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  1. There's already a thread about it in dedicated section for web browsers. https://msfn.org/board/topic/185045-supermium/
  2. Maybe something like: manifest.json { "manifest_version": 2, "name": "Polyfillz", "version": "1", "description": "Monkey patch old Chrome to add new JavaScript functionalities.", "content_scripts": [ { "matches": [ "<all_urls>" ], "js": [ "content.js" ], "run_at": "document_start", "all_frames": true } ], "web_accessible_resources": [ "polyfills.js" ] } content.js 'use strict'; const script = document.createElement('script'); script.setAttribute('src', chrome.runtime.getURL('polyfills.js')); (document.head || document.documentElement).appendChild(script); script.remove(); polyfills.js 'use strict'; if (!Array.prototype.at) { Array.prototype.at = function(index) { if (index >= 0) { return this[index]; } else { return this[this.length + index]; } }; }
  3. As suspected, reset button doesn't budge, Capacitors, more and more often I read about them. Guess I've been pretty lucky with them so far, the only problem is that I'm useless at soldering.
  4. So, the world has come to an end. Part of my world at least...I returned home today and there were no lights on the router. There was a power outage earlier in my area, I'm assuming it coming back was a shock that wasn't taken well. Unsure what to do now, what to try first. The thing is, it's behaving in a way that I didn't find about online. You plug it in, then "Power", "Internet" and "4" (it indicates the number of LAN port) lights light up and stay on for several seconds, then it's all dark again. The usual sequence starts with "Power" light blinking and most often when something is wrong, it just blinks forever. I wonder if it could be that the power supply is broken. My workplace happens to have this model, maybe I could bring the router with me and try it with that power supply. The other idea is hard reset, but due to weird behavior, I'm sceptical about either different power supply or hard reset helping, have a feeling something's cooked in there.
  5. What about compatibility of these varieties with old low-RAM laptops? GitHub easily wastes gigabytes in modern Chromium. ... And this is a 100% pure Googl-ism , as the Browser compatibility table there indicates that feature as present in Google Chrome 1.0 (!), released 2008-12-11, but only implemented in Mozilla Firefox starting with v66.0, released more than 11 years (!) later ... http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_access.html
  6. Some interesting insights regarding memory leaks and CPU usages spikes. It's a recurring topic and it appears it will stay that way unless something changes radically, either the web at large or the web browser.
  7. And change what exactly? How does it effect GDI rendering? I wonder if the program even works with driver 355.98. NVIDIA's graphics drivers for XP are such a crapshoot. You have to be a programmer to even set display scaling, which I didn't know it was possible until I recently found some old NV API docs from around 2005.
  8. Hm, yeah, I guess without ears, all the talking goes to the void.
  9. Pffft, we're on BCD now, why would discussing legacy deprecated boo INI be allowed on forum about Microsoft software? Oh wait, that's what most discussions are about...I think the forum should be renamed to MLDSFN (Microsoft Legacy Deprecated Software Forum Network). It seems embedding is broken in general, even posts from this forum. Can post plain URL link, but can't embed it.
  10. It was mentioned here. I suppose it could have a dedicated thread. The new version was released few hours ago.
  11. Vivaldi has it and while the rest of the UI is still custom rendered like Chrome, it's much expanded functionality-wise compared So it could be done, but people would always find something to complain about. Am I the only one who finds all these browser discussions really monotone at this point? The only odd XPs I still see in the wild once in the blue moon have Firefox 52 or Chrome 49 at best, so probably not much (any?) web browsing is done on them.
  12. Na-ah, that just breaks other applications. I don't have a problem with chrome.dll having to be relocated at runtime. Can still move Chrome's DLLs a bit further from default address, which is better approach since those are larger than api* ones. rebase.exe -b 10040000 chrome.dll libEGL.dll libGLESv2.dll vk_swiftshader.dll vulkan-1.dll Actually this has improved things for me - thanks! as it turned out, that didn't help much if at all; at least on my Dell 745 Optiplex. This flag is pointless since what it disables is non-functional on XP to begin with. And there's a checkbox for it in the settings anyway. I never use disable that on supported systems anyway, it's basically saying: "I don't want to use my graphics card that I paid good money for, I prefer the slow laggy and choppy graphics content, animations and scrolling." Or: "My onboard GPU and drivers suck so I have to turn the acceleration off to avoid bugs and glitches."
  13. Translation: You can run the browser executable with -purgecaches command-line argument. Or set an environment variable MOZ_PURGE_CACHES to 1. If present at browser startup, should clean its caches then.
  14. LOL, but seriously, when you look at the hardware manufactured today, you cannot not notice the insignificance of the old gear. Not that you couldn't make a lighter browser, just don't expect it from Google. Though such browser probably couldn't support all the mess they've thought up should be supported by a web browser. I didn't mention FF or Mozilla specifically. There's still Moonchild Productions and The SeaMonkey Association.
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