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  1. Would you be so kind and share the build that works on windows 7? I want to do some experiments.
  2. i can ask you pretty much the same question. Why you resist to switch? i mean we are here for a reason. We're the minority and we should not ask these questions..
  3. Oddly enough the browser should work on windows 8.1 right? cause it seems that the browser is non functional across all operating systems..
  4. i think you are so close to get it up and running at least on Vista. Even aero works. But the browser just does not do anything else.
  5. Can you link the installer here? I'm running Windows Vista on real hardware. I can test whether it works or not.
  6. Yeah, so it's better to download iso from microsoft which have update 1 already installed.
  7. i recommend not to upgrade to windows 10. You should restore your pc to factory settings and never update again. Updating windows 8.1 only result in added telemetry. Or search online for only true security updates. Keep the windows 8.1 market share visible.
  8. i have no idea if this is true or not, but i find it concerning.. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/windows-7-kb4524752-forcing-upgrade-to-10.3536973/
  9. Hi everyone, So today rockstar released a new launcher for their games. Including my favorite GTA V. There's small catch. It no longer supports Vista. I have found a bypass, but I'm not sure for how long this is going to work. You need to uninstall the new launcher. Grab the old one (Vista saves folders history maybe you can find it there in "Installers" folder) and install it. Now you need to delete "PlayGTAV.exe". Copy "GTAVLauncher" to your desktop and name it "PlayGTAV.exe" and put it to your gta v folder. That's it. I have tried it only on steam version so i have no idea if this is going to work on dvd version. Cheers
  10. vmware workstation 12 is not affected by this at all. i'm super happy. However vmware workstation 10 has some unexpected behavior when running under vista 6003. Sometimes it runs, but the services keep crashing and bsoding the os.
  11. Well, it is a laptop (Dell latitude e6330) with i5-3340m. i could not find any compatible drivers. Snappy drivers installed some other driver, but the Behavior is completely the same.
  12. No, i'm not. Idk what is causing my issue. But it still persist. I'm no longer shutting down the laptop and only using sleep or hibernation which seems to work, but every time i restart i need to wait like for an hour. My guess is sort of incompatible sound drivers. They are available for windows 7,8,8.1, but still installs on vista. if i disable sound service vista is responding normally..
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