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  1. cc333

    Something of perverse activity ...

    Sure! I thought that was the point! It takes work to not only install the software, but to copy it all to the floppies. Not everyone has "Access" to that many disks anymore*, let alone the drives they go in. Oh, and here's another: it's not a pun per se, but kind of illogical. When MS designed the Windows 95 UI, why did they think it made sense to put the "Shut Down..." command in the "Start" menu? It just seems like an oxymoron to say "click the start button to shut down the computer". c
  2. Excellent! Thank you very much! Does hibernation work? I don't care about standby, as I rarely use it, but working hibernation would be nice. No big deal if it's out too, though. c
  3. cc333

    (Project) Legacy Windows Updates reopened

    This is fun! Regarding the missing backend stuff, can't one infer what it does by examining the frontend client stuff, and then re implement it somehow? How do the inner workings of v6 differ from v3/v4? Aside from cosmetics, I haven't noticed a huge difference in functionality, so maybe the v6 backend can be hacked for use with the v3/v4 UI? c
  4. cc333

    Something of perverse activity ...

    Whoever did this must have a lot of free time... It's an "Excel"-ent way to get bored out of one's mind! c
  5. cc333

    January 1st 2019 / still 4%

    Funny. I remember people saying more or less that same thing about XP it was still the latest and greatest. And Vista. AND 7.... It just keeps getting worse with each new release I guess. Me too. Computers, in many ways, seemed much more interesting then, despite their limitations. The hardware industry has, in my opinion, become rather boring and unimaginative lately. The data mining, ad and SaaS industries, however, are in their prime right now. c
  6. cc333

    Can Windows XP Pro x86 *Safely* TRIM an SSD?

    That sounds about right to me, based on my limited experience. However! I think that only really applies if you're creating partitions from within the Windows 7 installer, as it prefers to put boot-related files into that partition instead of the root of the C drive if it can. Not sure why, but I'm pretty sure that the Disk Management GUI creates normal partitions without that extra System Reserved stuff. c
  7. Does this mean that little puppy thing is gone? c
  8. cc333

    End of POSReady 2009 patches, what to do?

    And speaking of the DoD, XP was released right around 9/11 (release to manufacturing August 24, public release October 25), which really puts into perspective how long ago that awful tragedy was! (it could've been so much worse!) And it still feels like it just happened.... I remember that day pretty well.... Likewise, XP, despite being 18 years old now, still feels modern enough that it can still do 95% of modern things (there are some edge cases, but we have Windows 7 for those). c
  9. cc333

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    XP simply refuses to die, doesn't it? My current PC can't run it right now, or else I'd probably still be using it. c
  10. cc333

    What Are You Listening To?

  11. @daniel_k I am! Let's try it!! The patched BIOS shouldn't interfere with any other OS once it's installed, correct? c
  12. It's this kind of ridiculous nonsense that, in part, has caused the situation where we only have ond or two mainstream options when it comes to browsers. If he'd be a bit more open minded and do what some other developers have done ("we don't support XP or Vista anymore; our software may still work, but it's untested, so try it at your own risk, and don't expect us to help you if anything goes wrong") PM could've been much more open. Instead, his attitude is, "I refuse to let my software run on anything not supported by MS, and anyone trying to do so is banned from any discussion". What an excellent way to push users away! c
  13. Hi, I just built a new-ish PC using a Gigabyte z270p-d3 and I was wondering if its BIOS could be patched for XP as well? Thank you! c
  14. This is yet another reason why I refuse to use Google Chrome! I don't trust Google, because they're always trying stuff like this! And if Mozilla follows suit, I'll probably use some fork that isn't affected (there is, of course, Pale Moon and such for Windows, but what about for Mac? ArcticFox, a fork of PM ported to the Mac, is a compelling option (it runs on Snow Leopard (the Mac equivalent of XP) and later, which is nice)). c