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  1. Dave-H -- Win 8.1 with Office 2003? That's nothing. I know someone who has Win 10 with Wang.
  2. Dave-H - On my wife's Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine with Office 2003 and Excel 2013, I don't recall seeing the Compatibility Pack updates as automatic updates in a long time. I've been installing them manually from Bersaglio's lists here.
  3. Just a note of thanks to heinoganda, who has tech superpowers!
  4. heinoganda - you are again 100% correct. Uninstalling KB4134651 fixed the MalwareBytes problem. Unfortunately, KB4134651 is important, and I have not understood your posts about your special modified home-made bootleg version of KB4134651. Can you send it to me, maybe in a PM? Or a link to it? Or should I go down to the corner and ask for Dmitri? Thanks.
  5. I ran the updates in my XP Mode virtual machine on my Win 7 PC (including a manual install of KB4089453), and Malwarebytes in that XPMode is crashing, regardless of uninstalls and reinstalls of different versions of Malwarebytes. Anyone else have same issue?
  6. Before I install this month's updates, a few questions: KB4134651 is offered. Should I install it? After checking in the MU Update History and in Belarc, I do NOT have KB4074852 installed. (I have not understood the posts by and to heinoganda on this one. But, right now, Properties - Find Target works in my shortcuts.) Neither the yellow shield nor MU is showing me KB4089453. Bersaglio lists a v2, and I can see that I have an earlier version installed on 3-14-18. Should I get Bersaglio's v2 version and install it manually? Before or after the others? I installed KB4056564 on 3/14/2018. It is showing again in yellow shield and MU, and I assume it is Bersaglio's v2. I'm going to leave it checked and install it unless someone here sends me an emergency Amber alert that causes both my Blackberry and my flip phone to emit embarrassing shrieks. ADDED: As always, for my wife's Win 7 Pro 64-bit SOHO machine on which we have Office 2003 and Excel 2012, should I manually run Bersaglio's Office 2007 compatibility pack KB4018308 and KB4022150? I know the answer is yes, but want to be safe. (If I ever screw up that machine, one of you will have to put me up for a while.) Thanks.
  7. Mcinwwl, postodevil and heinoganda - I am curious to know the answers to postodevil's questions. If here is not appropriate, please send me a private copy of answers. Thanks.
  8. Dave-H - I have a number of "Informations" (not errors) from source crypto32 on a few dates this year, but in each case the narrative says "Successful auto update retrieval of third-party root list ...". I suppose that depends on the definition of "Successful". It's not like I earned any money or anything.
  9. The last time I ran heinoganda's Cert_Updater.exe, AOL decided to change the settings on its email servers ON THE SAME DAY and my Outlook Express stopped working until last week, when I was flooded with 9,998 (±1) duplicate emails that spilled all over the place, so my cleaning lady quit and we're still sweeping up. If you don't mind, I'll wait this time until every certificate in Brazil has been updated. Since I once was standing on line at Banco do Brasil in Maceio for 20 minutes to exchange $200 until I started yelling in imaginary Portuguese and they decided to get rid of the gringo, I know this might take a while. But PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
  10. Dave-H - OK - I'm switching to mint tea.
  11. Dave-H - I'll try the extract-from-tar.gz when I get a chance. But I notice that my folder C:\Program Files\Java looks like a mess, with subfolders for prior installations. (Unfortunately, I cannot upload a screenshot - get error messages here.) Should I delete all those subfolders and just extract the tar.gz into C:\Program Files\Java ? Or should it get its own subfolder first? Thanks. PS - I have no idea whether I need Java. On doctor's orders, I've been on decaf the last eight days. (Bad one. Sorry.)
  12. Gents - I've managed to uninstall Java from my XP machine, and the latest version, jre-8u171-windows-i586.exe (the full offline installer at 63+ MB) won't install, not even partially. A) Same for you? B) Should I do anything special to get it to install? (I already tried in Safe Mode without success.) C) Should I care anyway? Thanks.
  13. w2k4eva - works!! Thanks. Hey - you're - - -
  14. w2k4eva- excellent suggestion. Unfortunately too late, even at dial-up speed. But as this will undoubtedly happen again, and again, I shall NOT forget. Thanks. Hey - from Feb 25 until today, I've been sending email only on mail.aol.com in my browser. Is there any way to copy those Sent emails from the Sent folder on mail.aol.com into my Outlook Express Sent folder? As far as I can tell, that's not a "downloading" thing. ALSO - even though my XP machine, a Dell Optiplex 755, is presumably rated at 100 Mbps download and upload, connected to my new FIOS 1 Gbps, I get 383 Mbps down and 332 Mbps up. That's only second gear for my Win 7 machine, but pretty good for duct tape.
  15. Mcinwwl and Dave-H - Thank you both, but I'm following Mcinwwl's suggestion. Moved the existing emails out into a "Save" folder and am now re-downloading all 4,562 promotional emails from JuteCarpets.com. What's even more annoying is that I moved to Verizon 1 Gbps FIOS 9 days ago, but the re-download of my verizon.net email from mail.aol.com is using only 0.01% - 0.15% of the available bandwidth. Aol thinks that, since it's Outlook Express, I must still be on dial-up.