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  1. Go in folder options, filetypes tab, find folders entry, select it and click on the "Advanced" button. Set explore as default action.
  2. If you want a folder to open like when you run explorer, showing the tree view, then, as I've said above, you need to change the default action for opening folders from Open to Explore.
  3. Open a folder, set it how you want it to be, then go in folder options through the menu of that opened folder and click on the button that says something like: "View all folders like this one". If this does not work, and it probably doesn't, then you can change, in the registry, the default action when double clicking on a folder from Open to Explore. Doing this however will likely not let you browse in place anymore but instead will open a new window for each folder you open within a folder.
  4. Oracle Outside In Viewer is a free and current QuickView in case you're not aware. https://www.oracle.com/middleware/technologies/outside-in-technology-downloads.html
  5. Microsoft Image Composer 1.5 Paint Shop Pro X Free Edition Older versions of Gimp Photofiltre AZPainter 2 Older versions of FireAlpaca Etc..., lots of choices really
  6. I don't know, you're the one to decide. What happens if you paste the command line in an open Mintty window and then press enter on the keyboard?
  7. It doesn't work for me either and neither does it work by using the run box, I guess the command line is way too long to be run this way. It does work fine by running the batch file from Mintty however meaning that if you want to fiddle with this command line you need a bash environment to execute it.
  8. For Minecraft version 1.7.2, the main executable is 1.7.2.jar located in %APPDATA%\.minecraft\versions\1.7.2\ Launched with TL.exe, the command line to execute 1.7.2.jar and instantiate the game interface is 3935 characters long (as retrieved with TaskInfo2000). Most of this (2696 characters) is taken by the classpath (-cp) argument.
  9. Youtube-dl still supports as low as python 2.6 and there is no sign this is going to change so there is not too much to worry about for xp users IMO. You can always fall back on it whatever happens with the dlp fork. I compile my own youtube-dl.exe from git master with python 2.7 when needed as with the recent breakages for use on my ME system.
  10. Looks like 1.16.5 is the latest running on Java 8 but as with all other versions above 1.7.2 I have tried the game window doesn't initialize for me with it. I can make it visible using Faber Toys and play a bit but it is slow and unstable. Minecraft 1.17 requires Java 16.
  11. I meant Minecraft version. You can use any Java version you want with the launchers as far as I've been able to see. They use Java 17 by default but you can override this in the settings for both launchers. Newest Minecraft versions however seem to actually require Java 17.
  12. Which is the highest version you managed to run before?
  13. I can run Minecraft up to version 1.7.2 on my Windows ME desktop system with nVidia 7800GS and latest unofficial drivers. I used the latest tlaun.ch thingie. Your ATLaunch from the Google drive folder seems much more advanced/configurable but it requires having a paid Microsoft account to instantiate any game so couldn't test with it. Issues for running higher versions before java 17 is required appear to be down to OpenGL and I would think that would be the same for your system with mesa.
  14. I see no relevant links in the video description, nothing specifically pertaining to Minecraft anyway.
  15. I just wanted the links to the installers you're using, not a video tutorial please.
  16. As you certainly know, being able to run an older version of a software doesn't in any way mean a newer version will work too. Perhaps I could try to run this on my system just out of curiosity if you give me a link, I don't use mesa though.
  17. Hex editing (or using import patcher also) was in case you didn't have kernelex extensions installed, replacing a missing function by one that does exist in the hope the missing one isn't actually used. But as you can add definitions to Kernelex there is no point trying to do that.
  18. As the log says, lwjgl.dll is not compatible with your system. You might be able to downgrade this file to a version that works or make it work by fiddling with an hex editor or kernelex.
  19. And what error exactly does it throw?
  20. Makes no sense at all... very sorry this happens to you Wunderbar98.
  21. I haven't used Burp in quite a long while, I use 3proxy with SSL plugin instead (not latest version), it's faster but it doesn't have TLS 1.3 support and Cloudflare doesn't like it. I shouldn't be so lazy and make a post/ topic about it as it's a bit involved getting it set up.

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