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  1. Should be. /gfx/thebes/gfxPrefs.h DECL_GFX_PREF(Once, "layout.frame_rate", LayoutFrameRate, int32_t, -1); /gfx/thebes/gfxPlatform.cpp /*** * The preference "layout.frame_rate" has 3 meanings depending on the value: * * -1 = Auto (default), use hardware vsync or software vsync @ 60 hz if hw vsync fails. * 0 = ASAP mode - used during talos testing. * X = Software vsync at a rate of X times per second. */ already_AddRefed<mozilla::gfx::VsyncSource> gfxPlatform::CreateHardwareVsyncSource() { RefPtr<mozilla::gfx::VsyncSource> softwareVsync = new SoftwareVsyncSource(); return softwareVsync.forget(); } /* static */ bool gfxPlatform::IsInLayoutAsapMode() { // There are 2 modes of ASAP mode. // 1 is that the refresh driver and compositor are in lock step // the second is that the compositor goes ASAP and the refresh driver // goes at whatever the configurated rate is. This only checks the version // talos uses, which is the refresh driver and compositor are in lockstep. return gfxPrefs::LayoutFrameRate() == 0; } /* static */ bool gfxPlatform::ForceSoftwareVsync() { return gfxPrefs::LayoutFrameRate() > 0; } /* static */ int gfxPlatform::GetSoftwareVsyncRate() { int preferenceRate = gfxPrefs::LayoutFrameRate(); if (preferenceRate <= 0) { return gfxPlatform::GetDefaultFrameRate(); } return preferenceRate; } /* static */ int gfxPlatform::GetDefaultFrameRate() { return 60; } The comments hint at existence of hardware vsync, but I didn't find it. Should go up with dynamic content or if you test with autoscrolling; make sure it's enabled, then activate it with middle click on a page long enough to scroll for a bit that way. The first number is the current frame rate, the others...I'd have to go dig inside the code. The number is only relevant for as long as something is going on since it doesn't refresh constantly like a game. If hardware acceleration works, theoretically any software that measures frame rate in games could pick it up. I seem to remember seeing DxTory's frame counter in normal desktop applications. It's been a while since I've used it, back then it did work on XP. It's paid software, but if I remember correctly, there weren't restrictions when used just as a frame counter. Older version of RivaTuner Statistic Server might be more suitable for this task alone.
  2. Fixed that for you. Nah, we're going straight to death bed after decades of wage slavery. Isn't life a gift?
  3. Found a hint here about adding --no-sandbox command line parameter to prevent the issue with text on pages disappearing, which may happen under certain not understood circumstances on XP. Also eventually happens with ArcticFoxie's 360Chrome 11 build on my XP install without --no-sandbox parameter here. I have PPAPI Flash Player (with timebomb disabled) installed besides NPAPI version, PPAPI version is loaded when entering settings page and makes the 360chrome.exe process where it's loaded crash in Flash Player's DLL, though this doesn't prevent using settings page. I've disabled PPAPI version on chrome://plugins page. This version otherwise seems to function normally, though I remember from past experiences that NPAPI version usually performs better. I haven't tested too see if sandboxless Chrome makes PPAPI version perform smoother. As far as I understand, PPAPI was practically made to sandbox Flash Player.
  4. https://www.dailysabah.com/life/environment/disposable-masks-the-dark-side-of-covid-19-pandemic Inappropriately disposed (thrown outside on the ground) masks are also a common sight here. And that's only the tip of the iceberg,
  5. At least https://docs.github.com/en/rest/reference/repos still loads in vanilla Firefox 52.9.0.
  6. Looks like --disable-windows10-custom-titlebar is gone in Edge. Still works in Chrome.
  7. JFYI, GZDoom should have gl_vid_multisample setting. It's in your INI file and turns on basic MSAA at whatever level you set it. Never tried transparency antialiasing though, I read it works with MSAA regardless if set in-game or forced via driver. I do have GTX 750 Ti though, never had major problems with 368.81 driver on any OS, probably 'cause the card is newer and better tested with that driver.
  8. DxWnd can make it work. They key setting is Renderer set to primary surface in the game's profile (which you have to create) settings on DirectX tab. There's also a mouse patch which you'd need to make mouse input work since it normally uses VXD driver () for reading mouse movement. Doom95 is probably mostly interesting for historical reasons for some doomers since it was considered a bit sloppy even when it was new. It was Microsoft's attempt to promote DirectX in Windows 95.
  9. Welp, looks like the latest and greatest KM got the same flaw as Serpent/New Moon. Changed back to 1st July 2020 version and it's fine. Compared to those two browsers, KM also lacks certain functionality for some sites to function, I guess lack of WebAssembly support is the first likely candidate.
  10. One of those that must be created manually, eh? Must be why I missed it since I didn't look at the code much. I just tested by preventing access to relevant registry key under HKCR\Classes\CLSID.
  11. Does any snapshot work for you without returning 301 error?
  12. I do need ClearType for fonts to look good to my eyes. Needed tuning on XP, but in either case a must-have for me.
  13. Hopefully won't happen again, but I've read here somewhere MS did put some unconditional SSE2 code in one of XP or POSReady 2009 updates (likely the latter), so people with older CPUs had problems and had to uninstall it.
  14. You'd have to get out of your way and block MMDeviceEnumerator from being invoked in order for it to fall back to WinMM! If you wanted to try WinMM on Windows OS they target, that is.

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