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  1. I'm really liking how this is progressing! It took me a few days to catch up on the 6 or so pages of posts, but I finally have, so here I am! I have a question (or so) re: themes, if I may: is it possible to have the title bar and minimize/maximize/close buttons render using the native OS controls? I prefer to use the Classic (Win 2000) theme, and I'd like the browser to blend in a bit better. And, if this isn't directly possible, is there a Classic look-alike Chromium theme out there that would work? Can I create my own?? Also, can I even use themes meant for the official Google-supplied version of Chrome, or do they need to be specially modified somehow? c
  2. That's hilarious! Windows 10 is so much slower in general (primarily because of all the extra "features"), that I think production would slow to a crawl if those robots were upgraded to it. Besides that, I doubt 10 would support them anyway. 11 certainly won't, unless M$ relents on it's somewhat unrealistically high minimum requirements (last I heard, there was some rumors suggesting they might, but that was several weeks ago-- an eternity in the computer industry). c
  3. Maybe so, but it makes a good point! Since we're making "useless" posts today, I've noticed another, similar kind of post almost as much as those switch to Linux posts, and even had a CS instructor* go on about it: "throw out your old PC and buy a new one with Windows 10!" I do NOT see any point in throwing out a perfectly fine PC just because it's 4 years old, just to get a new one which that may not have the features I like, and probably won't run the software I want because Windows 10 won't run them (this, I admit, is rare-ish, but it happens). c *I went out of my way to run a Latitude D630 (from 2008) with Windows 2000 to make the point that one need not upgrade to the newest hardware and software to get things done (I did eventually upgrade it to XP, but the point was still valid because XP was only released one year later than 2000; because XP had such a long service life, it has become extremely mature and as a result, supports an unusually wide range of hardware (everything from the earliest Pentium Pros to at least Haswell, or Skylake and up with some ACPI patching and creative workarounds for some hardware that lacks XP drivers), and has at least some support for a lot of modern conveniences).
  4. OK, I had everything configured as I wanted, and it was really running quite smoothly, which was refreshing after that ordeal with those defective backups. However, the hard drive decided to fail on me, which was totally frustrating, because it meant doing everything all over again. To that end, I repurposed an old SSD I had laying around and then ordered a Dell XP x64 SP2 Reinstallation disk (this machine is an Optiplex 390). I figured might as well just install x64, since I had the disk, have 8 GB of RAM that it would be nice to use all of, and, well, the hard drive died, which was a good excuse, for I probably would've stayed with 32-bit XP otherwise. The installation went smoothly, but since Dell doesn't offer official support for XP x64 on the Optiplex 390, there are no XP x64-specific drivers offered, so I instead had to hunt them down myself. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard, for the official-for-this-model 32-bit XP and 64-bit Vista driver packages each happened to include some 64-bit XP drivers, seemingly by chance. I was thus able to piece together enough "official" drivers to get a 100% working setup with all hardware fully operational. As for updates, I got it kinda-sorta mostly current using RyanVM's update packs slipstreamed into a copy of the Dell disk, plus a bunch of manual installation of other packages (namely, .Net Framework and WMP11 (and their respective updates), plus the VC++ redistributables) after the install was finished, so I'm pleased to say I have accomplished what I wanted. c
  5. @jaclaz Thank you for the links! However, I have given up for now, as it deteriorated from bad to worse: it wouldn't boot at all no matter what I did, so I could never get far enough to even be able to try doing anything with the linked software. So, I installed 32-bit XP instead, and everything actually seems to be working as expected, so perhaps I don't need 64-bit. Now I need to figure out how to update it in a reasonable manner. The unofficial SP4 is good, but a little buggy in my experience. It might be worth a try, though, because I really loathe to install so many updates by hand. At least the media I used (a Dell reinstall disk) came with SP3. That leaves me with about 12 years worth of updates to install instead of 16 years worth... c
