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  1. Bu does it mean it works until 10th December or until 12th of October? US middle-endian date style harms my brain :P
  2. It still surprises me how this approach is still widespread. Talking to my tech-interested friends I still hear comments like "Windows XP has to be reinstalled every few months in order to work". No to mention these are habbits they learned on warez-delivered unpatched systems with tons of warez-delivered software and diplomats, politicians, marketing people, salespeople, and...
  3. For the sake of history - KB4074852 broke down copying files in between partitions/disks.
  4. How to reach PATH variable? From https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000549.htm Works, I checked. Please, do not change contents of this variable, or you'll break your system
  5. And someone badly lies in the mentioned article: This one: https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/help/971286/winusb-version-1-9-update-for-windows-xp-for-windows-vista-and-for-win For comparison, pl-pl version shows last update in 2013
  6. Yep, It took my PC BELOW TWO MINUTES to look for updates, and about 50 minutes to install 'em all with no error on the way. I'm glad it's fixed, I'm sad that just as POSReady updates are about to end. Good what ends well
  7. Which probably, again, may be different depending on the jurisdiction
  8. Or, to be precise, abandonware exist as a word, a colloquial term, with more-or-less agreed upon definition, but up to my knowledge, abandonware does not exist as a legal term. In this case, we are not speaking of 'piracy', which is also broad and colloquial, but copyright infringement.
  9. Please, describe which program settings did you use for the backup and where did you store the backup (another partition, internal/external HDD, cloud). I don't have personal experience with Acronis, but this kind of programs usually have separate 'system backup' mode that does everything automagically, it should use native Windows APIs to backup the files (including the ones in use) and recognize boot partition and system partition.
  10. I'd ask them to call me if they plan to get rid of this IBM thingy...
  11. So, I looked up again, and what I initially thought is applicable in Polish law (and in Most European Union countries, as per EU directive) - 70 years since the publication, if the author is not a person (so, for example, corporations). So we can host Altair Basic on Bahrain Servers? Together with source code, if we obtain it somehow?
  12. Good Lord, I don't wanna think when M$ will set windows 2000 free... I thought that it's actually 70 years, while it's 70 years after the copyright holder's death, right were owned by a person. Thanks for unintentionally correcting my 'bad knowledge' anyway
  13. This is the same thing that initially came to my mind. This app is freely distributed and promoted by major tech portals, there are others windows editions as an program or even a website... but let anyone drop an image here or there, and the same people will claim the poor guy a pirate, plus a lawyer's chase begins. So, the question is, why the home user can't use such image legally, while M$ is not making any money from it anyway? It will be at best used by a small group of hobbyists, not interfering their main business, as these people most likely have to have some more modern computer anyway. I totally skip the case of business users, where licences can probably still be obtained via different ways... Or maybe I don't because AFAIK due to Oracle<->M$ lawsuit Windows 98 cannot be distributed by Redmond folks anyway. The Dog in the Manger, or 'Gardener's Dog', as we call it in Poland. I'm not a lawyer myself and i don't wanna start a legal, or worse, political holy war in here, but up to my feelings there is something getting absurd with these whole copyright laws...
  14. Happy happy Joy joy! I restored a system backup from April that I did with AOMEI Backupper, which went surprisingly smooth, and then KB4343900 got installed with no issues Now it's time to update other program and components... Many thanks @Tripredacus for leading me into the path to the solution. Two lessons from this case to be remembered: 1) Start investigating 0x80073701 issues from checking if any past update went wrong. 2) Always, remember to do regular backups, keep 'em safe and ready to use Topic can be closed.
