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  1. Question - is it mandatory to get it done in CMD? looks like something I can get done in Powershell, but old batch scares me off.
  2. Boot order in BIOS? You do not mention it, and it sounds like #1 thing to do.
  3. I expect original post edit and link addition in 3...2...1...
  4. I do have all files listed in 1st post. Someone among this thread also made a script to backup em all in Wayback Machine.
  5. You shouldn't have done this... The history...
  6. Or, alternatively, can they get uploaded to some other location than file sharing hosting? those links will dissapear, you know.
  7. You will not launch the Powershell script on XP as it requires Powershell 5 or higher to run.
  8. For whatever reason, Cloudflare might consider your IP as potential DDoS node and block you. Try running via some VPN with good reputation.
  9. Is this something you need on your local machine in your browse or some more complex user scenario? I don't see them and it sounds like something well configured uBlock Origin should have handled, but I guess you are asking here because this is not enough for your needs.
  10. 1. You need to remove nothing, although patches 7 to 14 are not mandatory to make WU work. BTW I realised, that both my VMs installed in 2019 go away without KB2898785 - @dencorso, is this something included in KB3124275 IE6 Cumulative Update? also, I remember I've been starting with IE8, so that might also did the trick. 2. I do not know if NDP20SP2-KB2932079-x86.exe was included in later cumulative updates or not, but chances that you are really vulnerable for this are near zero in home reality. Install for sake of completeness if needed 3. Microsoft might have used different certificates, it's a beeeg corpo start from running heinoganda's cert updater and if installer will not throw prompt that certificate looks invalid, you are safe. If you're still worried, we might compare file checksums, or you might throw it to virustotal or jotti for scan. 4. Should work no matter if you install reg tweak first or the last, but personally I always updated registry as a late step (when all XP updates were installed, and I needed POSReady ones), so that's the only way I swear on 5. No, you can't, due to board rules and Microsoft redistributable license, but you might do a script that downloads them all from Microsoft catalog or, if worried it will die, from Wayback machine... Actually, I can do one myself
  11. Hi, As we all know MU servers won't be online forever... we already investigated the topic for the XP here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178377-on-decommissioning-of-update-servers-for-2000-xp-and-vista-as-of-july-2019/ At some time, the same will happen to Office 2007 updates. I am wondering whether someone have a comprehensive list of updates and links for them in a similar fashion to the one we did for XP. Question is, do you know any place over the internet where such list exists? is there any?
  12. Believe me, people who reach here CAN upgrade their PC, but for whatever reason, they don't want to. Don't spoil the fun of teaching 'em old dogs some new tricks
  13. Nope One question regarding KB971276-v3 - is it "good to go" on all language variants of windows server? this one is gone from the internet, but MS servers still host multiple lang variants of KB971276-v2 Anyway, I preserved the website on wayback machine, here you go: https://web.archive.org/web/20200516214749/http://www.86nsn.com/UploadFiles/200994153948302.rar
  14. I restored system form the back-up. No fix solution, sorry.
  15. Hm, do you have anything that I missed, or do I have anything that you missed?:
  16. Actually, pretty much expected, but thanks for detective work done to confirm it. First, Microsoft is big corpo enough to do not care for as long as sales charts are ok. And who's the biggest corpo now?
  17. I do understood you and I do regularly check if something does not pop up. What I'm being offered are driver updates that ARE 7YEARS OLD and for unknown reason are offered just now. I bet it's shittiness of HP drivers behind it. Nothing new appears. No magic. If you plug a piece of device that have drivers still in MU database for XP, you will be offered them. I have as little chance of getting any extra offerings from M$ as anyone in this group, but I keep checking.
  18. Assuming that I didn't try earlier is, you know, humiliating...
  19. Since they do not support Embedded, it is likely that some of the updates they offer are false-positives. I would start from patching what you could get for free and check if this is not causing system's unstability.
  20. Well, MU keeps surprising me with new updates: Fun fact is, that I've been actively looking for driver updates for the printer up to 2015 via hp website and nothing popped up. now I get new updates every month I found out that newest for XP 32bit is on some shady website, but I'll wait a month longer to see If I'll get new offering with next patch Tuesday.
  21. Someone took old parts and with little effort updated it to support modern nucs. Old leftovers? Who cares, need not to fit into floppy anymore...
  22. Thus I run full DMDE scan on the drive, and will update the post If I get any results. @jaclaz I must admit that this software and its UI overgrow me a bit, and attached .chm isn't best written... Well, I helped myself with This guide and Recahed point 5 - folder I'm looking into is empty, and parent folder have no "red dot". However, still hoping for some luck, I tried to search by extension (as I didn't know the file name after all) and DMDE finds bunch of "deleted files" and "found files" which look like matching what I need. Including the folder path... which I just checked and was empty... Well, so after All, IT'S WORKING and I'm getting files requested back, but it takes its time to search everything with 3 different methods and no, I do not get why I cannot find it on folder pane. I'm having a sense of mental loosage here.
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