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  1. YES!! That's it Tripredacus. I like your "K-Mart-ian Legend." The expertise of dencorso provided the solution. If you google about this topic, there must be thousands of posts on other forums about .NET Framework slowing down all versions of Microsoft Windows. As you can see from my original post, it was v4.0 causing a system slowdown, not v4.5. Also, the "batch script" was actually a command line that ran like a batch script. Maybe I was lucky, but installing v4.5 caused no problems at all with XP.
  2. The info and files I've download from MSFN is incredibly useful. I make duplicate copies of everything. I don't know why or how, but I lost an important batch script. Several months ago I installed .Net Framework v4.5 with XP. A common problem after installing v4.5 is a sluggish operating system. It's so bad, most people quickly uninstall v4.5. I posted about this problem and one of your XP experts provided an amazing "fix it all" batch script that cleared all the problems with XP and .Net Framework v4.5. I mentioned this batch script to several friends, but I couldn't provide a copy. I need a link for that script.
  3. I've got all the info on the motherboard. It's an AMD chipset. There must be a reason why the Hardware Wizard refuses to install the display drivers. DDU removes everything related to your old display drivers. It's like you're doing a fresh install of XP. Description of DDU: "Display Driver Uninstaller, or DDU, is a driver utility programs that allows you to remove all traces of NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL display and audio drivers from Windows. This allows you to perform a clean install of new drivers so that there are no potential issues with previous versions."
  4. AMD Motherboard I downloaded two apps: Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v18.0.0.1 -> This version works with XP -> Tried several other versions that had problems AMD Catalyst Software Suite for XP v14.4 -> Extracted driver folders with 7-Zip -> Not installing other utilities DDU uninstalls AMD display and audio drivers. I pointed the Hardware Wizard to the new audio and display driver folders. Installed audio drivers quickly. Will not install display drivers. Using the INF file, I tried to manually install the display drivers: Context Menu -> Install -> Failed to install drivers What can I do to install the new display drivers?
  5. I thought about using 98SE as download platform several months ago. It seemed like a useful function for a very old operating system. The problem is finding a modern download manager that will work with KernelEx. AWGG with Curl could be the best solution for downloading almost any file with 98SE. I'll try it and post the results in this thread. This is not related to KernelEx, but I was just reading about Puppy Linux for 98. http://www.freeveda.org/linux/puppy/PupWin98.htm If it works, this could be a way to use 98SE as a stable platform for a basic Linux operating system.
  6. Thanks loblo. I'm asking these questions before downloading AWGG and Curl. I don't know if there is any kind of help file in the 7-Zip archives. How do I add the Curl Engine to AWGG? Maybe extract both apps into the same folder? Also, should I select XP (or something else) from the KernelEx menu?
  7. I installed the jumper updates for KernelEx. I've got 98SE installed on a laptop and I'd like to use it for downloading files. uGet is not a "pretty" app, but it starts and completes more downloads than all the other managers, including IDM (Internet Download Manager). The uGet GUI is really the "front-end" for a powerful command line app called aria2c.exe. When downloads complete, you can add a custom script that will do anything you want. I've tried using the portable uGet with KernelEx. When missing DLL error messages appear I add the files, but uGet will not run. If it's possible to run uGet with KernelEx, tell me how. If not, can you recommend a similar app that is more compatible with KernelEx? (I don't know if there is another app similar to uGet.)
  8. Dave-H, a very smart "expert" at Super User suggested build 131 for XP. Now you know why I install everything virtually. I frequently make mistakes. Mathwiz, I'm slightly confused. You say the last build of Java with a working installer for XP is 151/152. Look at this page from Codec Pack -> System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 https://codecpack.co/download/Java_Runtime_Environment.html Maybe the folks at Codec Pack created an installer package that works with XP. I'm going to try it.
  9. Because new software can wreck your operating system, I install everything in a virtual environment for testing purposes. If there are no problems, it becomes permanent. I uninstalled old Java and installed Java_v8.0_b131. My four Mozilla based browsers don't like this new build of Java: about:addons -> Plugins -> Java_v8.0_b131 -> It's listed with security risk warnings. "Always Activate" is greyed out on the menu. A message appears when installing Java 8.0. It's the usual warning about software not compatible with older versions of Windows. It seems to integrate smoothly with XP Pro_SP3. Is there a build of Java 8.0 that will work with XP without those Mozilla security warnings? Java isn't very useful when "Always Activate" is greyed out.
