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  1. I see it happens on blocked sites, I presume that's the case when it happens since it wasn't specified in OP?
  2. I guess there are multiple factors involved with this issue. I don't see it as described with Edge 92 and NoScript 11.2.9. Not sure how I'd see it since sites load really quick.
  3. Half-Life doesn't explicitly set refresh rate. Did the resolution you set on desktop use 100 Hz, but the same resolution didn't use 100 Hz in Half-Life? Also, unless you overrode it with command line parameter, old WON versions set 16-bit color depth, though since you mentioned having the problem with other games as well, I assume it's not connected. Windows 98 has this concept of "default" and "optimal" refresh rate, but on the API level, you have the option to explicitly set specific rate or leave it to the system. In the process writing a patch to make this old version of the game behave better, I found out it switches the screen to 800x600 before switching to whatever is set in Video modes menu, which can be turned off with -noextracds command line parameter. Doesn't make much difference if you're playing at 800x600 anyway, but it's still code that must be executed. Wonder what they wanted to achieve with that. WON versions are quite messy in how they do window management in general. Interestingly, last update for this game was released in August 2020, that's 21 years and 9 months after initial release date (update history as of 2013 here). Or how about UnReal World that has been kicking since 1992! Both cases of official updates.
  4. DirectDraw has a setting to force specific refresh rate, settable in dxdiag on the last tab. Regarding 3rd party utilities, don't know whether it'll help, but there's HZ Tool.
  5. @Dixel I'm mostly just noting observations with this browser on XP. Not really looking to fix/improve anything. This will corrupt the stack and cause a crash if it's ever called unless you also manage to safely disable the code that calls it and processes its result. The code may only be called in specific circumstances that the user may never encounter (maybe the call is a part of some diagnostic code).
  6. sure, thanks for bringing this up! https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/fb4c5454c80ccc87610494f47b6c2264056397c5 Well this still excludes Windows 8.x/10 users who may have Aero Glass installed. The old code didn't check the OS. The entire thing is subjective though. Some like glass only on titlebars while other like it literally everywhere. Note that -moz-win-glass means extending window frame rendering to window client area, in case of old TDM lower portion of the window gets glassy or just takes solid color of the frame if user has turned off transparency or runs Win8.x/10 without Aero Glass. This one doesn't make glassy bottom of downloads window, but can be made that way by adding the following to the personal chrome/userChrome.css file in own profile folder: #downloadsWindow { -moz-appearance: -moz-win-glass !important; background: transparent !important; } Or one could modify GlassMyFox extension and make the switch for it in its GUI.
  7. When enabled (the default), GUI scales up accordingly when system DPI is set higher than 100% (96 DPI).
  8. I don't know what's an issue here, but V13 didn't have a problem on later OS with same user profile data when I tested it last time. I've tested V9 - V12 from this thread and those are OK on XP (they're not set to block web fonts out-of-the-box neither). Talking about only video playback aspect, from my testing in my environment, there are multiple factors. V13 appears a bit faster post XP, of course I made sure to disable HW acceleration on newer OS. Seems to have gotten slower in general with V12 (though affects XP the most, showing playback controls on YouTube make a hard performance hit). V11 appears most performant overall. They're recent enough and if they were a problem (haven't gone researching how the one I have ties to CA certificates), it would show in Chrome 49 as well, not just V13. V9 - V12 all OK on XP.
  9. Do V9 - V12 also have following problems of V13: slow video rendering beyond the slowness due to lack of GPU decoding, inability to display certain characters (emojis and various other symbols) and inability to identify with a certificate on sites that require them? Chrome 49 doesn't have these problems, although I couldn't test video playback with a better resolution video on that version, just those here which played smoothly in fullscreen unlike with EE, not aware of any other video site that would work though.
  10. @Tripredacus Fair enough. I get nervous about the whole thing and how it's even understood at this point. Avoiding the situation in which you'd contract the virus would be preferable. On topic, there is a possibility to get digital COVID certificate here through a web portal zVEM. It can be printed to take it with you or somehow accessed through zVEM smartphone app (Android version requires at least Android 6). If I understood correctly, there are at least 2 ways to logon to the web portal, either with a personal certificate you have to acquire or using SI-PASS account you have to create (procedure differs a bit depending on whether you already have personal certificate or not) which is connected to smsPass mechanism which sends you a SMS with unique code you have to enter each time to log on. The smartphone app must be authorized through a web portal first.
  11. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/build/configuring-programs-for-windows-xp?view=msvc-160 Won't help if the code actually needs the latest compiler to compile though.
