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  1. So this new XP update. There are two flavors - Security Update for Windows XP SP3 (KB4500331) - Windows XP and 2019-05 Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009 for x86-based Systems (KB4500331) - Windows XP Embedded Which one am I now? Through Nov 2014 I was XP. Since then I've been a cash register. What's your guidance?
  2. Dumb question - do we know for sure there will be no more updates for the 2007 Compatibility Pack for Office 2003 (which is running on my wife's SOHO Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine)? Will it help if I use duct tape? Bersaglio?
  3. Hey stragglers who won't leave even when the band and caterer are gone and there's nothing but empty bottles rolling around the floor -- What do you think about < THIS > ? Will this excellent team of génies manqués start a new thread for Win 7?
  4. FranceBB is still carrying the flag! See https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-General/Missing-function-call-in-TeamViewer-14-0-13880-Windows-XP/m-p/50142 Marchons, citoyens!
  5. Mathwiz - Thanks for your post about IMAP above. You wrote That is a worry for what I want to do. I posted a detailed query in "Outlook Forums" at forums.slipstick.com. May I ask you to take a look, especially at my last Reply? It's at https://forums.slipstick.com/threads/96719-how-set-up-new-imap-on-outlook-office-365-and-merge-in-pst-from-outlook-2003-for-same-two-email-accounts/ Thanks!!
  6. Today feels like the morning of the last day of summer camp. Packing the trunk, looking for the arts and crafts thing left in the barn, is that my sweatshirt or yours? But before we say our awkward goodbyes, I have a maybe last question. It's off-topic because in a week we're headed back to school - this question is like that school summer reading list I never started: FIRST STEP COMPLETED - I've Exported all my Outlook Express emails (which were in separate .dbx files) into Outlook 2003 on my XP machine (which put all the emails into one very big .pst file). I've always been POP3 (set to leave messages on the Server), not IMAP. Right now, Outlook 2003 on my XP is working beautifully - it has all my old and new emails in the same folder structure - I haven't turned on my old Outlook Express in a week. NEXT STEP TO DO - When I set up Outlook in Office 365 Home on my Win 7 machine (which seems to be Outlook 16), if I connect to my email accounts using the same POP3 (set to leave messages on the Server), it should also be easy (?) to Import my big Outlook 2003 .pst file from the XP machine into Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7 and have ALL my emails since the Eisenhower administration in Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7. as well as new emails coming in. Hopefully with the same email folder structure. Thus say numerous articles which I am going to re-read today. Now, here's my question -- if in Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7, I connect to my email accounts using IMAP for the first time ever, not POP3, can I also import my big .pst file from Outlook 2003 on my XP and have it all work together well? Will I lose my old folder structure? I've learned from various articles that setting up my email accounts using IMAP in Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7 will create an .ost file in Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7, not a .pst file. But then I intend to import the existing .pst file from Outlook 2003 on my XP. What happens then? Will Outlook 16 in Office 365 Home on my Win 7 be able to handle BOTH a new .ost file (for new emails) and an imported .pst file (for the historic emails)? What do you think? Happy to take links to better articles. Where's my Swiss Army knife?
  7. Mcinwwl - I agree! If heinoganda ever starts working on Windows 10, the world will become a better place.
  8. Heinoganda - you are amazing! Out of curiosity, I searched, and I have 291 copies (really!) of update_SP3QFE.inf in my XP machine, from April 11, 2008 through February 11, 2018. (I have not yet run Tuesday's updates.) Obviously, each one is connected to a different Update. Do you recommend that we add your lines to one of these update_SP3QFE.inf files? Which one? Do this before or after running Tuesday's updates? Or not bother and simply register the three dll files as indicated by roytan1?
  9. Roytam1 and ED_SIn and Dave-H - So if I run KB4494528 (which spoils Windows Installer). then to fix, all I need to do is open a cmd window and type or paste each of these? regsvr32 MSI.DLL regsvr32 MSIHND.DLL regsvr32 MSISIP.DLL Or, instead of opening a cmd window, I just open a WIN+R Run window and paste and run each of the same? Thanks,
  10. Even at the very last, I remain an update coward, My fantasy TV series would be "Game of Hiding on the Throne in the Bathroom". Can heino-bersa-den check ED_Sln's post above? Is MS throwing us a final curve ball? What means "spoils Windows Installer"? And since there's nothing left to install anyway .,. Thanks for EVERYTHING !!!!
