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  1. Maybe try this file. Locate the INF file manually and install from there.
  2. VMWare kept giving me issues on my Windows 10 Acer Nitro Laptop (the only hardware I really have that can emulate at decent speeds because of bloat). I spent today resorting to my dual-boot Windows XP/Vista PC and installed Virtual PC 2007 (extracted additions from 2004 version using 7-zip) to test roytam1's build on Windows 95. Once I got Windows 95 fired up, I launched the player and tested three youtube videos. I am lost for words how great this is! MP4 works (almost out of the box; had to change video settings to "GDI") and the audio sounds amazing too! I was astonished MP4 can be played on a theoretically low-spec machine. I set my virtual machine's ram to 128mb and my host's machine's cpu is a Windows XP with an Intel Core Duo 2 e8300 with a GPU of a NVIDA Quadro FX 1700. There are occasional decoding problems of glitchy squares showing on the video for a moment, but I'm questioning whether it's the player at fault or not. It only occured on one 200+ mb video with a very long length. Another video with a file size at 200+mb at originally 720p plays without a problem! I will preserve these builds on my blog for everyone to enjoy: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/01/tcpmp-072rc1-mod-6.html
  3. Can you share your Windows 95-compatible version? I'm sure lots of enthusiasts would love your one-of-a-kind gem You're the first person in the WORLD to get MP4 playing on a Windows 95 PC!! You gotta put this on your site with your web browsers! Holy crud!
  4. Wow...that is godly... Do MP4's play on your version?
  5. The player works perfectly on Windows ME, but fails to launch on Windows 95 due to missing dependencies. Oh well, Windows 98 is plenty old Thank you Roytam1 <3
  6. Wow, you are a wizard roytam1! How did you find it!? :O
  7. Hello! I am requesting a username change! Could you change my username to FantasyAcquiesce? Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much! I can't wait to test this on a Windows 95 when I get a chance! This player is crazy ahead of its time (2005) and even supports MP4! EDIT: The program says MPEG4 AAC Audio decoder was removed due to intellectual property considerations...my MP4 ran anyway,but there was zero sound. Are there any AAC plugins I could install for the Windows version? The video plays PERFECTLY...the plugins for pocket PC don't work...I tried using the plugins here, but the audio still won't work! I found the plugin for only PalmOS and PocketPC...could it be possible to extract the PocketPC's plg file and use it on Windows? There is evidence of getting AAC to work on the Windows version! Current experiment: using these plugins or these ones. Link to Windows TCPMP here; confirmed working on Windows ME. Maybe I could obtain the last version (TCPMP 0.65 win32) that did have MPEG4 AAC Audio decoder? Though it's reported to be artificially blocked because of version, I still require an .plg format plugin...could using a Hex editor possibly work at fixing this? Dead links kill me x_x
  9. I tried BSPlayer 2.58 without success. It will not launch on Windows 9x even with KernelEx. Thank you all for your suggestions! I hope to test Gomplayer on Windows 95 if I can get the chance to create a machine!
  10. I tried to run House of the Dead 2 and only got glitchy polygons...I guess this driver is no better than the VEMP one...
  11. Can you suggest a game for me to use? Gonna try House of the Dead. The driver had initialized fine. Though Windows still says the hard drive is using DOS-compatibility. I have not tested this driver on Windows 98, only ME. EDIT: Trying to play House of the Dead I only gave me a glitchy screen (pretty much the equivalent of a BSoD), but that happens with a lot of 95/98 applications incompatible with ME.
  12. I don't mean to grave-dig, but I've noticed this topic on MSFN tends to come up first in a google search. After over a decade, I finally found a Windows 98/ME compatible driver. https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/06/intel-945gm-display-driver-for-windows.html To install this driver: 1) You must install LoneCrusader's unofficial Windows 9x chipset drivers. Be sure to apply to EVERY applicable missing driver (every hard drive shown). Failing to do so will result in this driver not working!! 2) Install DirectX 9. This is REQUIRED as shown in Windows 2000 or later. 3) Go to device manager and manually install INF file from Windows 2000 folder. This driver does not install through the installer because of an artificial OS block! 4) Restart your computer and enjoy!! This driver was tested on a Thinkpad R60! Sadly, I have yet to find a working SoundMax HD Integrated Audio driver for Windows 9x...same goes with the wireless card!
  13. I don't think Media Player Classic is capable of MP4's. I recall using it a couple years back without success... The media player works fine with ffdshow, but MP4's are rendered horribly; the video is mostly grey. DivX's codecs didn't show up in Zoom Player (old and new version). K-Lite 2.51 was also pretty bad for MP4's. I guess I'll just have to stay on Haihaisoft Universal Player w/ KernelEx. The single flaw in UP is the process not ending when closed (process explorer has to be used). VLC 1.1.0 might be a good KernelEx alternative. How about BS Player? Anyone know the last Windows 98 version for that?
  14. Thanks for your reply! I tried VLC before but the program has a bit of issues with longer files. It's a great help to know SMPlayer does have a version that works on Windows 98. Version 0.98's seek bar won't work with KernelEx.
  15. The title says it all: I am looking for any method to run MP4 files on Windows 95: codecs, media players, etc. I've more or less accomplished the search on Windows 98 (requires KernelEx), now I'm hoping to play MP4's on a Windows 95 PC! Currently searching everywhere if there's a way~ Thank you all for your time! Edit: Thanks to Roytam1, we have a wonderful MP4 decoder for Windows 98/ME and even a Windows 95 compatible build! I backed up the file here: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/01/tcpmp-072rc1-mod-6.html
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