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  1. Mcinwwl - Agree 100%. Am big fan of TeamViewer and use it 3,476 times a day from work to see my personal emails at home ... and to do this forum's updates on my home XP machine from a Win 7 laptop when I'm traveling. Like yesterday. So - you feel confident that those RDP changes will NOT impair TeamViewer?? Thanks. EDIT - Out of curiosity, will the RDP changes prevent an RDP link between my XP machine (duct tape) and my dual-booting 7 and 10 machine?
  2. Hey Bersaglio - same old Q - should I run kb4011720 on my wife's Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine that has Office 2003? Otherwise, I've installed the Nine for today on my XP machine - thanks to all.
  3. Ladies and Gents - Just read the story below at AskWoody and wonder how it might affect us in the XP Elite Brigade. Thoughts? < ASKWOODY LINK > PS - are the new XP updates OK for everyone, or has anyone just found himself transported into an alternate universe? (And then how would he know?)
  4. Folks - sorry to re-ask, but the only thing I can maybe do this weekend is install Thunderbird or another newer email app on my old XP machine in order to replace the now obsolete Outlook Express 6 which cannot link any more with aol mail. The conversations just above are way, way above my duct-tape skill-set. To repeat my questions: Thanks.
  5. Mathwiz - thanks for helpful warning above about POP3 and IMAC. For the 34 years I've been using OE6, the settings have been POP3 but also "Leave a copy of messages on server". And, in fact, my incoming emails are all there if I use a browser to go to mail.aol.com (which took over all emailing from webmail.verizon.net a year ago). (But not my Sent emails, which I have only locally on my XP machine.) I am tempted to install a new email app and use the same settings if they are available. Does anyone know whether the combination of POP3 AND "Leave a copy of messages on server" is possible on Thunderbird? Also, - I hesitate to look for an old version of Live Mail because maybe it also cannot keep up with the new security technology that aol mail is using since this weekend. That's why I'm considering Thunderbird.
  6. Heinoganda - sorry, but I am a dummy. Please send me a link about this internal proxy - I didn't know there was such a thing. But I definitely like "cost no cent"!
  7. Heinoganda - thanks - I'm beginning to understand. If AOL doesn't fix, I'll try Thunderbird first. But will Thunderbird's own certificate management still work on an XP machine? Curious - I don't want to pay for a proxy service. So could I use my Win 7+10 machine as the proxy?
  8. Thanks Dave-H. Am already on browser direct to AOL mail. Not missing any detailed life critiques from wife. Shall continue this way for a day or so until AOL fixes, then might try your workaround.
  9. Mcinwwl - thanks. What is a web client that can connect my accounts?
  10. Den, Den, Den ... Did I ever say I know what I'm doing?
  11. By the way, since this might be related to the demise of SHA-1 and I must eventually move my emails to my Win 7 / 10 machine, what email app do you recommend? I was thinking Outlook 2016 (which I know from work but it seems too complicated for home use) or Thunderbird (which I have never seen). I like OE6 because it's simple and has never failed. But it's gone gone gone.
  12. Well ... in desperation I called the AOL tech support help number and ACTUALLY GOT THROUGH TO SOMEONE IN ONLY 20 MINUTES. He explained this is a known issue on their side since last night, and he was kind enough to say it to me four times so I could stop crying over the imminent demise of my duct-taped XP machine. He also confirmed my ancient OE6 settings as correct. (Maybe I'm jinxing myself by reporting this now before they actually fix it? Hopefully not, in which case I shall remain your humble expert in FALSE ALARMS.) Thanks again to Dave-H and Heinoganda for infinite patience, and apologies to Heinoganda for any implied criticism of the Cert_Updater.
  13. Heinoganda - yes I understand. But that may mean my days with XP are over. I keep my XP machine going principally for the continuing email. There is no way back to yesterday?
  14. Dave - H and Heinoganda - I think it's possible that the certificate updates I did this morning with Heinoganda's Cert_Updater changed something. Is there a way to retrieve what it deleted or changed? (A System Restore to yesterday does not fix the problem.)
  15. Dave-H -- sorry dumb q -- how do I see my windows certificate store on my xp machine?