  15. No, it does not. Third month. I'll take a try reinstalling connected ones. Ok, front report. I looked up the updates that 4338818 replaced. No luck here, it says they are not installed. Well then, maybe let's look up newest update replaced by this ones? So i checked up my installed updates list in control panel, and it shown... around 70 updates with install date 2018-06-02. Hm, back then I installed only rollups and so, surely less than 10 updates... What's more, some of them have release date back in 2016! So I started uninstalling them one-by-one, maybe something will work... Not really KB3139923 refuses to get uninstalled throwing error pointing to other updates being badly uninstalled... Ok, now KB 4103718, may security update rollup, cannot be uninstalled. Am I Doomed? Obviously, after uninstalling all what I could from 2018-6-2 and later, MU is showing only two updates to be installed... Obviously, recent security rollup failed to install. Again. If nothing changes, I think I rollback my backup to the state from before may updates from AOMEI Image.
  16. So, one more attempt before I’ll drop a nuke. A Bump! I tried more, looking for ‘any’ solution from the internet and tried installing cab file using DISM. It failed, but it returned an error saying ‘referred module cannot be found’, and pointing out to the DISM log file. This little text file seems to be able to tell me more-or-less what’s missing in winsxs folder. I also reminded myself about Dependency Walker and tried to analyse exe file attached into the msu archive. And here the idea comes – maybe with a little help of logs and analysis tools I’ll be able to track down missing/invalid modules and copy them from the healthy windows installation? Any of the Lounge members tried that? Very risky? PS I tried wsusoffline once again, and, however, it failed to install quality rollup, it did install separate security updates from August and July, so my attention level dropped from panic to cautious. As for updates, I do them regularly onto external HDD using Aomei personal, and data is stored on separate internal disk, so no big risk here.
  17. You might try. Official specs say, that 'Local user profiles' are also restored. Make another system restore point before restoring anything, so you can safely rollback As I side-note, I'd recommend against using Maxthon, as it has identified spyware-like behaviour, constantly phoning Beijing servers... https://portableapps.com/node/54786
  18. When I tried to do on my XP, I encountered issues (VM was crashing and going black screen at best). I went through different solutions about cleaning HAL entries, configuring settings etc... And finally going from VirtualBox to VMWare player worked... Still dunno how and why.
  19. New to us, always warm welcomed! Hi!
  20. Probably dedicated to the OS you want to migrate to Sorry, but as for me this is way too off-topic. This thread is already filled with posts loosely connected with an updates, so do not expand its complexity and move to new one. It's already hard enough to find desired post in here...
  21. You can't compare with our good friend Roffen
  22. Hey, I have a problem with installing recent security update rollup for Windows 7x64 (currently KB 4338818). It started with June, and continues through July, making my computer much more vulnerable than I'd love to have. Windows fails to install throwing 0x80073701. I tried using sfc /scannow. I tried using System update Readiness Tool https://www.microsoft.com/pl-PL/download/confirmation.aspx?id=20858 I tried resetting the windows update components, as described here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-windows_update/windows-7-error-code-80073701-cant-install-updates/0be36326-13d5-4ee4-b146-aedf6dd3d632 and here: https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-fix-windows-10-update-error-code-0x80073701/ * I tried installing update locally, from installer file, with all internet security programs disabled. And, obviously, I hoped that July update will fix the problem with June one with no intervention... All fail. Someone on other board suggested me to use wsusoffline.net, but it started from downloading updates I purposely hidden (related to all the "telemetry" and Silverlight updates)... it looks like a tool designed for different purpose, I quit. Only suggestions that remain tell me to reinstall Service Pack, as it is some bug good M$ guys have provided... An It's approach I'd like to avoid. Any ideas? *Yes, i know it looks like some shady "download my bloatware" site, but this current trick is just described with more detail than on M$ sites, filled with broken links and automated responses from more than helpful support team slaves.
  23. Sorry to hop in, but I tried to understand similar things just today... Shouldn't %programfiles% be enclosed within %%double percents%%? And if not, why? I'm asking based on what worked for me... cmd sand .reg still seems to me more a set of exceptions than rules
  24. Fixed, thanks, I must have copy-pasted wrong entry.
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