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  1. Figured it might come to that, I noticed the comment about unauthorized distribution in one of the files shortly after I uploaded it. It doesn't look like much more than an user agent spoofer for facebook.com. Let's see what happens when they go YouTube route...
  2. It's also necessary to have Show all settings enabled in Open-Shell for Use Categories view checkbox to show up. BTW, you didn't link the article you mentioned about those registry settings.
  3. The author would have to pack the extension separately for old Chrome versions and distribute that version outside of Chrome Store because CRX_VERSION_NUMBER_INVALID. Edit: file removed
  4. Touch functionality was already implemented in older versions, they just use load-time linking instead of run-time linking to those functions now because they're guaranteed to be available on Windows 7+.
  5. May I suggest K-9 Mail? You still have to enter SMTP settings for each account, but it shouldn't complain if the same SMTP server is used with multiple accounts.
  6. It does, but elements specific to newer OS are ignored. Which is a thing since XP. Applications have to require this version via manifest if they want it, which is located only somewhere in WinSxS folder, otherwise, they get v5.82, which is located in System32 folder. v6 supports new theming features of XP.
  7. Is it just me, or do they often change something on YouTube, preventing older versions of PotPlayer from accessing the videos?
  8. It's been a regular occurrence that someone new registers on the forum and asks questions about Aero Glass that have already been answered multiple times in old topics.
  9. I know, I tried to say that the applications that put buttons on the title bar have to rely on special function to also render title text, and that function works differently compared to internal one that DWM uses by default render title text.
  10. Welp, their support is useless and didn't even properly read what I wrote. Whatever, I'm not going to bother with them anymore. Their app happens to have the worst rating on Google Play, compared to the apps of other banks. They can choose to block me and I can choose to go somewhere else. Even better with an option to avoid having to rely on smartphone app for such things.
  11. I don't know how that could happen as the borders should be the same for normal windows and the taskbar window containing hidden icons. Aero Glass is pure in-memory modification, it never modifies system files. If you want to draw those buttons on the title bar programmatically, you also have have to draw the text yourself. Native API for this purpose reads certain rendering parameters from used .msstyles file, unless overridden and if the theme author didn't set glowing parameters, there'll be no glow. It's a separate method than the one that DWM uses by default. On top of that, the system may decide to change color for one of the states of the window - active/inactive - to something else, depending on current used accent color. You can set Aero Glass' TextGlowMode to 3 to make DWM use the same method that applications like Paint and WordPad use, but you can't set both required parameters for glow to work without modifying the .msstyles file. Glow drawn with that method is different, it's not taken from theme's atlas image. I forgot all details as it's been a while since I messed with themes.
  12. That syntax error probably only shows with older browsers. I don't get it with updated Basilisk. You should get this one consistently across different browsers (it's also present in that screenshot): TagError: adsbygoogle.push() error: No slot size for availableWidth=0 Newer Firefox and Chrome versions should be able to show the name of JS file where the error is coming from (adsbygoogle.js) and show it in normally readable form as it's normally minified.
  13. The bank that I use decided they will implement mandatory 2FA authentication to access their web services - the second factor second being none other than a smartphone app. For now it's still possible to access it using certificate installed on the computer and the password, but smartphone app is going to replace the certificate soon. So now you have to own a smartphone - to enter PIN code in the app every time to be able to login to the website on the computer, something that was possible without a fuss until recently. Now what really p***ed me off, their app must have tripped on the busybox (apparently one of many checks for signs of rooted phone) that was pre-installed with my current custom ROM and also sometimes came in handy in the past. Having only encountered one such app until now (for authorizing online payments - and it wasn't mandatory, you could've opted for dedicated code generator device), that was happy as long as it didn't find su binary / SuperSU.apk, this one caught me by surprise. OK, so busybox can be removed entirely. Or installed systemlessly (so it doesn't reside on /system partition) with help of Magisk, which facilitates providing root access, hiding it from apps that don't want to see it and providing means to be able to do other modifications without modifying files on /system partition. This banking app seems to have flagged my phone on their servers during activation process, so now can't be activated at all. It must have taken its serial number, which can't be spoofed in practice I think. There's Xposed module that does it, but there's no way around Google's SafetyNet with activated Xposed Framework. What a load of crap! So one's supposed to just buy new phone for one stupid app...which could function on the old one...if it wanted to. Planned obsolescence in general is really strong there...let's buy a new smartphone every year or two. New one would just be bigger, clunkier and preloaded with tons of crap I don't want or need, that can't be removed without root access and since Google's fixing SafetyNet... End of rant!
  14. Have you checked Aero Glass settings by inspecting registry settings described here or using Aero Glass GUI downloadable from here? My guess would be that you have set custom atlas image without borders, overriding the one from custom theme.
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