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  1. I know, but I have a friend who doesn't know how to do that very well (and, frankly, doesn't want to bother, as he's too busy creating music ), and I thought that an installer would be a good way for people like him to get a hold of this marvelous piece of software without having to know how to extract .zip files and putting the contents in C:\Program Files (the installer will do that automatically). Both options are good, of course, as doing it the manual way allows for one who is more advanced to put it elsewhere on disk besides Program Files, but for those who don't know, don't care, and simply wish to use the thing, I think an installer could be beneficial. That being said, I will build installers for my friend (now that I know how) so he can use it when Firefox ESR 52 goes EOL. c
  2. Planning to get this PC for a particular build

    "Back In The Day", I had a Systemax PC (some cheap, generic looking thing we bought on clearance in the very early days of 2003) which had a 1.7 GHz Celeron and 128 MB of RAM. It ran XP adequately, but it wasn't the greatest (it became better when I upgraded it to 384 MB). 2000 was much better, and 98 (which was actually able to get online without extraordinary efforts back then!) ran really smoothly. I pretty much alternated between those three, Win 3.1, DOS, and occasionally Linux (tried Red Hat... 5?... on it in '04) until I killed it with a botched BIOS update. Anyway, the motherboard is a Via P4MA Pro, and can support most P4s. It performs decently, and has a nice BIOS that allowas for bunches of overclocking-type stuff (I was able to get the Celeron up to 2 GHz once, and with a bump in the Vcore, it ran fairly stably when cold (it would overheat and crash). I recently rebuilt it to mostly original specs (it has a 2.0 GHz P4 and 512 MB RAM now), so I get to live like it's 2004 again if I want to (it's my main 98SE machine). c
  3. modernize ie 6?

    That looks like IE 6's default rendering engine trying (and failing, quite badly) to render the login page. I don't know why that would happen since you're using Chrome's engine via google chrome frame. c
  4. OK, I managed to create an installer for Basilisk! Hope that's OK with everybody.... I have only packaged the 32-bit version for now. I used InnoSetup 5.5.9, and it seems to work well under XP x64. I'll post a Dropbox link shortly. EDIT: Here you go! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/87l96f6v34fht25/AABUHXEanDEApukBwdwHyYGVa?dl=0 c
  5. If someone could package New Moon (and Basilisk, or whatever the 52.x.x derived one is called) into a nice installer, it would be wonderful, as I have a friend who is using an XP laptop, and he'd rather not upgrade if he can avoid it, as he has special music notation software that he can't afford new versions of (the version he has only has rudimentary *Vista* support, so he might as well stay on XP). I suppose I *could* try to build an installer myself, but I don't know much about building Windows installers; I can do Mac installers fairly well, though c
  6. Intel USB 3.0 xHCI XP driver

    One could contact him privately via email (thus avoiding MSFN altogether), could they not? c
  7. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    My favorite versions: Windows 95 (all versions without "webby" IE desktop, which is everything except maybe OSR 2.5 (though that can be fixed by simply removing the IE installer files for the IE desktop, if I recall)) Windows 98 SE (98 FE is okay, but kinda buggy and somewhat less compatible). ME is okay, but too much like 2000 for me to really care (given the choice, I'd rather run 2000 because it's based on a better architecture). It does have some novel features (System Restore, Movie Maker), but XP has much better versions of those, which makes the ME versions almost pointless (other than the fact that they're basically proofs of concept that demonstrated that such things were possible). Looking at ME as an updated 98 SE, the fact that DOS mode is crippled kinda ruins that (and, as has been mentioned numerous times in this thread already, 98SE2ME pretty much takes the best of ME and transplants it onto 98 SE). c
  8. You need win9x custom utility ?

    There's a similar project going on over in the classic Mac community, except they're using a Vonets 300 module attached via ethernet card. Perhaps something similar can be done here? Link. c
  9. no more iTunes Store for XP/Vista from May 2018

    You know, that article implies to me that only downloading music and apps will be affected. No mention of software updates being blocked. Unless I'm missing something? Well, it doesn't matter anyway, as most of my phones don't support the versions of iTunes in question anyway (I need at least iTunes 12, which is Windows 7+ only). I do have a 5 running iOS 6 which would work, but it also works with 12, so I just keep everything on one computer that's consistently running the latest iTunes and use that for all my phones, regardless of what their support is (the only exception might be USB tethering aka personal hotspot, but I don't see how or why this change would affect that functionality). c
  10. Agreed. I saw this in Windows 10 - First Impressions today: To quote a person who shall remain un-named, "Sad!" More and more, Linux is appearing to be one of few viable non-Mac alternatives to Windows, which seems to be in its death throes (arguably, it probably has been since about 2015, when Windows 10 was released; 8.x wasn't great, but it now stands as the last version of Windows that mostly followed standard procedures regarding how it was released, and updates weren't mandatory monoliths that broke things arbitrarily). c
  11. Activation issue

    I have a bunch of XP x64 keys that won't activate in the normal way (though I got a couple to actually activate normally somehow; still don't know how or why), so perhaps I can try this method next time I try installing using these keys? c
  12. This is a godsend for those of us on XP! I haven't been using it much lately, as we still have FF 52 ESR until June, but I've been keeping it in mind for when 52 goes EOL. Is there going to be a regular release cycle (now or in the future), like every six weeks or so, like official FF? Or at least a mechanism that notifies when an update is available here (and provides a link to the relevant post(s))? Also, which one would be the best going forward? The version based on PM2.7, or the new Basilisk/UXP/whatever it is? I assume the PM2.7-based New Moon will receive security and cipher updates for some time? c p.s. The only gripe I have is that iCloud.com doesn't work (both with the original PM2.7 and the New Moon releases based upon it), so I can't get to my email :/
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    If you think that's bad, try installing/using Windows 95 on a 486 sometime. That's not much better. I'm *really* glad I've decided to stick with XP through 8.1. Each has their flaws (XP is older, Vista is somewhat bloated for their time, 7 got 10's Telemetry backported to it, 8.1 has Metro), but they're mostly well documented and easily (and permanently) fixed! A forced update isn't going to come along and undo most of the fixes and customizations! c
  14. Why would MS release and update that literally does nothing more than break stuff? Passive aggressive attempt at forcing people to upgrade, maybe? c
  15. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Well, I guess this is a matter of taste, but for someone who strongly prefers the UI of Windows 7 and older (like myself), it's almost necessary to tweak things, like disabling/removing Metro (Classic Win32 is fine by me, and does 100% of what I want), adding translucency with Aero Glass, ClassicStartMenu (I have mine configured with the classic Windows 95-Vista menu, but it can do a Windows 7-styled one too), OldNewExplorer to get rid of the ribbon UI in Explorer, etc. But for some, it's totally fine out of the box, and that's OK. The fact that 8.1 *can* be is nice, because it feels like Windows 10 has caused nothing but problems for most people who try to use it for anything serious, and almost 100% of the time requires a bunch of fiddling with settings to be safe and useful to any meaningful extent (using the arcane Settings app, which I find totally ridiculous when the traditional Control Panel works just fine) (or maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, not sure). c