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  1. The poll question and option is a little vague. For me, my PC is WinXP, and work is done on XP also. As long as this laptop's hardware do not wear out, and there is no necessity on win7 (or later) I have to use, I will continue use it.
  2. I encounter an incompatibility issue of Access 2002 in MS Office XP (other versions may be affected too) with POSReady 2009 updates, and would like to share my findings. If install Office XP on a directly prepared POSReady 2009 system (by nlite in my case) and run Access, it will complain about "Workgroup Administrator couldn't create the workgroup information file." I searched quite a lot but could not find a solution. I did lots of experiments, and in the end, the closest solution is at https://www.betaarchive.com/wiki/index.php/Microsoft_KB_Archive/317708 , to register msjtes40.dll; b
  3. It seems will not as smooth as I migrate from Firefox to Serpent :( Thanks for the info! I installed https://github.com/JustOff/github-wc-polyfill/releases and Github works normally now.
  4. Github's Network graph is showing blank in Serpent. Is this a known issue? Any remedies?
  5. Thanks! I missed it in your many works. I'll try it. Report back: Since IceApe and Serpent are both UXP based, I use my Serpent profile for IceApe. The first thing I encountered is "incompatible" add-ons: But in fact some seems function, like autoproxy, downthemall, noscript; but some does not, like "Live http headers", "Tab tree", etc. How could I tell whether an add-on could function, or make it function through some minor modification under IceApe?
  6. My PC has 2GB RAM, which I used to feel enough for my daily usage as a XP system, and always set page file to 0. But as time goes by, programs begin to eat more and more memory. Now two most resident programs: Serpent browser and Thunderbird mail client take about 300~400M each, even peak to 600~700M, left me only about 30% physical memory for other programs. I don't want to use virtual memory for I feel it slows much when switching and restoring from standby, and no same type old DDR memory is available in market, plus the slot is already full. So I think of one Mozilla program for both web
  7. I searched the add-ons you mentioned but found PageTimerLite is nowhere to be downloaded. So I did some google and found AppTelemetry, and the treasure in the browser itself: ctrl+shift+Q. A sample result of this page: p. s. The time meaningful for comparison speed of browsers, I think, is "Processing duration", which in above picture is 17184 ms, for that does not include network transmission time.
  8. That is what I want -- To render page and switch between tabs fast, but the loading time is not important, for I always have the browser open, even for weeks. I do not like to close it and open it again, unless it crashes (very rarely), or I need more free memory to run another big program. I'd like to know if there is any program that could measure the time of rendering page and switching tabs.
  9. Thoughts about sync: The sync function is crippled now as I know. Is it possible to make it customizable, e.g. a customizable space URL like FTP or HTTP address, upload the sync-needed file when needed?
  10. Would you share the address of these benchmarks?
  11. Using Serpent 52, in https://www.satbeams.com/footprints?beam=5532 , If I click star icons of the longitude list, the content does not get updated to the new satellite. New profile and safe mode tried. Chrome 49 works. Please have a look.
  12. Stunnel works like this (my experience of old version): If you want to connect https://siteA, you create a port mapping between localhost:1234 and siteA:443, then visit http://localhost:1234 instead in browser. Apparently you cannot create too many mappings yourself.
  13. you may try the command line: cd <patch path> for %1 in (*.exe) do %1 -q The -q switch is just an example normally meaning quiet installation; you may find other switches by typing "<patch.exe> /?"
  14. In order to make teamviewer work within LAN, the server and client should both in same version. So you should install 14.2.56676 on Win10 too, and disable auto-update (I tested on Win7). Google says: Remote Desktop client works with Windows XP Home edition, and there's method to make rdp server works too, though seems a bit complicated.
  15. If you only need to connect within LAN, teamviewer still works. In options -> general -> network settings -> incoming LAN connections, select "accept". Version 14.2.56676 tested. But within LAN, I'd rather use windows built-in remote desktop.
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