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  1. Source: https://www.theminimalists.com/screens/ Relatable, isn't it?
  2. For anyone that might be interested in the possibility to continue using partially defective RAM, I have one such module in my laptop. I figured from Memtest86 results (addresses) that the faulty parts are somewhere near the end, somewhere in its last 40 megabytes. There's just one 2 GB stick. So one can tell the OS to not use the last 40 MB by running this in the Command Prompt: bcdedit /set {current} removememory 40 If there's 2x 1 GB sticks for instance and those 40 MB would be in the one in the first slot, it would be a good idea to swap their places as cutting whole 1064 MB isn't d
  3. It might, but definitely not on vanilla Windows 98. No need to (at least not for me), it's more like a passing curiosity. Haven't had a Win9x compatible computer in over a decade.
  4. Is there anything like f.lux for 98? Supposedly some old f.lux build from 2016 works on it with KernelEx.
  5. If your motherboard's BIOS actually supports ACPI, Windows should have been installed by invoking the setup program in win98/win9x folder on the installation CD from the command line like: setup /p j You can't avoid the message to turn off the computer if your hardware lacks ACPI support because such computer can't be turned off by software.
  6. Aye, but I haven't found the archive of RTSS. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Does it try to connect every time even if you set the longest allowed checking interval? If not: I noticed Config file under Profiles sub-folder has a timestamp under LastUpdateCheck, unix epoch time in seconds in hexadecimal format with a 'h' suffix. Maybe setting it to the distant future date would help, eg. FFFFFFFFh or at least 7FFFFFFFh.
  7. MSI Afterburner displaying some stats via RTSS on a D3D11 game and a D3D8 game on Windows 8.1. RTSS settings were left at defaults. Windows 8.1 is at the December 2017 patch level + .NET Framework 4.8 (KB4486105). .NET likely doesn't matter in this case unless .NET based game is involved. More information would be needed to solve the OP's problem. Sometimes the module name where it crashed gives a hint, but it's not necessarily where the main issue resides. The crash log can be found in Event Viewer (Windows Logs->System) or in Action Center (Maintenance->View reliability hist
  8. MSI Afterburner with RivaTuner Statistics Server works fine on my Windows 8.1 installation, so it seems OP's issue can't be Windows version alone. It is yet to be tried, but an older version of RivaTuner Statistics Server's RTSSHooks.dll bundled with MSI Afterburner 4.6.2 doesn't depend on K32GetProcessMemoryInfo function. I only dug through to the DLL with 7-Zip to check its dependencies with PE Viewer. Found the installer on Filehorse. My theory is that they wanted the world to forget about the old systems at some point, so "supported" would take
  9. From what I could gather, CsEnabled setting doesn't work since 2004, but some users reported success with PlatformAoAcOverride on 20H2. But what do I know, my HW only knows real S3 sleep mode. Obviously tinkering with Windows settings won't help if the issue is at the lower level.
  10. Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 both have all 4 functions mentioned in the post above.
  11. Would any of these help? If not for the laptop in question, maybe it's still of use on another piece of hardware. New registry setting to disable modern standby: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Power] "PlatformAoAcOverride"=dword:00000000 EFI program that patches ACPI tables to disable modern standby: https://github.com/ElectronicElephant/Modern-Standby-Byby
  12. https://microg.org/ And what were the results? I figured I have 3 apps that depend on those services and could potentially continue to use them without Google's stuff, assuming microG satisfies their dependencies. There are lots of issues opened on its GitHub page.
  13. Indifferent when it comes to code names. I don't mind if it has them, but so far, version number tells me more than the codename...though for software updated very frequently, those lose meaning as well over time, at least for me, I don't have the mental capacity to keep up.
  14. Assuming there aren't any other changes that would require modifying extension's code, it should be enough.
  15. My DVD drive tray stopped opening some time ago. It would get stuck in initial position after pushing the button. I opened it manually by pushing a needle in the designated hole, now it opens normally most of the time, sometimes it still gets stuck when trying to open it for the first time in the day. So far, it always opened on the second try. In 12 years I've had this computer, DVD drive was used very rarely.
  16. Most likely reason is that you have N edition of Windows 10 and have to install Media Feature Pack to get missing components that certain software depends on.
  17. With default settings, DEP is already effective for all applications that have a flag in its executable header that it's compatible with DEP. Your typical internet facing applications most likely have it set already. If you check the .exe with Process Hacker's PE Viewer, it should have NX compatible listed under Characteristics. CPU must support the feature and I've read that the motherboard/BIOS settings may prevent it from being usable, even when supported by the CPU. First Pentium 4 CPUs based on Northwood core don't have it, later Prescott based ones do. On AMD side, Wikipedia suggest
  18. Reading about CRTs and such here in 2021 while "Weird Al" Yankovic sang "hundred gigabytes of RAM" and "flat screen monitor forty inches wide" in 1999! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpMvS1Q1sos
  19. There are multiple drivers for that GPU on Microsoft Update Catalog/Windows Update, so unless your Windows installation is fubared, one of them should have been installed automatically. The update procedure can be triggered manually from Device Manager->your graphics card's (display adapter) properties window->Driver tab.
  20. I'm not involving older OS in this case. At the first glance, deleting reparse points is not a problem as long as you get the updated OS to do it, which is better familiar with its specific reparse points, though copying them to another file system is still another story. Using Ln for the first time, I didn't turn on logging back then, so I didn't get the entire picture of what else failed to copy, besides 8 reparse points, the summary noted 5 folders as well. I'm going to take alternative route to do what I'm trying to do - merge data of 2 partitions onto a single partition - so ins
  21. There's still a bit of blue in there, it was solid white on my end. I don't know if anything can be done about builtin start menu tiles. In older builds, it's possible to color individual program's tiles by placing a special XML file in a program's directory that specifies color and what image to use as a tile icon, but the color parameter is ignored now.
  22. Apologies, read that too fast. Still, looking at the actual content from the official Win10 20H2 Slovenian ISO's install.wim file, it's not there. Haven't seen it in english ISOs neither. I've read about people using renamed copy of official aero.msstyles as that changes behavior when it comes to coloring windows' title bar. I get similar appearance as on your screenshot. Inactive windows' title bar is white then, which I believe is connected to aero.msstyles being loaded with its original name.
  23. Aye, its health is at 100%. Yes, but I only tried Windows 10 and its PE environment. I imagine it would be the same with Windows 7. I once tried deleting all Windows 10's folders from its root partition with good old rd /S /Q command using Windows 8.1 PE, it was unable to delete such reparse points, but it was possible with Windows 10 PE. Definitely seems to be the case here. Interesting, it seems Set-ExecutionAlias could be used to replicate them on another partition. But why there isn't a generic way to replicate arbitrary reparse point on another NTFS file system sin
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