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  1. Hm, do you have anything that I missed, or do I have anything that you missed?:
  2. Actually, pretty much expected, but thanks for detective work done to confirm it. First, Microsoft is big corpo enough to do not care for as long as sales charts are ok. And who's the biggest corpo now?
  3. I do understood you and I do regularly check if something does not pop up. What I'm being offered are driver updates that ARE 7YEARS OLD and for unknown reason are offered just now. I bet it's shittiness of HP drivers behind it. Nothing new appears. No magic. If you plug a piece of device that have drivers still in MU database for XP, you will be offered them. I have as little chance of getting any extra offerings from M$ as anyone in this group, but I keep checking.
  4. Assuming that I didn't try earlier is, you know, humiliating...
  5. Since they do not support Embedded, it is likely that some of the updates they offer are false-positives. I would start from patching what you could get for free and check if this is not causing system's unstability.
  6. Well, MU keeps surprising me with new updates: Fun fact is, that I've been actively looking for driver updates for the printer up to 2015 via hp website and nothing popped up. now I get new updates every month I found out that newest for XP 32bit is on some shady website, but I'll wait a month longer to see If I'll get new offering with next patch Tuesday.
  7. Someone took old parts and with little effort updated it to support modern nucs. Old leftovers? Who cares, need not to fit into floppy anymore...
  8. Thus I run full DMDE scan on the drive, and will update the post If I get any results. @jaclaz I must admit that this software and its UI overgrow me a bit, and attached .chm isn't best written... Well, I helped myself with This guide and Recahed point 5 - folder I'm looking into is empty, and parent folder have no "red dot". However, still hoping for some luck, I tried to search by extension (as I didn't know the file name after all) and DMDE finds bunch of "deleted files" and "found files" which look like matching what I need. Including the folder path... which I just checked and was empty... Well, so after All, IT'S WORKING and I'm getting files requested back, but it takes its time to search everything with 3 different methods and no, I do not get why I cannot find it on folder pane. I'm having a sense of mental loosage here.
  9. Necroposting at its bes, but I need to recover some files again. photorec is not a way to go - it goes through whole drive, and I need to recover only few small files from specific folder, that were not archived via default windows methods. I recently wiped my 1 TB HDD from old unused files, and I do not want to make it recover way too much by accident. We're just chasing for a few video game saves right now
  10. @Dibya could you please be more descriptive what we, XP users, shall do with the list you posted?
  11. No but I mailed them and they do not support it.
  12. No, unfortunately. EDIT and I assume ale the forums' threads from week ago I find right now are yours They'll ignore you, they're not charity and this is a part of 15000$+ premium support FranceBB mentioned eariler.
  13. Hi, were there any attempts to restore plugin manager and auto updater in notepad++ to work on XP? Only info I found is 1,5 year old and refers to lack of GetTickCount64 function. That's not a major issue, manual update is still fine, if we are blocked by something POSReady 2009 updates cover.
  14. Hm, I got one update offered Hewlett-Packard - Dot4 - Data ostatniej publikacji: 2019-9-17 Rozmiar pobieranego pliku: 11.7 MB Hewlett-Packard Dot4 driver update released in March 2013 Looks like oldie re-offered in September 2019. I'm pretty sure I have newest XP Driver fro HP's website, how to check if it's really something I miss or WU/MU issue?
  15. First, you missed the information which programming language you use. This looks like Python, but which version? Second, if you translate comments to English, there might be many more people in here able to help you.
  16. I guess Matt & co. will be much more responsible on forums related to his works directly.
  17. I mailed to them, and they replied they: If they ever release anything for XP, we would first need to verify how it works together with POSReady patches.
  18. Or just an documentation glitch. Will need actual person with access to actual POSReady 2009 system to tell us if this update ever appeared or not...
  19. I don't have 4507704 and I thought I have everything... will be investigating...
  20. Did anyone make a progress on that issue? My relatives using Basilisk XP Mod from RoyTam need teams on XP since today... I'm really thinking about installing Win 7 next to XP on that machine. My last thought is 360 Explorer - did anyone try testing Teams on that?
  21. Hi, all, I remember topic was often covered in builds megathread, but I decided to make dedicated one to save myself hours of scrolling I'm still using uBo 1.17.4 with Basilisk 52 XPMOD from Roytam since 'forever', and I'm wondering whether it will be beneficial for me to switch to uBlock Origin firefox-legacy- What makes me doubt are numbers - 1.16 <1.17, and backtracking changelog to find what is what is quite a time-consuming task. Or maybe I should go with some 1.18 or higher version of uBo, since AFAIR Roytam keeps support of WebExtensions in Basilisk, which official branch is going away from?
  22. ******************************************************* * authroots.sst 2020-02-26 22:33 Roots * * delroots.sst 2019-08-21 22:44 Roots * * roots.sst 2019-07-23 23:27 Roots * * updroots.sst 2020-02-26 22:33 Roots * * disallowedcert.sst 2019-08-13 17:18 Revoked * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Roots Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Revoked Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* Aby kontynuować, naciśnij dowolny klawisz . . . I wasn'tgetting into details what ahve changed, but it looks like update won't harm anyone, and might help :)
  23. Wast majority of the updates is still online, will they ever disspear some board members have them backed up on their PCs

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