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  1. UCyborg

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    Did I miss something there? There was one guy who failed to register DLL due to not running Command Prompt as administrator. Other than that, I only know about the game Survival Crisis Z with that dependency. The samples included with SDK also work, at least those that don't require comdlg32.ocx or mscomctl.ocx; I have yet to try to register those. I guess the chance of breaking something due to DirectX VB DLLs is minimal since they're just wrappers exposing Direct3D functions to Visual Basic. Its installer doesn't do much on newer Windows versions. The one for DirectX 9.0c released in 2004 actually installs dx8vb.dll and also dx7vb.dll, after working around obstacles preventing it from running in the first place. Interestingly, when I ran it, it registered dx8vb.dll, but not dx7vb.dll.
  2. UCyborg

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    No. In this case, it doesn't really matter as the SDK doesn't integrate tightly with Visual Studio. You could even install it before Visual Studio and everything would still work as expected. Yes, that would be OK. We're talking about d3dx8_0b.exe, correct? Everything'll be fine if you follow instruction in its ReadMe. I found your other thread on this forum where you were concerned about this update and the OS stability. This update affects the utility library called D3DX8, which functionality is baked directly in your application in the end in the case you choose to use it, so your application specifically benefits. System stability would be compromised in the case your application managed to trigger some critical bug in your graphics card's driver. Yes. Visual Studio 6.0 actually refers to the package of separate IDE (Integrated Development Environment) programs used to write programs, so you have one program for C/C++ and another for Visual Basic. In later versions, there's a single program for everything. Free Express editions are an exception. So, my instructions were for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, that may have been obtained as part of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (it was also sold separately in the old days). The one ISO I found under that name has Windows 98 Resource Kit and Microsoft Plus! 98 on it. There are apparently multiple discs. If you decide to write something in Visual Basic, you'll have dependency on dx8vb.dll. This library is not part the OS since Windows Vista, but it's possible to take it from an older OS (version from Windows XP SP3 is the latest and probably most popular), place it in C:\Windows\System32 (32-bit OS) or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (64-bit OS) and register it with regsvr32 to make programs dependent on it functional.
  3. UCyborg

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    You don't need to bother with Platform SDK if you don't intend to use Windows API functions that only exist in Windows 98 and later. Visual Studio 6.0 and DirectX 8.0a SDK would be a good start. So, install things in the following order: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 (picking both Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 will let you study all example projects that come with DirectX 8 SDK) Microsoft Visual Studio Service Pack 6 (vs6sp6.exe) Microsoft DirectX 8.0a SDK (DX8a_SDK.exe) You're not done yet: Go to Start->Programs->Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0->Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 From there, go to Tools->Options... and open Directories tab. In the right drop-down menu, pick Include files and then the New button under it (it's the very first one). In the empty line that appears, browse to the include folder of DirectX header files, it'll be C:\mssdk\include if you've installed DirectX SDK in the default folder. Move the new entry to the top with the up arrow button. Now repeat the previous steps for library files, choose Library files in the drop-down menu, browse to C:\mssdk\lib and move it to the top. That's it for Microsoft Visual C++, you should be able to open and build example projects under C:\mssdk\samples\Multimedia. In Microsoft Visual Basic, you have to go to Project->References... and tick DirectX 8 for Visual Basic Type Library after you create a new project to be able to use DirectX 8 functionality. The example stuff is in C:\mssdk\samples\Multimedia\VBSamples.
  4. UCyborg

    DirectX 8.0a Developer Runtime + other stuff

    I was unable to find "DX8a_DevRT.exe", but its content is probably part of the "DX8a_SDK.exe", so the latter should be everything that's needed. The setup program gives the option to install either retail or debug runtime, I guess "DevRT" refers to the latter. Debug runtime is meant to ease finding and fixing bugs in your code, it consists of DLLs your game loads to utilize DirectX functionality.
  5. UCyborg

