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  1. Thanks for still releasing builds on this day of chinese traditional new year!
  2. There is abnormality in displaying news feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/chinadigitaltimes/IyPt Thunderbird 52 could display the subscription in full text, but Serpent 52 only displays part of the articles. Ctrl-U shows that <description> part is displayed, while <content:encoded> part is not. Is this intended behavior?
  3. Syncing between PC and mobile phone is great. Since there is no other android app than mobile Firefox that can sync with Mozilla series browser, Firefox sync is the only choice.
  4. I encountered the same: not only that, some other functions (file uploading among them) got invalid. I find the simple workaround is to switch general.useragent.compatMode.firefox value to false. The true value used to work, so it must be some change at Github's side. If you would not change the compatMode, the working user agent is Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:68.9) Goanna/4.5 Basilisk/52.9.0
  5. RoyFox +1, and element of HongKong in the logo.
  6. Not first, but I did tried with a new profile, and the result is about the same: It did not crash at first, yet after browsed for some pages it crashes with the exactly same message. The memory was still abundant (committed about 69% seen from procexp) at the time. I think you may omit this report, since my system is not supposed to run IA32 build. Let a real user test it. I'm afraid I may mislead you. I am happy with the normal build. Thank you.
  7. My XP is SP3 with all PosReady updates. 2G memory. Virtual memory is closed (to free up some disk space). Does it matter?
  8. Thanks to your link and related wiki articles, I learned that cmov instruction is introduced *before* SSE. As my CPU Intel Core2 Duo T8100 support both of them, the two builds should both work. Anyway I have downloaded IA32 build so I give it a try, and it crashed upon opening (I closed normal build first, then opened IA32 build that I extracted to another directory, so they shared the same profile and opened the same web page): I don't know if it helps, for I am not the targeted user of the build. Just FYI.
  9. Thanks. While the FAQ seems contrary to what you said: Q: I'm getting 0xC000001D error when starting Serpent/UXP-ia32 browser! A: your processor does not support CMOV instruction. VC2015 IA32 build requires CMOV instruction support. here is a list of processors with CMOV instruction support: - Intel: Pentium Pro or later Is CMOV a SSE2 instruction?
  10. What is the difference of them? Is the latter only for intel CPU?
  11. Is this really imported to Serpent? But I don't see any mail or news related functions.
  12. Sorry I skimmed too quickly that I did not notice your reversion line! As to video playing, there is one site that do have problems, which I have filed a bugzilla https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1414792 ,but firefox devs think it's website's fault. Edit: I rechecked the link in the bug and surprisingly find Serpent has fixed the bug! The site works now. Thanks roytam!
  13. Will this have some consequence on video playing? I checked my profile and found 3 folders: gmp\WINNT_x86-msvc, empty; gmp-eme-adobe, empty; gmp-gmpopenh264\1.6, gmpopenh264.info, gmpopenh264.dll Currently I have no problem playing videos I encounter.
  14. Good signature from "Roy Tam <roytam@gmail.com>" ! Thank you for the effort.
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