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  1. UCyborg

    How to get Virtual PC 2007 working on Windows 10?

    Only for Windows 2000 and newer. Windows 8.1 x64 also works if you replace vmm.sys with the one from Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1. Before replacing it, run this from admin Command Prompt: sc stop vmm Replace the file and then: sc start vmm
  2. UCyborg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Yes, Windows 10 supports themes of a sort, without having to patch dll files, or inject other dlls, into your system. Such themes are limited to colours, backgrounds, sounds and mouse cursors, however. Yet the Windows 10 engine is capable of altering much more than just the things just mentioned - buttons, titlebars, scrollbars and the like can all, in principle, be changed. Microsoft doesn't really want you to do this, preferring for its users to work with a mostly uniform interface. This is not surprising, really. The look of its interface helps Microsoft set Windows 10 aside from, for instance, Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. This is important from a marketing viewpoint as these OSes are otherwise very similar. Strip away Windows 'app' support, a few security features, and a lot of telemetry, and Windows 10 is not so very different from 7. It started with the theme settings that could be altered represented by checkboxes in the following screenshot: Then Windows XP came and introduced concept of visual styles. They store images and other resources that allow skinning of windows' title bars, controls used by programs like buttons, checkboxes, scrollbars, etc. Selected visual style file (.msstyles extension) is actually just another theme setting. But as is well known, Microsoft doesn't allow users to create their own visual styles, hence digital signature check that prevents loading 3rd party visual styles. Another important thing that Windows XP brought was the new version of Common Control Library (comctl32.dll), version 6.0 to be precise. Its descriptions says User Experience Controls Library. The library is responsible for providing controls like scrollbars, buttons, checkboxes, etc. to applications. Version 6.0 allows usage of skinned controls that are defined by visual style. Programs must be modified for them to load new version of the library, the default is still the old 5.80 version. When the old version is used, controls will have the classic appearance regardless of the used visual style. For themes that change window borders to have rounded corners. Aero Glass can fix their appearance if configured correctly since they're not rendered properly by default (glass geometry radius setting). They all strive to make the code that loads visual style always go in the same direction regardless of whether the visual style is signed by Microsoft or not, so it never bails out on unsigned visual style. Some makes changes in memory during runtime (like the one discussed here), others modify the affected files on disk. Former method isn't as messy and is easier to undo. The latter method must be manually re-applied any time Microsoft updates affected files. And you never know which update will change those files, so if/when it does happen, you find yourself unable to login if you didn't revert to default theme before updating. OldNewExplorer doesn't alter anything on its own unless you explicitly tell it to or the theme contains customized shellstyle.dll, which customizations are recognized and applied by OldNewExplorer. Extensions like that exist because Microsoft introduced a number of usability regressions with time.
  3. UCyborg

    How to get Virtual PC 2007 working on Windows 10?

    Indeed. The point is you have to be prepared for unexpected issues with VirtualBox. If you don't encounter issues with what you need a virtual machine for, then VirtualBox can be a valid solution. One obvious advantage of both Virtual PC 2007 and VMware are the guest additions. MS would like their users to use Hyper-V and not run older operating systems, and when it comes to their own virtualization solutions, there's nothing stopping them from keeping Virtual PC 2007 unusable on Windows 10. BTW, read this. MS guys could actually work smartly, if they wanted to. Another interesting observation, Windows is still setup to use NDIS 5.x based driver when trying to use USB tethering feature on smartphones. Updating it to NDIS 6.x version has been reported to help with reliability issues that appear to be common with default driver. Search for "windows 10 usb tethering fix", though the issue is known to date back to Windows 8.1.
  4. UCyborg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    If you put UxTSB64Loader.dll in the same folder as UxTSB64.dll and put UxTSB64Loader.dll in AppInit_DLLs instead of UxTSB64.dll, the loader DLL will ensure that UxTSB64.dll is loaded only if process name is winlogon.exe or explorer.exe. The loader DLL is unloaded as soon as its DllMain runs. Loads without issues: I noticed it has weird red line above taskbar program preview thumbnails. It's the best to use styles made for the build of Windows you're on, if possible. Otherwise, there is a possibility of encountering glitches at certain places. Though there are also styles out there that simply aren't as polished and that could also be the reason for something looking strange. Sounds unlikely, though I don't have that card.
  5. UCyborg

    How to get Virtual PC 2007 working on Windows 10?

