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  1. I'm not too sure what you are talking about. Perhaps you should try older KernelEx, I gave up on updating it quite a long while ago as every update brought no useful improvement but only got more stuff to not work anymore.
  2. I use Win ME without any SP but well updated AFAIK. It must well be over a decade since I last installed it.
  3. This maybe: It's nice, it gives you Hardware IDs and also lets you uninstall old devices without needing to go in safe mode. It was bundled with some HP printer drivers. You can get it here for example. Other than that and what's in the other thread I also know these: They are both from Microsoft and I don't quite remember where I found them, some free to download hardware development packages from MS for sure but that's all I know. Not sure if it's appropriate uploading them
  4. Odd, I can also use the posting widget from another page than the last. As far as I know everything is standard apart from the updated crypto files in my JRE7. JRE8 works fine too with latest Burp for me. Edit: Yes, I use a real machine.
  5. I am posting this using chrome on an XP laptop as posting seems impossible from 9x at the moment. Anyway, this is about Burp and just to say that newer 2.x.x versions require JRE8, it doesn't work with JRE7 anymore. For using with JRE7 Burp 1.7.x must be used.
  6. BabelPad is not a font editor, it's an (advanced) unicode text editor. You can't use TTC fonts but you can split them into TTF fonts which you can then use, TTC being several TTF fonts merged into one file. Several tools let you do that. Check out TTCTools, UniteTTC, FTMaster or FontForge.
  7. @Goodmaneuver, I'm using JRE 7 update 76 without any psapi hack, this might well be obsolete with newer KernelEx, I had completely forgotten about it.
  8. I've made a post or some posts somewhere on here on how to unpack JREs as it's a bit involved. Once this is done you can just launch Burp with the unpacked JRE using an appropriate batch file or shortcut, "javaw.exe -jar burp.jar" in its simplest form without paths.
  9. I am using JRE7, it supports TLS 1.2 as there is no difference between connecting to MSFN with or without Burp, both uses TLS v1.2 256 bit AES (2048 bit RSA/SHA). If JRE6 doesn't support TLS 1.2, then Burp obviously can't work on websites that have deprecated lower TLS versions completely as it relies 100% on Java cryptography.
  10. No need for Burp Pro, You export the certificate from Burp under Tab Proxy/Tab Options/Proxy Listeners and then import it in Opera under Preferences/Security/Manage Certificates. All will go seamlessly then. Burp sometimes corrupts the registry indeed. Fix it by deleting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs key but you'll loose whatever Burp settings you have including the automatically generated certificate. You might want to export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\burp when it's not corrupted and merge it if you need as to avoid having to export/import certificate again and again. I have no Burp errors with Sourceforge.
  11. @Goodmaneuver you need to generate a certificate in Burp and then import it in Opera and any other program you want to use the https proxy with. Not too sure what you try to do with Babelpad but if you want to see installed fonts with it you need to use Tools/Character Map from the menu bar. You can also see them with Fonts/Composite Font Mapping. File open menu is for opening documents not fonts. If you want to see characters of single fonts in BabelMap (or character map of BabelPad) you also need to be in single font mode and select the font you want to view through the drop down selection box.
  12. BTW, if you want to visit Sourceforge with Opera 12 without using an online proxy you can install Burp Suite Community Edition proxy which requires at least JRE 7 with Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength installed.
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