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  1. Hi, Could you please provide more details? What file type are you working on? xlsx, xls, xlsm, xlsb or something else? is your office up to date? Do you have macros enabled in MS office? Is the file coming from a trusted source? are you sure the file is not a malware trying to rick you into enabling macros or DDL execution? Is the file containing any confidential data?
  2. Well, when I'll get out of options, I'll consider that.
  3. Sure, but what's the future of RyanVM? Down for good or will someone post it as read-only, o at least extract unique content somewhere...
  4. No update in here, but I have some new entries showing 29 Oct 2019 as a date: ******************************************************* * authroots.sst 2019-10-29 19:31 Roots * * delroots.sst 2019-08-21 22:44 Roots * * roots.sst 2019-07-23 23:27 Roots * * updroots.sst 2019-10-29 19:31 Roots * * disallowedcert.sst 2019-08-13 17:18 Revoked * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Roots Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* ******************************************************* * * * Revoked Certificates * * * * successfully updated! * * * ******************************************************* Aby kontynuować, naciśnij dowolny klawisz . . . Worth worrying?
  5. Yep, but I want that BUT without everything else that differs Win7 from Win8
  6. Yep, but I want my win7 to reach EOS in 2023
  7. Bumping! Again following Woody, didn't we miss a telemetry in here (or at least, I did)?
  8. Found no topic exactly about this, correct me if wrong. Up to my knowledge, no solution comparable to POSReady trick is available, hovewer, we have something clever people can start working on: https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/ms-defcon-4-its-time-to-get-patched/#post-2000466
  9. You know, I once suggested to make dedicated sub-board on members projects, you might bump my topic
  10. Not a programmer myself, but that's the quote of the day. cryptography or creating 3D engines require more maths, databases and frontend are said to require less.
  11. Power on count is more interesting... You never restart it except updates and power outages, right?
  12. This or promoting new spam-killing mods.
  13. that's the matter we like helping with
  14. I pretty bet he meant guy's face, but whatever...
  15. According to theiir main page, taht's not even illegal! https://www.sandboxie.com/ Sophos is excited to announce that we are making Sandboxie a free tool, with plans to transition it to an open source tool. This new evolution of Sandboxie is one we are enthusiastic about, but that does not mean this was an easy decision to make. Sandboxie has never been a significant component of Sophos’ business, and we have been exploring options for its future for a while. Frankly, the easiest and least costly decision for Sophos would have been to simply end of life Sandboxie. However, we love the technology too much to see it fade away. More importantly, we love the Sandboxie community too much to do that. The Sandboxie user base represents some of the most passionate, forward thinking, and knowledgeable members of the security community and we didn’t want to let you down. After thoughtful consideration we decided that the best way to keep Sandboxie going was to give it back to its users – transitioning it to an open source tool. We will release more information about the open source project as we continue to work on the details. Until the open source transition is completed we have decided to make all restricted features of Sandboxie completely free.
  16. Askwoody referred to 0patch service recently: https://www.0patch.com/patches.html Never heard of it before, never used it before and it looks like nothing for XP or Office 2007 was released since they died in the eyes of Microsoft, but if something appears, "Extended support" will remain closed for us, normies, and there will be no "Exceptional" patch on WU/MU... one might take a try?
  17. Or a hoax. Write "lite" in ebay announcements because I don't understand what I write about o.
  18. You guess? Thy shall knowth!
  19. Rest in peace, rloew! That's the first time someone I only knew through the internet died and, well, it feels odd. Oddly sad. But the worlds have to go on. Is there anyone who was in private contact with him to know what would happen to his legacy, both website and projects? Sorry if it's too early to ask these questions.
  20. I recently went back to classics: http://www2.tky.3web.ne.jp/~yosshin/my_works/download.html Yep, a freeware.
  21. Media keep rumouring about how unsafe XP is, but I'm keeping an eye on media news, and no rumour about massive and/or sophisticated attacks targeting XP are present. Most attacks targeting "home users" are still starting with phishing or compromised website. First you can fight against simply being careful and learning some best practices, plus using e-mail vendor who filters spam well second you can fight back using updated browser and maybe trying some isolation. Most attacks on home users are still ransomware or fake payments. First you defend yourself by making regular backup, second by using 2FA and being invulnerable for phishing. No big security hole was found since WannaCry/eternal Blue, so if you have POSReady2009 updates, you shall be secure enough. So, from home users perspective, sane XP user is still more secure of dumb clicker using whatever up-to-date system. If you really want to be aware of your outadted systems, you should start with your router, Android devices and iOT, which often contains simples tsecurity flaws "by design" and never get updated. Really, hat makes me wonder is why people whinning about outdated XP systems don't rush against Android devices being constantly far behind what google updates on daily basis, not even mention totally loosing support after few months
  22. And the "blog" links to facebook main page? o.O
  23. Not sure how often you need discord, but UI isn't THAT bad, and shall be working with Roytam's builds, which should be enough for occasional use. my last 2c and I quit OT now.
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