    If it managed to install, it would crash the whole OS when starting virtual machine. This is also the problem on Windows 8.1, but a newer driver from certain version of Windows Phone SDK (forgot the version, sorry, must have been released sometime in 2013) could be used to make it work on that OS. Interestingly, crash only occurred with older driver on 64-bit OS, but not on 32-bit variant. Even said updated driver is unusable on Windows 10. Microsoft also broke something that allows special NDIS 5.x based networking services/drivers to bind to network adapters, so (certain?) Virtual PC 2007's networking features also wouldn't be able function without updated networking support driver. VirtualBox is very fussy for Windows 9x. And nobody tells you about random issues that you may experience if you have (certain?) AMD CPU in your computer.
  6. UCyborg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Forget about UxTSB method then. AppInit_DLLs is the only known reliable way to get that DLL in winlogon.exe without causing chaos. I don't think anything will be done about this. It's just too messy. I mean, remember UxStyle? A kernel driver just to be able to load those stupid .msstyles, which are nothing more than a bunch of images and some other random data values. Yes, a slightly modified version of this theme. When I installed 17134 build for the first time, I wanted to give the method that Aero Glass uses a shot again. At first, it seemed to have worked. But when shutting down, winlogon.exe was crashing continously, delaying the shutdown process. On the unrelated note, an interesting project, NTVDM for 64-bit Windows. I mention it because it also relies on AppInit_DLLs. The thing is, the obsession with security, or more precisely, protecting the clueless users from bad software has gone through the roof. There are so many restrictions in place; it's nuts. Recent builds of Windows 10 can even hijack CPU virtualization feature to protect its important processes or something along those lines. Well, it's off by default, but think about it. I rather have virtual machines running smoothly than having something as radical as that enabled for the false sense of security. Though it's also true that not everyone uses virtual machines.
  7. UCyborg

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Still works on version 17134.191 for me. I use my loader DLL, which must be referenced in AppInit_DLLs setting in registry. It ensures UxTSB can't mess with any other process besides winlogon.exe and explorer.exe.
  8. Thank you for fixing it for older OSes (especially Vista)! Added to the list. You can link to its Sourceforge page now. The author accepted my modifications and the program is now at version
  9. UCyborg

    Interesting hotfix discovery

    I didn't know that registry setting wasn't present in the OS initially. So it's a hotfix for a removed feature, not something broken by accident. BTW, Winaero Tweaker has the option to toggle that registry setting. The crash parameters are output with a small font on the upper-left portion of screen. Windows 7 puts it right next to the error code. It's much easily readable on Windows 7 and earlier. So typical problem of inefficient screen space utilization from Metro/UWP world finds itself on the BSOD as well.
  10. Someone picked up the development of Classic Shell (yay! ). There's an updated build that fixed some brokenness on insider builds. Even if 4.3.1 version works again, I suspect sooner or later something will change on the Windows side and require updating Classic Start menu once again.
  11. UCyborg

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I don't check frequently what's going on in the Insiders, but one of those builds fixed the Explorer crash that occurs when trying to invoke the classic interface for managing file associations. You're redirected to user non-friendly version in the Settings app either way. I've got a bad feeling one will need full blown shell replacement in the future if MS keeps deprecating useful stuff. There's a number of useful extensions that integrate well with Explorer and it'd be shame to throw it all away. I won't hold my breath for the next stable build to feel any less of a beta test. Speaking of which, you're supposed to have those goodies running. I've noticed with how things are out of the box on build 17134, the checkbox in Settings app that keeps some things quiet if you turn it off turns itself back on each time you login. And you never know what will break next. Here's another. This was supposedly 1709 issue. Under the title, 1803 is mentioned as well. But the text in the body only mentions build 16299 (aka. version 1709). On the other hand, this little function never behaved 100% accordingly to documentation (on older Windows versions as well). Passing empty string to it doesn't do what it says it does.
  12. UCyborg

    Aeroglass and firefox

    Pardon, I was only referring to userChrome.css solutions, there's no problem with caption buttons when disabling tabs in title bar, but some of us don't want to disable that. Yes, it is. It forces its own image over the button for the hover-over effect. No, it comes from Firefox. It's clearly visible even when using stock Windows 10 theme atlas. Anyone who doesn't see that needs to get their sight checked. In addition, if you change title bar height, when you hover over the buttons, the hover-over image will be misaligned, which shouldn't ever happen. Precisely because atlas image from the theme will be used without slapping anything else on top. But removing Windows 10 GUID so it thinks it runs on older Windows version will have the same effect of applying system theme settings without having to disable browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar. Keeping this enabled reclaims useful vertical space. Maybe in-built style editor found among developer tools could be used to pinpoint the problem. If anyone is interested poking into that mess...
  13. Regarding the post length limit, I don't think the last lengthier post I tried to write on this forum was the longest I wrote here. But even if it was too long, the error message should be descriptive. Today I got 403 error again. The reason was embedding link to another post on the forum. When I changed it to plain text hyperlink, the post was accepted. You can also try previewing your post with a link embedded like that; the preview will be empty. Wasn't it also possible to embed links to albums on imgur like that?
  14. UCyborg

    Aeroglass and firefox

    None of the solutions here give the desired result, caption buttons remain broken when hovered over with the mouse. Removing Windows 10 GUID from the executable's manifest as described here works well.
  15. Using an atlas from build 14393 on build 17134 here.