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  1. Knowing how good you are in fetching most... bizarre parts of internet, form your vast archives, makes me worried about what might happen with my posts in near future :>
  2. Sure. However, this still does not calm down my mind, as it will be a workaround not for the problem that just occurred, but the one that is purposely generated using some licence/legal dirty tricks. It simply harms my inner naive idealist. Reference to Outlook Express is quite not fitting, as this piece of software is certainly not secure, self-maintaing or any other adjectives, that marketing couples with ReFS ^^.
  3. On some other board, someone recommended using program HDDScan or similar and checking the number of LBA blocks with high access time (over 300 ms). Check out here: https://safegroup.pl/thread-10938.html if you have patience to play with Google translate.
  4. The only 'Wrong' thing is that they're taking away a thing, that was previously given, forbidding Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Professional from creating ReFS partitions, and moving it to more expensive Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Professional for Workstations. Keep in mind that 'common' users probably don't understand the power that is provided with their Windows 10 Home edition and don't know what a filesystem is, and Windows Pro is 'officially' targeting small business, or at least passionates and hobbyists. Which looks like, again someone within M$ decided to make slightly more money using bad tricks and their near-monopolist position in PC market. Which they are known for.
  5. Don't know how I missed the topic... On XP, I've been using Avira for the longest time. Somewhen around 2012 I got infected and, combining my memories with my current knowledge, it was a Sality or some other polymorphic crap. I asked for help on polish security-related board, and, after a cleanup, someone suggested me using Comodo. Version 5 was then the current one. I set up the Anti-virus heuristics and scanning to the most restrictive settings, tried to get on well with Comodo Defense + (Currently named Comodo HIPS) and their complex firewall... These tools required at least mimimum understanding of what and how runs on the PC, but I found out I like digging deeper into this. No infection after that point, so I might not be such a dumb student B) Comodo was my AV, until some problems with signature updates occurred, not only for me - many netizens reported them, too. Someone tried to track them down on their forum, but after a few months without working signature update, I decided to drop Comodo 5 Antivirus. Going to higher edition was a no-go, because some of HIPS components caused BSOD on my machines, and running newer AV with older "rest-of-the-suite" didn't seem to be possible (not even mentioning sanity of such operation) I uninstalled AV component of the Comodo and installed Avira Antivirus again. This lasted until Avira dropped XP support. Then, I made a minor research, and it turned out that the only free AV solution that supports XP, and will be supporting it within a predictable future was Avast!. I installed this beast, configured, turning off the things that might duplicate Comodo Defense+, and it runs until today. Not without issues, but devs were listening to the bug reports sent by XP users. My Last point of my stronghold is Malwarebytes anti-exploit, which I installed when it was a late beta, and runs until now (with minimal footprint). My PC didn't explode, despite it tried a few times. Currently I'm thinking about dropping Comodo - old machine is used mainly by my relatives, who don't understand what Comodo pop-ups have to say, and replacing it with some whitelist based anti-exe. Avast and MBAE will stay.
  6. AFAIK Poland didn't sign the papers about minimal wage in EU. And, on the contrary, I was surprised that you referred to the US. Brazilians I have met were not coming fro low-paid industries. And hey, we're in the internet, when noone knows you are the dog. Or a Brazilian. We can only trust each other. I'll end at this point, we suggested enough reasons why companies outsource every possible IT job.
  7. That is my first full-time job salary ^^ And it is still slightly above country's minimal. And hey, you can be employed as a contractor, which allows employer to cut down your salary even more. Law enforces, that a contractor working full-time, after some time must get full-time job papers, but this can be mitigated by 'creative accountancy' like being employed by a third-party that keeps changing, or simply hoping no one form the gov. will notice. Not to mention gray area, which is a norm in some industries. Most inexperienced, physical workers at a construction site work with no papers. And hey, there are even cheaper countries. Ukraine is just beyond the border, and there are always South American, Asian and African countries ^^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_European_countries_by_minimum_wage
  8. Not to mention that Łódź is in Special economic zone (investors are getting a tax refund, or even donation to the investition), and contractors on a helpdesk might be paid below 500 Euro net for a full-time job, with the lowest possible tax per employee, with no retirement or heath payment towards national social fund. Compare this to what you've been offered.
