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  1. Maybe not for the original game, but it does come in handy for mods/maps with a lot of action happening at once!
  2. Huh, so the Focus PX was too noisy, even with that Fanless Mode button? I was just looking at Seasonic's page on that model and it says it's a successor to the model my computer's power supply uses. So I suppose the problems would be the same (or worse) if you had sought out the model I've got. If noise is an issue, have you thought about fanless PSUs? I know SeaSonic makes one, though @Mr.Scienceman2000 would be the guy to say whether or not it's any good I think. Outside of really generic brands like Sparkle Power or something, I'm not sure if any manufacturers still make old-style unpainted power supplies with a fan grill instead of a mesh panel. Corsair's most basic offering right now appears to be the VS series, which have basic levels of power efficiency. But even those feature a black finish, mesh panel instead of fan grill, and sleeved cables. Even Antec's EarthWatts line appears to have gone for that aesthetic, though it looks like Newegg still sells the ones that were painted green and have a fan grill instead of mesh panel. Which, I suppose, would be pretty novel. But then we're getting into aesthetics instead of function and performance. If you really want to go for older style power supplies, though, you might want to look for one you can repair and maintain. I don't know how easy it is to do with newer power supplies, but given the [H]ard forum had people talking about recapping older power supplies, it should be possible. Thin clients are a good option, too. I'd poked around Parky Towers before looking to see what's out there, and some of those models have amazing low power consumption! I wonder how they do with thermals, though. I know that commercial routers can have problems with overheating, so I thought one fix (once I finally have a place of my own!) would be to just take matters into my own hands.
  3. I think that will depend on if GZDoom implements more features in the future. The source ports for Doom are known to add extra bells and whistles which have been taken advantage of by mod and map makers. For example, GZDoom has an OpenGL renderer which allows for fully 3D floors including slopes (which the original Doom's engine can not handle) as well as reflective floors, dynamic lights, brightmaps (so, for example, demons' eyes can glow in the dark) as well as a bunch of other modernizations like 32-bit colors so that sprites aren't limited to the original Doom's palette. So you get maps that look like this rather than like this.
  4. Wow, you weren't kidding. People like that Rachael admin are a massive turnoff. I've had the displeasure of seeing people like that well before Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, but as soon as tech journalists began trumpeting the "death" of the OS it seemed like they turned out in droves. It's really irritating to see such attitudes involving old games, too, such as DooM. (The most obnoxious example I recall was in 2014ish when the 90's SNK arcade run-and-gun Metal Slug got ported to Steam, but did not support XP. Some doofus snarkily mocked disappointed XP users with "What about MS-DOS support?! What about Windows 3.1 support?!!!" even though, y'know, the game was ahem "ported" to such OSes in the past.) By comparison Graf Zahl at least provides some rationale for the decision, even if I disagree with it. You could try seeing if XomPie would get the newer versions of GZDoom running on XP, though from what it sounds like the real solution would involve the projects to implement the API/libraries/features in the newer Windows versions.
  5. I'm late to the party, but my daily driver's got a SeaSonic PSU: FOCUS PLUS Platinum SSR-850PX. It's not in the list @Mr.Scienceman2000 provided, but it is a Focus PX model, so I assume it would still pass muster. Granted, when I was picking parts back in 2019, I was more concerned with something that might give my system "room to grow," for example if I wanted to dabble in overclocking. I've heard that if you're more concerned about maximizing efficiency, you'll want to get a power supply that's at or near peak efficiency for the typical wattage used by your computer. "The FOCUS PLUS Platinum Series achieves 80 PLUS® Platinum certification with its 92 % efficiency at 50 % system load" according to SeaSonic's site, so Palouser would need to be drawing 425W for that kind of efficiency. I just looked into that and found that the Titan X Maxwell idles at 8W, games at 224W, and has a TDP of 250W; Palouser's CPU, an Intel i7-6950X, idles at 60 W and can go from 250 to 290W depending on the game ... huh. Without even realizing it I went for a power supply that's already efficient for gaming with Palouser's current setup ... Oh hey! I saw mention of these a few days ago when I was looking into ideas for building a low-power PC that could be used as a custom router/modem/LAN firewall. The guy building the PC in that post didn't go with one because he wanted the ability to slot in a big graphics card in the future. Though I bet a Pico would be great for a custom router/modem/firewall PC. They only seem to go up to 120W, though, so that could still pose an issue for vintage setups with thirstier power requirements.
