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  1. Has anyone gotten a chance to test IDM Download Manager on Windows XP?
  2. I wonder if this has something to do with making it compatible with XP. The Advanced Chrome Developer backported Chromium 69 to Windows XP at one point, but he lost the code...and executable. During the process, he had to remove material design and disable hardware acceleration.
  3. Hey MSFN, Does such a thing exist on the web? We have the Youtube video helper, but I am hoping for just a direct video downloader for legacy systems because 9x is limited by both its wireless cards (I think?) and lack of modern web browsers. Is there any youtube downloader that is still compatible with Windows 9x or 2000? If not, I am hoping to maybe create one (that is, if I can learn how to)...
  4. Hey MSFN! We all unite on these forums to exchange computer knowledge, so I was wondering if you anyone here wants to share their personal recipes. I'll start! Coconut-Banana Pudding I happened to have zero eggs on me and decided to see if I could make a good no-egg pudding, and to my surprise, bananas were the key! The pudding came out very nice and smooth. Ingredients: 2 very ripe bananas 1 can full fat coconut milk 1 cup milk 1/3 cup sugar 4 teaspoons tapioca starch Instructions: 1) Mix tapioca starch with coconut milk and milk in pot. Cook on low heat. 2) Stir slowly to allow starches to form at high temperatures. 3) Smash 2 bananas and cream with sugar in other bowl. Mix until smooth. Put some pudding base in bowl, then recombine with pot. 4) Let thicken and cool.
  5. Nobody has updated the main list for over a decade, so here's my importing of softwares: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/p/latest-versions-of-software-working-on_20.html There is a lot more to be added for the sake of preservation. I still need to color-code, fix alphabetical order, and import a lot of software.
  6. Hello. I know this thread is devoted to Windows 2000, but are there any topics providing a list of supported hardware for NT 4.0? Any info I could find on NT is extremely limited because it's rather obscure compared to its 9x brothers. I am trying to figure out whether or not my Dell Latitude D600 can properly run NT 4.0 with full driver support. Chipset driver (8xx; I believe there is a working driver) ATI Raedon 9000 (required DirectX on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP...would SciTech work? It would theoretically work on my Thinkpad R60's 945GM) Sigmatel Audio 9250 (all versions of AC97 audio appear to work on Windows 98/ME) - Wondering if SnapAudio would do it. Broadcom Ethernet (I think there's a valid driver for this one) Dell Wireless 1300 and 1400 series (PROBLEMCHYLD had to modify the W2K driver to work on Windows 98/ME)
  7. Where did you obtain the download? I could not get Paint.NET past version 3.51 to launch on Windows XP or Vista
  8. This topic should probably be moved to the Vista section. At the moment, I am trying to use PE Maker to force the installer to work on Windows Vista, but I still get the error that it's Windows 7 or later. I changed only the SubSysVersion to 6.0. So far, I got NETFramework 4.8 to install on Windows Vista and applied the provided patch. I tried to launch a portable 4.2.12 version and the darn thing has an artificial blocker. Now, I am trying to modify paintNET to install on Vista. I honestly need a tutorial for this or something. 1) Get the paint.net 4.0 beta file 2) Force convert to MSI with BWC's KDW??? 3) Change minimum required version with PEMaker??? Could a hex editor help remove the block as well?
  9. In theory, we could try backporting WPA_SUPPLICANT to Windows 98. It launches on Windows 98, but does not work. The source code is available. https://w1.fi/releases/ The problem is, none of us really know how to program wifi or wireless clients. I recall another user tried making a wireless client, but it apparently didn't work (detect wireless adapters) properly. He disappeared and MSFN crashed, so we lost the software...
  10. Sorry to bump this old topic, but has anyone previously obtained an unofficial backport of Foxit reader by NoNameNeeded? The download link on the original topic is dead... Software is still alive here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170825175818/http://members.kabsi.at/LIGHTYEAR/FoxitNT4.zip This man did a great job backporting Foxit 3 to NT 4.0!
  11. I recall having this issue a month or two ago. I would recall boingo would work, but would immediately disconnect if connecting to the web with a web browser. I believe I fixed this by using odyssey client instead??? I can't quite remember...
  12. I just looked back at the topic a bit more...looks like Paint.NET 4.1.6 is a "no-go..." I will try to use version 4.0 and beta 4.0 versions to see if this will work later.
  13. Hmmm...in theory, could we get it working if we do this for Windows Vista?
  14. Hey MSFN! PaintNET has become my preferred art program because of the many wonderful plugins available! I was wondering if it was possible to do a simple tweak to get version 4.0 and later working on XP or at least Vista. I am hoping to get this working on a vanilla machine over an extended kernel for best stability. If we could get it working on XP, perhaps even 2000 with extended kernel could run it as well. The main issues are the program contains an official OS blocker. I believe I need to use Orca to fix that issue? I checked the dependencies and Windows XP is missing the IESHIMS.dll and WER.dll. Vista is missing the GPSVC.dll, and modules in IEFRAME.dll and SHLWAPI.dll. Would it be easy to patch these issues? I have no experience with dll dependencies and only had mixed experiences with placing Windows 2000/XP dlls in Windows ME to get programs working. My other experience with attempting to place Windows 7 files into Vista for Chromium lead to an endless loop of dependencies and files that would not connect to each other.
  15. I personally prefer hjsuffolk14's service pack the best to use. I preserved it on my website. His service pack is honestly the least fussy in my opinion and includes main system updates.
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