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  1. Sorry my English is not good enough to be sure about the meaning of this paragraph. Anyway this auto-restart feature is trivial, so we could just omit it if hard work is required to implement. I appreciate Custom Buttons addon and your work on it.
  2. Yes, you are all right. I followed your guidance in this thread, installed one of your toggling button's xml file as an template and made the modification. I know a little javascript, but am not a professional programmer, so when I saw the blank code window of Custom Buttons I am numb. That's why I thought some help document should be provided with the add-on, or your template should be integrated in as template when creating new button. Yet now I think maybe the document I am expecting is not about "Custom Buttons", but the knowledge of the browser's javascript programming interface. I am not into this! Anyway, what I need is a little toggle function, and it would be better if you could add a restart command.
  3. The pref "browser.tabs.remote.force-enable" is for toggling the multi-process mode in Serpent 52. My system is dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, Windows XP SP3 32bit with all POSReady patches. I'd like to use the abundant RAM, so I normally switch multi-process on; but some add-ons do not work under multi-process mode, or I need debug something, I will turn it off. Adding a restart code would save me some clicks and seconds!
  4. I find the symptom is solely caused by my sessionstore.js file. If I create a new profile, copy the old sessionstore.js to it, then the new profile will also initiate many many connections upon opening, even causing event 4226 in event logger. The current sessionstore.js is over 1MiB; I have tabs near 100. I'd like to keep those tabs of my large to-do list, but delete other information in the sessionstore.js, because I suspect those supposed un-used information caused the bug . Is there anyway to shrink that file? p.s. My sessionstore.js has broken for some times, so I have restored that file for two or three times from profile backup folder sessionstore-backups. recovery.js and previous.js not work every time, and I use upgrade.js-2022********** file instead.
  5. I am glad to come upon Custom Buttons addon here. It is very convenient for toggle job. But it lacks document, and the forum it used to be has been closed. So I installed one xml file here and modified it, only one line: var prefName = "browser.tabs.remote.force-enable"; This pref works after restart the browser. How could I add a restart command?
  6. I always have a lot of tabs kept open in Serpent52. Recently I found Serpent initiates a large bunch of connections to various address upon every start, presumably to fetch those tabs. It lags start of browser a lot. I hope it could make the connection when I click or select that tab. I searched but found no apparent solution. In Preference -> General -> startup -> when Serpent starts, select "Show a blank page" does not help, because it actually asks whether to save my tabs upon closing Serpent; The pref "browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand" seems the right one from the description, but the default value true does not work; add a pref "browser.sessionstore.restore_tabs_lazily, true" does not work either. Is there some other place to try?
  7. The 3rd condition could be deleted -- I was stupid that a new profile could not suffice the condition 2. And I find a workaround. After checking the Issue #2019 at https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/1392f5f223b960d6332f9230687afcd3e8e5276f , I spot a line I think relative: `+ pref("dom.keyboardevent.keypress.dispatch_non_printable_in_content", false);` about:config do not have that pref, so I manually add `dom.keyboardevent.keypress.dispatch_non_printable_in_content", true;` Then the delete and backspace key function again. p.s. Hope @roytam1 could make a fix according to my finding!
  8. Is it supposed to have greasemonkey add-on? I have heard about it but never tried. Anyway this is not I wanted; I'd like to keep the "back to the previous page" function of backspace key, as it is before, when the input focus is outside of the text box. After some tests I have pinned three preconditions for that bug to appear: 1, version: the latest basilisk52-g4.8.win32-git-20221029-3219d2d-uxp-a6338caef-xpmod.7z. 2, multi-process option opened, that is, browser.tabs.remote.force-enable;true 3, my old profile The 3rd condition is hard to debug. Given version 20221015 is fine at all scenes. I think maybe this changelog is relevant: Issue #2019 - Do not dispatch keypress event for non-printable keys. (1392f5f22)
  9. Does anybody notice that the recent (I'll check the exact version later) Serpent 52 has bug in text input box? As I am writing this post, I cannot use backspace and del to edit text: backspace brings me back to previous page, which is annoying when the site do not have backup of what I have typed, and del just does nothing. But they works if some text be selected first. This only affects web page's text input, not URL input or search input. Safe-mode tested too. ps. New profile doesn't have this bug.
  10. I have a question about the "keyword" feature of bookmarks. Take the default google quicksearch as an example: Set a bookmark as "https://www.google.com/search?q=%s" with the keyword "g", then simply enter "g abc" in location will visit "https://www.google.com/search?q=abc". A feature I used much, at site like google, webarchive, etc. The problem is, sometime I need that %s variable contain the "/" character, which is always replaced by "%2F" in Serpent 52. I can recall it used to work (maybe in Fx 52), but I can't remember whether the "/" character remains as is, or the site decodes "%2F" back to "/". Can that behavior be changed in browser?
  11. Please have a look at https://conversejs.org/fullscreen.html It is a web XMPP client. In Serpent52 it just displays blue blank page.
  12. I am on w3schools.com to learn some SQL stuff, and the samples do not work in latest Serpent52: https://www.w3schools.com/sql/trysql.asp?filename=trysql_select_distinct2 I am informed that it's because firefox (and the derived browsers) do not support WebSQL, so I find an extension: HTML5 WebSQL for Firefox (updated files found at https://github.com/Sean-Der/WebSQL-For-FireFox) , which claims to "Adds WebSQL support to Firefox". But it apparently does not work. Is there any alternative extension that I could try?
  13. ThrottleStop is loaded in startup folder. I removed the link, restarted and no effect. Now I think maybe safe mode loads different driver suit to normal mode, and the difference is related to file system.

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