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  1. @schreiberstein +1: Thanks a lot! And, BTW, welcome to MSFN! It's great to have you around!
  2. Thanks a lot! BTW, you're right: it's not it. I guess the best way would be to serch by date 1st, starting not earlier than July the 1st... he sure edited that source along the way, so probably the last version was modified and compiled after July the 17th or around it... I have no hurry at all, do take your time, and thanks for your help! You do rock!
  3. But... but... with all due respect, why on Earth would anyone actually *want* to get either?
  4. NEs do have a checksum field, but not even MS ever gave it any use, so better let it alone (it may have been used for some purpose by the author of the particular file in question, although usually it's not); LEs don't have any global checksum, except in the DOS header (which is just a dummy in PEs, NEs and LEs, and normally set to 0). So, no. Not really. Do fix the checksums of all PEs only, all other file formats you'll work with don't need that. BTW, you may find this useful:
  5. Obviously. .VxDs are LE executables, not PE executables. To "fix" the "PE checksum" of a file which is *not* a PE executable may destroy it. One needs to know what one's doing before actually going ahead and doing it... .PDRs are also LE executables, and there are plenty NE executables, too, in 9x/Me...
  6. It actually *is* the v., so (thanks for the info!) it actually *is* the latest version of it, in my sole x86 7 ultimate that's not using v. 4.4.304.0... and no, no nags for me (yet ???). However, since the definition files have to be created for Defender anyway, and 7 still commands a healthy 30% of maket share, it's possible that MS keep the MSE definitions going for one or two more years (after all it's in their own interest to do so at least until it falls below 5% or even less).
  7. I use MSE 4.4.304.0 in two x86 and one x64 setups of 7 ultimate, and they do work all right. I have another x86 setup of 7 ultimate that uses a much newer version of MSE, but not necessaruly the latest (I´ll check which version it is). Both seem to work quite equivalently, IMO. However I do think AMTSO overparanoid and you take it seriously, so to each, his own...
  8. Yes. But I cut that off the pic and reloaded the sanitized one. Ain't that what mods are for?
  9. Well, since you kindly located the TRIM sources for @xrayer, I do have a request, too, in case you can find a little time to spare: on July the 17th, RLoew reported he had found out the SCSI commands for changing the apparent sector size of WDC external USB disks (in the thread quoted below, from the quoted post onwards)... So, whatever source code and compiled programs related to this must be from not more than a couple of days before his initial post about it, and probably were one o the last things he worked on. I'd love to have a look on whatever you can find, either in source form, notes or test executables, in case any can be found. Sorry to bother, but it's a subject we all were just starting to pursue, and his were the 1st applicable results, so it'd be a great help to get them. Thanks in advance!
  10. Bitte nicht auf Deutsch posten! Nur Englisch ist erlaubt hier.
  11. The average user is on Win 10 or gave up on desktops/notebooks altogether and just browses what'sapp mindlessly on his/her mobile, nowadays!
  12. Bien sûr. MSFN est um forum internacionel, où on post exclusivement en Anglais. Ça n'est pas optionel. Est-ce que vous avez lu les Règles?
  13. We have tried to do that to Serpent 52 and 55. Did you see what was done? If not, dowload the latest iterations of those two, take a look, and help us understand what more should we do to reach a point yuo'd deem satisfactory, please. It's good to have you around (when not in a ballistic mode, that is)!
  14. dencorso


    Do you know why?
  15. dencorso

    OS Usage Graph

    That it sure is! As for the data source, I must agree with @win32... and point out that w3schools presents a version of the OS market shares' evolution more flattering and palatable to Microsoft than, for instance, Netmarketshare, which indicates that Windows 8(.1) actually overtook XP around Aug 2015, half again a year later than Jan 2014, as reported by w3schools. Of course, since really accurate, "true", OS market shares cannot in fact ever be known, I, for one, do prefer Netmarketshare's estimations of them. Just my 2¢, of course!
  16. RIP RLoew!

    1. Dibya


      He was a amazing man , Of course a good friend .

      It is honor for me that i once worked with him in some project and learned many thing from him. 

      We will definitely miss him.

      RIP .

  17. Well... we may have a problem: I cannot find any report after Sep 10! So it seems the report system is malfunctioning. I'll ask xper to give it a look. Meanwhile you can keep posting or PMing if needed. I'll sure keep y'all posted on how it develops.
  18. My friends, you should report those posts (there is a "report" at the extreme right on the upper blue bar on each post), not post about them. By reporting you ensure any online mod'll deal with that faster than just when I happen to return here (which is often, but maybe not often enough) and help us zero exactly on which post the spammer is ... In any case, it's done.
  19. Here spammers get banned and reported to anti-spam services. And get all posts removed, too. Done!
  20. Well, just for completeness, I've just added it to @mixit's 1st post in the Primetime thread, so as to keep things as together as possible.
  21. "It's raging cold outside (-40°C, with a piercing Arctic wind roaring all-round) and I'm wearing wonderful thermal underwear, wind insulating outer clothes, protective face and head gear and great googles... but, in fact, I'd like to wander 'round in the buff... how can I do it?"
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