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  1. You know who made windows XP? Obviously, Starring at a TV in a right moment is not that bad, if you know the right moment
  2. All went sugar-smooth and blazing-fast for me this month. no patch issues. Well, flights to Britatin are within my reach...
  3. I just wanted to post about windows 7 EOS nag KB4493132 update, https://www.askwoody.com/2019/windows-10-nag-for-windows-7-makes-an-appearance/ but it turns out @dencorso already did it in the first post. Thus I suggest calling him a Guardian Angel of Windows Updaters
  4. I usually try to pan things, but I'm afraid I don't get you two this time...
  5. Just FYI, original ZDNet article got updated:
  6. Ok, I gave up and installed ipv6. It's disabled on my router anyway yet still, the 'professional' approach of TeamViewer squad is a bit surprising...
  7. Posting on open board taht you will not be posting on public board sounds like a poor way of starting conspiracy, ain't it? ^^
  8. Except it will be a case of, you know, few registry edits
  9. Hey patching tribe! I'm making my regular backup, just to be prepared for any trouble with updates now. So just asking once again, to be triple sure - are Ferbruary patches ok to be installed now? KB4487085-v2 looks safe?
  10. As we started using a bit of lawyerese in this thread, I'd suggest this might be violating paragraph 7.b of MSFN forum rules as long as you act like that in here, but what do i know... Glad it turned from rage and anger to constructive discussion and all's on track again.
  11. Because what you are asking for is a program of such big complexity, that there is no chance someone will just make it for a newcommer. And probably for any other reason as well, because there is little use for it, creation would take hundreds of working hours for experienced programmers, and maintenance and bug report would take even more. Secondly, there is no argumentation in your post how it could become any "common wealth". Where your request starts from "I want a program", rsponse "Find someone who can make it and pay him" might not be kind, but is plain logical.
  12. I hoped for someone more experienced to hop in here... I'm not an expert, but I'd use some tool like dmde or dd to create binary image of the disk mentioned. This is not the most easy-going way, but at lease you are sure that whatever bad happens, you have exact copy of the state from before your modifications. And that makes me doubt, I remember I used x64 tablet with 64 GB eMMC storage and windows 10 with current updates applied, and it was working. So assuming that you can mount it as a slave drive and browse on other PC, I'd just remove unnecessary files, so it has enough free space to launch and create temp files and page file, and try to boot. If this does not help, it means that failure root cause is not too little space. And no, I cannot say what at the moment.
  13. I'd personally assume that what was said on public board can be quoted. It makes sense
  14. @Sampei.Nihira OSArmor is not for me, as it would duplicate with my COMODO HIPS functionality. Hardentools and similar are a way to disable elements of an OS, that might have yet-undiscovered bugs and that I will not need, plus some more security restrictions.
  15. @adatatried changing user agent? As for PaleMoon thread, I don't want to be treated as one of MC haters... but unintended autoirony always pleases me
  16. The question we should start from to help you is "What is wrong with this old SSD, she needs to replace?".
  17. So I'd keep an eye on security fixes for the nearest supported OS (probably Server 2008). Hope you'll be sharing info Personally, I'll harden my winows even more, possibly by putting browser and/or Office in some sandboxed software and disabling more points of attack via manual modifying system settings or using some software like hardentools. Apart from EternalBlue, there was no major bug in Windows XP that was used for large-scale attack, and it looks like people are now usually via attack vectors that require action on victim's end - phishing, ransomware, macroviruses... Spyware is not that much value in the days of Facebook and Snapchat So I'd rather look for problems in Malspam and highly-positioned fake websites looks like a threat for someone, who is not a HVT him or herself. So I know that there is a danger coming from end-of-updates and it will be growing over time, but switching to modern OS will not be a panacea.
  18. Wasn't windows 98 released after windows NT listed by hotnuma?
  19. XP Updates2.zip ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It's here, right on the 1st post! All linked to wayback machine in this post.
  20. Glad I didn't even have time to update yesterday...
  21. This soundtrack reminds me of Japanese Action Videogame soundtrack... Nothing less, nothing more
  22. So Microsoft don't give a crap to even offer it to home users... We'll lay our hands on 'em updates anyway, MSFN collaborative mind has experience in it...
  23. 1. Which version of Firefox do you use? 2. Which website do you refer to? 3. do you install POSReady 2009 updates or not?
  24. And, TBH, I've been reading how-to-geek some time ago regularly, but somewhen they started their review geek sub-section, and I feel they they've turned from help and guide articles into being big advertising tube. Now their articles are more "old is bad, new is good" themed, and argumentation "it's official, so it MUST be working better than replacement". And as for this particular article, I can agree that PM and Basilisk are slower than quantum-based Firefox, which anyone can test on his own PC, but the author also mentions security risk involved in using PM and Basilisk... and then it would be cool if he mentioned any real vulnerability that is present in Basilisk or PM, and not in the recent Firefox ESR. And last but not least, many of roytam1's builds suers were with Firefox 52ESR for as long as it was supported. We're in XP board, and there is no official alternative for this system. Remember that
  25. Hi, welcome, and have a good time asking and helping around
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