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  1. caliber, I've tried using every combination of words from that image you uploaded. Must have performed three dozen Google searches. I cannot find a link for that app. I typed this sentence into Google: "All 32-bit editions of Windows starting with Windows 2000 are limited to 4GB is not because of any technical constraint on 32-bit operating systems." The name Geoff Chappell appeared in several of the Google search results. If you've got the app without a link please upload it somewhere so I can download it. Thanks caliber.
  2. caliber, the patch you listed is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something that would not require restoring my entire system from a backup if it failed. You did not provide a link, so I googled the title: Windows x86 (32bit) 4Gb-Fix (Up to 128GB) [ver.] The search results listed a Russian site. I don't understand Russian. Can you provide a link for the patch?
  3. jaclaz, I was completely fooled by that "dictionary" error! Let me explain why. As a boy I learned electronics from several books by British authors. Instead of saying "transistor" they used the word "valve." There were many other technical words and expressions used by the British, but not commonly used in the USA. When I saw the word "dictionary" I assumed the author was from Europe. Obviously, I did not know he meant to type "directory." IntMD, that tiny patch (64K) from daniel_k is remarkable! After reading about the Diyba patch, I was very concerned about system instability. I've got many full system backups, but no one wants an unstable operating system. Two questions about the WinXPPAE patch from daniel_k. The best way to install this patch is to enable PAE limiting to 4GB. Command line would be -> WINXPPAE /4GB If I installed 12 gigs of RAM with PAE limiting enabled, will I see the correct number (12 GB) under System Properties -> General Tab? System File Protection will restore the original files, unless something is done to stop that process. daniel_k says to integrate all the files on a CD. I don't understand. Just burning files to a CD won't fix the problem. What is the best method for installing the altered files, so they won't be overwritten by System File Protection?
  4. Patch download here: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2018/01/windows-xp-ram-patch.html Instructions found in the 7z archive: 1. Place contents of the "For System32 folder into C:\WINDOWS\system32; Replace .exe and .dll files in System32 2. Enter "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers", copy contents of "For Drivers" folder (all .sys files) to the dictionary 3. Enabling PAE Click the start menu, then run (alternatively pressing win + r). Type "C:\boot.ini" then add "\PAE" at the very end of the last line of text. SAVE the file! 4. Reboot and enjoy up to 128gb of ram on your Windows XP installation ;) I understand the instructions, except for the word "dictionary." Is the patch author using the word "dictionary" because of this definition for the SYS file extension? "SYS is a file extension for system file device driver or hardware configuration file format used by Microsoft Windows. A SYS file also houses system settings and variables for the drivers that enable Windows to talk to your hardware and devices." The patch download is actually two 7z archives: 1. WinXP128GB_PAE_PATCH_Dibya.7z 2. Windows_XP_128GB_double_pae_addon_final_byDibya.7z Number 2 is found inside number 1. Do I extract everything in both archives? I'm confused.
  5. Latest build of New Moon: https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/?sort=date&order=desc Latest build of K-Meleon: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?19,148500 Latest build of Otter Browser: https://sourceforge.net/projects/otter-browser/files/otter-browser-rc12/ Latest build of Advanced Chrome: https://browser.taokaizen.com/
  6. Googling about a problem can be a blessing or a curse. It's a curse when there are thousands of listings (and possible solutions) for the same problem. When I attempt to play a tube video a static image appears with this message: "No video with supported format and MIME type found" It could the browser, operating system, media player or a combination of two or three. I tried different browsers. No change. What can I do to resolve this problem?
  7. Didn't work, but it was a good suggestion roytam1. If you google, you'll find a long list of new and old posts about browsers not rendering reCAPTCHA. I don't know why Chrome is only browser that renders reCAPTCHA consistently. I must have performed fifty searches. Never found anything that actually worked. I'm not sure if this exists, but is there an app that creates a log file about all browser activity after clicking on a reCAPTCHA link? If there is such an app, I could post the results here at MSFN. Maybe one of you guys would see the problem in the log file.
  8. (The link for binaries is offline. Hope it's temporary.) I don't like Chrome based browsers, but I'm forced to use this Chrome fork almost everyday. Advanced Chrome (custom build) is the only browser I've got that reliably renders reCAPTCHA. http://browser.taokaizen.com/ The "old" simple CAPTCHA is distorted numbers or letters in a box. I probably have a dozen browsers. They all render simple CAPTCHA normally. https://pasteboard.co/HIFYAg8.gif The newer "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA is two parts: https://pasteboard.co/HJ7nD7hv.jpg https://pasteboard.co/HJ7u7wy.jpg I downloaded the latest build of New Moon. The first site I visited has "I'm not a robot" reCAPTCHA. It rendered perfectly! The problem is, reCAPTCHA rendered one time in New Moon. After clearing all caches (cookies, history, etc) I tried over and over. Instead of seeing reCAPTCHA, I see this box: https://pasteboard.co/HKdqjm0.jpg New Moon rendered reCAPTCHA the first time I used the browser. I've been trying for a few days, but all I get is a "could not connect" box. Google service is not the problem. When New Moon fails, Advanced Chrome always renders reCAPTCHA. I'd like to use New Moon as my primary browser, but I need a fix for the reCAPTCHA problem.