  11. den - on Win 7 and springtime, shorts and flipflops will do just fine. But i'm going to leave MSFN up on my XP browser so the hacker-hordes know where to go!
  12. I know you've been waiting ... After almost 24 hours hunched over my XP machine and trying everything suggested in my old guide "Dishwasher Installation for Dummies", I stumbled across the answer. My computer-science philosophy is that if nothing else fixes it, it must be Avast causing the problem. And I was ... WRONG. I noticed that Avast's email-shield SSL settings are using outgoing SMTP secured port 465, and then I recalled that my Outlook Express (and therefore Outlook 2003) outgoing SMTP settings have 587 (from back when AOL couldn't figure out how to deal with taking over Verizon's unwanted verizon.net email accounts. like Trump with the Guatemalans). So I checked again on AOL's email help website, saw that AOL is NOW pointing to port 465, made the change in the Outlook SMTP port selection, and my emails have their graphics!!! I'm not sure why a wrong OUTGOING port selection could block INCOMING graphics, but I guess that the emails are actually links to graphics on external web servers and so must reach OUT to bring the graphics IN. With the correct port setting, they apparently can now make that connection. There are still a few small boxes with red Xs, but I'll use them for target practice. Of course we'll never know why this was not a problem on Outlook Express 6 where I had the wrong setting 587 for a decade, but who cares? NOW TO STEP 2 - TO MOVE THE WHOLE ELEPHANT SAFARI TO WIN 7. But first I'm headed out to enjoy a lovely spring day in NYC and to contemplate life after XP - starting VERY SOON. Cheers! PS - Outlook official version 16 that is part of my Office 365 on my Win 7 machine is UHHHHH-GLY, man. Ugly!!!! I already miss OE6.
  13. In anticipation of an entire United Nations of hackers infesting my Outlook Express starting Wednesday, I have taken the first step to move my immense warehouse of historically unique and invaluable emails from Outlook Express on XP to Outlook in Office 365 on Win 7. That first step was to Export everything from OE6 to Outlook 2003 which has always been on my XP machine but never used until today. In that way, my OE6 .dbx files have been converted to Outlook .pst files which can be moved later to Outlook (O365) in the Win 7 machine. With very good tips from the website slipstick.com, this first step has gone fairly well, but with one glitch -- MANY pictures/graphics that were embedded in my 3,427,865,559 OE6 emails have been replaced with blank squares with small red Xs. This is mildly annoying. In Outlook 2003, I have now UNchecked Tools - Options - Security - Download Pictures - Change Automatic Download Settings - Don't download pictures or other content automatically in HTML e-mail, But it has not restored the missing pics/graphics in the already-downloaded treasure trove of emails. What to do? Delete everything and re-Export from OE6? Could one of you FIRST UNcheck that option and THEN Export from OE6 to Outlook 2003 your emails that are full of photos and dancing banana gifs and let me know what happens? Many thanks as always. I knew I could rely on you guys! UPDATE - Even with that option UNchecked, and even after temporarily disabling shield scans by my Avast, new test emails have their graphics stripped out when received by my Outlook 2003. Any thoughts why?
  14. Sparty - But there won't be any more updates for IE8. That means that some related parts of XP will also not be updated, such as my much loved Outlook Express 6. By the way, I am still trying to figure out how to move my 61 years of accumulated email in OE6 (with many, many folders - did I say many?) to an email client on my dual-booting Win7+10 machine. It looks like the best way will be (a) to EXPORT my OE emails to Outlook 2003 on my XP machine, which I've never used, (b) make its Outlook data storage folder sharable across my home network, and (c) import that into Outlook in Office 365 on my Win 7 machine. (This is important because when the aliens arrive in 25,000 years, my email archive starting in 1957 will be an invaluable guide to Earth culture in this millennium. And emails from MSFN will be noted with approval.) However, I am not sure that these particular moves will guide the final Outlook (O365 on Win 7) enough so that it DOES NOT DOWNLOAD DUPLICATE EMAILS when I link it to my external email accounts. There are many permutations in the process, and I'm just beginning to see some of them. I would need a week to try all the routes, with backups and restores along the way to git rid of bad steps. Also, when I link my Outlook (O365 on Win 7), I will -- for the first time ever -- link to my external email accounts as IMAP, where until today I have always been POP3 (with the OE6 instruction "Leave copy on server and in desk drawer" turned on). What will happen then? I think I'll be discovering a new way to destroy the internet. Thoughts?
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