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  1. Fun fact continues, because here, in Poland, free calls onto both cellular and stationary phones from mobile phones, just included in subscription, became nearly a common standard[2]. What is so fun (for me) in this case, is that as we usually try to reach richer, western European countries, but the standard of cellular phoning or internet subscriptions is said to be fairly faster and cheaper than in those countries. I actually had a visit of a friend from nearby Torino this year who complained how bad this particular thing look like in his area compared to what he sees in here. Sorry for off-topic, but I had to express my national pride Some sort of positive feedback phenomenon - this board has many people attracted to (and maintaining!) old systems and software, so it generates more content in this matter, which attracts more and more old-system lovers, who talk more about old systems which leads into creation of specific milieu, social capital, local culture where old systems take a significant place, and their criticism is nearly haram. There is no problem in finding boards that attracts lovers of newer systems more, but they probably don't gather together so many XP-lovers in one place... oh, and hey, try to argue about any sort of XP-above-W10 superiority over these places Yes, but... As i told earlier, I started using Basilisk by Roytam1 on my XP machine. Yet still, it lacks seamless automatic update, and people reported problems with language packs, and as it will be also used by my relatives, the latter one is a muss. And as much as I admire (truly!) Roytam1's work, I'd love to have these two features without reading hundreds pages of comments, and FF 52 ESR had it
  2. No offence intended, and I even put a smiling emoticon at the end to mark I'm not totally serious in this one. sorry if this got misunderstood. Only thing you 'manipulated' me into was replaying once again in this topic, despite I started from saying that we shouldn't discuss that once again, as quoted below: Hope explains my intentions.
  3. Deepest hatred towards two phenomena, fashion and planned obsolence, and I see elements of both in comments like quoted above Because, actually, why it should? And who decided that. I have nothing against improvement or development, but here I see more a sake for the sake of change. Especially seeing that Roytam1 and other lone Rangers can keep it living. Yes, I'm moving to Basilisk XP on my machine. Just note that I mainly use Windows 7, and I'm totally happy with lesser memory usage in Firefox since 53. But i also would like to keep my XP useful and secure for as long as possible. Just like some people like old Mustangs instead of new, hackable, electronics packed cars. And I share my opinion when asked for. Is THIS hard to understand? However, I give you a credit for manipulative skills, as I should not answer to you in this topic ^^ Lets just assume that there is a bunch of people that simply like using XP more than other windows systems, and that should be the most high-level and appropriate answer to any your future question in the topic
  4. Isn't windows NT 4.0 better for such machine :F But seriously, You can find a list of latest possible updates for systems without SSE2 somewhere in this thread, but without SSE and MMX? I don't remember anyone in this board mentioned that, sorry :/
  5. Longer than MorphOS support Amiga, certainly This is a discussion you start when anything regarding XP or FF 52 ESR pops up, so I don't think we should roll out another progress vs tradition debate here. The case is here, that there are still many XP users rolling around the net normally, and according to NetMarket share XP users are still greater piece of cake than Linux desktop :) If we have a way to try to group again once more and try to reach to decision people with our voice, then why not. However, I think such petition will not have great impact. First of all, anyone can sign it and there is no user verification, so it gives no certainty for the receiver about the real power behind it. Secondly, because it's too late - decisions have been taken in Mozilla in high management level, and already implemented. No Firefox for XP plan was done and rollback will be costly on their end. Such petition, if getting enough signatures, could have been impactful before the deadline was published, or slightly after. So, I signed, but I totally doubt the worth of our effort here :)
  6. Well, not that I didn't expect that, I just wished the world is not only greed driven Thanks again for explanation, I got enough
  7. Thanks. Now I understand... and I don't. I mean I get your explanation, but I cannot compile all the back-logic behind this kind of legislation. What about the 1st amendment? But jokes aside, I've read somewhere that one is allowed to publish information, even describing illegal activity in details, as long as it is not convincing anyone to do real harm, and here you cannot inform others how to do things they can legally do o.O There is some major thing, some thinking paradigm I don't get in here. Sometimes i'm happy to live in a country that tries to catch up west and still fails, so I can do whatever I want with my own hardware and software for my personal use.
  8. Probably not. Assuming that I found correct model: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/no/nn/products/desktops-and-all-in-ones/300-series/310s-08iap/90ga/downloads Lenovo never provided drivers for other system than Windows 10. Without drivers, bets that you can get is 'bare' windows XP, which will be totally unusable for daily use :/ I tried to find out which motherboard model/chipset is used, but Lenovo seems to have had hidden this one. So even if I find XP-compatible drivers for other components, I cannot easily get the one needed for this component. Summary: Better stay with Windows 10 on this computer.
