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  1. Before trying New Moon at the Disroot site, I downloaded the latest update from RT's Free Soft. http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/ I was 99% certain New Moon would also be redirected to the Disroot "bad browser" page. Fortunately, I was wrong. I tried four XP compatible browsers, but not New Moon. I set the User Agent Mode to Firefox and it worked. I was able to login normally to my Disroot email account. Thank you Rod Steel! (I tried user agent switcher extensions with KM-Goanna and Mypal/Firefox. Changing the user agent should have worked, but it didn't.)
  2. The only email account I ever liked was Disroot. They are 100% reliable and there are no ads. Never had login problems with any of the forked or backported browsers compatible with XP. All of sudden, I'm redirected to this "outdated browser" page. https://mail.disroot.org/?/BadBrowser I tried a couple of those user agent switching extensions. Changed the user agent to the latest Firefox strings. Didn't work. Posted at the Disroot Forum. No replies. I have browsers like Mypal/Firefox, Basilisk/Serpent, KM-Goanna (K-Meleon), etc. If I can't fix this problem, my Disroot email account is gone forever.
  3. ClamWin was (or is) dead. The last version I downloaded is 0.103.2 - 115MB. The ClamWin forum had many "goodbye and good luck" posts. For some reason, I decided to visit the ClamWin download page. Apparently, ClamWin is not dead. There is a new version. It's - 225MB. https://clamwin.com/content/view/18/46/ Downloading the virus definition files manually is still impossible. That's why I stopped using ClamWin. You get "Access Denied - Error Code 1020." I tried accessing these files using an online proxy site. Didn't work. https://clamwin.com/content/view/58/27/ Can someone tell me what's going on with this app? I can download the latest version of ClamWin, but not the virus definition files.
  4. I've got Microsoft IntelliPoint_v6.2 installed in my XP system. I realize IntelliPoint 6.2 is old software, but I need to know if the IntelliPoint drivers are compatible with the Classic IntelliMouse. Here is the Microsoft listing for the Classic IntelliMouse: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/d/microsoft-classic-intellimouse/94k0pmt1cmfw
  5. I've got seven XP compatible browsers: K-Meleon Goanna BNavigator IceApe Mypal New Moon Otter Basilisk/Serpent I'm trying to schedule an appointment for the Covid Vaccine with CVS Pharmacy. When I select the link for my state the page jumps upward. I've tried all seven browsers with no luck. https://www.cvs.com/immunizations/covid-19-vaccine I googled CVS with my state, thinking that there might be a direct link for each state. If there is, I can't find it. Maybe an "about:config" edit would resolve this problem. I need a solution.
  6. Well, I can't remember how many times I've tried spoofing (or switching) user agents to resolve other problems. It never worked. Tutanota and ProtonMail worked ok when I created the accounts. I was thinking that website upgrades over the past two years were not compatible with an old system like XP. I just tried mail.tutanota.com/login with Mypal. No change. I've been tinkering with an obscure barebones browser called Nano. It's a bug filled mess, but sometimes browsers that lack all the usual features and settings can be useful.
  7. I've got three ad free webmail accounts. Tutanota, Disroot, and ProtonMail. https://tutanota.com/ https://disroot.org/en/services/email https://protonmail.com/ Logging into Disroot with any XP compatible browser is good. No problem. I see "ProtonMail loading," but the login screen never appears. Browsers seem to be loading the Tutanota login screen, but I see nothing. It's completely blank. There were no login screen rendering problems when I created the ProtonMail and Tutanota accounts, about two years ago. My XP browsers. All are the most recent versions. K-Meleon Otter Mypal RT's Free Soft Browsers: BNavigator IceApe New Moon Basilisk/Serpent All seven browsers are having the same problem with ProtonMail and Tutanota login. Can it be fixed?
  8. I ticked "Scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors." Selecting this option also fixes file system errors. Scandisk did not work. The last app I tried before finding the solution was Pocket Killbox. It failed like all the others. A COMMAND LINE APP - SUPERDELETE - WORKED LIKE A CHARM! https://github.com/marceln/SuperDelete 1. Copy SuperDelete.exe into your Windows directory 2. Open Command Prompt There are a few simple commands like this one: SuperDelete.exe PathToFileOrFolder Command with long pathname did not work: SuperDelete.exe I:\Old Tor Browsers\Copy_001\Use On Boot\Happy Days\Structure Command with short pathname (8 + 3 DOS style) deleted all the corrupt folders and files: SuperDelete.exe I:\OLDTOR~1\Copy_001\USEONB~1\HAPPYD~1\STRUCT~ I've got backups for everything. Formatting the partitions with those "stuck in concrete" folders seemed like the only solution. I was about to quit googling when I found SuperDelete.