    No transparency effect

    Fast startup feature is known to have some odd behaviors, which can cause what you're experiencing under certain circumstances. There's no definite fix AFAIK. You can try and see if switching to newer or older graphics card drivers helps.
  6. UCyborg

    New Aero Glass Build 1.5.11

    Didn't know what was status on those crashing bugs since nothing was said about them until now, so that's cool. Well, those two still exist: Interpreting HIWORD of TextGlowMode setting bug (acknowledged, but never fixed, it also didn't exist in older versions) Bug with window caption centering with certain settings when window is re-sized There's also a second issue with caption centering, for which I remember the author claiming it's not a bug (so must be a feature ); if you set TextGlowMode to 1 and CenterCaption to 1, the glow is stretched over the entire title bar. Either way, addressing these would bring us closer to perfection.
  7. UCyborg

    New Aero Glass Build 1.5.11

    Probably just like the latest experimental version without debug stuff. The old bugs I reported years ago related to caption rendering are still there.
  8. GetThreadId exists in NT 5.2 (Server 2003 and XP x64 edition).
  9. UCyborg

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Another difference between IE and Edge, some newish extensions like uBlock Origin and Enhancer for YouTube can be found only for Edge. What's boggling from my POV, there's no port of extension that would integrate with KeePass. There were plans to port Kee from Firefox (the XUL version is called KeeFox), but hasn't been done due to some limitations in Edge. One thing Edge has really done right is scrolling. It feels the smoothest, particularly with the touchpad. Firefox Quantum comes close second in that department. Again, that's my subjective experience on low-end laptop. Finally, it seems Edge is the most famous when it comes to energy efficiency. Now one has to wonder if things done right under the hood are inherent in the Chromium version of Edge. I suspect it's possible with some effort. Navigating YouTube for instance oughtta be smoother with Chromium under the hood. Google knows this and intentionally serves the new version of the page, which EdgeHTML variant of Edge handles exceptionally poor, particularly evident on weaker devices. Yes, I said videos play OK (once they load), but everything else on the page is pretty bad on slower devices unless you spoof IE11's user agent.
  10. UCyborg

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    Sorry, just assumed it would work. Either way, the .xpi files in the profile folder in the extensions sub-folder should be transferable. The .xpi file can be drag-and-dropped on the Firefox's window to trigger installation process.
  11. UCyborg

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Would those be preserved if you were upgrading from Windows 7 to 10? Those upgrades were always shaky when it came to preserving global, non-user specific data. And so called feature updates act like OS upgrades. Did anyone try installing Group Policy Editor on the Home edition and try to turn off updates from there? There's also PolicyPlus.
  12. UCyborg

    Windows 10 - Deeper Impressions

    The update that was supposed to bring version 1809 closer to the state in which it should've been released in the first place. Didn't seem to accomplish the goal. Am I too optimistic by assuming that was the goal? The frequency of new feature updates should really be reduced. What's the point of releasing a bugged OS every 6 months, only for it to take another 6 months at least to fix it when another bugged build is released into the wild?
  13. UCyborg

    Unofficial Drivers For RTX

    Nah, he just took the latest 64-bit drivers that are functional on Vista (368.81) and modified its INF a bit. He also removed a device ID of one of the older cards for some reason. The whole thing is based on a big and bold assumption that the drivers released in July 2016 are somehow able to drive the cards released in September 2018 and later.
  14. UCyborg

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    For extensions, install this extension; it'll give you access to the archive of the classic extensions. It's possible to "transfer" themes to another computer by going to about:config page on the computer where they're "installed", then copying the value of lightweightThemes.usedThemes and setting that preference on the target machine, then they can be selected the usual way. I used quotes because Firefox keeps resources of non-active themes in the cache (if they've been used before) that is deleted when you completely wipe the browsing history, so the resources have to be re-downloaded, which is the problem if they're taken down.
  15. Apart from Virtual Machine Monitor driver (vmm.sys), the networking driver is incompatible as well.