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  1. This iBook G4 features the Radeon Mobility 9550 32MB. I have used the enforcer yet, but it is on my docket of things to do today. I can confirm what you've stated about Intel GMA performing well in webgl. In my experience, it performs EXTREMELY well, and considering the low power consumption, I actually prefer Intel GMA in older laptops, as opposed to dedicated GPU's due to excellent webgl performance, low power consumption, and excellent reliability (old laptops were plagued by GPU BGA issues).
  2. I haven't seen any feedback regarding testing on OSX PPC, so I figured I'd chime in here. Prior to applying the UOC patch, TenFourFox was borderline unusable, even on the fastest Powerbook / iBook laptops. After doing so, I've noticed quite a big uptick in performance, especially while scrolling! So, with that being said, double thanks, @looking4awayout!
  3. That’s a question for RT to answer. I’m using a modern Linux distro, so I have access to newer libraries, etc, that may not be available for XP. But then again, he’s already demonstrated that these browsers can be built for XP, so common sense tells me dependencies shouldn’t be an issue..
  4. That would be neat. NM28 builds for me as well here. It's fast enough out of the box, that I don't really need to do much about:config fiddling. Umatrix will suffice.
  5. I'm using Umatrix to block most unnecessary scripts, but you're right, it does choke quite badly on JS heavy sites. Still leaps and bounds faster than the SSE only version of Quantum that ships with antiX! That one really takes the cake
  6. I was able to get UXP / Serpent to build ok for SSE only processors. Pic related! Thanks for your help :)
  7. I did And it crashes every time it tries to make an HTTPS connection. Riccardo Mottolla told me he tried a no SSE2 build, and it does the same exact thing. It works just fine on AMD64 Linux though.
  8. Hey @roytam1, do you think you might be able to give me an example .mozconfig to do a no SSE2 build of Arctic Fox on Linux? I’m having trouble finding a list of compiler options I should be using to get a desired result.
  9. Thank you for compiling all of these together in one post for me! Very helpful!
  10. Does ClamAV still receive definition updates? Would that suffice?
  11. Understood The FUD these days is strong, and has made me question my choice of OS. I do intend to continue using XP well into the foreseeable future, but wanted input in regards to whether or not I was being irresponsible by continuing to use it well past EOS.
  12. The title says it all. I'm wondering what the consensus is around here, in regards to how secure XP is as a daily driver, now that POSReady 2009 updates are finished. I've disabled remote desktop, enabled Windows firewall, enabled my routers firewall.. What are your thoughts? What can I do to lock XP down, security wise?
  13. None of the about:config tweaks listed above improve performance at all for me, on my Radeon 9600 Pro.
  14. Well, it can’t possibly get any worse. Interestingly enough, I get excellent HW acceleration on my Latitude 100L with a 2.66 GHz Pentium 4 mobile 2GB DDR, and Intel integrates graphics. It’s even faster with Quantum in Debian.
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