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  1. Windows XP Pro is and always be the best for me, still use it primarily for MSVB6. Edit: what can I say, don't care about the others, with the exception of 2000.
  2. Always linked to https://msfn.org/ (showed the message in first post, now uses the portal). I'm nitpicky about some things.
  3. <?php header('location: https://msfn.org/board/'); ?> Create a index.php file with above in it at msfn.org
  4. Used to be fine with real content. And I link to the main site on my website links page.
  5. Not sure whats going on, screenshot shows what I see on the msfn.org homepage. Been like that for days now.
  6. Look at what I started here, not complaining though. Quite nice to read every post, all the different computers or systems.
  7. Quite interesting to read what everyone used over the years, or in some cases decades. Wish I kept every computer I had in the past, some where Win 95, 98SE and 2000.
  8. Windows 3.11 screenshots - https://guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/win311fw Really enjoy seeing whats been posted, everyone of course will have nearly the same or different eras. In my lifetime alone, seen technology grow from pretty much nothing to what it is today.
  9. Very nice setups, hope you still have them despite the technicalities.
  10. My first computer was the Commodore Vic 20 back in the 80's, still have this and in working order, except 2 broken keys. Second was a early 90's $4000 one, that ran Windows 3.11, 486SX, 33 MHz to 66 MHz, 1 MB to 4 MB ram, cannot recall if it was 40 MB or 120 MB hard drive, dialup modem, do not recall video. Sadly got rid of it many many years ago.
  11. Don't know what to think, will leave this topic for everyone else.
  12. This forum (at msfn.org) seems quite active, most of the time.
  13. Haven't seen it before or after registering.
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