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  1. Right, I just think the fact that one core API is far enough along to allow a late version of Chrome to run at all is an achievement in and of itself. Progress is being made.
  2. I stumbled across this today, and figured it was worth sharing.
  3. Its great to see that he is still with us. I was concerned there for a while.
  4. No scripts are being blocked. It seems to be an issue exclusive to 27, because 28 works just fine. I prefer to use 27 though, as it is much lighter on system resources.
  5. I am unable to solve the new captcha on 4chan with New Moon 27.10.0. Anyone ideas? When I drag the slider to make the different parts of the letters in the image line up, nothing happens.
  6. Yeah, I was about to mention that. I'm running the latest version of Debian for x86 on my Latitude D800.
  7. Ah, I don't think you appreciate the gravity of the situation. This is like anuddah 9/11, according to Tobin.
  8. Debian still builds Firefox-ESR without the SSE2 requirement for i686, and I can confirm it works just fine on my Athlon XP 3000+. As for chromium, I have no idea.
  9. @roytam1 does weekly builds of Basilisk /Pale Moon that are compatible with processors lacking the SSE2 instruction, that run just fine on Windows XP.
  10. Building pale moon for machines lacking SSE is pretty easy. Just specify -mno-sse2 in your .Mozconfig.
  11. Aside from myself, I believe there are several other people around these parts who use Athlon XP machines, which lack SSE2, yet do feature SSE. I appreciate @roytam1 doing regular builds for these old processors.
  12. How is Google Voice performance on BNavigator? I've had a bad experience using webapps on anything that isn't Chromium based.

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