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  1. @DrWho3000's fix made my extensions work, thanks. Anyway, I am embarrassed by Mozilla's behaviour. i know something can sometimes break in entity as big as Mozilla, but... sigh!
  2. Just FYI - for the sake of manageability, posts related to shutting down windows update servers were moved to: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178377-on-decommissioning-of-update-servers-for-2000-xp-and-vista-as-of-july-2019/ Hope it seems reasonable for all of you - for me, nearly 200 pages long thread is already a bit too big and it's hard to find some historical info in here
  3. Ok there, few questions: 1) we've read articles about decommissioning Windows XP update system, but where is the official statement? 2) Will it shut down updates for various old office versions (Office 2003, 2007) as well? 3) Will the updates still be available to be downloaded via catalog?
  4. I Installed all April updates and fixed msi.dll registration problem... And thus, the Fellowship of the Patch has ended it's journey. It was an honour to travel with you, guys, and break through all the barriers together. Now, it's time to lay my axe down...
  5. Guys, MBAE is not launching on my XP machine after last (sniff-sniff) POSReady update. anyone else faced the issue?
  6. Hi Roffen. Best? Uninstall Winzip. Windows can pack and unpack .zip files without any additional software. For other archive files, install 7-zip instead. Press start button. then, start typing "This PC", or Norwegian translation of this term. This PC icon should appear. Run it. It will open traditional Disks view, something like "My Computer" on Windows XP.
  7. I'm with you, man, Don't make it even bigger "Everything-in-one-topic" mess, else two weeks from now noone will be able to find any meaningful info in here. @dencorso, as a mod who frequently visits the topic, I'm calling you. are you also with us? PS many thanks,! I think we should do it more often for those mega-threads
  8. Poor quality photo this time, but at least original content - XP booting in Warsaw suburban train Not sure if pure one or embedded. Photo from today's morning.
  9. Theoretically Vinyls preserve much better, but yep, still "lossy" over time. Not as lossy as any streaming services, when they decide to shut down the servers, anyway
  10. Problem with MC is that they are quite, eh, 'lossy' technology. So if you have the feeling it's not the same as what you've heard in the past... well, you're right
  11. Hi Pythoners, I have quite an unusual problem here. I have newest python 2 and python 3 installed together with python launcher and PIP, all coming from newest, official installers from python.org. And I wanted to install Spyder IDE for them. For various reasons I am not going with Anaconda, as they suggest, or any other python distro like python(x, y) or WinPython. I decided for the PIP way spyder3 went smooth, I just needed to: pip3 install pyqt5 pip3 install spyder And it works like a charm. Hovewer, spyder 2 is not that easy. For pyqt for python 2 is not avaliable via pip, so it looks like buildig from source, as described here, is the only way that will work for me. Unfortunately, it requires having sip for python, which is also not available via pip and one have to build using source code. And this is the moment I am quite lost. I managed to run configure.py using python 2, all paths were valid, I managed to find makefile files it created... and don't know what to do next. SIP installation instruction assumes that reader can use "make" command and is experienced in C\C++ building, and I'm not at all. I googled a bit and tried to use nmake, simply passing my makefile as a parameter, but only got a response "cannot build" What I need a hand with: First, I would like to get that built and installed. this case simply got me curious. Secondly, I don't even know if this will allow me to install spyder2 using pip2, and this is my ultimate goal. My setup is Win10 Enterprise, major build 1703, and a Visual Studio express 2015 - and "enterprise" means, I cannot use any other. Any help is welcome.
  12. Ok, but does it mean Windows Update Service, or wiping out patches from the catalogue as well?
  13. You mean embedded games, like 'Reversi' card game?
  14. I propose New Monroe's Doctrine - Google knows more about you than you expect it to know. Rule applies, even if New Monroe's Doctrine was already taken into calculations. One could expect that according to this rule Google's knowledge grows ad infinitum, but if we assume that each iteration is smaller than previous, limit of a sequence is finite, despite infinite number of elements in a sequence.
  15. I sometimes wonder if MS guys throw patches with errors they can't solve, and then watch MSFN boards and wait for you guys to solve them. Y'all rock!
  16. Ok, so Avast! nags me to buy paid version, despite EOS on XP: Problem is, that there is no exit button. I can't even say no! If that ain't a PUP, I don;t know what is...
  17. You know who made windows XP? Obviously, Starring at a TV in a right moment is not that bad, if you know the right moment
  18. All went sugar-smooth and blazing-fast for me this month. no patch issues. Well, flights to Britatin are within my reach...
  19. I just wanted to post about windows 7 EOS nag KB4493132 update, https://www.askwoody.com/2019/windows-10-nag-for-windows-7-makes-an-appearance/ but it turns out @dencorso already did it in the first post. Thus I suggest calling him a Guardian Angel of Windows Updaters
  20. I usually try to pan things, but I'm afraid I don't get you two this time...
  21. Just FYI, original ZDNet article got updated:
  22. Ok, I gave up and installed ipv6. It's disabled on my router anyway yet still, the 'professional' approach of TeamViewer squad is a bit surprising...
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