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  1. Rainy - didn't do anything - the messages just started popping up. I think I used it too much too long. Reminds me of TeamViewer. So I will need the alternatives ASAP, and ideally one that has a portable version, as ANyDesk and TV do. Thanks.
  2. Hey, gang - long time no post. So, in October 2021, what is the best free alternative to AnyDesk to access my wheezing, cranky home XP Pro machine (32-bit) when I'm elsewhere? I ask because AnyDesk is now cutting me off with You Need a Business License warnings. Maybe Splashtop works? Even if my XP is 32-bit? Question - is there a portable version of Splashtop (or any other suggestion) so that when I'm at work and cannot install Splashtop on my work computer, I can use a portable version at work to access my home XP machine? (Splashtop would be installed on my home XP machine but would be only portable on my work 10 machine.) Thanks!
  3. 1) I can't count that high. 2) It worked before (to move my HD brain from a dead 755 body to a working 755 body), and who knows if my transplanted HD with all its drivers (including for motherboard?) and lazy expectations will work in a different body. 3) And who knows what msoobe /a would do? I have a used 780 in my wife's SOHO running Win 7 Pro 64-bit (which I've kept updated per suggestions at AskWoody). One day, we'll get a better PC for her SOHO, with Win 10 Pro 64-bit. After that, you've inspired me to try putting my XP hard drive into that 780 body and ... see what happens. Maybe some kind of AI transsexual experience? Cheers.
  4. OK - still here and frustrated that everything I wanted on Christmas sales sold out two months ago. Especially the LL Bean Hurricane flannel-lined shirt, which I wear when I'm using my XP computer, So - my latest (third) used Dell Optiplex 755 that I bought on eBay two weeks ago is working, with my transplanted hard drive (XP of course), 4GB RAM, 10-year old video card and fax modem from my dead (second) used Optiplex 755. (On the latest (third) Opti 755, msoobe /a says the XP is "already activated", which is good news.) However, the good (third) Opti 755 has an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 CPU, which is a bit slower than the E6850 that is still in the (second, now-dead) Optiplex 755. Questions - is it possible and not terribly difficult to take the E6850 out of the dead (second) Opti 755 and insert it into the good (third) Opti 755? Not the entire motherboard from the dead (second) Opti 755, which may have died, just its slightly faster CPU? And will the E6850 work if transplanted into the motherboard that now has the E6550? The manuals for the Optiplex 755 are < HERE > and < HERE > <-- these are immediate pdf downloads on my Firefox. I have the "Desktop" or "DT" form factor. Please also point me to any step-by-step videos you might know. Don't forget - I'm good with duct tape! Thanks,
  5. TigTex and Dave-H - Thanks - seems to have worked! Happy Holidays!
  6. Hey, all. Hope everyone is groovy and not dead from the virus, Here's the latest from duct-tape land: My second Dell Optiplex 755 DT (which I bought used on eBay in 2014 to replace my true original 755 from 2008) with my XP died (power or motherboard, who knows?), and so I have bought YET ANOTHER used Dell Optiplex 755 DT on eBay for $25 plus $763.45 shipping. I have moved into this latest (third) 755 my hard drive (with my emails going back to WW II), 4GB RAM, video card and fax modem card. Maybe the fax modem card isn't working, but the rest seems to be OK. Here's my issue: This third used Optiplex 755 has BIOS version A10, which is older than you! But Dell drivers and downloads still offers its last BIOS A22. (Dell also offers versions A19 and A21, but nothing else in between A10 and A22.) So, may I install only the latest BIOS A22, or must I first install A19 and then A21? Or must I somehow find A11, A12, A13 and so on all the way through to A22 and install every one in sequence? I bet Dave-H knows the answer, as he probably tried to go from A22 back down to A1 and SUCCEEDED! Thanks, don't exhale until you're vaccinated, and Merry Xmas, y'all.
  7. Sorry - just saw this. As Den says, I actually *AM* a lawyer. Here's my advice: Go out, have a beer and buy a used Win 10 machine on racinenorth.com Now, where do I send my bill? OK OK - what's the question? I'll try. But if it's about copyright or IP, I'll need to reach out to colleagues. My own specialty is bad real estate deals and sexual diseases.
  8. Great news - SpiderOak One's latest version 7.5.1 is working on my XP! Call off the invasion of Switzerland! Retreat! Retreat! I didn't mean what I said. I LOVE the Swiss. Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches, and old Swiss girlfriends!!! Grüezi mittenand! Broscht!
  9. Dear Anti-Swiss Army Comrades -- I just posted the following at that DSL thread - but what do you think? Is the above related to anything interesting? And why do I have TLS 1.1 and 1.2 UNchecked?
  10. Here's a new blow - SpiderOak (which has a great totally-encrypted backup and sync-across-devices app) has just recently changed its security certificates so that SpiderOak on an XP machine (using SpiderOak One version 6.1.5, the last version that worked on XP) no longer connects to anything. No backup or sync on my XP. Those annoying Swiss! We have them surrounded - let's invade.
  11. Believe it or not, there's a poor sod who's having new difficulty with AOL-based verizon.net email on Outlook Express on his XP machine, and he posted his travails at < THIS THREAD AT DSL REPORTS > Apparently the issue may be that his Outlook Express does SSL but not TLS. However, I recall, thanks to the folks on this thread, that there was some kind of update to XP that added some TLS or better TLS to XP. Was that two or three years ago? Do you remember what that was, and is it still available somewhere? (I remember installing it and feeling a wave of technical satisfaction wash over me like a dip in a tropical ocean or a good whisky.) Stay well and wash your hands for 20 minutes.
  12. Opens door.) Hey! Wow, dark and smelly - they fire the cleaning lady? Hey! Is anyone home? Let's see if anyone's in the kitchen. Damn - can't see anything. OW! MY TOE! (Hopping.) What was that? I'll get ptomaine poisoning. I mean tetanus. Well, I'll just leave a message: From today's AskWoody: <redacted>
  13. Hey everyone... HEY ... ANYONE THERE? I was hoping this former happy gang of obsessed antique-tech-fiends would do for Win 7 what you all did for XP. Maybe something is now going on, and you all might be able to make it work? See https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/bypass-windows-7-extended-security-updates-eligibility.80606/page-14 Have they figured out a way to keep 7 going? If yes, can you guys translate this into a useful tool for tourists such as myself? (Win 7 Pro 64-bit) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  14. Thanks, Mcinwwwwwwwwl and heino. What version of certupdater should I be running on my XP machine, and should I just run it, or should I be doing something special with its folder or files? I have been using Cert_Updater_v1.6.exe, but it came with other files that I don't understand. I notice that many incoming emails on my XP machine (coming into Outlook 2003) have images that don't show -- I get blanks and a small square with a red X -- and yes I run certupdater every few months. Maybe I'm NOT picking up the right cert files ???

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