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  1. LAV VSFilter Zoom Player 12.5 Max (Fusion skin) KernelEx 4.5.2 (+ KexStub, not sure if this is needed and if so which definitions are)
  2. Zoom Player + LAV +VSFilter: The best!
  3. It's true that not many image editors support RGBA in bitmaps whereas it's more widely supported in PNG but Pixelformer isn't the only one to run on 9X OSes as, for example, Pixbuilder Studio and Greenfish Icon Editor Pro support alpha channels in bitmap files too.
  4. Check this out Goodmaneuver: https://www.cylog.org/sourcecode/transparent.jsp
  5. For MSFN icons issues with Opera: Disable webfonts in opera:config and download these font: https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/font/fontawesome-webfont.ttf and https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/font/icomoon.ttf and put them in your font folder. Restart Opera. A relevant old topic: https://msfn.org/board/topic/173621-strange-fonts-or-characters-opera-1202/#comments
  6. Having no standard windowing element and compositing background with itself won't qualify.
  7. That's just how things are, some of us have been around the block long and early enough to know that. There are other examples where transparency is used within a software rendering areas such as web browsers and image editors with layers but this doesn't mean the 9x OSes have support for transparency in their windowing system.
  8. There is transparency support in 9x only for composting icons shown in the file system, hence the few utilities available to exploit it. There is no such transparency support for compositing windows and XP settings of KernelEx won't help with that.
  9. The codecs installed by K-lite are DirectShow codecs. Only Internet Explorer could use them, no other browser will.
  10. Sorry but I have not the faintest idea of what you're talking about.
  11. Latest youtube-dl (not the exe but the bundle of python scripts) works fine with the Python 2.7 runtime for me. I made an entry for it in the StartMenuInternet registry key so I have it in the Opera Open With menu. This lets me download pretty much any video from most sites from within Opera in just a couple of clicks.
  12. I don't use Opera Mail so didn't tweak this part of the skin. You should probably use my skin from the profile folder if you use Opera Mail so it falls back to the default skin for the Mail elements. As for your MSFN width issue, a CSS issue IMO, perhaps originating from mixing 12.18 files if you did that.
  13. Checkout this topic for an Opera skin I made years ago that fixes the black borders issue (due to Opera using windows transparency which isn't available in 9x systems). It's for Opera 11 but works with 12.02 too although it's not overall quite as sleek as the original Opera 12 skin (as it's based on the Opera 11 skin). Link for most recent (and best) skin is on page 3. I use it myself (obviously).
  14. Google search has 736 pixel width for me (excluding shadow). My browser.js is from 2015 and there is nothing MSFN specific in it as far as I can see, I attach it anyway. browser.7z
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