  12. I haven't got my hands on any other but the English and Slovenian versions, but if we base assumptions on the latter, localized versions were quite thoroughly translated, including the installer. Regarding devices, Plug & Play means you don't have to mess with IRQ, DMA settings and such before the device is functional. Hot plugging is being able to plug/unplug it safely while computer is running and have the device normally functional. 2 different things. If it's hot-pluggable, it's probably PnP as well. So was I, used to be a genius at breaking computers back then, though on the software side. BTW, to anyone, you don't want to hotplug PS/2 stuff. While today's motherboards have it more robust, you're still risking damage as it simply wasn't made for that and if you do, electricity surge will do its thing.
  13. I see, didn't find it on their site, but this must have been the news: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/rip-microsoft-to-drop-support-for-windows-10-on-32-bit-systems/
  14. This is a general discussion subforum though. People and their holy right to travel...the virus didn't fly all over the world by itself, people spread it. In recent news, a bunch of infected (possibly delta strain) students returned from graduation trip to Spain. Was that necessary?! You don't even need the rules that are currently in place restricting certain topics to have division, just having Windows among the topics is enough. I don't think discussing stupidity that spread the virus all over the world is strictly on the blacklist according to the rules.
  15. You can still get ISO with 32-bit Win10 21H1 through their web site, at least as long your browser doesn't indicate through its user agent that you're on Windows. The current version of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.11.3 added an incompatibility notice for Windows 11. Is it true the options for combining program buttons on the taskbar are gone as well? Maybe Actual Window Manager will be able to add back saner taskbar.
  16. It only says "You can even insert and remove certain devices while Windows 95 is running.".
  17. So expressing discontentment with forced vaccinations is also forbidden? I see the censorship has already hit this thread. Freedom of speech is being restricted wherever you look, and that's a BIG, very BIG issue at large.
  18. A company notorious for writing bad drivers in general.
  19. What is this Toolkit Download Manager?
  20. Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2017/05/17/technology-use-among-seniors/
  21. SwiftShader as compiled for Chromium browsers acts as software rendered OpenGL ES implementation to run WebGL content. Probably there as the fallback when GPU cannot be used. The project itself has a long history, old versions will do D3D9 in software on an OS as old as Windows 98. Graphics may run a bit faster than a slideshow on fast CPU and low resolution. Vulkan version of SwiftShader acts as both the loader library (vulkan-1.dll) and implementation when named vulkan-1.dll. vulkan-1.dll as distributed with GPU drivers is a loader library which loads the DLL with actual implementation that does the graphics, similar how OpenGL32.dll works for OpenGL applications and normally loads another DLL bundled with graphics drivers, though it also has a software based fallback for OpenGL 1.1 if I remember correctly. On Windows 7+ and other recent enough platforms.
  22. MS reorganized folder structure and started using KNOWNFOLDERID constants in their code and new APIs while keeping old CSIDL constants and APIs for compatibility. The folders we know today as AppData\Local and AppData\Roaming predate Windows XP, only location/naming was changed. Vista+ also comes with junctions for compatibility with sloppier programs using hardcoded paths from XP era. CSIDL: CSIDL_APPDATA KNOWNFOLDERID: FOLDERID_RoamingAppData XP path: C:\Documents And Settings\username\Application Data Vista+ path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming CSIDL: CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA KNOWNFOLDERID: FOLDERID_LocalAppData XP path: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data Vista+ path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local The lack of LOCALAPPDATA environment variable on XP might be an issue for a batch script, but not regular applications that normally use Shell APIs.
  23. Maybe there's a driver that's misbehaving and causing high latencies. LatencyMon would tell.
  24. I'm not sure I understand the question...Roaming folder always exists regardless of whether you use its "roaming" properties or not...AFAIK those properties are applicable to domain environments. Programs store their data in whichever folder developer decided to be appropriate for the data their program stores...Local is supposed to store data specific to computer or data that wouldn't make sense to carry to another computer like caches while Roaming folder holds data that may be carried to another computer. Usually, %APPDATA% points to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming while %LOCALAPPDATA% points to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.
  25. @we3fan Havent' dug into specifics of .doc format...one of the problems is that a text editor may find text that is not an actual text, but a part of another data structure. Then there's the problem with encoding. Hex editor may be able to distinguish between ANSI, UTF-8 and Unicode. I don't know whether there's a .doc editor out there that would offer search and replace in multiple files. Either way, more discussion regarding .doc specifics would be better continued in a separate topic, if desired.

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