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  1. @j7n It may work if you set the user agent like you're using the newer version of Firefox, eg. Firefox 100. It doesn't seem to mind official Pale Moon user agent either, so I assume you should be able to get it working if you use the new New Moon at least.
  2. @msfntor Terrible news...how powerless we are in the grand scheme. I just watched: Reminds me of electrotechnics practical classes in high school. Was terribly clumsy at soldering. We had to put together a cube at some point and mine fell apart right away.
  3. Right, has to be different vibe compared to some small company. The place I work is a bit too relaxed. But it works with the right people. No, it doesn't. I could be wrong though. Chrome's built-in translating is neat IMO, at least as long as you're happy with their service. BTW, websites can have the directive in their HTML that prevents the translator from automatically kicking in (it's enabled by default on stock Chrome). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12238396/how-to-disable-google-translate-from-html-in-chrome
  4. I really have no one outside my family to talk to, sometimes I talk co-workers at work, but no genuine contacts on the outside anymore. Though even if you do have someone, sometimes there's just nothing to say. I relate, it'd be nice, theoretically at least. It would also probably be easier if you managed to get interested in all sorts of random stuff. There was this guy, we used to chat every day. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for someone like me, but with this person, it somehow worked out. Several years later and I've got a hunch he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. This is almost the only forum I ever participated in that has concept of likes. I tend to do it when I'm in the right mood, my not reacting is not something to take personally. Believe me, I have exactly this same feeling as you. Hey at least Simon Cowell doesn't hang around to judge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM7ZiSdR6CA I'll take "useless" people over those with over-inflated egos any day. Talking about computers and knowing more about them. That's what I mainly like to do. I just remembered a class mate from the first years of elementary school saying to me once: "I thought your only friend was a computer." Oh my, that was before even YouTube was a thing. I wasn't exposed to much else in my younger days, some ball games with some kids occasionally and my family wasn't much into board games. Me and my brother play catan once in a blue moon and we go play a mini-golf once or twice a year. Wish we went a bit more often. Seems there's always something to occupy/waste time with on computer... And they're everywhere! Recently realized I bought a computer on wheels, my car's infotainment system is actually a full-blown little computer running Linux under the hood. The predecessor of two decades ago had a plain FM radio there, though simpler controllers (or control modules) for certain things was already a thing back then in cars.
  5. Interesting what delay your config causes, @NotHereToPlayGames. Not sure how to time it right since it seems to keep sending requests long after it looks ready. I'd say 15 seconds on my Edge 94 before the front page appears in its entirety, by then the lengths show up, but the rest shows sooner. I remember 360Chrome 13 on XP also being in that range. Also, jeez, your workplace is a draconian one. Aren't you also using uBlock Origin? I haven't seen any ads with this one alone. I used this one in the past, but then I switched to ImprovedTube. I don't remember the reason, but in this extension, I really only use set quality function, show video remaining duration, automatically expanding description and adding repeat button near other playback control buttons. I also use Youtube polymer engine fixes userscript for cleaning up the front page and changing thumbnail sizes + enhanced h264ify. Most of the time I get by just with a user script (and uBlock Origin, of course) as my favorite browser doesn't do WebExtensions. I would probably prefer to use Invidious for YouTube on my main desktop if DASH streaming worked right, but if you block AV1 there, no video which YT also offers in AV1 plays. YT's Polymer interface is unbearable on my slow 1,35 GHz dual-core laptop, so I use Invidious there with default settings as far as playback/codec/quality related settings go.
  6. I think it's because there isn't anything I have to do right away when I wake up and the mind starts to wander. At least this weekend is going well. I wish you don't have to experience something like that ever again. I don't think any of us who haven't gone through it can even imagine it. FWIW, it's in the past and you're still here. My mind does wander in similar direction at times, eg. a natural disaster could turn it all upside down. No worries. Speaking of missing stuff, from my POV at least, this has to be one of few forums where it's somewhat possible to keep up. Well, it still accumulates if you don't visit for few days, but this happens so much faster in other places.
  7. I thought that was Win11 thing. At least it isn't in Win10 20H2. Haven't ran any of the later versions though. I wouldn't consider 10 years old hardware being compatible odd. Wouldn't "incompatible" versions work with fresh install if you had the right drivers at hand?
  8. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2022/10/24/common-charger-eu-ministers-give-final-approval-to-one-size-fits-all-charging-port/
  9. Eh, it's nothing. I feel quite well otherwise, somehow.
  10. Oh hi @mina7601 and @XPerceniol, I'm a bit sad about the day being over already and the foggy weather.
  11. Overheard the news that police around these parts is exercising aggravated control, hunting for distracted drivers. So not only we have smartphone addicts behind the wheel, some people shave behind the wheel!?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect
  13. I wonder if NoelC still lurks around and if bigmuscle is doin' alright.

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