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  1. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    If you think that's bad, try installing/using Windows 95 on a 486 sometime. That's not much better. I'm *really* glad I've decided to stick with XP through 8.1. Each has their flaws (XP is older, Vista is somewhat bloated for their time, 7 got 10's Telemetry backported to it, 8.1 has Metro), but they're mostly well documented and easily (and permanently) fixed! A forced update isn't going to come along and undo most of the fixes and customizations! c
  2. Why would MS release and update that literally does nothing more than break stuff? Passive aggressive attempt at forcing people to upgrade, maybe? c
  3. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Well, I guess this is a matter of taste, but for someone who strongly prefers the UI of Windows 7 and older (like myself), it's almost necessary to tweak things, like disabling/removing Metro (Classic Win32 is fine by me, and does 100% of what I want), adding translucency with Aero Glass, ClassicStartMenu (I have mine configured with the classic Windows 95-Vista menu, but it can do a Windows 7-styled one too), OldNewExplorer to get rid of the ribbon UI in Explorer, etc. But for some, it's totally fine out of the box, and that's OK. The fact that 8.1 *can* be is nice, because it feels like Windows 10 has caused nothing but problems for most people who try to use it for anything serious, and almost 100% of the time requires a bunch of fiddling with settings to be safe and useful to any meaningful extent (using the arcane Settings app, which I find totally ridiculous when the traditional Control Panel works just fine) (or maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, not sure). c
  4. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    8.1, if appropriately tweaked, isn't too bad, and is surprisingly similar to 7, but more up to date, so that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 10, on the other hand, *can* be tweaked to become somewhat sane, but because of this Windows as a service thing, most of the tweaks won't stick, and MS is constantly changing things so current tweaks stop working. As a result, it's a waste of time to even try at this point, unless one likes to spend most of their time tinkering, rather than doing any actual work. c
  5. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    I have no idea. Be that as it may, I just bought a Dell Precision M6800 (Haswell based, so could conceivably run XP minimally with some hacks), and it is coming with Windows 7. I could go with 10, but, eh... 7 is enough for me, and it still has 2 years yet before EOL (and people will probably devise ways of extending it and keeping it relatively up to date, as done with XP). I won't touch 10 with a 10 foot pole (pun intended ), unless it's quarantined within a VM. c
  6. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Not to disappoint, but Apple builds most of their stuff in China too. Some of their higher end stuff gets built in other places, but the vast majority of their low to mid range products come from factories in China. And a 7 year old iMac being more current than a modern PC? a 2010 iMac would still be using a Core 2 Duo CPU, maybe a first gen i5 or i7, and, on paper, is significantly less advanced than many newer PCs (and Macs). That being said, My 10 year old MacBook (bought new) ran XP better than most laptops did at the time, and the fact that it can still run Windows 10 decently is quite nice. Also, for the most part, if you can get all the drivers to install, Windows under Boot Camp should perform just fine, and power consumption shouldn't be much different than OS X's (that being said, I have noticed that the CPU under Windows tends to run a bit hotter). c
  7. [VESA]UniGFX Graphics Driver

    That's good! c
  8. Not sure about ATMFD.DLL, but the rest would seem to be related to the NT kernel. I'm checking to see if this patch will be released for XP 64-bit. The last time there was a major bug like this, they did release an emergency patch, so it stands to reason they may do the same in this case. c
  9. [VESA]UniGFX Graphics Driver

    This could be useful for running XP on newer hardware where no XP-native drivers don't exist (newer Kaby Lake or whatever, for instance). Any chance something like this could be made for XP 64-bit? c
  10. Yes, I've been following that, as Macs are 100% affected as well as virtually *all* PCs (I use mainly Macs for day-to-day stuff). What a *great* way to start the new year, with a computer apocalypse!! Be that as it may, POS 2009 will likely see a fix for this, but since it's so big, will it work on plain XP? On the other hand, since it requires an almost complete rewrite of the kernel's address space handling, maybe MS will decide to EOL POS 2009 two years early? c
  11. It's not really a huge problem, as everything seems to work fine otherwise, but if anyone knows of a way to fix the problem, that would be most excellent. Thanks! c
  12. XP_64 on 2012 MacBook Pro

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but it's mine, so... I already have XP x64 running on my 2009 Mac Pro (it runs quite well for the most part, except I keep getting random BSoDs related to disk.sys), so it must be possible. Meanwhile, I gave up trying to get XP x64 to run on my MacBook Pro directly, so I compromised and put in a VM instead. It's not 100% perfect (there's some heavy software I can't run), but it works well enough. However, I would still like to get it working, if only to say I can. c
  13. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    I think I remember seeing a few instances of XP in the wild lately, but I can't remember exactly where :/ Nevertheless, as 16 year-old operating systems go, it's far from extinct, a fact proven by our numerous recently reported sightings. on a somewhat related note, I remember seeing Windows 2000 Advanced Server in the wild once, about 10 years ago. it was still being supported then, but even so, actually finding it was quite rare even then, since the vast majority of people had already long since switched to XP. Except me, of course (from 2004-2006, I ran either XP, 2000 or 98 as my main OS, depending on what computer I was using (I had an old eMachines at one point, and with a 466 MHz Celeron, 256 MB of RAM and an 8 GB hard drive, XP was not fun; 2000 ran okay, but it was clearly meant for 98 first and foremost). c
  14. @mnogo999 That basically describes Netscape 3/4, but with modern rendering capabilities and security updates/fixes. Something like that would be really nice to have for Win9x as well. c
  15. @Dibya That's the original Pentium and/or PII, right? XP can run on those, but I'd imagine it would be miserably slow on such a system in stock form. On the other hand, if you nLited it down to the bare minimum needed for things like networking to work, it might be tolerable. c