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  1. buy gt 710 or gt 1030 really easy solution. on used markets they are around 20 usd
  2. I won't argue with you, I was actually in middle of czech conversation and I was responding to this in english so i pronounced myself wrongly, I meant that this statement you wrote is not correct, cause videos are being accelerated on chromium browsers on platforms such as disney+, netflix, youtube. For some reason 1440p and up on youtube at least is just not working under 8.1. So yeah, I wrote it misleadingly and you didn't bother to respond to anything relating to gpu acceleration.
  3. This is also not true. Because 1080p 60fps is accelerated on gpu, netflix is accelerated on gpu. 1440p and up is not accelerated. At least on 8.1
  4. It does work for me on windows 10 though. rtx 2060 and r5 3600 so I think it is not working under w 8.1
  5. Stuttering? I have few computers with intel hd graphics ranging from sandy bridge to skylake with no stuttering on yt videos. And I don’t really think that it uses gpu anyways since whenever I try 8k60fps on my main pc the cpu gets heavily utilized
  6. my 8.1 just rollbacks all server 2012 r2 updates
  7. Your iso should have usb 3 drivers integrated. but I’m not sure if windows 7 is able to boot on NVMe drives. I think it was added in 8.1. Try sata ssd?
  8. That page is weird. common ie is spyware.. ? https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/explorer
  9. I recommend integrating all updates to your installation
  10. Thanks, but didn't work.
  11. it says that I can't be running it under compatibility mode and spoofing does not work it still detects nt 6.2 for some reason
  12. Installer throws up error that my os is not supported
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