  9. Yes, I thought about Scandisk. I've seen numerous corrupt files, but the files in those folders are damaged in a strange way. They look like file fragments, but I really don't know what they are. Apps that run during bootup like MoveFile and BlitzBlank should have deleted those folders. BlitzBlank was created to clean out malware. I was very surprised when it failed to delete those folders. OK jumper, I'll run Scandisk.
  10. I keep many copies of Tor Browser. I configure each copy differently because they're used for different purposes. Old copies on flash drives and external hard drives are stuck real bad! There are corrupt files without extensions. They appear to be file fragments. I cannot rename anything. Opened command prompt and tried several delete commands. Nothing happened. Booting into Safe Mode didn't work either. These apps failed: 1. IObitUnlocker 2. FileASSASSIN 3. Delete Doctor 4. FileExile 5. Sysinternals MoveFile (deletes during bootup) 6. Emsisoft BlitzBlank (deletes during bootup) I've got <some warez>. There is a mini version of XP on the disk and a long list of apps. Is there an app on that might delete those stuck folders? In the past I've had folders and files that were difficult to delete, but not impossible. I don't know what else I can try. If you've got a possible solution, please let me know.
  11. XP Pro_SP3 Guys, I'm going a little crazy. I need a working copy of Catalyst Control Center, but something is messed up with these installers. I've got three versions of AMD Catalyst Software with release notes. The release notes are important because many sites list their versions of Catalyst as compatible with XP. Most are not. The AMD release notes for all versions list the compatible operating systems. The last version I attempted to install (12.4) extracted the files in their folders. Nothing is installed. The same thing happened with the other two versions I downloaded. If I run "Setup.exe" the installer just starts the same process over again. Nothing is installed. I've never seen anything like this before. Why is this happening and is there a solution?
  12. RainyShadow, I took a screenshot of the monitor in the Settings Tab. The bottom part part was not needed for this discussion. ED_Sin, I just received this monitor from Amazon. The OSD menus have hundreds of options. Is there an option to expand Desktop to fill the monitor screen? If it's there, I can't find it.
  13. Hello ED_Sin. Monitor is connected with an HDMI cable. When you say "Monitor Settings" I assume you're referring to Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Settings Tab. Here is a screenshot of the Settings Tab: https://postimg.cc/XXBFMgbZ I can drag Monitor 1 with my mouse, but it cannot be stretched. If I'm wrong, tell me how to stretch Monitor 1.
  14. XP Pro_SP3 Model: VX2276-SMHD Optimal Resolution: 1920 x 1080 New monitor and ATI video drivers are working fine, but there is a problem. My Desktop does not expand to fill the entire monitor screen. In other words, I've got 1/2" - to - 3/4" black bars surrounding the Desktop. There is a possible fix. If you have ATI Catalyst Control Center installed, here is the procedure: 1. Open Control Panel / Catalyst Control Center. 2. At the top/left of the dialog, click the Graphics drop down menu. 3. Select Desktop and Displays. 4. At the bottom of that window, click the Black Arrow at the top of the Monitor Image and select Configure. 5. In the Image Scaling section, select the Scale image to full panel size option. 6. Click Apply/OK. I had an old copy of Catalyst Control Center. A few weeks after the install, it stopped working. I remember googling about the problem. Found many posts about CCC not working. I downloaded Catalyst Control Suite_v14.4. When you run the installer, no shortcuts are added to the Start Menu. It doesn't install anything. All the files are dumped into a few folders. Is there an app (excluding Catalyst software) that will expand my Desktop to fill the monitor screen? If not, I need a version of Catalyst that actually works.
  15. Regsvr32 works with other DLLs, so it's not damaged. I will provide some context about this problem, but it's a bottomless pit with no solutions. All over the web you can find discussions that go on for hundreds of pages about reCAPTCHA. I'm referring to "I'm not a robot" followed by those thumbnail images. Select cars, buses, fire hydrants, etc. Millions of people have trouble loading and using reCAPTCHA. I've probably tried 50 fixes. If I refresh the page dozens of times, reCAPTCHA occasionally loads. There is a Bypass reCAPTCHA script that works with GreaseMonkey. I tried the script. Doesn't seem to do anything. Registering pngfilt.dll is from a blog created by a very smart IT professional. He listed several reCAPTCHA fixes. It's very possible pngfilt.dll cannot be registered. This reCAPTCHA problem constantly reminds me of circuits I breadboarded many years ago, when I was learning electronics. If a signal is weak you carefully add stages that increase signal strength without creating distortion. There should be an app that works between the Google servers and your browser. Something that would focus all those bytes of reCAPTCHA data and beam it full strength into your browser. I know, it's just wishful thinking.

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