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  1. To register VoptXP it you should merge the linked reg file to the registry. I only defragged all my drives with it when I installed it a few years ago, new toy syndrome you know, otherwise it's been quite a while I don't bother defragging at all anymore with any tool. Windirstat is a very nice disk space analyzer but it has no functions regarding fragmentation indeed.
  2. The defrag software VoptXP has been made free after the passing of its author in 2016. Version 7.22 is for 9x. Not sure if it's ever been mentioned round these parts. https://web.archive.org/web/20160904115809/http://www.goldenbow.com/index.html https://web.archive.org/web/20160816083906/http://www.goldenbow.com/aftp/VXP_v722.exe https://web.archive.org/web/20160816083906/http://www.goldenbow.com/Vopt7reg.reg
  3. It downloads the entire video to a temp file named like BANCEG or similar before the player gets it, there is no advantage I can see here. But then again, I've spent little time fiddling and maybe I've missed something.
  4. @Wunderbar98: I've fiddled a bit with various commands (without using tee) after visiting the "stream to vlc" github page. Unless I missed something it doesn't seem to stream, it downloads the whole video to a temp file and then passes it to the specified player which cannot be any player as the temp file is without extension. I don't see any advantage over simply downloading the video to desktop.
  5. I'm using (latest) youtube-dl using python 2.7 & KernelEx, no problems. FFMpeg & FFProbe are also pretty much a requirement for using it optimally, I use Corone's FFMpeg builds for XP. RTMPDump and/or Fribidi might also be required for some downloads/link extractions.
  6. https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/system_restore_remover_pro.html
  7. AFAIK 9x OSes can't use WDM drivers for graphics, only vxd. I highly doubt WDMEX can help with that.
  8. I don't think it's possible to insert it directly on desktop/folders background as adding shell commands isn't supported there on 9x AFAIK. You need to use a shell extension that lets you add items to desktop/folders background. I use Open++ for that purpose (KernelEx required), Fast Explorer might work too.
  9. I have no conflicts between the two but I only use a fairly old KernelEx because newer ones broke too much stuff in my system. Also I'm not using RP for skinning Windows but only for having ClearType and the LDT resources counter it adds to the Ctrl-Alt-Del dialog .
  10. Reg file header should be REGEDIT4 and not REGEDIT 4. Reg file should also end with at least one empty line.
  11. "One of the file requirements is XFILE in PATH. I'm honestly not too sure what to do here..." It just means the slipstream scripts use rloew's xfile.exe and in order to be able to use it it must be in the windows search path such as the windows dir or the system dir or any dir set as path in your environment variables.
  12. Wintop can be found here: https://math.vanderbilt.edu/schectex/wincd_files/local_archive/powertoys/
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