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  1. Greetings, I need to find a way to disable dwm before launching games using d3d12on7 I only know the bruteforce way (renaming the file using unlocker and then restarting the whole os) that way sucks because you need to tamper with system files and requires two restarts.
  2. uhm why would you irritate anyone? This topic is intended for these types of discussions..
  3. You already got it. Windows 7 driver includes windows 8 and 8.1. Nvidia packaged them together. You can check it for yourself windows 7 driver includes nt 6.2 and nt 6.3 section
  4. windows 8.1 driver is not absent. It is just not listed. They are still making wddm 1.3 drivers for windows 8.1 but just quietly for some unknown reasons..
  5. Alright I've calm down. They acknowledge that there is known issue and the driver has been temporarily disabled for download. [Windows 7] 461.72 driver fails to load with Device Manager error Code 52 [3266398]
  6. Nvidia did not relase any new drivers for windows 7. rtx 3060 is therefore unsupported even on windows 7 wtf???
  7. What script are you talking about? I would more than happily try it on my 8.1 system.
  8. But why? I would totally pay you for driver for rtx 30xx series for windows 8.1
  9. I'm happy to report that I was able to install Windows 8.1 on b550 with ryzen 5 5600x with no problem at all. No drivers are missing. You can just download the windows 10 ones and manually point to the inf files. Windows 8.0 on the other hand gave me bsod some kernel check exception (don't know exactly atm). Modded drivers made for windows 7 are not working either for me but if anyone knows solution please, tell me. Windows 7 needs modified driver but no problem as well. Seems like 8.1 will only have troubles with gpus but not with motherboards and cpus.
  10. how does it only affect vista though? it loads fine on 7 even though it is windows 10 dll?
  11. Actually if you are able to find kabylake chipset then there are drivers for 7/8/8.1. It is just not "officially" supported.
  12. here is my device manager: https://prnt.sc/yepa6c Aside from the fingerprint driver (there is modding group working on it) everything is installed. The uhd 620 does not have official driver but I found some folks modding the kabylake one.
  13. Actually there is a way to get intel hd 505 working under windows 7 and 8. I'll have a look and pm you the link to the article I used to get uhd 620 working.
  14. How many tabs do you have open? I never exceeded 9gb with 25 tabs.
  15. Hi, I wanted to share my experience of running Windows 8.1 on Dell inspiron 15 3567 with 8th gen i3. I honestly did not expect this but after 40 hours of searching for all drivers, the system works amazingly well. Compared to Windows 10 the battery last around 6-7 hours compared to just 4. It also is more snappy. Even though there is no official support and no official drivers, the laptop is rock solid. Never had any bluescreen, nothing. I'm just wondering how windows 10 can be possibly worse when it has all the support (from dell, intel etc..). Ram usage is also lower on 8.1. Came from 3
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