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  1. Anything is a improovement from 10... y'all ever hear of debian Buster?
  2. But... but... but... Wasn't 10 "the Windows to end all windows"?
  3. Windows 11 aka "Desolation", because it's post-Armageddon, of course!
  4. "While the sage still problematize, the clueless attack by surprise!" Millôr Fernandes (1923-2012).
  5. JFYI, 0-posting accounts left inactive for at least one year get culled periodically. Y'all wouldn't believe how many accounts we'd have now, if not for that.
  6. Since you seem not to have read the Rules, Rule # 4.e (= Vaporware is deemed a form of spam, here, and can lead to a ban.) applies to your thread. So, when you have at least a beta-test candidate, you may announce it. Until then, your announcement amounts to vaporware, so this thread is closed.
  7. Enough! It was just a misunderstanding. So let's stop here, please.
  8. Since we're talking about rough estimates, let's write them with less digits, to reflect the depth of our lack of knowledge. Your calculations allow us to estimate that, currently there are: Win 7: ~ 222 million machines; Win 8.1: ~ 31 million machines; Win 8.0 + XP + Vista: ~13 million machines and Legacy Win: unknowable. Or, in other words, Win 7: ~ 222 million machines and All other non-10 Win NT ~ 44 million machines, meaning a die-hard pool of about one 20% of the total number of machines running Win 10.
  9. Username already in use, so, no, sorry!
  10. xper did it. Only staff can see the flags. But, for the life of me, I cannot remember why. Sorry!
  11. Not for the faint of heart, but it does seem to work (I got no way to test, having no recent machines, shunning post Phenom AMDs & Windows 10): https://github.com/ElectronicElephant/Modern-Standby-Byby Then, there is this one. They say that the intersting part is obsolete, but I think its not, actually. Of course, this is just my opinion.
  12. Status updates are not your personal twitter. I removed your permission to post them.
  13. Nothing. It's irrelevant, except for paranoia mongering, of course!
  14. Are you serious? Really? No offense meant, but what world do you live in? XP SP3 went EoS on April 8 2014 (and POSReady 2009, on Apr 9 2019). Now, we're on Apr 26 2021, just over two years after that, what on Earth justifies believing MS did that by mistake, while striving to keep backward compatibility with an OS they'd rather had disappeared already? They wouldn't be able to care less even if they bothered to try it! Come on, wake up to reality, it's time already! And make no mistake, I do love XP SP3 and actually use it as my main OS to this day.
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