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  1. Ooki, thanks both Will test newest TV 14.1.3399.0 on my XP machine soon
  2. As in the topic, are there any realiable TH forks for Windows XP? Just like BasiliskXPmod/ New Moon for the browsers? All i need is to receive security updates after thunderbird jumped onto FF 60 ESR fork.
  3. Hi, but which TV is the latest one that supports XP natively? I'm still sticking with 13.0.6447 on XP, due to IPv4 bug that caused it to crash on later 13.X vesrions, and I'd like to know if anyone tried the latest 13.x if it works on XP.
  4. Ok, so if adding a language pack to Basilisk UXP will be a case of modifying XML file, i might be able to handle that. The problem is where should I start, any noobies hints? where the documentation lies? Which files should I modify? Mozilla pages about that I found are way to vague... Other case (more important) is a dictionary. I can live with Basilisk running in English, but Polish dictionary is a muss for me. I can download it via native add-on manager in Basilisk, but it cannot be opened. Anyone tried to work it out? Ok, I found this one out myself- it was enough to copy polish dictionary files from firefox 52 ESR to Basilisk 'dictionary' folder.
  5. To be honest, you touched so many topics in a single post that I don't really know what it's really about :/ it looks like iti's split from another topic without the context left.
  6. Then I need to be enlightened, as I am too young to remember any of these happening and I don't know what requirements ned to be met.
  7. It worked on older browser version having support for NPAPI plugins,. At work I have Windows 10 workstation, so Firefox 53+, newest chrome, or Edge are the competitors, and when I received my computer, all were too new to support Silverlight
  8. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/93455-what-is-the-sse2-instruction-set-how-can-i-check-to-see-if-my-processor-supports-it Internet explorer is integrated into Windows XP operating system. Install security updates for IE8 TLS 1.1 and 1.2 might be used by other software, that relies on system integration instead of their own, so even if you don't use it intentionally, it looks like better to turn on
  9. Hey, just a notice - I created a topic requesting dedicated board for roytam1 browsers https://msfn.org/board/topic/178117-roytam1s-browsers-dedicated-board-in-members-projects-sub-forum/ Take a look and vote in a poll if you agree
  10. Hey, what do you think about making dedicated board for roytam1's Firefox-based browser builds having a dedicated board somewhere in https://msfn.org/board/forum/102-member-contributed-projects/ ? Currently everything is discussed in one topic: Which has already grown into megathread with different bug reports, questions, discussions related to roytam1's browsers... and they're quite many of them. Trying to find relevant info is getting quite hard with the volume :/ Dedicated board will help a) users to easily find his area of interest in the topic dedicated to his build/issue/question/suggestion b) help author to keep track of a separate issues. As the browsers seem to be popular among MSFN users, this is getting needed. Users, please vote in the poll to show if you agree Admins, mods, is this possible to happen? I contacted roytam1 beforehand and he agrees Plus, if the board gets created some redirection link in XP board will be helpful, as the browsers builds aim at XP compatibility, obviously PS turned voters visibility on.
  11. There might be old corporate websites that still relies on Silverlight, and as long as M$ officially provides support, they need to update... beware corporate lawyers, rarrrr! Last year I had to open Internet Explorer for once, as I needed to view some boring corporate broadcast and only IE was capable of displaying it - technology relied on Silverlight
  12. Glad we had no "memory hole" this time Get back to good health and thanks for quick action.
  13. If noone (even @FranceBB ) knows, then I'm afraid we cannot help you Unfortunately, Avast on my XP just works, so I don't have any experience in this matter.
  14. On my end, all found within seconds and installed with no bugs spotted so far! Only issue was .Net update running for half an hour, but as long as it works, I have no problem with it.
  15. I every hospital I've been to in past year I've been seeing XPs, so that's not even a challenge.
  16. Which means, you gotta start a job in NHS to solve the mystery, as this is the (geographically) closest thing to your current position where we hope such agreement will be working
  17. More of 'what Steam EULA says' in this case.
  18. Depends on how you configure firewall, how you use your system and with who you share it. I personally hope that rumours of post-POSReady EOL XP updates will be real and there will be a way to lay my hands on them
  19. Try programs like process hacker or process explorer to check out who is a parent process for this. Also check task scheduler. If that fails, I'm out of simple solutions, and I don't know complex ones.
  20. I somehow love the topic's title... could you please rename it, so it becomes obvious what it is about from afar?
  21. Mcinwwl


    Hi. You'll find many people with similar mindset here
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