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  1. I definitely hope so. It was not able to even launch and now it does. I just have to find someone who is using Amd gpu and maybe volunteer who is using Windows 8.0 to test few things.
  2. I got the COD Modern Warzone "sort of working". https://prnt.sc/vpeur2 Textures are black and kinda glitchy. Also random freezes. But it actually launches now! Any tips for fixing the textures problem? Oh I forgot I'm using this: https://github.com/HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton/releases This was only d3d12.dll to properly launch the game
  3. Wow that's expensive. Is that without any data cap? (here we don't have any) I think it is illegal in europe to have data caps on home connection.
  4. I was wondering how much you guys pay in other countries. I live in the Czech republic and I pay around 30 dollars for 120 down and 12 up. It is really stable, but since I do not live in big city like Prague this is the absolute best I can get here. https://prnt.sc/vp52nn
  5. Actually no, Chrome scores the same in the test. https://prnt.sc/vo7789 something is not quite right.
  6. That is really low. Here is example of edge chromium running on 8.1: https://prnt.sc/vo2fo5
  7. Well I gotta say, windows 10 is not only bad. It works, but needs heavy modification to remove some stuff. I don’t like personally, that someone is saying, that on higher end pcs it still laggs. It does not and it works honestly normally, but windows update, telemetry, defender and UWP alongside microsoft policies makes it unusable
  8. You can sync iPhone 12 on ios 14.1 with itunes 12.10.10, but when you update to ios 14.2.1 it is game over
  9. ???????????????? Oh noooo. Is there any workaround? I rely on itunes
  10. As much as I would love to see extended kernel for 8.1. It will be hard. Windows 8.1 will not boot no matter what with custom non microsoft signed dll
  11. Yeah this issue is the same on windows 8.1 https://prnt.sc/vmtnj4
  12. Yeah at first I installed Windows 10 and oh boy. I absolutely HATE when operating system is doing something I did not asked it to do (like forcing Windows defender down my throat..) Windows defender consumed 2-3gb of my ram, constantly crashed vmware, because it was checking the virtual machine harddrive. Then I disabled it, but next windows update enabled it again. I disabled Windows update via the service. Windows somehow enabled the service again. I downloaded winaero tweaker and finally diabled it. windows then worked for like a month. Then nvidia told me that drivers are no longer compatible with this build of windows 10. I updated to then newest 1709 and windows ENABLED DEFENDER AGAIN!!!! IT did corrupt my work vm and that was the point I decided to install Windows 8.1. Since december 2017 my Windows 8.1 copy is running reliable, fast and nothing has gone wild. Windows update has toggle for manual search and install, window defender can be turned on/off and the UI looks way better than Windows 10 crap. I never fully understood why users agreed with such bul*****. Windows 8.1 was hated for metro, but Windows 10 is 900% worse and nobody cares
  13. No worries. I have not tried, but my guess is that it would not work at all. Rtx 2060 is out of question. Even the 1050 would not work properly with vista due to lack of driver support. I have absolutely no idea how ryzen works with vista, but I use NVME ssd and that would be a problem. Windows 7 works, but got me like 3-4 hours just to set it up (had to use ps/2 keyboard and mouse). Actually now I wonder, would the windows 7 driver for NVME work on vista @win32?
  14. Actually I built it in 2017. I only upgraded my gpu from gtx 1050Ti.
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