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  1. Thanks for your through test. So it seems some audio related APIs (are they standardized?) is only present in the newest chrome browser. But due to strong disapproval of 360's malware, I'd rather install zoom's client if I have urgent need to run zoom on PC. p.s. I advise you not using 360, strongly; and less strongly, zoom, for it's also reported to be censored by PRC, which I think is normal if it is developed and operated by chinese.
  2. No add-on and client is needed. You can use browser only: My problem is it complains that audio do not work: Video received OK, and chat works. p.s. Chrome 49 has the same problem.
  3. It shouldn't need install I think, just a web application run inside browser.
  4. Has anyone tried using Zoom in Serpent 52? I can't get audio work.
  5. I observed that in the process of offline scanning, the cab file is first copied to %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\ScanFile, then the package*.cab files in it is extracted. That once leads to insufficient disk space so I add a deleting operation in the script. The verification of signature seems happen before extraction (confirmation request). If the verification fails (the error encountered by Dave-H), the cab file is deleted. I suggest Dave-H to check whether the package*.cab files did got extracted; yet whether it is extracted or not, I don't know what to check next; I think the mystery hid
  6. The poster corrected it in the later post of the thread. I can confirm the last sigcheck version supporting XP is 2.30, and it does *not* support SHA-2 signatures (I think it just calls system functions), which is displayed as ????????.
  7. Neither could I. I guess the answer may be hidden in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/wua_sdk/using-the-windows-update-agent-api , where I got the offline scanning example code. But I am not a real programmer, so trying to understand the whole structure and utilizing it is beyond my current ability and will. Hope others could look into this.
  8. Thanks @Dibya for the warning. I installed that redist just the other day, yet no abnormality observed yet. I don't know what specific app will call that redist. Is there an old version of 2015~2019 redist not affected?
  9. The script uses current path so no need to change anything. I have no idea why you got that message if you have already installed all XP updates including Posready.
  10. Did you try my new uploaded jscript? I had encountered phenomenon that signature related error on same wsusscn2.cab file that previously works, and the error would disappear after system restart; also it seems have something to do with the way function UpdateServiceManager.AddScanPackageService is called (maybe WUMT encounterd the same thing). My new jscript seems to have eliminated that symptom (on my machine). YMMV
  11. I cannot search at microsoft.com today: it always redirect me back to https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/ after I press enter or click the search icon. update: Microsoft has restored the site to normal operation.
  12. You could try my jscript to scan updates offline (updated and no modification is needed): scan updates offline.js Read comments first, for you should modify it a bit (the path to wsusscn2.cab). p.s. If you do not have an old wsusscn2.cab file, don't use the link in the comment to download it! This is the link I used to download, but now it is SHA-2 signed and cannot be used on XP. As @max-h previously indicated, you should download from https://web.archive.org/web/20191209214827if_/http://download.windowsupdate.com/microsoftupdate/v6/wsusscan/wsusscn2.cab (I tried it myself and
  13. This is a critical patch list for a newly installed Windows XP SP3 enu: windowsxp-kb898461-x86-enu_e8e139341e1a6c535ddf2db57052c71d19fc7249.exe windowsxp-kb923789-x86-enu_c0b5e28a5c81ac2876216f0a963fdd4b6d478378.exe windowsxp-kb952287-x86-enu_5bee5928c09f4ee44bc41cab109022cec820e5ff.exe windowsxp-kb946648-x86-enu_288da0ecf75b20e972ad58dba0a382173b548ec1.exe windowsxp-kb950762-x86-enu_bfa04c9d2e62b4695d1bb8953486788c8a8c11e4.exe windowsxp-kb952004-x86-enu_28e11ce4e9083f84c7b9903716904a94dc6b7280.exe windowsxp-kb951376-v2-x86-enu_e9b68c5e63acb5786a05b53b4332465de0ebcebd.exe windowsxp-kb95197
  14. Yes today I could reproduce the problem again. I should wait a little longer to see it happen. Maybe the page has a js continuously running and will hog all resource sooner or later. But here I have no "busy script" alert here: basilisk.exe just crashes when reaching maximum memory available (private bytes reaching about 1.4GiB, normally 300~500MiB), maybe because I have set virtual memory to 0 (I have 2GiB physical memory).
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