  6. OK, so now it's 2021. A plague has threatened to destroy life as we know it, and Microsoft has shut down the WU update servers for XP and XP x64, so, yay? Now that the "old-fashioned" way of installing updates no longer works, it seems to me that an unofficial service pack has become more important. That being said, has anyone decided to make one since my last post in this thread in 2019? If not, maybe it's about time someone did! I would, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Anyway, I'm dragging this thread out of the depths because I'd like to install XP x64 on a spare Dell, and I don't much enjoy the prospect of installing 200+ updates one by one.... I'd just install 7 (whose WU client, for the time being, still works) and move on, but I have a need for XP x64 specifically, so I can't really avoid this issue. c
  7. I'm trying to restore a computer of mine for some software that won't run on anything newer very reliably. The problem is, the installation seems to be broken. I finally got it to boot by fixing a few things, but I think the problem stems from the fact that the installation was made with drive E: as the system root, rather than the usual C: (which it now is). As a result of this, the registry is a complete disaster. So, is there a better way than finding, one by one, every reference to E: and correcting it to C:, or is there a better, more automated way? EDIT: I should add that I would prefer to preserve this installation because it is updated fully, but if there are no alternatives, I am willing to start over and reinstall. c
  8. I'm a little rusty and out of date on this, but I'll try to help: The only reason Vista doesn't handle SSDs as well as a more modern OS might is because Vista doesn't natively support SSDs, and thus can't issue necessary TRIM commands or self configure to minimize needless reads and writes, so performance can degrade with time. However, with some careful tweaking, Vista should be able to run just fine off an SSD. Lack of TRIM can be a problem, but as far as I know, many modern name-brand SSDs have pretty good self-maintenance and garbage collection, and so shouldn't be affected too badly. That being said, if you can boot into 8.1 periodically, you can let it TRIM the whole drive (either automatically or by using software that can allow one to trigger a TRIM manually). c
  9. Much better! I found another string that needs changed under "Use custom font size, however: Additionally, the "Use custom DPI" option doesn't seem to do anything? Isn't it supposed to show some sort of control for adjusting the DPI setting? Also, the font used on most buttons and dropdown boxes is some kind of serif font. Shouldn't the font be sans-serif so it's consistent with everything else? c
  10. Good progress happening here! I will download the next update whenever it becomes available c
  11. I use XP primarily as a VM on my Macs for specific uses where anything newer won't work, and to be able to use it on hardware it won't otherwise run on. I also have numerous real machines to run it on if I want a more authentic experience. That said, I'm not giving up on it any time soon! c
  12. OK, I downloaded this one, and it looks pretty good so far! However, is there a way to enable a menu bar? I can't seem to find an option for it.... Speaking of options, I discovered some awkward grammar errors in some English phrases, screenshots of which follow, along with captions (this will take awhile): What on earth is a Boss Key? That's probably supposed to be something like "OK" or "Understood" The Avatar seems to be Chinese? Can I remove/change it, or must the browser be modified? The phrasing of some of these is decidedly weird. For example, ought "Not use system dpi" be "Use Custom DPI" instead? More of the same. Obvious issues indicated by the red arrows, underlines and ovals. And finally, this. As far as I know, in this context, one doesn't generally use the singular "gesture", since there's usually more than one! I feel like maybe I'm being very OCD, and I don't mean to be a pest, but these stood out as things that ought to be reported so the maker of the package can fix it. c
  13. Whew! Much to catch up on here!! I'd like to try it out! As a general rule, I try to avoid Chrome and most chromium-based browsers (modern Opera being a notable exception) because of Google's telemetry (there's more than enough of that nonsense everywhere else... I don't need it in my browser too!). I've been on the sidelines here, watching and waiting for some sort of ready-to-go Extreme Explorer 360 package with all the Chinese and Russian telemetry removed, and it looks like it has happened in the form of @ArcticFoxie's build 2206, which, if I am following correctly, is a build of version 13? Anyway, I have numerous machines here which are limited to XP, either by choice or, in some cases, necessity, plus a handful of VMs on my Macs, so it would be nice to have a decently modern browser for them. That being said, what should I download? c
  14. Did you try re-registering all the Installer dlls and such, or maybe reinstalling 4.5 altogether?? It seems to me that 4.5 usually supersedes 3.1, and anything that expects 3.1 should work just fine with 4.5, so maybe there's some subtle corruption going on somewhere.... Unless you can confirm it works 100% with anything other than the updates you're attempting to run? c

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