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  1. BlackWingCat released an update that patches the MS14-068 vulnerability, but the version of kerberos.dll in this update was not based on kerberos.dll from KB2508429, meaning there was no version of kerberos.dll with patches for MS11-013 and MS14-068. I added BlackWingCat's patches to WildBill's version of kerberos.dll and made an update for the new file. Download
  2. BlackWingCat has new versions of Adobe Flash Player on win2k.org. To find, go to http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm and click "Manual Update" on the left side. Select these options: OS Type: Windows 2000 Kind: Additional function Language: English Click search and the versions of Flash Player are at the bottom of the list that appears (newest at the very bottom).
  3. What's wrong with Edge? I'm assuming you're talking about the chromium edge here. If not, I also don't like the old edge.
  4. I have already tried this before. It boots but only sees one device. My BIOS version is E7A34AMS.AE0
  5. Mine are Ryzen 5 1500x, MSI B350 PC Mate, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 4GB. My USB issues happen when I have multiple devices plugged into the same controller.
  6. I'm pretty sure the issue is USB related. I get the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen when a USB drive is plugged in.
  7. I ran Vista on my Ryzen system a while ago, but I couldn't find drivers for most of the devices. It was stable, but I wasn't using any drivers that aren't built into Vista.
  8. I know win32 is working on fixing a Ryzen specific problem in vista, but I don't know if the one win32 is working on and the one that is causing your BSODs is the same problem.
  9. This is the closest thing I could find to what you're looking for: https://www.bios-mods.com/BIOS/index.php?dir=Insyde%2F&download=100%_AAO110-150_v3309_Menus_Ulkd_By_Camiloml.exe It's version 3309 instead of 3310 but it should have all the menus unlocked.
  10. I just checked TXTSETUP.OEM of this driver: Intel Matrix Storage Manager 7.6 for Windows 2000(Intel 300 Series 蟇セ蠢�-type h). It has the entry that is missing in TXTSETUP.OEM from the 8 series driver.
  11. I can't directly link to BlackWingCat's website because of a bad gateway error. I already tried to provide a link to a file on BlackWingCat's website before (link). I also specified that the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers should be used. The newer drivers work on older storage controllers, so the drivers for 8 series and newer will work with 7 series storage controllers.
  12. When integrating the drivers, are you selecting only the device that matches the one in your laptop? I know that selecting all of the devices can cause this error. Here is what I'm talking about:
  13. BlackWingCat's Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers should work. They can be found here. When adding the driver with nLite, choose "Intel(R) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller".
  14. Can you provide more detail about what's wrong? If the CD reader itself is broken, then I would recommend buying a working one from a website like ebay.
  15. It's official but not on ftp.mozilla.org.
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