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  1. Here's a suggestion to hide that line: In your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT file, add "@ECHO OFF" (without the quotes) to the top line, before any other text. c
  2. Not 100% on topic, but somewhat relevant: I have a Dell Precision M6800 (a quite modern system), which intermittently emits one or two loud pops from the internal speakers on shutdown. I don't know why this is, but I've speculated that it may not be 100% the driver's fault for causing the pops and clicks, as I've heard it happen without any drivers loaded; Perhaps the same is somewhat true on @Dave-H's system? Be that as it may, it was thought that functional HD Audio was impossible on 9x (and 3.x) until this driver came along, so the fact that it works at all, imperfect as it may be, is impressive. Too bad it can't be re-implemented as a 9x-native WDM driver (or can it? I vaguely recall there being talk of it on another thread somewhere not too long ago), as that would probably go a long way toward ironing out some of these minor glitches, and allow for a more streamlined experience. c
  3. @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ Perhaps try installing Haihaisoft Universal Player on a fresh install of Me or 98SE and see if you get the same result? c
  4. MCP does seem seem to offer an officially sanctioned build for Linux, so maybe it's worth a try? c
  5. That's normal. It was left that way for compatibility purposes (some programs won't install and/or run if the Service Pack number != 3). c
  6. Take a look at the photos in this eBay ad: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Latitude-C640-Windows-xp-wireless-card-installed-WORKING/362759505871?hash=item547626c7cf:g:-VkAAOSwlqJdg-Ga What do you see? I see a very unusual version of Windows which claims to be Windows XP Pro Lite? Does this actually exist somewhere, or is it a custom job? I'm leaning toward the latter so far, but thought maybe some of you could weigh in.... c
  7. In other words, go back to doing what they had been doing for for every other software release since MS-DOS! That doesn't mean each OS release didn't have problems, but at least there wasn't this constant barrage of half-baked, kinda-sorta working updates every month! In the past, Windows actually got *better* with every update (for example, XP: XP was pretty truthfully not the greatest at first, offering little more than extra eye candy and bloat compared to 2000, but over time, as it was being updated, it became far better, to the point that it surpassed 2000 in terms of stability and performance). c
  8. Could this or a similar method work for New Moon 27 on 2000? I could probably run SM 2.49.5 if not, but I'm worried that it'd be too slow and heavy on my old P4 machine. To that end, I probably have no business trying to watch MP4/HTML5 videos on it anyway (and it's not like I don't have any better machines for the task; My main tower right now has a Xeon X5680 with 18 GB of RAM, and can handle anything I throw at it), but it's a "because I can" sort of thing c
  9. @MrJayCobPL I can corroborate your confirmation! Windows Update is still working fine on Windows 2000! By the way, for future reference, has anybody ever managed to reverse engineer what makes the WU site work, and create a reasonably functional facsimile? Or better yet, an actual archived version with full functionality? It could then serve as a very nice front end to the super nice to have update archives the community has developed, I think. c
  10. It's mid August, and WU and MU are still working fine on Windows 2000 and XP-x64 over here, with no signs of it stopping any time soon (I'd imagine it would display a warning to the effect of, "Windows[Microsoft] Update will be shutting down soon" to give users some advance warning. I'm starting to think maybe this was just some F.U.D designed to scare off the few who are still using XP. c
  11. Oh, yeah, I did install those! That's what got me from the "This page cannot load" screen to the Windows Update error. It was late, and I forgot to mention that. But, it's all moot now, as somehow I managed to get it to work! Apparently I was almost there. I needed only to install a couple of cumulative IE6 updates (I forget the KB numbers; the laptop I had the VM on died this morning, so I have to wait until I've copied everything off its drive to check what they were), and then everything just worked! A .NET update (1.1 SP1) complained and wouldn't install at first, but I retried it and it installed fine the second time. Now I have to find the post-EOL updates and install those! c
  12. Hi, OK, I've decided to setup a fresh install before the Windows Update servers go offline, but when I try to run WU, I get error# 0x80072F7D. Are there any updates I must install manually to fix this error? I have installed so far: Service Pack 4 KB835732 Update Rollup 1 Internet Explorer 6 The latest WU agent Windows Installer 3.1 And none of it has resolved the error. Any help will be much appreciated! Thank you! c
  13. Interesting! You're multilingual! I'm not a linguist by any means, but I self-learned some of these interesting tidbits while taking a Spanish class, so if I may, I'd like to expand on and clarify your information a bit: English is, as you seem to imply, actually a Germanic language, which means it has common roots shared by German and Dutch (similar grammar and syntax). However, the language was heavily influenced by French and, by extension, Latin, due to the Nordic Conquest of England during the Middle Ages (around the 10th-11th centuries), primarily in the form of new words and phrases. So, as a result of this, modern English could be thought of as a sort of hybrid, because it has characteristics of both language families. OK, back on topic now! c
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