  9. Well, then take a breath before posting and edit curses, so our mods won't become case dogs Anyway, I appreciate madness. Welcome aboard!
  10. @Roffenin cases like that, simply search for the corresponding kb number in window update catalog :> Norwegian will be available :>
  11. Hi, I wanted to donate, I had chosen all settings and went to Paypal website when prompted. Paypal's site was in Danish which I understand, but seems strange when jumping from english site). I pressed 'Log på' and got redirected to non-existing website (see screenshot). TLS's 'lock' seemed to be OK according to my humble knowledge, uBlock origin was disabled for that case. Alternatively, there was an option to pay with credit/debet card on Paypal's site, but under such circumstances I'd like to wait with payment until the issue gets explained.
  12. I bet nuts against matches that we'll sooner see the release of Hurd kernel than complete ReactOS :>
  13. Noone wanted. Board is less ephemeral than IRC.
  14. Yep, I'm also thinking about some kind of system hardening for Office 2007.
  15. Simplyfying, ME was a DOS- based beast without an easily-accesible DOS underneath, and no changes and improvements NT-based systems provided. Generally, Judging the system by the few moments with VM is not applicable, you have no way to get the experience and problems people had with it those days.
  16. Sorry, but the country in which you are looking for the job might be a problem. Help desk is being commonly outsourced to cheaper countries. India has a reputation as a most common destination for such outsourcing, but here, in Poland, it's also easy to find such job. For much less money, of course. But hey, if you can speak English well, they wont even require you to know polish, probably. Not to mention, that for some companies, that were founded with ethic on their banners, even here it is too expensive. https://protonmail.com/careers#technical-support-specialist
  17. Also, still have 56K/48K somewhere in a box. However, it was rarely used due to costs. 5 years later, after the purchase, ADSL became popular, just within a day or so...
  18. Approximately day or two of reading. Then re-read it, because what you'd understood you've already forgotten, and you hadn't got it all during the first read. Different option then dencorso's way is to Turn on update search and leave PC waiting during the weekend to let Windows Update find the updates. If you don't want to Wait ~24 hours for the PC to find the freakin' updates, you need at least Office and Compatibility Pack updates downloaded manually and installed. Then other updates (IE8, Windows) are going smoothly within less then hour. Sorry, Windows XP is off the way and MS is not about to fix it.
  19. 7 Office 2007 Home and Student updates installed manually - I didn't bother checking precisely which ones are for me, just downloaded the ones that looked like so and ommitted obvious mishits (e.g. Outlook 2007 I do not own). KB4011062 for Excel 2007 Download Page KB3213644 Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 Download Page KB4011064 Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 3 Download Page KB3213646 for Microsoft Office 2007 Download Page KB3213641 for Microsoft Office 2007 Download Page KB3213649 for Microsoft Office 2007 Download Page KB4011063 for Microsoft Office 2007 Download Page After that I run Microsoft update and two patches, for IE 8 and system showed up. Everything installed, PC rebooted and didn't crash :>
  20. On Windows 10 mobile, for example, you cannot play Flash games from within the browser, however, you can download many of them from the store - which means getting some web wrapper and playing them from within the app. Dunno how this works. Besides, I'm observing some things retro gaming/ emulation scene, and I have no doubt that someone is working to preserve flash games. Many of them were single player, so you can run them from local drives, so for this keeping older browser for this purpose +some internet archive would be enough.
  21. First, we're going off-topic. If we wanted to go GNU/Linux, we know how, don't worry. Second, AntiX Linux is NOT Linux Mint.
  22. Train station in Łódź, Poland. sent by a friend.
  23. Uh, more like a week and a half :> Unless board, after updates, pops up his edit as a totally new post. I only see 3.09.2017 on my machine...
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