  6. Something I forgot to add: I discovered the error involving the Crypto API doesn't happen if you run ProxHTTPSProxy before connecting to Steam. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the problems with XCOM: Enemy Unknown not wanting to launch with the modified zernel32.dll executable, or games reliant on Steamworks Common Redistributables. Yes, Steam abandoning support for Windows XP and Vista and stranding a lot of games which are best played under those operating systems highlighted the issue. People used to praise Steam as "DRM done right" and, well, unfortunately many still do. Mostly those who aren't affected by these problems. That being said, going to GOG.com for games is only feasible for titles you don't already own on Steam, unless you want to buy them all over again. So I've got an interest in trying to make the games I already own (many of which I owned long before Good Old Games was a thing) still work.
  7. It used to work, I think. I just gave it another shot and now Steam gives me an error when I try to launch the game. I tried launching Steam with the -console launch parameter to see what might be going on behind the scenes. This is what it says when I try to launch XCOM with the file set to read-only: Error: texture file 'graphics\new_button' does not exist or is invalid Couldn't create IPolicyConfigVista: 0x80040154 ExecCommandLine: "E:\Games\Steam\Steam.exe -noverifyfiles -console" IPC server is in my process - could/should be using an in process pipe System startup time: 4.26 seconds Crypto API failed certificate check, error flags 0x00000008 for '/C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Cambridge/O=Akamai Technologies, Inc./CN=a248.e.akamai.net' IPC server is in my process - could/should be using an in process pipe CEG response for AppId 200510, result = Corrupted or unrecoverable data error. Crypto API failed certificate check, error flags 0x00000008 for '/C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Cambridge/O=Akamai Technologies, Inc./CN=a248.e.akamai.net' GameAction [AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp changed task to Starting with "" GameAction [AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp changed task to ShowingEula with "" GameAction [AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp waiting for user response to ShowingEula "https://store.steampowered.com//eula/200510_eula_0" GameAction[AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp continues with user response "ShowingEula" GameAction [AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp changed task to UpdatingDRM with "" CEG response for AppId 200510, result = Corrupted or unrecoverable data error. GameAction[AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp failed with UpdatingDRM with "53" GameAction [AppID 200510, ActionID 2] : LaunchApp changed task to Failed with "" Also, here's what happens when I run into the issue with Steamworks Common Redistributables: Crypto API failed certificate check, error flags 0x00000008 for '/C=US/ST=Massachusetts/L=Cambridge/O=Akamai Technologies, Inc./CN=a248.e.akamai.net' GameAction [AppID 219640, ActionID 3] : RunGame waiting for user response to LaunchOption "" GameAction[AppID 219640, ActionID 3] : RunGame continues with user response "0" GameAction [AppID 219640, ActionID 4] : LaunchApp changed task to Starting with "" GameAction[AppID 219640, ActionID 4] : LaunchApp failed with AppError_17 with "Steamworks Common Redistributables" GameAction [AppID 219640, ActionID 4] : LaunchApp changed task to Failed with ""
  8. I've been having a weird issue where a lot of games which should work with Windows XP won't launch because Steam insists Steamworks Common Redistributables needs to be updated first. I've tried the trick of copying over the entire Steamworks Common Redistributables directory from a Windows 10 machine as well as the corresponding appmanifest file. However, it's not been working. Has anyone had that problem and figured out how to fix it? Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is one such game, though it's also a game that can be launched outside of running Steam. If you do that, though, you can't join any online games. Playing offline with bots is hit-or-miss since most team objective/capture the flags maps aren't set up to properly instruct the bots on where to go for each objective or where the flag is and how to return it. Also, offline, any team objective maps whose final objective involves killing the "king" (highest scoring player on the defending team) automatically complete (probably because, again, bots are a bit daft in Chiv). XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within don't officially support XP, but it's all due to the executable calling functions not normally present in XP. Apparently Microsoft did release an API for XP that implements these functions, but XCOM's executables won't use them even if you do. However, there is a workaround available which involves editing the binary of the executables to point to a modified DLL which has those functions. I don't know if I can link to the Steam thread, but there's guides on how to do it there. (XCOM is another game which should work and has worked for me using this method, but recently Steam has been automatically "fixing" the game's modified executables and keeping me from playing the game any time I try to launch it. I don't know how to make it stop.) Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine works with Windows XP, as does the online mode. I haven't tried playing the game with the Chaos Rising or Dreadnought Assault DLCs though, so I don't know if getting that DLC does something to the game to render it unplayable. Phantasy Star Online 2 never worked with XP64 even in its beta back in 2012; the game has some kind of ridiculous version check that prevents any executable from running specifically on XP64, be it the installer, the game itself, or the patcher. I never understood why Sonic Team did that because at the time PSO2 supported XP32 and Vista. I don't know if PSO2 still supports XP32 these days. Bastion still works with XP as far as I know. Orwell is also XP-friendly from my most recent test of it. Spec Ops: The Line launched when I tested it, I haven't really played it yet. Same with Ace Combat Assault Horizon, though I haven't really played that yet either. LISA: The Painful still works as far as I know. VVVVVV still works fine. Osmos still works as well. Deus Ex: Human Revolution still works; messed around in it recently. I have The Missing Link DLC, too. I've got a lot more games I need to go through at some point, but so far those are the ones I've played recently. If anyone's got advice on how to fix the Steamworks Common Redistributables problem, I really want to know. I want to play some Civilization V ...
  9. @roytam1 might not see this thread unless you ping him (I just did for you, though). I have to say, I salute your diligence on this matter. And you're not the only one who is repulsed by DeviantArt's changes in recent years, believe me. (Fellow XP enthusiast with a DA presence here!) Among other things, I know many, many people vocally opposed the Eclipse redesign and even more so when DeviantArt, as is typical of practically any online organization/business these days, forced the changes on its userbase ... Almost certainly because DeviantArt's managers were confident the users will likely just keep using the site anyway. (It is, after all, the same pattern that's happened with every YouTube redesign, every Twitter redesign, every Facebook redesign, etc. ... I remember when DasBoSchitt spent a whole GMod id*** Box intro in 2010 castigating YouTube for the forced layout change in; now, there's a whole subreddit dedicated to trying to hang on to that pre-Polymer/Kevlar layout.) I myself have been looking into restoring my old Newgrounds account and posting my art there from now on, as others have done. Also thinking about starting to post my stuff to Pixiv. That all being said, the problem might be less XP-compatible browsers being less capable of efficiently handling the current state of websites like DeviantArt and more that such websites are just demanding too much damn resources these days. When you look at the source code for sites like, say, DeviantArt or YouTube these days, there's pages upon pages of script code, and of course as all sites have done for a decade now, heavy reliance on off-site scripts and CDNs. (Which is ironic because when YouTube announced the incoming Polymer layout in 2017, they crooned about its simplicity. Ahaha, no.) Many years ago I had seen an article discussing how websites have dramatically increased their use of system resources (both CPU and RAM) ... and that was probably more than a decade ago by this point. Even back in 2016 some sites could hog 25% of a computer's CPU, which this author attributed to ads. It might just be that a lot of older machines won't be able to use most websites as-is anymore because the companies running them have become less and less concerned about efficient use of a computer's resources. They probably figure just about everyone's got 3Ghz multicore CPUs and at least 16 GB of RAM, and therefore no need to bother being frugal. Never mind that even if you have the resources, such a burden from a mere webpage (especially one which used to be very snappy and lightweight before a redesign) is not a welcome experience ...
  10. That p***ed me off so much. I started using Discord in its early days, back around December 2015. As web-based VoIP it worked perfectly back then. Chrome 49 still had the best experience out of the browsers I have; Firefox-based browsers would either constantly blank out or display those scroll bars as @VistaLover saw in Serpent. Advanced Chrome would turn up a blank page, ironically. I didn't try testing VoIP with New Moon 28, but I imagine it would not have been a good experience given the way Discord behaves on any Firefox-based browser. For now, I've sworn off using Discord, using Steam and IRC instead. They spontaneously locked me out of my account a few months ago for no reason whatsoever; just started demanding I fork over a cell phone number. Specifically a cell phone number, they would not allow Google Voice, burner, or even landline numbers. Their support staff outright refused to tell me why my account had been locked, too, citing reasons of "safety" and "security." Which rang absolutely hollow considering I own the account and I'm the one asking why they locked it. They've changed a lot since 2015, and not for the better.
