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  1. Oh my, I have over 2 000 power on count ony my 5 year old wd blue. Sorry for going off topic, but very cool.
  2. I have to say that I do work at unnamed company located in czech republic and we have around 120 computers running windows 7 enterprise with valid ESU license. So yeah.. I've clearly never been to business environment. They will be online even after the end of ESU, but we applied strict rules and we have firewall and antivirus in place as well VPN. We also have windows 10 computers ofc but they are being replaced with MacBooks mostly. oh and btw firefox ESR is the browser we use back here. Guess someone in this forum will call Czechia as Eastern europe then.
  3. Windows 7 is by no means Abandonware. Still widely supported by hardware ranging up until rtx 3090. Windows 8.1 runs officialy chrome 109 release in 2022. Security updates (again official) up until january 2023. With an up to date antivirus (which it supports unlike xp and vista) without any kernel extension making it very alive os. Both of the operating systems can still be used without much of any problems. why would site like msfn flag these as out of date and legacy software when they are used by many people and business. I will give few examples: VMware workstation 17 still supports windows 8.1,Steam still supports both windows 7 and 8.1,Discord still supports both Windows 7 and 8.,teamviewer,glasswire,rufus,firefox,vlc,virtualbox,blender etc etc regularly updates their software on them. Windows vista lives because of extended kernel and the fact that these programs still supports windows 7 I only respond to anyone but D.Draker
  4. My 32gb ram main computer? I don't think that is the issue.
  5. On windows 8.1, the chrome 110.0.5425 opens and immediately closes, but no error messages, nothing.
  6. if mozilla really does this, it will mark their end. Seriously, they learned their lesson when ending support for xp and vista
  7. So I can expect everything to “just work”?
  8. Hi, I use windows 8.1 as my main operating system. I really rely on it (Don't even have access to windows 10 apart from vms). Considering that the EOS is near I thought of reinstalling my computer to server 2012 r2, but can anyone give me real experience? Can you really transform it to workstation so nobody would be able to tell that you're using server 2012 insted of 8.1? Thank you. My computer specs (Is anything really not compatible?)
  9. Hi, I wanted to run some very old program, so I setup virtual machine on vmware workstation 16 with the host being windows 8.1 unfortunately my windows 98 SE and Windows ME both are giving very weird kernel32 issues. I heard that it can me cpu related. Windows 98 does not boot, windows me boots to desktop albeit very broken one. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  10. and this should be beneficial?
  11. if google drops windows 7 and 8 it will affect vista extended kernel project

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