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  1. Sure there is! It's under the 3-dot menu, to the right of the header-bar at the top of the post. You know, when it's not broken, do fix it until it gets there!
  2. The last decent μTorrent is v. (from 2010), IMO. Try it 'n see whether it works, it'll probably satisfy all your needs.
  3. Ain't it just a corollary of Parkinson's Law?
  4. So, if I got that right, problem is Issue #1675 (UXP) and Feodor2 has fixed it in MyPal, already.
  5. I guess so. I don't see that either in Chrome 87.0.4280.88 (on 8.1 at work or 7 Ultimate SP1 at home) or in Basilisk 52 (roytam1´s, about 1 month old) on XPSP3 (with all POSReady 2009 updates)...
  6. Yeah, well... to be precise, just after they stopped providing the physical tokens, thare was a thing they called "SMS token" that was just as you described,,, but not anymore: no they've all moved into the future already (all those SMSs cost the banks something, after all, while their own apps cost them next to nothing, in comparison)! Ain't it a beaut? They outsource next to all their costs to the customer!
  7. <off-topic> Your English is great! Before you ask, it's my 3rd language, too... but my 2nd one (Italian) I've used so rarely most of my life that I'm sure I wield English much better than I do Italian. Except for 1st languages (when one uses them day-to-day), practice counts more than anything else. </off-topic> While around an iPhone is really for the rich or those wishing to pass for rich, it's become impossible not to have a smartphone (usually a Samsung) for banking, even for those, like me, who prefer to do it on the desktop: one once could get banks to give one a token-generator, but lately all them moved on to what they call "app authentication", hence tranferring the cost of aquiring/upkeeping working hardware to the user. My own solution was to buy a used "Samsung J2 Prime" (android 6, out of production already), reset it to factory specs and use it for my banking needs, while leaving it home always, unless when I need to take it to the bank to validate their app (happens sometimes). For everything else I need a cell phone for, I always bring with me my trusty Nokia C2-01, and that's all! Of course, answering in public to such a phone causes from hilariety to pity for me, but I really don't give a damn. Then again, I'm almost 60, so it's mostly attributed to senility.
  8. Because it's intended to work on XP, which is a feat already, and 2k with KEx 28c ain't XP.
  9. No, we aren't. Back then I lived in Austin, TX. That was one of the 3 (non-contiguous) years I've spent in the US. Yes. It's carbon steel, not stainless, so it darkens with time. And the "surrounds" are protective, yes. One must insert the envelope between the "surrounds" while inserting the blade itself (straight side up) into the top of the envelope, to use it. And yes, it's designed specifically for the opening of envelopes. BTW, there weren't 7-11s nor McDonald's in Brazil before 1980, and while the latter thrived and multiplied since then, the former didn't, so 7-11s don't exist here anymore...
  10. Well, @Jaguarek62 was right when presuming people here would be familiar with any of the standard messages from any module of an NT-Family OS, simply because it actually is a reusable template commonly seen, as @asdf2345 nicely explained. Bear with me, please, your going like ... ... with all due respect and wishing to cause no offense but just state a known fact, just shows how people from the younger generations are more sensitive than us old timers. While you're right about the rules and all, you're failing to factor in the different generational sensibilities (we have members ranging from tweeners to 80+ years old, here at MSFN) : *nobody* here wanted to disrespect you nor offend you, and your participation is quite welcome, but older people like me tend to be seen as rude by younger people, nowadays, when, in fact, we just mean to be straightforward.
  11. Unless they're quite big ones, you can usually replace electrolytic caps by tantalum ones, with good results. YMMV, though.
  12. Well, I still have it, and it still performs its duty superbly! I used to have another one that had a very small screwdriver (one side straight, Phillips on the other) inside a case just lake the one in the pics, but made of transparent yellow acrylic with the central black belt in polypropylene (I guess), which was intended refasten to the lenses on eyeglasses or the arms thereof, but that one has been lost in time. The other day I opened some bill with the one in the pics, then geve it a clean-up and decided to look for its maker's brand, just out of curiousity. IMO, it's very representative of the design os the late 60's and early 70's, and it's been quite a long time since such type of design disappeared... Belo are two more pics for you to see how it was inside (it's remarkable that the cutting edge of the blade is the straight one, not the curved one, BTW).
  13. I opted to display pages in the Greek language, if available, first - for example, the Google Web Store[GWS], so my manually modified setting inside the "Preferences" file looks like below: "intl": { "accept_languages": "el-GR,el,en-US,en" }, That code means that whenever the page hasn't got a Greek version available, the browser will fallback to displaying the American-English localization of it, and so on (if you add additional locales in that line) ... (Save the modified file while the browser is closed, then launch the browser anew and check for the effect of your new "custom" preference!) Hope I've helped If you had read this thread from the start, you'd know that already.
  14. This is an el-cheapo letter opener I bought at a 7-11, back in 1971. I'd like to find out it's brand (it was part a line of little gadgets that always had that phisical format, varying only in colors). Do any of you fellow old timers remember those? TIA
  15. My experience with newish (= Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, LGA 1155 pocessors) is that Cougar Point chipsetes are good enough and Panther Point are not much better (except because they come with USB 3.2 Gen 1.1)... however, changing processors to i5 3570 or i7 3770(K) does make a noticeable difference (warning: it's mandatory updating the BIOS to the latest before replacing a Sandy Bridge by any Ivy Brige, else the board won't even POST), and may be worth considering if one can source them (maybe used) for a nice price. Then again, i see no reason at all to go x64, 8.1 x86 is quite good and very light. Then again, I've never actually used nor installed 10 x87, but I do understand it exists and may be a good choice if one is adamant at moving on to 10 (which I'm adamant at not using at home, but cannot avoid at work)...
  16. use easyBCD to recreate the BCD. When moving Win 7+ around the disk and/or repartitioning, it's always necessary to rebuild the BCD for the OS which stops booting.
  17. Well, there's the Frankenstein method... don't you remember we have discussed it some time ago? I was able to reach u262 using it, actually, although I'm still on it and didn't try the later versions for lack of need (and time). https://www.azul.com/downloads/zulu-community/?version=java-8-lts&os=windows&architecture=x86-32-bit&package=jre
  18. Adobe Flash Player (possibly the last one...) is out!
  19. I'm glad to stand corrected: the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ is a Brisbane from mid 2008, but Brisbanes were around since Dec 2006. However, the TL-60 Turion 64 X2 mentioned by @Jaguarek62 is a Tyler, from early 2007, so that info moves the line-in-the-sand right back to around Dec 2006, for AMD CPUs! That means all CPUs from that time and later can run 8.1 x64! Ain't that great?
  20. Hey! Good to see you! It's been a heliuva long time no seen, or what? Great to have you around!
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