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  1. It actually *is* impossible. That paticular dead horse has been already beaten to a fine pulp, but in case you want to know why, do search MSFN and you'll find plenty about it.
  2. Are you sure you were wearing all the required PPE (*and double-checked it was working right*) before jumping?
  3. And what isn't, nowadays, when dabbling with legacy software?
  4. No real reason, IMO. I do run my 4GB as a single NTFS partition, too. Among other things it avoids using more than one drive letter, which is great! @SamirD, OTOH, loves 2GB partitions, so I'm not surprised by his comment.
  5. That's warez! Banned on Rule #1!
  6. Well, while trying to do a condensed version of the main points in this vast subject (not all of them present in this thread alone), I realize I lost sight of the main post of my last two posts, which is: "There's a new, untested, generation of My Passport, which now has reached 5GB as their biggest USB external drive offer... so, does the old good WD format tool work with this generation, too?" Although we know older WD My Books and Easystore drives exist in sizes bigger than 5GB, on which the old good WD format tool is known-for-a-fact to work, they're both physically bigger than the My Passports, which are much more portable, so a usable 5GB My Passport ought to be good news to the XP community. In fact, were it not the fact that Brazilian currency lost half its purchasing power since our current president's inauguration, and that Covid-19 ate about half the income of the least affected brazilians (all others lost more than that), I'd already have bought one 5GB My Passport, tested it myself and reported, but that's beyond me at the moment. [The last time I looked, São Paulo City, where I live, has already had 13128 people deceased due to Covid-19, more than most countries in the world will have till the end of this current pandemic. ]. As for the Paragon drive working with internal 4kiB drives, that's a welcome fact I had failed to notice, so thanks for the head's up!
  7. Good to see you around, my friend! I feared the recent (google provoked) problems for access from Eastern Europe were preventing your access, of late. I'm sorry to say but we're still far from solving it completely, because the revenue from ads is sorely needed to keep MSFN going... All best wishes!
  8. Of course! I just tried to change subjects and give a head's up regarding the newish USB 3.0 5 TB My Passport, which is smaller phisically than a My Book but *BIG* bytewise! Yet, I should have said I was trying to steer the thread back to USB external drives. And there is report by @Asp of having created a single 6 TB patition, too. And there's also a report by @SamirD himself, of having changed sucessfully the apparent sector size to 4 kiB on two different 10TB Bestbuy WD Easystore drives, but IIRR, at that time he hadn't tried to format either as a single 10TB partitions... Just before his passing, RLoew was investigating the WD Quick Formatter and he said he had figured out which SCSI commands are used for the "sector size change", but his results also pointed out to the fact that the only HDDs he found that implemented such commands were the external USB WD drives. He also found out, although that's just a curiosity, that the "sector size" might also be set to other values than 4 kiB, but that, in fact, the NT-family OSes can use only 2 kiB (besides 512 bytes and 4 kiB), Yet, his son did not yet find any material about that reseach, which, in fact, may have been all done inside a debugger, so probably only some handwritten notes or text documentation may exist, if any. And no, he also determined that XP (SP1-3) cannot handle internal 4 kiB drives, be them SATA or IDE. Only the USB stacks are able to do that. It's possible that NT-family OSes v. 6.x may do that (10 certaily does), but that's beside the point, of course, since this is the XP forum, after all!
  9. BTW, now (well... actually for some time already) there is a 5 TB WD My Passport available on the market. When (and if) any member here do decide to take the plunge, buy one and reformat it to 4 kiB sectors, please don't forget to tell us about the experience.
  10. With all due respect: Chredge for Linux? What an oxymoron!
  11. eMule_v0.60a-community was released on Oct10, 2020. Does it work on XP? They say it's now being compiled with VS 2019... so I doubt it. Anyway, I do know for sure eMule_v0.51d-community does work OK with XP SP3. Later edit: It does work on XP, after all!
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