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  1. It work in Firefox 45-47, KM, PM27. And Firefox 56-58 in one process. Hardware acceleration must be enabled on Radeon9500 - x850 Does it work properly for you? It always shifts parts of GUI up. Waterfox user asked about the issue here and another user of roytam1's forks also mentioned it on this forum. You may find the post by searching for layers.prefer-opengl. GPU vendor doesn't seem to matter. WebGL stuff doesn't perform smoothly if layer acceleration is either disabled or if it's using D3D9 instead of D3D11. It doesn't matter whether ANGLE is enabled or not. D3D has another issue on XP; if you move the window in which it's used to secondary monitor, the performance will be drastically reduced. Worst case scenario, even mouse cursor starts lagging, depending on graphics workload. Shouldn't be an issue with OpenGL on NVIDIA cards, at least if Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration setting in NVIDIA Control Panel is left at default Multiple display performance mode. I don't know how ATI fares in this case.
  2. It seems they didn't download automatically despite having valid donation.key. Maybe enabling verbose logging (registry setting mentioned in the guide) would display the error in debug.log. Did any console window show up the first time Aero Glass was started after donation.key was put in place? It should popup whenever symbol downloading is triggered and report an error in case it didn't work for some reason. Since you already have the symbols, you'd have to delete or rename symbols folder in Aero Glass folder and log off and back on to be able to test automatic symbol downloading.
  3. The touchpad (Synaptics) software on my laptop with default settings initiates Task View if it detects swipe-up gesture using three fingers. It doesn't matter whether the Task View button is hidden or not.
  4. I asked about broken layers.prefer-opengl setting on Pale Moon forum. Responses were...well, you'll see.
  5. You do not need programming experience to see that the entire first page of this sub-forum is about the very same issue you're having.
  6. Default settings just spoof the user agent, which you can replicate by setting general.useragent.override.youtube.com in about:config to: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)
  7. It stopped working with KB4541335 (OS Builds 18362.752 and 18363.752, works fine with the older ones). The workaround mentioned is based on downgrading certain system files to get Aero Glass working.
  8. WebComponents are WIP, might be why stuff breaks in UXP browsers. Turning on dom.webcomponents.enabled in about:config doesn't seem to make a difference in appearance, though the output in the developer console is different.
  9. ColorNote Notepad Notes (Play Store, official website) KeePassDroid (Play Store, GitHub), Keepass2Android Password Safe (Play Store, GitHub) Not on Play Store, but: QuickPic 4.5.2 (XDA Forums) or the newer, improved version with unwanted bits removed (XDA Forums)
  10. Renaming original files should work.
  11. This was addressed in Aero Glass 1.5.10, but you're stuck at 1.5.3 if you use Windows Server 2016.
  12. It can also happen that XP doesn't detect phone properly as media device if both USB debugging and MTP are enabled on it. If you don't mind just one feature being available at the time, the solution is easy, enable the one feature that is needed and leave other disabled. If both are desired, there is a trick that works. When both are enabled, you'll initially get MTP entry in Device Manager with exclamation mark and the error that device isn't configured. Open said MTP entry, go to Details tab, select Device Instance ID, leave the properties window open. Launch Registry Editor (regedit.exe), navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB. Refer to the value sown in the MTP properties window you've opened in 1. step to know where exactly you should navigate from USB onward. Right-click on the key you've just navigated to->right click->Permissions...->make sure Everyone is selected->tick the checkbox at Full Control/Allow, confirm the new settings. On the right-pane, open CompatibleIDs entry with a double-click, then insert USB\MS_COMP_MTP at the beginning. Should work fine if added to the end, but this particular ID is usually at the beginning. You may undo permissions changes from 4. step; when you open Permissions window, make sure Everyone is selected, click Remove (the checkbox at Full Control/Allow should be gone now) and confirm. Back to the Device Manager MTP Properties window, you may trigger driver update from the Driver tab. If it asks about searching for the driver on Windows Update, say No, not this time, then let it detect it automatically (Install the software automatically option).
  13. It's going to be interesting. Guess we'll just have to wait and see to get all the answers.
  14. UCyborg


    Yeah, I figured that much about D3D12On7. And from what I found, D3D11On12 apparently just allows final output to go through D3D12 while coding mostly in D3D11 style, but allowing for some extra D3D12 bells and whistles.
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