  9. Please provide a screenshot of an error message. On Windows 10, if you press Windows button and print screen button simultaneously, it will create a screenshot in your documents\pictures\screenshots folder. They you can edit it the way you want in paint (right click on image file -> edit). Please provide exact computer model. Lenovo has hundreds of models, so without exact model, we cannot say.
  10. from Motherboard via Sekurak tl;dr - maybe soon you will not be breaking EULA, intellectual property and other lawyerese bulldung by breaking embedded DRM or security measurements, if your intent is to simply fix your own device. Feels like a move in the right direction. My personal question is, could it potentially affect the legal status of our POSReady updates installed on regular XP, or sharing installers of the files that are no longer published by their owners, like Windows Live Essentials. Do we have a lawyer here to wake me up from this blissful dream?
  11. Knew all that before. I just vaguely remember another topic with link to this one, Cert_Updater one and a few others regarding POSReady updates... It was once pinned, now I can't see it... and it would be useful now, as plenty of other related topics appear (f.e. oleauth related one).
  12. Yes, it appeared, thanks :) As for calling Ms resident supermegaüberhyper-ultraparanoid - I thought the topic that gathered all links to topics related to post-April 2014 XP updates would be better place, as you linked me to another topic, but can't find it - possibly it got unpinned and lost in a tons of others. Which I don't understand, while topic about Aircraft carries, that's just for fun, is pinned, but anyway... thanks :)
  13. Well, I did, let's see what happens Guess this gets added to some addon like Privacy Badger soon...
  14. From me today, Polish foxtrot from, as far as I could have found, 1929: Can't find the exact recording date though. This song seem to be quite popular in the circles that refer to ya old Warsaw culture, referring to the number of YT recordings that try to keep up with the traditional style. But I personally got to know it via the band that did quite, uh, modern version (psychobilly, for those who are zealous about tagging everything with precise subgenre ;)) https://bombatbelus.bandcamp.com/track/chod-napragie
  15. To sum up: Looking for updates using Microsoft update website i taking less time than taking a p*** now (I experimentally proved that!) Installing updates takes only a few minutes now. Additional update suggested by heinoganda also installed. We, who have Office 2007 and compatibility pack, all got offered update for Microsoft Word Viewer, despite all of this is EOL for a few months... strange, but I do not complain. I used new Cert-updater from Heinoganda, it all went fine and no erros like those reported by Dave-H appeared. All good, but one minor flaw... I should disable TLS 1.0 in internet options for the sake of security, but while I do, M$ update in unavailable... So it's either M$ doing something wrong, or I do not know how to disable TLS 1.0, but not 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 respectively :) Regarding post-EOL updates for Win 7, maybe should be split some posts and move them as new topic to Win 7 board? Mods, are you into that?
  16. And it's not a bug, but a feature, or, by Microsoft's best monopolists standards, shut up and do it OUR way. Or maybe this is a way they're trying to take own competition, hoping sum important e-mails will get swallowed by this monster? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-ofolders/how-to-turn-off-junk-mail-filter-in-office-365/d9e9bb7d-6a93-492b-840e-839773736e20 If you want, like me, to have a false sense of influence, press "I have the same question" and spread the word! Let them choke with complains! Or maybe you like the way they designed it? Feel invited to discuss
  17. Bu does it mean it works until 10th December or until 12th of October? US middle-endian date style harms my brain :P
  18. It still surprises me how this approach is still widespread. Talking to my tech-interested friends I still hear comments like "Windows XP has to be reinstalled every few months in order to work". No to mention these are habbits they learned on warez-delivered unpatched systems with tons of warez-delivered software and diplomats, politicians, marketing people, salespeople, and...
  19. For the sake of history - KB4074852 broke down copying files in between partitions/disks.
  20. How to reach PATH variable? From https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm Works, I checked. Please, do not change contents of this variable, or you'll break your system
  21. And someone badly lies in the mentioned article: This one: https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/help/971286/winusb-version-1-9-update-for-windows-xp-for-windows-vista-and-for-win For comparison, pl-pl version shows last update in 2013
  22. Yep, It took my PC BELOW TWO MINUTES to look for updates, and about 50 minutes to install 'em all with no error on the way. I'm glad it's fixed, I'm sad that just as POSReady updates are about to end. Good what ends well
  23. Which probably, again, may be different depending on the jurisdiction
  24. Or, to be precise, abandonware exist as a word, a colloquial term, with more-or-less agreed upon definition, but up to my knowledge, abandonware does not exist as a legal term. In this case, we are not speaking of 'piracy', which is also broad and colloquial, but copyright infringement.
  25. Please, describe which program settings did you use for the backup and where did you store the backup (another partition, internal/external HDD, cloud). I don't have personal experience with Acronis, but this kind of programs usually have separate 'system backup' mode that does everything automagically, it should use native Windows APIs to backup the files (including the ones in use) and recognize boot partition and system partition.
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