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  1. The last few posts here, including mine, was about getting it working on Basilisk (and derivatives), which is more difficult since Skype is heavily biased towards Chromium.
  2. I asked about Skype for Web on Pale Moon forum in Basilisk section. The answer was don't bother.
  3. I wonder what MS omitted from the update's changelog. They haven't fixed Aero Peek bug, have they?
  4. If Android's kernel on those devices has USB gadget support and you have root access, you can use UMS Enabler. Otherwise, you'll have to obtain root access / install custom Android flavor with sufficient support. Someone might have built LineageOS for those devices, which might have support.
  5. That explains is then. You probably only took the Win7's calc.exe, which won't work without accompanying language file.
  6. Have you tried this installer?
  7. Vista came out and some things have never been the same since: Direct3D9 clip planes (Fixing a Direct3D9 bug in Far Cry) DirectMusic scripting (Solving the Unreal II intro problem) MCI doesn't send notification after CD audio playback has completed if the application opted to receive it. MCI also has a bug that if you pause playback and ask for status, it returns stopped instead of paused. but that was already broken in XP. I don't know about earlier versions, it could be broken as well, but I do know that MCI predates Windows 95.
  8. It starts and then crashes when trying to render?
  9. UCyborg

    Memory leaks

    Oh well, I guess a reboot might inevitable, even though it's just a workaround. I found this text: If I sort processes by Private bytes value in Process Hacker, when it comes to background processes, Windows Update service scores the top place with 148,45 MB. Now that's a waste considering my group policy setting for keeping automatic updates disabled. I suspect that can't be all.
  10. That can't work without also modifying the calling code as the signatures of the two APIs are incompatible. Or having a simple wrapper function in a proxy DLL or similar that would properly pass the parameters to CreateEventA, which could look like: HANDLE CreateEventExA(LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpEventAttributes, LPCSTR lpName, DWORD dwFlags, DWORD dwDesiredAccess) { return CreateEventA(lpEventAttributes, dwFlags & CREATE_EVENT_MANUAL_RESET, dwFlags & CREATE_EVENT_INITIAL_SET, lpName); } I don't know if there would be issues or not due to ignoring the access rights that the last parameter of CreateEventExA deals with. Should show the message box like this (source):
  11. UCyborg

    Memory leaks

    WPA doesn't show any stack under CM16 tag, just n/a. 10 MB per day may not be the most exact number though. Paged pool at 807 MB now after 97 days. If I remember correctly, non-paged pool starts at about 110 MB - 130 MB (now at about 260 MB).
  12. UCyborg

    Memory leaks

    If I don't fully shut down Windows every day, I notice in Task Manager that the Paged pool under Memory on Performance tab increases by approximately 10 MB every day. It was similar on Windows 8.1 (a bit worse actually) and just logging off didn't clear it up. I don't know about Windows 7 and earlier because I haven't kept them up for more than a day. PC is hibernated at night (and most of the day actually, I mostly use it in the evening). I got some results from poolmon.exe - was following the instructions I found on superuser. So I don't find CM16 tag in any of the driver files, so it must be Windows (ntoskrnl.exe? - findstr did pick it up when scanning System32 folder). Ntfx tag scores the top place when it comes to non-paged memory, this one belongs ntfs.sys - MS driver dealing with NTFS file system I suppose. Non-paged memory pool is increasing over time as well, just at the slower pace. Is the thing just buggy or could there be something else causing the issue?
  13. I see that person must have been already dealt with. Thanks!
  14. Regarding Mafia, it's interesting that only those specific missions are somehow bugged. With older games in general, it's common that if they have issues with higher frame-rates, the entire world / physics simulation is bugged. Interstate '76 for instance doesn't only have the issue with higher frame rates, but the entire world simulation almost comes to a stop if the operating system has been running for too long. It converts 32-bit unsigned integer representing system uptime in milliseconds (from GetTickCount function) to seconds and stores it in float, which doesn't have space left for the part after decimal point after several days. So it seems when it happens, the state is only updated every second. Managed to fix that along with some other problems with it and published a patch for it. Since you mentioned NFS: Porsche 2000, the unofficial patch that exists for it is quite extensive, same for some other older Need or Speed games. I usually just lowered the resolution on that old computer in games, I think I left Mafia at something higher than 640x480 though. That alone helped a lot with the performance. Only lowering resolution still leaves details in place, but makes things pixelated on LCD screens while settings dealing with texture quality can take a direct toll on the quality of the original assets. Maybe the world data contains pathways that they follow and they won't move in places where pathways are missing. Right, back to Mafia II. Do you notice this also if you alt-tab out and back in? I've got a hitch like something's not fully loaded yet when you load the saved game. And if you tab out, it must be restored when going back in. And what little I've read about programming with Direct3D, some care must be taken when handling such events.
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