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  1. Well... I'm actually posting this from an Eee PC 900 (from 2008!). FTW, it's powered by an Intel Celeron M 353ULV @ 900 MHz (0.9 GHz), single-core and works quite well (if one has some patience, of course!)... But most of the latest batches of POSReady 2009 are not compatible with such installations...
  2. Of course they ain't! Don't let your wishes shield you from reality...
  3. I'm sure Mr. Number 4.0.3 is free and adds-free. It's old, so not the one one'll find at the Play Store. But I'm sure it's findable somewhere... and while I cannot point you to a reliable source right away, I'm confident our good friend @jaclaz can help us with this.
  4. I use a dumb mobile for day-to-day use, and it goes with me everywhere. It's a Nokia C2-01, which I keep in Silent mode, unless I'm waiting for a call or want to be reachable to the wife (say when at the supermarket/grocery/bakery/etc.). For banking and analogous things, and what'sapp (for work mainly) I've got a very plain-vanilla Samsung J2 Prime (Android 6), which never leaves my office-cum-workshop... for uses like these, I'd suggest nowadays the cheapest possible Samsung which comes with Android 9, not degoogled nor rooted and with just the needed banking applications, maybe what'sapp if unavoidable, cpu-z, total commader and a full-fledged blocker application called Mr. Number. Nothing more. And to move around the city, a good old city map/guidebook (which, for São Paulo reaches 450 pages!) remains the best option and never fails one! Of course, I'm a brontosaur who thinks gaming means playing cards or shooting biliards or pool, with real balls, cues and table! So, YMMV.
  5. It won't go back to the XP forum. It was past time it got it's own forum. "Older NT-OSes" denote those which have sub-forums in the "Older NT-OSes" forum. 7 isn't there yet (it still has too many users and too many software support for that). Nor is 8.0, because it's discussed in the same forum as 8.1, which isn't yet EoS.
  6. wired things about sleep? Did you perhaps mean weird?
  7. Yes, it is. The older the board, the louder it is. That's why some newish Gigabyte boards boast of sound-caps' shielding...
  8. As y'all can see, the link itself says unofficial. The official view (as long as such can be defined for linux distributions) is that buster ought to be the 1st x64 only debian distro...
  9. Well, I, for one, have already drawn my line in the sand: 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 and XPSP3 are my last MS OSes. For anything x64, I'm already using debian buster (which actually has no x86 version, only x64), And if the other side requires both Windows and x64, then, no, thanks, nothing they may have to offer is for me, period. Molon labe!
  10. As of recent months, I've been noticing all browsers in general are using more memory than before, on x86 (= 32-bit) OSes. This is valid not only for Basilisk 52 (a recent one from @roytam1, of course) / the old, good, FF esr 52.9.1 / 360chrome v12 on XPSP3, but also for the old, good, FF esr 52.9.1 / IE 11 ( ) / Chrome 93.0.4577.63 on 7 Ultimate SP1 x86, on various machnes. In particular, Chrome 93.0.4577.63 on 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 has now the habit of giving the infamous '"Aw, snap" and "not enough memory"' errors before crashing and burning, then accepting to display the same page that led to the error without issue, on restarting Chrome. All that said, it occurred to me you might have had a broser open when you updated the certificates and got the error, @Dave-H, and, if so, the culprit would probably be the browser itself, not heinoganda's program. Just a theory, of course, but it might as well actually be the right explanation for what you saw. If so, we'll see more like events in the near future, I'm afraid. Obviously, by now, every webpage developer presumes everybody and their aunt have x64 OSes and plenty memory available to hold heaps of bloat their bad programming may throw at their users.
  11. I usually get them at Mercado Livre, which is an Argentinian/Brazilian e-Bay clone. But 1st time I bought a spindle was for the real e-Bay, which I think still is the place to look for them, although maybe amazon might sell 'em too. Don't buy the -R DLs, though, if you stumble upon them. Unlike single layers, where its indiferent whether + or -, the DLs must be +R!
  12. Yeah, sure! That's the issue with being vague. The machine I'm writing from is a i7-3770K, which is older and perfectly capable of running 8.1 x64, too. But when you speak of "old", I, for one, think of way older machines. Anything able to run 10 x64 or debian buster x64 doesn't quite fit "old desktop" in my perverted mind, at least. Sorry I misunderstood you!
  13. Becoming forgetful, are you? Remember this?
  14. Well... not quite. 12 cm, single-sided DVD+R DLs are actually still findable, quite reliable and are 8.5GB. The pre-2016 Verbatim (manufactured by Taiyo Yuden) made in Singapore or in Japan are really excellent, and becoming harder to find, but worth the effort. It's too bad Taiyo Yuden left the optical disks maket... as for its successor, I cannot give any opinion, because I've never yet bought any media made by CRC Magnetics.
  15. This is XP (which I love, as y'all know)... so, no, there'll not be many "newcomers", in fact, and most "outgoers" are long gone, already. Whoever ventures here from scratch now needs to be very interested, ultra very motivated, and patient, to be able to get anything working (or be a leach who deserves to writher in the sun while starving!) so, no: if one needs spoon feeding, anything earlier than 1x ( ) is not for them. Let roytam1 worry with meaningful things, not that. As people at old Aston Martin used to say to those who insisted their cars ought to display some indication of what it was in the front: "if one looks at the rearview-mirror and doesn't recognize instantly it's an Aston Martin, they don't deserve to know it!".
  16. I don't take it that way... in fact, anyone still using anything but 1x (and, maybe, still 7sp1 and 8.1) ought to be called what? Sheeple? OS-challenged? Nor your either, I take it, neither mine, BTW... and the three of us, in case we do have more than our perverse hate of OS change in common, it might well be we usually write reasonably intelligible English.
  17. Get yourself a Raspberry Pi (3B+, or even plain 3B are good enough) and set a Pi-hole at the head of your intranet. It just works!
  18. With linux 64, one can run XPSP3 or even 7SP1 x64 inside Oracle VirtualBox and benefit from both OSes, regardless of evolving hardware and disappearing hardware support. Moreover, even Skynet or the Matrix have many inherent probs, so what?
  19. It's said he got more and more paranoid, with time passing. Then again, he faced all but certain 30y prison time, if extradicted to the USA. IMO, under the circumstances, practicing autothanasia does seem a very racional way of escaping a lot of potential pain. May he RIP! I used his software back in the 90's... at that time it rocked.
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