  10. Several months ago I decided to save the Desktop I built for XP. After upgrading most of the components it seemed logical to improve the operating system, if I could. That why I started this thread about PAE patching. bphlpt, I found that magnet link. Thanks for your guidance. I stopped downloading torrents years ago, so my torrent clients are ancient. I just read an article about torrent magnets. Seems like an improvement over the old torrents. I downloaded PicoTorrent because it's simple. I read all the replies to my original post. I'm going to try one of these PAE patches. I've got numerous system backups, so I have to stop worrying about which PAE patch is the safest. Dibya, there are many positive articles on other sites about your PAE patch. People who have tried it like the results. I have several hardware and software cleanup procedures to perform before I apply the PAE patch. I'll return to this thread with the results.
  11. caliber, I've tried using every combination of words from that image you uploaded. Must have performed three dozen Google searches. I cannot find a link for that app. I typed this sentence into Google: "All 32-bit editions of Windows starting with Windows 2000 are limited to 4GB is not because of any technical constraint on 32-bit operating systems." The name Geoff Chappell appeared in several of the Google search results. If you've got the app without a link please upload it somewhere so I can download it. Thanks caliber.
  12. caliber, the patch you listed is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would not require restoring my entire system from a backup if it failed. You did not provide a link, so I googled the title: Windows x86 (32bit) 4Gb-Fix (Up to 128GB) [ver.] The search results listed a Russian site. I don't understand Russian. Can you provide a link for the patch?
  13. jaclaz, I was completely fooled by that "dictionary" error! Let me explain why. As a boy I learned electronics from several books by British authors. Instead of saying "transistor" they used the word "valve." There were many other technical words and expressions used by the British, but not commonly used in the USA. When I saw the word "dictionary" I assumed the author was from Europe. Obviously, I did not know he meant to type "directory." IntMD, that tiny patch (64K) from daniel_k is remarkable! After reading about the Diyba patch, I was very concerned about system instability. I've got many full system backups, but no one wants an unstable operating system. Two questions about the WinXPPAE patch from daniel_k. The best way to install this patch is to enable PAE limiting to 4GB. Command line would be -> WINXPPAE /4GB If I installed 12 gigs of RAM with PAE limiting enabled, will I see the correct number (12 GB) under System Properties -> General Tab? System File Protection will restore the original files, unless something is done to stop that process. daniel_k says to integrate all the files on a CD. I don't understand. Just burning files to a CD won't fix the problem. What is the best method for installing the altered files, so they won't be overwritten by System File Protection?
  14. Patch download here: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2018/01/windows-xp-ram-patch.html Instructions found in the 7z archive: 1. Place contents of the "For System32 folder into C:\WINDOWS\system32; Replace .exe and .dll files in System32 2. Enter "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers", copy contents of "For Drivers" folder (all .sys files) to the dictionary 3. Enabling PAE Click the start menu, then run (alternatively pressing win + r). Type "C:\boot.ini" then add "\PAE" at the very end of the last line of text. SAVE the file! 4. Reboot and enjoy up to 128gb of ram on your Windows XP installation ;) I understand the instructions, except for the word "dictionary." Is the patch author using the word "dictionary" because of this definition for the SYS file extension? "SYS is a file extension for system file device driver or hardware configuration file format used by Microsoft Windows. A SYS file also houses system settings and variables for the drivers that enable Windows to talk to your hardware and devices." The patch download is actually two 7z archives: 1. WinXP128GB_PAE_PATCH_Dibya.7z 2. Windows_XP_128GB_double_pae_addon_final_byDibya.7z Number 2 is found inside number 1. Do I extract everything in both archives? I'm confused.
  15. Latest build of New Moon: https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/?sort=date&order=desc Latest build of K-Meleon: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?19,148500 Latest build of Otter Browser: https://sourceforge.net/projects/otter-browser/files/otter-browser-rc12/ Latest build of Advanced Chrome: https://browser.taokaizen.com/
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