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  1. Poll with topic remade here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181322-branding-for-roytam1s-pale-moon-28-fork-aka-new-moon/ Simply pick a favourite name. They are presented in NAME (AUTHOR) format. Poll results are fully public. From this point, No new suggestions are about to be added. time is gone If there's anything wrong in the poll, please post in https://msfn.org/board/topic/180861-on-branding-roytam1s-browsersIf you need to further discuss a result, please post in https://msfn.org/board/topic/180861-on-branding-roytam1s-browsersAny voter can post ONE message in here regarding his choice and express his/her opinion. Please keep it this way and move verbose discussion to https://msfn.org/board/topic/180861-on-branding-roytam1s-browsersThere will be more polls to come to vote for other names for RoyTam1's builds.
  2. Around 40 to implement all sugestions from siria and msfntor. If impossible, i'll manage to get workaround.
  3. Trying to prepare the topic, I hit the limit of 15 answers per poll. Is this expandable?
  4. It works but algorithm is crap. Try searching using only 'directx' keyword.
  5. And Mailnews and Interlink? After all, we have some people in here very interested in them
  6. Thanks for the collection, it seems comprehensive. For now I think there are two feasible voting options: 1. Separate thread with poll for every browser (can create all if needed) 2. simply everyone posting in this thread with their choices (I can count later if needed)
  7. Well then I got tricked by outdated documentation :/ sorry.
  8. I was really hoping for other volounteer. Will try to find time, so no promise for short deadline.
  9. Regarding CCleaner, I recently switched to BleachBit and it claims to support XP: https://docs.bleachbit.org/doc/install-on-windows.html So there's alternative at least.
  10. The thing we lack is the way we choose the names. Are we waiting for @roytam1 to make his pick, let most active helpers choose one in small group, or any poll/voting? We have enough proposals.
  11. Desktop version runs on Electron and thus is actually a chromium-based web browser limited to specific apps. Try opening shared excel or word file in browser in Office Online, and then in Teams and you'll quickly realize they're same breed. Maybe check service workers? Weren't they disabled in Basilisk by default? I'd also take a guess that M$ might be blocking it if you do not use multithreading. check those options too.
  12. Agent works, but to XP version for this patch.
  13. And 0patch's patch is for free... but no XP edition I mailed them if that's feasible. Looks like that we have first real vuln for XP after POSReady patch went away. Well, I can discard IE8 on my machine, but WMP will be a bit of a chore...
  14. Thanks, my vigilant friend! I guess I need to use report button once more...
  15. Hey, please, could Y'all stop arguing about your approach to security and browsers, and stick to the topic - Roytam's builds in this case? This megathread is full of OT anyways, and we ain't in need of flamewar in here. Will this OT continue,, I'll wearing sellout cap and will use "Report Post" button as often as applicable with no regard if I agree with POV you stated or not - OT is OT.
  16. What is your actual setup (both hardware and Virtual machines) What is your XP spects? version? last update? Settings? Any IS software running? browser version?
  17. You guessed it right, the follow-up question is "which programs?" Or maybe this is a mystery...
  18. Or simply somem "high manager" didn't care, for as long as revenue was summing up...
  19. I bet it was mentioned in other topic, but... why actually not SP3? Just a habit of grumpy old man? I doubt so, there must be a deeper mystery behind it
  20. Prove me It will really be removed form all their transaction servers, data warehouses, backups, middlepoint devices, or even printed backups... can you?
  21. You can: https://github.com/azac/cobol-on-wheelchair And now you die
  22. Can we separate discussion about Roytam's browsers from your comments on MCP and their boards. Sorry fr being a don in the monger, but once y'alll be trying to find any relevant info in this thread through all that ot...

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