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  1. Virtualbox 6.1 is running fine on updated vista install. Maybe he didnt have platform update installed?
  2. This method no longer works. old launcher does not connect to rockstar anymore. only hope is the extended kernel.
  3. i've seen you're using new steam? how did you do that? Thank you
  4. So this means Windows 8.1 has no chance for extended kernel? What about porting dx12 to Windows 8.1? It always angers me when i see that new AAA games support w7/10. Why did microsoft do that
  5. that's impossible as far as i know.
  6. So there is no way to get new definitons for windows defender and updates for office 2010?
  7. Since Windows Update is kinda useless in build 6002 i have a question. Does anybody here knows since i’m using extended kernel if installing sha-2 support would fix the issue with windows update? I’m scared that it would replace kernel32.dll Thanks in advance
  8. i’ve stumbled on this issue myself (mind you it was before doomsday) but updating my Vista copy up until april 2017 and updating root certificates solved the problem. I hope microsoft would not prevent us from activating our os that we paid for??
  9. Well idk then. But the game refuses to show anything but black screen.
  10. Well that was quick. Beamng.Drive today updated to version and unfortunately broke the support for Windows Vista with extended kernel :( So the latest version for Vanilla Vista is For Windows Vista extended Kernel (as of 6.8.2020) is I think that this is end of the road, since the game seems to utilize direct x 11.1 which Vista does not support.
  11. I wanted to tell everyone who is trying to accomplish the very same thing my story of trying to "use" Windows 8.1 on modern laptops. (I've used whiskey lake i3 laptop with mx 110 gpu from Nvidia) Installation was very hard from the beginning. Sata drivers needed to be loaded. After i got to the desktop i was greeted to nonfunctional touchpad. In short i've got most of the drivers working (although some of them were from shady russian website). Touchpad was still in non working condition and it was not even showing in device manager and curiously enough the mx 110 was the biggest issue. Even though Nvidia says that mx 110 is compatible with Windows 8.1 it is only half true. my hardware id was different than the "compatible" one. In short if anyone has tip for Windows 8.1 "compatible" new laptop please let me know. And to anyone who is trying this very same thing I wish good luck. It is a shame that Windows 7 got better treatment than Windows 8.1 did. and microsoft should stop forcing everyone on to their f****** windows 10.
  12. Yeah but fonts are so ugly in firefox. I use chrome on vista just because of that.
  13. No rocket league stopped working on november 2019. You can try yourself without kernel extension the game wont simply launch throwing missing functions in kernel32.dll
  14. Rocket League is working with the extended kernel. I can't believe that. The game itself asks for XAPOFX1_5.dll you can source it on the internet and after you put it in system32 folder the game launches normally. Edit: Cinebench R20 is working too so you can add that one.
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