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  1. Practicality. It happens to work for me and with a bunch of annoyances in older versions, transition wasn't particularly shocking.
  2. This doesn't really cover real 3D scenarios one usually encounters in practice, it's almost like a web-equivalent of glxgears, mostly useful to tell whether 3D works at all. Try WASM port of Doom 3 engine - introductory page is here. But even good old WebGL Aquarium is enough to tell when there's something off about 3D performance. It's going to be slow because the browser doesn't use 3D capabilities at all on XP. At least WebGL should be fully doable through OpenGL, but is run in pure software no matter what flags you flip.
  3. It's true, 14.28.29213.0 is the last, even on XP x64, newer versions give errors about missing APIs when loaded by applications.
  4. I could try if I find it, they say 14.28.29213 is the last.
  5. Links to official installers for last XP compatible Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (version 14.28.29213): x64 - https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/566435ac-4e1c-434b-b93f-aecc71e8cffc/B75590149FA14B37997C35724BC93776F67E08BFF9BD5A69FACBF41B3846D084/VC_redist.x64.exe x86 - https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/566435ac-4e1c-434b-b93f-aecc71e8cffc/0D59EC7FDBF05DE813736BF875CEA5C894FFF4769F60E32E87BD48406BBF0A3A/VC_redist.x86.exe Edit: I reported the post, moderator may delete this, I overlooked they were already posted.
  6. Yeah, was already installed, my onboard sound wouldn't work without it. Says "PCI Express x16", no info about which generation.
  7. I've been using KeePass (version 2.xx) for over a decade. It predates all these fancy-schmancy password managers you hear about these days.
  8. Regarding video downloading extensions, Ant Video Downloader is another one. It requires FFmpeg, user must point it to ffmpeg.exe, then the download is just two clicks away; click on its toolbar button and select one of the detected video streams on the website.
  9. Are you saying the slowdown occurs only if some application is on the slow monitor, but not otherwise? That'd be strange, because AFAIK, DWM refreshes at the speed of the slowest monitor, so the slow monitor always bogs all the others down.
  10. On my end, if I put the second screen to 75 Hz while keeping the first at 59 Hz, things are fine on the first screen, but anything placed on the second one is laggy. If only second screen is active, it's fine, likewise if both are at 59/60 Hz (or 75 Hz), everything is smooth regardless of which screen a particular application occupies.
  11. Windows 7's DWM simply doesn't handle mixed refresh rates properly. If you want all 3 monitors active at once, all of them must run at the same refresh rate.
  12. I mixed up NVIDIA and ATI systems. If I got this right, you practically copied whole main folder content from one system to another and then it started working? It's like as if some file initially got corrupted on ATI system.
  13. Latest Version of Software Running on XP is more fitting. [Moderation note: Agreed, done.]
  14. @ArcticFoxie @we3fan https://msfn.org/board/forum/23-site-amp-forum-issues/ This is preferred anyway to not bloat the forum database (Rule 6 of MSFN Forum Rules).
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