no x266 or H.266 VVC decoding nor encoding, no hardware acceleration for new-ish GPUs and no drivers whatsoever for new GPUs, no proper NVME support, no new version of Java and ultimately no UEFI support. I think that in the future, we're gonna see more and more users with a configuration like mine in which there's Linux installed as main OS, Windows 10 for work/productivity and lastly Windows XP/98/Android as VMs for anything else and nostalgia.
  10. Thanks. I'll install that one and archive the installer then...
  11. C++ Redistributables are no longer compatible with XP. I've just updated them and they do install on XP, but they don't work (i.e they can't be run). As I rarely update the Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015-2019, I rolled back to the June 2020 version and it works like a charm, so somewhere between June and January, they must have broke XP compatibility. This is yet another stab by M$ on the already agonizing XP chest... (if you wanna pinpoint which version is the very last XP compatible Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 security update, then go for it and please let me know).
  12. Which is surprising, considering how spread XP is in China... By the way, since you're testing the Chinese version, I know you malware-scanned it and it was fine, but can you also check if it's opening a connection to some dodgy Chinese server when you're using it? If it's not, then it's probably gonna be safe, but, you know, I wanna be really sure before I install anything from China on my computer.
  13. Well, that's good to know! On a side note, I just noticed that you've become a moderator, so congratulations for the promotion, Dave!
  14. FranceBB


    Ehehe we can't link the binaries here otherwise we'll all get banned (that's why you don't find much about it on MSFN). However a little bird told me that you can find Samuel, Dibya, Peter, Henry and many other developers like a certain guy called "FranceBB" (along with MSFN users) working on One Core API, Chromium (no we're not there yet), Intel HD Audio Drivers and other XP projects in this Skype Group: https://join.skype.com/kkCmZhCwjegP xD
  15. If it's the very same socket and the CPU ain't soldered, then I don't see why not? I've never owned such a computer, but I've upgraded CPUs many times in different computers, it's very easy. As long as it's the same socket and the BIOS/UEFI is compatible (i.e the CPU is listed in the support list of the motherboard) and you have enough Watts available from the Power Supply, then it's very easy. You just need to buy a thermal compound to apply on the "new" CPU and you're good to go! Just one thing: each CPU comes with pins that are really fragile, so be careful when mounting the new CPU. They usually come with an arrow pointing in a direction on the CPU and you'll find the very same arrow on the socket which basically tells you the way you have to insert it in the socket. DO NOT insert it in any other way, otherwise you'll break the pins and your CPU is gonna be dead.
  16. Yep. I have Avast Premier on XP with everything turned on and I still get streaming updates. It's a bit sad that there are no longer program updates and that the very latest version supported by XP is a bit buggy on some systems, but on the other hand, we couldn't expect it to work forever. Honestly, though, the biggest change that broke XP compatibility was going from x86 to x64. If the AV remained x86, then there wouldn't have been any problems as pretty much everything was already XP compatible and there could just have been parts disabled on some OS, but when there was a mass rebuild and switch to x64, many things broke and, let's face it, many people don't use x64 version of XP anyway, so... yeah... I guess it went the way it went, but I can tell you this: if they didn't switch to x64, we would have had a perfectly XP compatible updated version of Avast right now...
  17. Yeah, probably the last one before the inevitable death... It's been a long run... It will forever be remembered... So, as a recap: OS updates are over, Silverlight is over, Flash is now over and Java is living on borrowed time with unofficial version made with a Frankenstein approach that could break any moment. At this rate, we won't have any reason to come here and comment anymore, which was one of the few things we had left in terms of updates...
  18. And of course if we're gonna ask them in the user forum they're gonna deny again and remove it without any explanation... Out of curiosity, I just searched in the Catalog, and it just shows Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows 8 Embedded but no sign of POSReady 2009... https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4519108 I'm still waiting for the time a Premier Support Update will slip to the catalog so that we can download and apply it... Oh well, I know it's probably useless, but... does anybody want to try to report this to Microsoft and see if they're gonna be kind enough to admit it this time or if they'll behave like the other time?
  19. Just out of curiosity: I've never used the Windows Update Mini Tool, but I wanted to give it a shot. I downloaded it from Majorgeeks but as I opened it, it said "Interface not supported". Are you all using an older, XP-Compatible version?
  20. You're using... what? xD For a custom-made skin, it very much looks as if someone just took the Windows Embedded POSReady theme, changed the desktop background and called it a day! hahahahaha
  21. You can use the original thing provided that you run it via Python, so it's compiled at run time. The exe by Heinoganda is compiled at compilation time and is more compatible with other CPUs than the built-in Python runtime dll
  22. +1 for ProxHTTPSProxyMii by @heinoganda I've been using it for years now and it works just fine. Besides, you can also decide which websites are gonna be bypassed so that the certificate provided is the real certificate provided by the server, so it solves pretty much every problem. The only thing is that it doesn't support TLS1.3 (yet), but it works just fine for TLS1.2 with ECC certificates.
  23. Yep! Thank you, for those updates! I mean, I'm probably never gonna use them anyway, but it's nice to have XP updated.
  24. Does it have the added nag as well? (I'm talking about the white box meant for ads popping up on the bottom right corner).

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