  9. When I was in elementary school (several decades before the internet) teachers would frequently tell this unfunny joke. Student - How do you spell dinosaur? Teacher - Look it up in the dictionary. Student - How can I look it up in the dictionary if I can't spell the word! With reCAPTCHA, I feel like that student or a dog chasing its own tail. There are countless Google listings about Mozilla based browsers failing to render the reCAPTCHA image. You see nothing or a message about switching to a supported browser. Posting about this problem on browser specific forums is not helpful. There seems to be a million possible causes and solutions. reCAPTCHA is a Google product like their Chrome browser. I have MxNitro, which is a Chrome based browser. It renders reCAPTCHA normally. If I could use a Chrome based browser all the time there would be no problem. Once or twice a week I use a version of Firefox called Light. It is the "real" Firefox, but it's a lightweight version. I need the FlashGot add-on which fully integrates download managers into the "Save As" dialog box. FlashGot is the solution when downloading from sites that use redirected links. A simple plug-in listing your download manager in the browser Context Menu is useless with redirects. The sites I was downloading from have adopted reCAPTCHA. I can longer use Firefox Light because it will not render reCAPTCHA. FlashGot was created for Firefox. As far as I know, there is nothing similar for Chrome based browsers. Is XP the cause of this rendering problem with reCAPTCHA, or is there some browser edit or add-on that would fix the problem with Mozilla based browsers?
  10. dencorso, your command line was extremely helpful. I've got two install tracking apps. Revo Uninstaller and Advanced Uninstaller. .NET Framework 4.0 performed 3,600 disc operations and 16,574 Registry additions, edits, or something else. It's a big honking app! After the install I immediately rebooted. Bootup was good, but there was a problem. I run a script in the Startup folder. I don't want several apps smashing into each other, so my script sequentially loads each app in the tray. A "Wait" command allows each app to finish loading before the next begins. .NET Framework was crashing my script. After running the "all purpose fix framework" command line everything was fine. No more problems! Thanks again, dencorso.
  11. XP Pro_SP3 You can find many old posts about .NET Framework 4.0 drastically slowing system bootup. I never had a slow boot problem, however, after Windows finished loading my system ran like cold molasses! I tried installing 4.0 twice. Each time I restored the system from an image backup. There are so many apps that don't use .NET Framework, so it wasn't a priority. A few days ago I downloaded an app that requires 4.0 (I've got 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5) If install 4.0 again, I know my system will run very slow. Is there a way to run 4.0 as a "lite version" of .NET Framework? Maybe disable a few processes that are not needed. Can't find a solution.
  12. Yes jaclaz, I know it seems foolish to mention that all the moving components are really moving! I mentioned that because I thought one of you guys would ask, "is the printer dead?" Actually, that's probably a good question. After all, this brand new printer sat on a closet shelf for many years. The New Hardware Wizard appears seconds after the printer is powered up. It tries to install a native driver, but it doesn't work. There are countless USB driverpacks available for download. Using a few of these driverpacks, I upgraded all the USB drivers in my old 98SE system. Has anyone created printer driverpacks? It would be nice if I could download a big collection of printer drivers, and let the New Hardware Wizard scan the list. There are also command lines that will force install a driver. If I had drivers that were almost guaranteed to work, I would try a force install. That Neat Net Tricks posting is kind of discouraging. After reading all that info from experts, it doesn't seem very likely I'll ever get this HP Deskjet working with 98SE.
  13. I was asking for a generic printer utility. The proper name is "universal." Here is a universal HP driver for Windows 98: http://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=1344325 I tried to print a test page. Nothing happened. The printer failed to respond. When the printer is powered up, all moving components travel normally across the carriage. The question is, why did the universal HP driver fail to communicate with the printer? It's suppose to work with all HP Deskjet and Laserjet printers.
  14. It seemed like my copy of 98SE on a laptop was doomed to sit on a closet shelf. Recently, a friend was cleaning out some bedroom closets in his home. He found a factory sealed box with a brand new printer! It's an HP Deskjet D4260. For some reason, it was never used. When he offered it to me, I immediately thought it would be nice to use my laptop with this printer. I've got the CD with all HP software, but it's not compatible with 98SE. Apparently, the drivers for Windows 2000 and 98SE are the same: http://www.fixya.com/support/t2548443-need_driver_win_98_hp_deskjet_d4260 The HP website does not list a software package for D4260 and 98SE. I've had terrible luck with KernelEx. I managed to use a couple of apps with KernelEx, but most attempts have failed. The drivers alone are not enough. Without software there is no way to align the print head or perform maintenance functions. Years ago I downloaded an app called X-Mouse Button Control. It worked with almost any mouse, providing many more features than conventional mouse apps. I haven't searched yet, but is there generic software that might work with a very basic printer like HP Deskjet D4260?
  15. SOLUTION: I opened the Device Manager window before powering up my AIO printer. A new listing appeared under Imaging Devices > EPSON WF-2750/2760 Series. The redundant (and useless) item under Disk Drives > EPSON Storage USB Device has been disabled. Removable Disk is gone from My Computer. All printer operations are working normally. Why don't I uninstall EPSON Storage USB Device from Device Manager? After using all printer functions several times, uninstalling is probably a good idea. I say "probably" because this item may reassert itself each time I press the power button.
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