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  1. Can we separate discussion about Roytam's browsers from your comments on MCP and their boards. Sorry fr being a don in the monger, but once y'alll be trying to find any relevant info in this thread through all that ot...
  2. @sonicenforce do you install a lot of programs on your PC? The best way to check if you need specific version of .Net Framework is not to install it and check if your software works. If you do not install a lot of new software, You should be able to keep only these versions you really need installed on your PC. Programs for .NET 1.1 are very rare, so you can safely uninstall it.
  3. Win 7 is sooo commonplace, that I predict no fun at all in this place.
  4. Please, write what is under the link so others know if it's worth clicking or not. You're not earning monies on clickbaits, why do you need everyone to click?
  5. Professionalism is not being presented during QBRs, so who would care anyway?
  6. My overall idea is that name should indicate newcomers what what we are talking about (modern browser, that originates from branched Firefox long time ago) and what are most visible feature that makesit stand out (compatibility with older OSes and hardware). My proposals were rejected. There were some others that indicated that. I particularly liked SSEfox
  7. Only for the nerdiest, windows codenames are not common knowledge.
  8. "Other PCs" with windows 10 might have SMB 1 protocol disabled during windows update by Microsoft. You can try to re-enable: https://winaero.com/blog/enable-smb1-sharig-protocol-windows-10/ I personally have XP and win 7 and no problems with shared folders so far.
  9. Looking for a hero to collect current proposals and maintain voting.
  10. More subtle way of monetizing personal information are quite commonplace right now, so I second bphlpt
  11. So I've read it like 3 times and ignored "November" in title? Shame on me.
  12. I restrain for updating, as there are known issues to Dec patches with no M$ fix: https://www.askwoody.com/2019/installing-the-latest-win7-servicing-stack-update-kb-4523206-may-lock-up-your-pc/ follow recent @dencorsosuggestion and shall be fine.
  13. As QuickTime for windows have some nasty security bugs and is not updated for more than 3 years by Apple, I recommend to replace it with "anything" modern. VLC is an obvious choice.
  14. Not latin, but spanish - it's 'Rex' in latin. Maybe you mistaken it with 'lation' languages? I'm into [SOMETHING]Fox for XP syntax,
  15. Thanks for clarifying! I'd say we have more votes for "yes" by now. I edited my post to make it express what I really meant to I had no need to look for niche builds until FF stopped supporting XP.
  16. Because intellectual property does not exist and Stallman was right, ya'nou... @LoneCrusader We remember the past and all know it was not always milk and honey, but hey, when's the option to change for better, I'm into peace negotiations, or at least instable truce, as better option than constant warfare. That's egoistic from me, but I just think it might be better as for an end-user of the Roytam's build, as he'll have more time for builds, having savings in less arguments... and I don't see anything ethically invalid in my stance, as Roytam agreed to work on that proposal already, just a few posts before. I have a feeling that your past issues with mr. Tobin and MCP, that you mentioned few hundred posts before and that are by far pre-dating Roytam's builds for XP being announced here on MSFN, are vastly affecting your view on the events here. You might be right that war will rage on soon again. But form me it's better to try to work diplomatically, as Roy might gain projects stability in long term, and worst case he'll loose some work done. Tradeoff worth checking.
  17. @dencorso For me it makes sense to make AT LEAST one separate topic for brandings, names and icons... and you know I think about splitting posts
  18. https://media.giphy.com/media/3ornka9rAaKRA2Rkac/source.gif
  19. Pale Moon is commonly called New Moon over this board, and I see no reason to move away from this name. Is there any? Basilisk shall be called Wyvern, just because I played HoMM III much enough to connect it this way.
  20. The worst are the ones that exist. Advertisement is evil and lies. Kill and with all hatred, destroy google.
  21. What Os and what version of PS are you using? How exactly are you calling 7zip? As earlier said, Povwershell 2.0 had some quirks when running external commands, and some were solved or worked around (workarounded?) in later versions. Too many possible root causes to guess.
  22. I was downloading POSReady2009 updates manually. WSUS offline didn't work for my use-case. Didn't try windows update mini tool so I don't know if it works. If you need them in one installer, someone needs to wrap them for you into one package.

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