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  1. This is a very interesting concept. You mean something like VMWare Client Login (vmware horizon client)? In theory some sort of streaming Windows 10 might be possible to NT 4.0. I am trying to recall the title of one youtube video that ran Windows XP a very ancient machine, then streamed Windows 7 to the machine. But, NT 4.0 computers are gonna be very slow if they can achieve this.
  2. So far... **BBFrance has attempted to backport Chromium 74 at least five times and the thing failed to work. **Obtaining the tools to even compile earlier versions of Chrome were very difficult. Though thanks to him, it's easier now. **Backporting Chromium 76 to Windows XP has been very difficult due to many new things dependent on Windows 7 or later API. **The Advanced Chromium Developer once released a Chromium 69 version for XP (link is dead), but had to remove hardware acceleration and web assembly. Apparently, a DirectX version included was too new for XP. **DoaJC_Blogger is still working on fixing the biggest issue: removal of GDI write. Chromium now uses DirectWrite 1.1, which requires Windows 7 or later. Vista uses 1.0. You can join his discord here. The main goal of porting Chromium to XP is so our data is not sent back to China. It would be somewhat annoying to have to dual-boot with Linux or Windows 7 or later, just to browse the web.
  3. Thank your time man. We all appreciate your efforts to achieve something so difficult Do these issues have anything to do with GDI's removal in versions of Chrome later than 52? DoaJC_Blogger seems close to on this issue, but appears to just require restoration of GDI because Chromium requires DirectWrite 1.1. Maybe in theory, his version could have DirectWrite downgraded to 1.0 (Vista's version)? EDIT: WHOOPS! I did NOT see the post was from last year!
  4. Which version? I recall Torch dropped XP/Vista support a while back. Also, there is the one-core-api project for XP for KernelEx
  5. https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/11/odyssey-client-452.html
  6. My laptop is considered "higher-end" in Windows 9x standards, but is extremely weak in modern standards. ATI Radeon 9000 Mobile (32MB???) 1 gb SDRam
  7. That is my site. However, you'll need to talk to DoaJC_Blogger because it's his project. Unfortunately, I do not believe we can make Chromium compatible with a Vanilla Windows 2000. The main issue I believe is the tools used for Chrome work for Windows XP or later (the archived one DoaJC_Blogger uses). The main issue he is attempting to solve is restoring GDI write to Chromium. I advise using the Chrome 69 version of 360 Browser because later Chinese browsers might be too new to even work on Windows 2000 w/ KernelEx at that point.
  8. I believe I tested version 1.5. I do not recall if 2.0 works on Windows ME. 99.9% of the time, I test Windows 9x with a physical laptop. Both use Pentium M 7xx's. I just find virtualization too buggy and slow.
  9. I found that camstudio works. Unfortunately, it seems my Windows 9x PC is just too weak to record the screen at a proper framerate though.
  10. Has anyone figured out how to get WMP10 working on Windows 9x? I just upgraded to Media Player 9 from version 7, and Windows Media Player 10 by MGX causes the system to be stuck at the screen of configuring files (I let it go for at least 8 hours...).
  11. The problem is that I have yet to get any later QT apps working. Once I see the files with 90 or later, the chances of KernelEx launching the application becomes smaller than Tom catching Jerry.
  12. Hey MSFN! For fun, I was wondering if there is a method to get Old School Runescape or Runescape Classic (unofficial client only for RSC) running on Windows 98. This game was originally a web browser game that would play on any good ol' PC back in the day. Unfortunately, the RSC launcher requires a later version of Java, which Windows 9x cannot install even with KernelEx. The same happens with unofficial Runescape Classic Clients (official game is taken down). The RuneLite client appears to be slightly too new to run on Windows 9x (noticed some 120 qt-related dll files). If you know of a solution, please tell me!
  13. Hello MSFN, I am wondering if it would be possible for me to install Windows Vista or 7 on PC w/ ACPI issues for anything older than Windows 8. I recall my all-in-one Dell PC from 2013 giving me a BSoD after installing Windows 7 because of ACPI issues. Is there any updated file for Windows Vista or 7 systems? I am hoping to use one of those instead of Windows 8/10. SATA drivers shouldn't be a problem because even Windows XP has unofficial drivers that will probably work on Vista/7. USB 3.0 is also covered for XP and later. Thank you for your time.
  14. You may need it. My Windows ME laptop would not read my NTFS 128gb flash drive unless I updated the 48-bit LBA. It would read in FAT32 mode though.
  15. If your phone is rooted, try this https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-universal-mass-storage-enabler-beta-t3240097 You can enable your phone to appear as a flash drive and use on any PC that supports 48-bit LBA, NTFS, and USB (Any computer after 2005 should work fine)
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