  11. If I might ask, what happened when you tried? Did you use a GPU known to work with XP? Because far as I know, on the nVidia side the 9XX/TITAN X Maxwell series is the newest line known to work with XP and XP64, though that requires a bit of INI hacking. I'm not sure how new you can go with Team Red.
  12. That's precisely why I'm trying to keep Etesia going. Does your Windows XP laptop have a removable battery? Etesia does, and I've had the same problem you have had (battery life has become nonexistent with age) ... I'm pretty sure there are replacement aftermarket batteries I can buy, but I'm hoping I might be able to mod a battery pack to use graphene cells or something. If only that technology would come to market faster. Haha, this is actually how I use Etesia these days when I'm on the go. She's always tethered to a wall outlet on road trips. XOTIC (the OEM that I bought her from) actually shipped her with a vehicle AC adapter that lets her charge on the go, using the cigarette lighter in my car. Wild stuff. It certainly seemed we were heading that way, and will probably be doing so again in the near future, but the pandemic certainly caused a rather dramatic reversal of trends. From what I had been hearing on the Tech YouTube channels, 2020 saw a massive increase in the sale of desktop PCs and computer parts, since many of us were under stay-at-home orders or otherwise working from home. (My current employer still has me doing this.) From what I'd been hearing, that took the chip and hardware manufacturers completely off guard as they were not expecting such a massive reversal of trends. But now, everyone needed a computer that could handle videoconferencing and/or the sort of work they would normally be doing at the office. Not to mention gaming. Oh yeah! That's the Ship of Theseus Paradox, right? I heard about a philosopher who came up with an interesting way to solve the paradox, if you think of objects four dimensionally. The idea being that an object's span of existence is like a river of time, and the individual things that make up that object could be thought of as smaller streams that join or branch off of the main "time stream."
  13. If I remember from when I set up W10 on Levanter (that hand-me-down gaming PC) I had to actually go in and disable the telemetry options. They were still there, just you had additional levels of telemetry control not available on other versions.
  14. I know you said you've resolved to move on, but I just wanted to point out ... I've got Marin, a Gateway P5-120 IBM PC, that's still kicking; all original parts save for the CD drive that I swapped out for a DVD-ROM a decade ago. No bulging capacitors, she seems to have escaped the capacitor plague. The CMOS battery of course is dead, but that's a minor annoyance and I'm not bothered enough to replace it yet. Also, The 8-Bit Guy has a video guide on picking the best laptop for playing MS-DOS games, most of which are from the 80's and early 90's. So, computers can survive for longer than that. As far as operating temperatures go, this article says that 40 C is the point where hard drives will start to experience shorter life spans if they remain at that temperature or higher for long periods of time. Safe operating temperatures for RAM will depend on the type of RAM your laptop had. Admittedly though, laptops are more difficult to maintain than desktop computers; my personal laptop, Etesia, is a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 431; I specifically sought out that model because they allow for easy replacement of the hard drive and RAM, as well as the optical drive. But even so, I've had to RMA Etesia several times due to physical damage I couldn't fix. (Despite my best efforts she always seemed to get banged up ... ) The OEM company that I bought Etesia from has, as of my recent RMA, really, really pushed me to trade up for a newer model. But new laptops lack a lot of the features I want ... Anyway, if you're not interested in @Mr.Scienceman2000's advice to get a refurbished laptop or get second-hand replacement parts, I second @ArcticFoxie's recommendation on W10 LTSB. Lightweight, gives you the most control over disabling telemetry. A friend gave me his old gaming PC before Palouser got her 2019 upgrade and that's what I use on that machine. (Ironic that I would come into possession of a Windows 10 machine shortly before Microsoft announced that the supposedly "last version of Windows" is now on borrowed time.)
  15. Judging from the list of Intel CPUs, Palouser's current build didn't make the cut. Linus at LTT said that the cutoff point is Skylake. Years ago I saw someone post a picture on an overclocking forum showing Windows XP running on a Ryzen system, but at the time he did not elaborate how he pulled it off. I haven't seen any news on getting XP to run bare metal on any systems newer than XP64 on Intell X99-based ones.

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