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  1. cc333

    Weird "Item Not Found" Error

    Hmm, OK. However, it happens when I'm not multitasking, and it's consistent; it happens *every* time I move, copy or rename a folder. c
  2. It's not that hard to create an installer that simply copies the files to the proper place in Program Files and put a shortcut on the Desktop; I created such a setup file within 5 minutes using Inno Setup. I'd post it here, but I need a place to host it (it's too big for the forum). c
  3. cc333

    Weird "Item Not Found" Error

    I recently installed Win7 on a OptiPlex 320, and then proceeded to do some stuff to it (unsigned themes, etc). Then I started getting this error: It happens *every* time I move a folder or zip file, and clicking "try Again" dismisses the error and the folder/zip file gets moved as expected. Subsequently, I got a new-to-me OptiPlex 390 and put Win7 on it as well. And the error wasn't occurring, until this morning. I had done everything I did to the other install, and it worked fine, until I began installing updates. So, it would seem that an errant update may be causing the problem, but I have no clue as to which one. So, if anyone has had this problem, could you please tell me how you solved it? It doesn't seem to harm functionality much, but it's *super* annoying. Thanks! c
  4. Vista too! (Server 2008 updates!). Also, isn't 8.0 getting unofficial updates via Server 2012? I'm amazed that MS even cared enough about 9x to bother mentioning it! I would think that the impact of this flaw would range from negligible to nonexistent on that OS, given how few people still use it. c
  5. Roytam1's PM28 builds work perfectly on XP! (I've actually used it, so I should know ) I'm on official PM28 now that I'm running 7 on my temporary desktop (it was running XP for awhile because it was too slow otherwise (not enough RAM; I've since upgraded it)). If/when I go back to XP, I'm definitely using roytam1's PM28 builds, though! They also work well in Vista, which is in mostly the same boat as XP where browser support is concerned. c
  6. cc333

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    I would, except TTF is Power Mac only; it's not compiled for Intel. It can run, to some degree, under PPC emulation (Rosetta) on 10.6, but native Firefox 48 performs so much better that it's worth putting up with. It would be lovely if someone came up with a Pale Moon-like browser for Mac OS 10.6, 10.7. Most Macs that can run 10.8 can also run 10.9 or newer, which is still supported, so it wouldn't need to target that OS specifically. The FF 48 codebase would be a good place to start. c
  7. cc333

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    I run mostly Macs and PCs with 7 and up, so I have no problems updating, though on XP/Vista, I have switched to roytam's Pale Moon 28 build. I've seen a message similar to this one in the past, on a Mac (since upgraded) running OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, which, along with 10.7 and 10.6, became unsupported after Firefox 48. c
  8. cc333

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Well, does the computer on my desk count? This is on a Dell OptiPlex 320 I got from a local computer surplus sale a couple years ago. c
  9. cc333

    48-bit LBA on Win2k setup

    I'm interested! Is it free or paid? c
  10. cc333

    How to Activate Windows XP Online in 2018

    Haha, I suppose so! c
  11. cc333

    How to Activate Windows XP Online in 2018

    I could, but I just realized that the seemingly nonfunctional online activation may be due to the fact that all forms of TLS less than 1.2 were taken offline June 30, and if that applies to the XP activation servers, we're in trouble unless a) MS decides to release a patch that fixes the problem (not likely for XP Home/Pro, but POSReady 2009 might get one)] that we can use), or b ) some enterprising XP user comes up with a workaround. c
  12. cc333

    How to Activate Windows XP Online in 2018

    I'm trying to activate XP SP2 (upgraded to SP3), and it won't work. I tried the settings described here to no avail. Whatever I do, I get the "Configure your network settings" screen, and if I click next or skip, it eventually fails to connect to the server. Is it possible MS finally took it offline? EDIT: I have a working internet connection (it's downloading updates presently), so that's not the problem. c
  13. Ha! OK!! I see that I even posted to that thread. Hmm, my memory is, quite literally, burnt out (too many wildfires here in CA!) Compounding the problem is that I haven't really needed to do this for... a year? Thank you for pointing me back in the right direction! c
  14. Forgive me if this has been discussed ad nauseam.. I want to install 2000 on a 250 GB hard drive. Can it be done without undue problems? If it requires a patch, what patch do I need to apply? My disk has SP4, if that helps. Thanks! c EDIT: Found this: https://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/456536-windows-2000-sp4-install-cd-doesnt-see-over-127gb/?tab=comments#comment-587641609 Maybe it's useful??
  15. cc333

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    OK, so I briefly tested Vista with every post-EOL Server 2008 update (except the Specre and Meltdown ones), and it ran pretty much fine. It felt a bit clunky, but I attribute that to a hardware failure, as shortly after I installed the updates, my PC's motherboard died :( So I now have to find some sort of Sandy/Ivy Bridge thing to replace it, at a price that isn't obscene (I remember when decent used motherboards could be had for ~$50 or less; what happened?!) so I can reuse my CPU. I do have a backup computer I cobbled together running an i7-900-something (soon to be upgraded to a Xeon X5680) and 18 GB RAM, so it's not like I'm stuck without a working desktop :) It's roughly equivalent architecturally to my 2009 Mac Pro (why not use that, you may ask? Well, it's wildfire season here in No. CA, and I want to keep my best computers packed safely in the car so they're ready to go if anything happens, again (I've already been evacuated twice :( ); It's a 40# hunk of aluminum that I *really* don't feel like lugging out of the house in an emergency (been there, done that)). c