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  1. FF52 = 18 SP55 = 20 NM28 = 16
  2. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/linux-like-windows
  3. if it only was one site I would accept this issue but it's not normal that multiple sites find NM28 to be an intruder
  4. ''We noticed a login from a device you don't usually use If this was you, you can safely disregard this email. If this wasn't you, change your password to protect your account.'' this is what happens when you try to login some sites with PM 28 I was even forced to change my email password !!! I think I won't update this browser anymore, the more updates the worse it works.
  5. who is going to make the POSR service pack executable file ? It's unclear when Windows Update services for POSReady 2009 will be deactivated... https://www.techrepublic.com/article/windows-xp-dies-final-death-as-embedded-posready-2009-reaches-end-of-life/
  6. so in 2020 you will not release NM28 updates anymore ?
  7. who was the M$ CEO when W8 (mobile OS) was first released ? unfortunately most people now do only surf the web with tablets and phones, it's not that he doesn't care about Windows.
  8. LOL. you can say the same about your countryman Ajit Pai.
  9. that's why I have uninstalled all chrome based browsers forever. it's not only an instagram related issue there are plenty of other sites no longer supported by FF52 btw I don't know what does the Sampei message has to do with mine...
  10. I'm not sure about this fact otherwise Basilisk 55 would had become my default browser for a long time now.
  11. I have tried this but google images site gets back to the old and ugly version. how is that possible ?
  12. https://thehackernews.com/2019/03/firefox-send-encrypted-file-share.html
  13. DX12 ??? https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/13/18263422/microsoft-directx-12-windows-7-world-of-warcraft-support
  14. this issue has been there on FF52 for a long while now. facebook and twitter have also dumped videos support on FF52
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