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  1. Sorry - just saw this. As Den says, I actually *AM* a lawyer. Here's my advice: Go out, have a beer and buy a used Win 10 machine on racinenorth.com Now, where do I send my bill? OK OK - what's the question? I'll try. But if it's about copyright or IP, I'll need to reach out to colleagues. My own specialty is bad real estate deals and sexual diseases.
  2. Great news - SpiderOak One's latest version 7.5.1 is working on my XP! Call off the invasion of Switzerland! Retreat! Retreat! I didn't mean what I said. I LOVE the Swiss. Swiss chocolate, Swiss watches, and old Swiss girlfriends!!! Grüezi mittenand! Broscht!
  3. Dear Anti-Swiss Army Comrades -- I just posted the following at that DSL thread - but what do you think? Is the above related to anything interesting? And why do I have TLS 1.1 and 1.2 UNchecked?
  4. Here's a new blow - SpiderOak (which has a great totally-encrypted backup and sync-across-devices app) has just recently changed its security certificates so that SpiderOak on an XP machine (using SpiderOak One version 6.1.5, the last version that worked on XP) no longer connects to anything. No backup or sync on my XP. Those annoying Swiss! We have them surrounded - let's invade.
  5. Believe it or not, there's a poor sod who's having new difficulty with AOL-based verizon.net email on Outlook Express on his XP machine, and he posted his travails at < THIS THREAD AT DSL REPORTS > Apparently the issue may be that his Outlook Express does SSL but not TLS. However, I recall, thanks to the folks on this thread, that there was some kind of update to XP that added some TLS or better TLS to XP. Was that two or three years ago? Do you remember what that was, and is it still available somewhere? (I remember installing it and feeling a wave of technical satisfaction wash over me like a dip in a tropical ocean or a good whisky.) Stay well and wash your hands for 20 minutes.
  6. Opens door.) Hey! Wow, dark and smelly - they fire the cleaning lady? Hey! Is anyone home? Let's see if anyone's in the kitchen. Damn - can't see anything. OW! MY TOE! (Hopping.) What was that? I'll get ptomaine poisoning. I mean tetanus. Well, I'll just leave a message: From today's AskWoody: <redacted>
  7. Hey everyone... HEY ... ANYONE THERE? I was hoping this former happy gang of obsessed antique-tech-fiends would do for Win 7 what you all did for XP. Maybe something is now going on, and you all might be able to make it work? See https://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/bypass-windows-7-extended-security-updates-eligibility.80606/page-14 Have they figured out a way to keep 7 going? If yes, can you guys translate this into a useful tool for tourists such as myself? (Win 7 Pro 64-bit) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  8. Thanks, Mcinwwwwwwwwl and heino. What version of certupdater should I be running on my XP machine, and should I just run it, or should I be doing something special with its folder or files? I have been using Cert_Updater_v1.6.exe, but it came with other files that I don't understand. I notice that many incoming emails on my XP machine (coming into Outlook 2003) have images that don't show -- I get blanks and a small square with a red X -- and yes I run certupdater every few months. Maybe I'm NOT picking up the right cert files ???
  9. Hel-LOW-oh? Anyone home? Askwoody has this post, which predicts embedded support for Win 7 for another two years. https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/september-patch-tuesday-rolling-out/#post-1949416 Is the "usual gang" of tech wizards here working on a POS-type hack? Look, Dave-H, I know you love Win 98, but lemme have some support here, man.
