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  1. Looks like I'm not the only nut case here. Happy Holidays!
  2. You have Escargots in Lithuania? I love them in France, but maybe they're better in Lithuania?
  3. I have just now UNchecked TLS 1.0, leaving 1.1 and 1.2 CHECKED, and rebooted. Well, here I am (on Firefox), and my Outlook Express emails seem to work. So OK. Unless, of course, while TLS 1.0 was checked, everything I did was secretly intercepted by Russia, and the last 4½ years have been communications with FAKE heinoganda, dencorso and others and the next sentence will destroy the internet, So I'd better not wri
  4. Bersaglio - Спасибо..
  5. My yellow shield list shows only one version of KB4467689 ready to install, not two. And KB4467689 is NOT already installed, per MU update history and Belarc. Should I do anything before letting the yellow shield run? Thanks.
  6. Heinoganda's post prompted me to look. In my Internet Options, I have DISabled SSL 2.0 and 3.0, but TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1,2 are all ENabled. Is that still OK for XP? Is it OK for Win 7? Thanks.
  7. Mcinwwl - October 12, 2021 - three years from yesterday, And considering that it's only four years since I started doing the XP POS updates (thanks to this thread), those three years will pass fast enough. I am NOT looking forward to Win 10, neither at home nor at work. Does anyone know how many people are actually (still) updating XP with the POS hack?
  8. I wonder whether MS might not extend Win 7 a bit. Just this month, there were two meltdowns from updates to Win 10. I don't see how businesses (especially mom-and-pop businesses) can trust Win 10 yet. But it will be another year before the world realizes that Win 7 is going away, so maybe the complaining won't start soon enough..
  9. Vistaboy - but then in 2020 we'll all be back for Win 7. Hey, is there a Win 7 POS?
  10. Heinoganda - yes - all good. Thanks again. HEY - WHAT IF I PUT A PICTURE OF ELVIS?
  11. Heinoganda - thanks again, from me and all five of my doppelgangers. Your Info Version 1.6.txt says "For this the image (CertUpd.jpg) of the screen print must be loaded into the same directory of Cert_Updater, or in the same directory of Cert_Updater a text file with the name "Cert_Updater.txt" where the corresponding link to the image of the screen printout is inserted." But I installed your .reg file and I have just run Cert_Updater_v1.6, Do I also need to follow your instructions above about CertUpd.jpg?
  12. Dave-H and heinoganda - this is only about the schannel error, not the crypt32 error, correct?
  13. heinoganda - I just tried it (without understanding the Info .txt), and the results are: ******************************************************* * authroots.sst 07/18/2018 05:09 PM Roots * * delroots.sst 07/06/2018 02:05 PM Roots * * roots.sst 07/06/2018 02:05 PM Roots * * updroots.sst 08/20/2018 08:12 PM Roots * * disallowedcert.sst 04/27/2018 03:29 PM Revoked * ******************************************************* Does that look correct? Thanks.
  14. Dave-H - I'm getting email notifications for SOME of the new posts on this thread (like yours just above but not some of the immediately preceding ones). At a meta+ironic level, in my XP machine's Outlook Express (which I understand is closely tied to IE). when I click on email notifications about updates to MSFN threads, I get Certificate Error warnings, but NOT just now for the one that has inspired this post.