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  1. dencorso

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    The java directory structure must be in C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_152 (so there'll be the bin and lib subdirectories inside this one) and the executables must be located in C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_152\bin *and* a copy of the 202 cpl in system32. If so the reg attached below should work (but do read, it just in case, before merging it): Jre_8u202_Mod152.zip
  2. dencorso

    January 1st 2019 / still 4%

    Windows NT 3.1 was released on July 27, 1993... almost 26 years ago. NetBSD and FreeBSD are from the same year, while Linux is from 1991, mind you.
  3. dencorso

    Can Office 2013 somehow be ported to Vista?

    Don't hold your breath, though.
  4. The default in XP mode is to have just one core in the virtual CPU. As such it behaves as a sigle core CPU and KB4486463 installs but does not substitute %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. It's OK! Hide it, and forget about it.
  5. Yes. Substitute Windows 10 by TrueOS x64.
  6. They are correct for single-core. You should hide the update if offered again.
  7. Yes. I'd expect that. @mixit is right: delay-load linkages may not be a problem even when unsatisfied, because the software may have been written to test for presence before actually calling them. Dependency Walker cannot decide whether this is the case or not, but when the same unsatisfied delay-load linkage exsts in a previous version, known to cause no problems, then it's a safe bet it's no problem in a later version. So, checking a previous version fot it, when a suspect unsatisfied delay-load linkage exsts in a new update is the way to go, as he just demonstrated. all right you're right, it still works after updating here.
  8. KB4487085. But do wait a couple of days before updating. Let's see what else emerges.
  9. dencorso

    RAM Errors (Update: Now It's Much Worse)

    I didn't actually say you said anything. Nor did I mean to offend. The simple opening of this thread shows a single-minded insistence in fixing a rig that seems to be foobar, and this creates the idea you aren't able to at least replace the board for another used one of the same model and maker and also buy one brand new memory stick to go with it. From my POV, that's OK. But then, when you start talking about a huge 850W PSU I got surprised and expressed it. As for your health problems, you have my sympathy and my respect. But have in mind RL sucks everywhere, and money don't grow in trees here in Brazil either. I also try to avoid contributing to the e-waste problem. That's why I decomissioned 3 perfectly working Athlon XP machines and sold or gave away to friends all their parts. Had I kept one to use as a hardware firewall, I'd have a 600 W PSU running all the time... instead, I do that with a Raspberry Pi running OpenWRT. Makes sense in my book.
  10. That's why one should do full backups before adding updates. Once I realized the system was foobar, I redeployed the jan 31 image, and lost nothing. I had to reinstall the latest Flash and Basilisk, though. Had I made a new backup imediately before updating, even that would've been unnecessary.
  11. I saw the crappy message below, too, and DaemonToolsLite 4.45 (important) and two other uninportant start-up programs crashed in flames! "The procedure entry point sprinttf_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll." @Ascii2's posted before I had found out which update was to blame. My thanks to all of you who posted about it. It seems KB4487085 is the latest crappy update MS came out with... @Ascii2: did KB4486463 install correctly for you? If so, you should have: %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe v. 5.1.2600.7649 (orig. ntkrnlmp.exe) and %windir%\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe v. 5.1.2600.7581 (orig. ntkrpamp.exe) In case your machine uses a multicore processor, of course.
  12. You rock, thanks! I transposed it directly from the Portuguese "incontroversível", instead of looking it up at a dictionary, so I deserved the fail...
  13. dencorso

    RAM Errors (Update: Now It's Much Worse)

    Errm... @TrevMUN: You actually want me to believe you have no money to buy another board and memory sticks, but actualy do have plenty money to sink in an overpowered 850W PSU? Are you kidding or what?