  10. Jaclaz - For some reason, the second file-link I saved from HDHacker is wrong. The Physical Drive (MBR) is NOT the same as the Logical Drive (Boot Sector). Physical Drive (MBR) is here: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZKsRJkZxC2C0P2DmczG1FsuPxhfH8kvIncV Logical Drive (Boot Sector) is here: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZNsRJkZCNpTxvRh6iF3RTd8iRyqoJYPqxg7 Please confirm they are now different. When I "Compare with loaded", then "Logical Drive (Boot Sector)" is the same as loaded, but "Physical Drive (MBR)" has many differences from as loaded. New thoughts? Thanks. is NOT the same as the Logical Drive (Boot Sector)
  11. Jaclaz - wow - very informative. Thank you! Your description confirmed my guess that the D partition was only the Dell Utility partition, and so just now I was successful in removing the D drive letter and rebooting. It no longer shows up in Explorer - good - just like before the clone. (That Dell utility partition still shows in Disk Management, but now (again) without a drive letter.) As to the two mystery partitions that you saw - they are a historical artifact. Originally, the Momentus XT drive was purchased as a replacement drive for my wife's Dell Win xp laptop. But that laptop had a meltdown shortly afterwards, and she moved to Apple, never to return to MS. I saved that Momentus XT drive, which had her laptop C; and Dell utility partitions on it. A little bit later, when I needed to replace the original hard drive in my Dell Optiplex 755 (on which I am writing now), I used that Momentus XT. But the first thing I did was to hide those two existing partitions very thoroughly, rather than delete them, just in case she needed a missing file. I moved my XP Dell Optilex onto the remainder of that Momentus XT, where it functioned in my Dell Optiplex 755 for a few years. Recently, the Momentus XT seemed to hiccup, causing network interruptions and re-downloads of my current aol email. So. yesterday, I finally cloned it to a plain vanilla WD hard drive but keeping those deeply hidden old partitions in place (also on yesterday's clone), Here we are. So far so good. Thanks also for pointing me to that tool HDHacker. I did not go to the trouble of saving the MBR info from the now-removed Momentus XT but did just now save the info from my new WD. In case you're interested, here is the link to my two dat files - one from the logical drive and one from the physical drive: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=VZLjHJkZeUTX4PBaO4urWUsVN9pDfYOBfvN7 Of these two dat files. When I "Compare with loaded", the dat from "Logical Drive (Boot Sector)" is the same as loaded, and the dat from "Physical Drive (MBR)" has many differences from as loaded. Don't know what that means. What do you think?
  12. Actually, the more I think about the files in this D: partition, the less sure I am that it is boot-up (MBR). Maybe it's just the Dell utility partition? I can't tell. But it didn't have a drive letter before. What does your boot-up - MBR partition look like?
  13. Nice to see there's still life in this XP part of the forum. Using Macrium Reflect Free version 7.2 in a bootable USB stick, I finally cloned my XP drive from my Momentus XT hybrid drive that seemed to stutter (the source) to a plain vanilla WD hard drive.(the destination). This was a direct clone - I had both drives inside my machine (an Optiplex 755 Desktop with 4GB RAM) when I ran the clone. Immediately after the clone, I shut down, removed the Momentus XT, moved the WD to the SATA cables that used to go to the Momentus XT, rebooted using the Macrium USB stick into the Macrium PE environment and used the Macrium to "Fix Windows Boot Problem". (I did this because a prior effort to clone the Momentus XT onto this WD failed with BSOD screens when I tried to boot up the WD.) Well, with one exception, the clone seems to be working fine 12 hours later. Still keeping an eye on it. Here's the issue -- and, remember, I now have only the clone WD hard drive in the machine. In Explorer, in addition to the C:\ drive (good), I am also seeing a D:\ drive that seems to be the bootup (MBR?) partition. I would NOT normally expect it to have a drive letter or be visible in Explorer. If it's visible, I might screw it up someday. What should I do? Just eliminate its drive letter in Disk Management? Should I go into Safe Mode first to do that? Will the machine still find it to re-boot next time? If the machine can't find it and won't re-boot next time, what would I be able to do to re-assign it as D:\ and so at least be able to re-boot? By the way, I'm a lawyer, not a tech person, and I don't know what I'm talking about. (We lawyers never do - we just make it up as we go along, which is why you can't understand us. And then we send you a bill) I don't know what MBR means. I can tie my shoelaces and boil water, but that's about it. I don't seem to be able to insert any graphics here, but here is a link to a png of a screenshot of what this D drive looks like. https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ2dJJkZwAFz8nML7LkBhJcYaUFWTVvhGkw7 Looks like the bootup - MBR partition, yes? Now, here's a link that shows what my Disk Management looks like: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZltJJkZXktXYt3NRQHOEz3yFnTGaJaiYDLV (Those two partitions on the left surrounded by a green border are deeply hidden partitions that were on the Momentus XT when I removed it from my wife's laptop ages ago. I wanted to use the Momentus XT in my XP machine but also wanted to preserve those partitions. They are not active and the XP machine has never noticed them (good). The two partitions that count are the two on the right. I can't do a screenshot, but if I right-click the D: partition, I see an option to "Mark partition as active", which I suppose means it is not active yet. If I right-click the C: partition, that option is greyed out, which I suppose means the C: partition is already active, which makes sense.) So - should I just use Disk Management to remove the D: drive letter from that partition? But please see my questions 2 and 3 above. Thanks.
  14. Here's the report in Macrium Reflect of yesterday's clone operation. See anything interesting?
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