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  1. It's going to be interesting. Guess we'll just have to wait and see to get all the answers.
  2. UCyborg


    Yeah, I figured that much about D3D12On7. And from what I found, D3D11On12 apparently just allows final output to go through D3D12 while coding mostly in D3D11 style, but allowing for some extra D3D12 bells and whistles.
  3. Just found out about Definitive Edition of all Mafia games. Mafia I is being completely remade, the other two are updated versions of the original. Mafia II is apparently 64-bit only now, 44,6 GB in size (holy crap!), engine uses D3D11 and officially requires at least Windows 8.1.
  4. Aero Glass isn't compatible with Win10 builds 1836x.752 and later, see older threads on this sub-forum.
  5. I suspect the issue is missing or corrupted root certificate(s): VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 Thawte Root Certificates (you need Thawte Timestamping CA) When you have the both files: Start->Run..., type mmc and confirm. File->Add/Remove Snap-in... Add... Select Certificates, click Add->select Computer account->Next->Finish. Check and note down if either Thawte Timestamping CA or VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 are present in Trusted Root Certification Authorities->Certificates, so you'll only import the missing ones in the following steps. Right-click on Trusted Root Certification Authorities->All Tasks->Import...->Next. Browse to the first file/certificate->Next->Finish. Repeat 6. - 7. for the second file/certificate, if needed. Find VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 in Trusted Root Certification Authorities->Certificates->right-click->Properties. Tick Enable only the following purposes, then on the list below, enable first 4 (Server Authentication, Client Authentication, Code Signing, Secure Email) and confirm. Find Thawte Timestamping CA, open its properties, enable only Timestamping on the list.
  6. I suspect this causes constant stutter when scrolling web pages on my end (when using middle-click to scroll). The stutter is gone when I launch something else that uses high resolution timers. Only happens on XP here. Scrolling remains smooth on Win10 with default timer resolution of 15,6 ms.
  7. UCyborg


    Anyone heard about this? Apparently it's a way to run Direct3D 12 stuff on Windows 7. It has some limitations compared Direct3D 12 on Windows 10 and requires some effort on the developer's part. What I don't quite get...is it the library that comes with each game? The first result on Google is NuGet package. It's also completely unsupported on Windows 8.x. Edit: PCGamingWiki says D3D12On7 is bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it also says Gears 5 uses D3D11on12 on Windows 7. So there are two separate things. The latter converts D3D11 commands to D3D12 commands and that somehow works on Windows 7 with updated drivers? And D3D12On7 does what exactly? I might have to read this thoroughly, but it mentions Windows 7 version of D3D12.DLL is blocked from executing even on Windows 10.
  8. There's also HFS ~ HTTP File Server.
  9. There's a specific sub-forum for site issues and the topic you brought up is already discussed here:
  10. Win10 1909 is really just 1903 with extra features enabled. So running recent builds (1836x.752 and later) will cause incompatibility with Aero Glass until the latter is updated.
  11. Pale Moon and also pretty much any mainstream browser are coded to render window frame in a way that UWP apps do. If you turn off browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar in about:config, it'll be rendered normally. But to get it to behave right with browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar enabled, you'd have to modify the browser's source code and recompile it.
  12. There's already plenty of threads about it in the Aero Glass sub-forum. Aero Glass will have to be updated to compensate for changes in the DWM.
  13. Seems like a bug or some kind of security feature - though it's possible just to not expose anything via MTP if phone is locked without disabling it entirely. Same on my LineageOS 14.1 based on Android 7.1.2. On Sony's stock OS based on Android 4.4.4, it was also possible to use MTP and USB tethering simultaneously if I remember correctly. Here, the options in USB configuration indicate to be able to use either one or another, so it was done intentionally.
  14. The parameter appears to be functional in current Dev version of Edge: No glassy frame here though 'cause no 32-bit support. I tried 64-bit version of Windows 10 on that laptop once and it was too slow to be bearable.
  15. There's something about scrolling behavior using mouse wheel with this browser. It's like it takes Windows' number of lines to scroll setting (Control Panel->Mouse->Wheel tab) and multiplies it.
  16. I know, I posted the error from the console back then. It shouldn't happen either way.
  17. I wonder what's with the improved handling of multiple monitors by DWM in 2004 (differing refresh rates). Does it really need WDDM 2.7 drivers and for GPU to meet certain minimum requirements for it to work? One source doesn't say anything about WDDM 2.7 being needed, another does and neither of them is Microsoft.
  18. I wonder how much it would take to get Chimera working on XP. Supposedly uses C++17 features. Visual Studio 2017 supposedly supports most of those, according to this page. The binary download is here. It must have been compiled with some version of G++. No new APIs are called directly, at least I didn't find them with GitHub's search function, but they're baked into the binary - maybe the compiler uses them to implement certain C++ features?
  19. I suspect this causes constant stutter when scrolling web pages on my end (when using middle-click to scroll). The stutter is gone when I launch something else that uses high resolution timers. Does anyone else experience this?
  20. I once tried replacing Win10 1809 DWM files with the ones from Win10 1803 because Aero Peek worked correctly with that version, as long as you had Aero Glass running. Besides the files mentioned, I also replaced dwm.exe, dwmapi.dll and dwmredir.dll. DWM failed to start. I guess there are dependencies on each major Windows build specifics.
  21. The project you linked does have history, it wasn't written from scratch just recently, it actually dates back to 1996, if Wikipedia is correct. Not exactly new neither, but the guys that maintain Myth II these days also kept support for Windows 98 at least. I haven't tried Win95, it's likely that it works as well. What's also interesting, the engine may render using old Direct3D (libraries from Direct3D 7 and earlier era), Glide2 (3Dfx API), OpenGL and even Direct3D 11 library (d3d11.dll), in the latter case, it may not actually utilize the newest features (you can still target Direct3D 9 level hardware with it). Maybe I forgot some API in between as I'm not on the computer with Myth II installation ATM. Edit: Added screen of the preferences screen. Rendering listbox only shows what's available, so 3Dfx Banshee SLI will only appear on modern machine if you have glide2x.dll from one of the Glide wrappers installed (eg. nGlide, dgVoodoo).
  22. Let me guess, you replace dwmcore.dll/uDWM.dll with the ones from previous build?
  23. The driver @IntMD pointed out was confirmed working with Windows 10 back in 2016. Hopefully, that's still the case in 2020. When you uninstall the current driver, do it through Control Panel->Programs and Features. There might be more NVIDIA entries in there that you may uninstall - things that might have been installed with the graphics driver include HD Audio driver, PhysX and 3D Vision. If there's any additional NVIDIA entry, it's probably for the chipset, which you can leave alone. If you encounter problems, Display Driver Uninstaller might help with driver removal. A word of warning, Windows 10 is a monstrous OS so it can take a while for everything to load initially when it's started.
  24. That's coming from Microsoft, not VMware (which has zero 3D acceleration support for Windows 9x). Very basic, CPU rendered, painfully slow. There is a flag that application can check if OpenGL pixel format is hardware accelerated or not, so application may reject it on that flag alone. I doubt MS library is lying about it.
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