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  1. I've had this issue with persistent CPU usage after closing heavy sites. But it's quick to work around by closing the browser and opening it fresh. Quicker than installing any patch.
  2. If you want icons, then those need to be replaced in shell32.dll and a few other dlls (netshell, mydocs,...). I made a replacement for WinXP SP1 a long time ago, but never made anything like this for recent SP or Server because it was too much work, and Resource Hacker sometimes causes corruption if saved multiple times. I heard of a scripted wizard for this created by someone with an account on Deviant Art. I think it was called "Inexperience". But I have never used it myself. It may support multiple versions of Windows.
  3. Recently, about a month ago, YouTube incrased the CPU usage on their pages. It is no longer possible to watch without stutterring on a Conroe CPU. To watch the videos, I only need YouTube-DL from this forum and Media Player Classic. I do not need FFmpeg. Direct watching with new MPC-HC is unrealiable. Seeking is slow. And my computer has a strange problem where the network is lost if certain video applications are active. It almost always happens when trying MPC-HC. Most videos are small enough that they can be downloaded to disk in reasonable time and then watched comfortably, with fast seeking over sponsorships.
  4. It doesn't come up on used market. If someone sells a "750" they have no idea which one it is, because the seller only sees the outside label, and it will likely be GM107 instead of GM206. A "960" a mighty big beast. But so far I see good encodes in h.264 for all content I'm interested in. These video cards can play multiple high bitrate streams simultaneously, seek very fast. No need for a new format that is only designed so someone can get patents.
  5. I have a 750 Ti too. There is a newer model of 750 that is GM206, and also 960 that work under XP for h.265. Even out of 3D a video player doesn't need a lot. If I choose "3D surfaces" in MPC-HC, I can rotate the picture, which I need once in a blue moon from a video shot on a smartphone. There are advanced color filters that can be run on the GPU, but if I intend to watch a film as the producer intended, I don't need those either.
  6. They added VP9 in Pascal, which doesn't function on XP because there are no drivers. But luckily nobody releases films in VP9 format. On the web, there usually is an alternative normal h.264 video, or the bitrate is so low that the video can be played on the CPU. H.265 exists on the film "market," and is supported in second generation Maxwell. If your goal is only to transport the video stream to the GPU, something like CUVID/NVDEC is more straightforward. But that needs a working display driver. The "X" in DirectX stands for a complete package of stuff that games need.
  7. If you just want to read a Discourse forum, you can focus the page and scroll it with the arrow keys.
  8. How can there be a difference in picture quality between the modes if the video card's engine does the decoding with the same chip? Less resources are consumed if you choose a rendering output that doesn't copy the data. But then you may not use smooth anti-aliased subtitles or take a screenshot. The outputs differ in V-sync behavior too, and whether the picture can be rotated. Acceleration may still work when MPC-HC has a red checkmark on the output page. There used to be standalone decoder filters released with MPC-HC 1.6. I think the video decoder also supports DXVA. Microsoft always comes up with new stuff to lock customers into an upgrade path.
  9. I installed from the INF. Then I tried to run the package. It is actually very small, and only extracts the same driver files to C drive. I suspect that the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service might be required by the driver, which I do not have installed. I was not successful in copying its settings from XP. The legit way of installing it is with the Desktop Experience, which brings a ton of unwanted stuff and defeats the purpose of having Server instead of Seven. What do you have under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\StiSvc ?
  10. FFmpeg (or the failed LAV fork) is mostly self-contained. It includes everything in the package to work on many other non-Windows OS. They have rewritten most codecs entirely. To this day, there are recent FFmpeg builds for WinXP on Doom9. An older build can still be used to decode h.265. The author of LAV Filters and the maintainer of MPC-HC (NevCairiel and Clsid2) have no interest in old computers, so they have chosen to compile the modules in a way to depend on some calls from new Windows for input and output, and have declared CUVID to be deprecated. But the core brains of the video decoder don't depend on Windows. That is why these players have been attractive since the days of ffdshow, because they don't need external codecs.
  11. I am not able to install the drivers for Canon 5600F on Server 2008 R2 (64-bit). I realize finding someone with experience in this matter is a long shot. I tried the last available driver 14.0.7a ( sd64-win-5600f-14_0_7a-ea24.exe ). It seems to have 64-bit DLLs and claims to support Windows 7 and 10. The process hangs indefinitely on "Installing device driver software" whenever the scanner is connected to a USB port. Maybe it is waiting on a component service. The driver is supposedly signed and Windows didn't complain about it. I did attempt to install 14.0.7 (without a) at first. Attempting to scan via TWAIN in this state gives an error that ScanGear was not able to communicate with the scanner. The scanner works on Server 2003 32-bit.
  12. Few people would be concerned with support for XP SP2 today when even Seven is already considered old. Other programs like new Process Explorer would still crash the system.
  13. F11 works in Serpent 52. Maybe the hotkey is being captured by another application. Although I have disabled most animations in New Moon 28. Full screen entry still does a gradual hiding of the bar at the top, which is laggy on heavy sites.
  14. No, I got rid of it a couple years ago. I had to make a clean install of Windows and most applications, which was very disruptive. For WinXP you don't need that manifest if it doesn't link to a MSVC runtime DLL. The admin rights stuff and OS compatibility matters to Vista+. But new applications being able to crash the system is worse than the CON and AUX bug on Win98. For Nvidia video adapters there is still the CUVID interface in MPC-HC which works on WinXP. Microsoft's always does its best tie APIs to recent versions of Windows.
  15. Usually the remapping will be done by the hard disk internally. The weak sectors will go into pending, then come out again. How unlikely that an error would crash the system this way instead of corrupting another piece of data. A read error would be indicated in the Event Viewer.
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