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  1. Which version of UMDF are you trying. UMDF 1.0 doesn't have this file and it isn't included in Windows 2000. Definitely not. I'm pretty sure it isn't even possible on XP.
  2. Hello. I have a Dell XPS M1210 that I am going to install Windows ME on. There is space for a Dell Truemobile Bluetooth module and I am planning to buy one. I want to know if anyone has any experiences or info that could be useful so I don't waste my money on an incompatible one. There are 3 different ones I could buy: Dell Truemobile 350 - Bluetooth 2.0, Uses Toshiba drivers Dell Truemobile 355 - Bluetooth 2.0, Based on Broadcom BCM92045MD Dell Truemobile 360 - Bluetooth 2.1, Uses Toshiba drivers
  3. I was just saying how I like the rounded edges. Not saying you mentioned it. Interesting. No squares here with Firefox 78.6.0 on vista. I do get those types of squares on Discord sometimes though.
  4. The colors can be changed with the color picker. The color picker has been on MSFN for a while. Also, I like the new design and rounded edges. It looks cleaner in my opinion. Just sharing my opinion on the new design since you shared yours.
  5. Here is what I can do for all these functions: videoprt.VideoPortIsNoVesa - relies on code that doesn't exist in KernelXE's videoprt.sys and cannot be added easily. user32 functions - I can add most of them, but they will be stubs. I only add stubs when requested since they don't actually do anything and are just placeholders to take care of program dependencies. gdi32.ClearBitmapAttributes - redirects to a win32k function that doesn't exist in WildBill's win32k.sys. I will add this function when I get to modifying win32k.sys. I tried taskmgr from Longhorn build 5259 and it doesn't
  6. 1. The .sys and .inf files shouldn't be in system32. 2. I noticed that they aren't in the locations they should be. I am currently doing a lot of optimization to update.inf and this should hopefully fix this.
  7. I use paint.net for the actual photo editing. I use icofx for any conversion from or to .ico, and I use Bome Restorator for modifying the resource section of the file.
  8. The error is valid. My version of ntdll doesn't have RtlRegisterSecureMemoryCacheCallback, but it's weird that it says mstask.exe on the top because the version of mstask.exe on my system doesn't call that function.
  9. It definitely won't work. KernelXE requires WildBill's ntoskrnl and win32k.
  10. There's a way to do it without LoadLibraryA or GetProcAddress. This is what I do with everything cause I would rather spend my own time getting those functions in the import table than having the dll use a bunch of CPU clock cycles finding it. If it imports to the last file in the list, I can just add the import to the end. If it doesn't, here's what I do: 1. Shift every reference to everything in the import address table that's going to be moved by how much it will be moved. Example: The order of dlls imported is gdi32, kernel32, ntdll and I want to add an import to gdi32 (this is litera
  11. Here's all the basics in one big post. Tools: IDA - A very good disassembler that handles Windows system files very well. HxD - The hex editor I use. It doesn't matter which one you use, but you will need one. PEMaker - Used for other general tasks, like adding imports and exports. PETool - Another program made for general PE file editing. There's a few features in PETool that aren't done in any other program very well or at all. Beyond Compare - For comparing lists of functions. I use Beyond Compare, but you can use whatever you prefer. CFF Explorer - For editing the file hea
  12. Since this is something you're very interested in, you could try starting this project yourself. I simply don't have enough time to start something like this for NT4 and I assume win32 doesn't either. Here's kernel32 with some simple modifications to get you started.
  13. idk but I know that the Renesas USB 3 drivers work with both BlackWingCat's extended core and WildBill's extended kernel. I would just use (or buy if you don't have one) a USB 2.0 PCI or PCIe card and pass that through to the virtual machine if all you need is USB 2.0.
  14. It's from BlackWingCat's extended kernel, but it calls ole32.CoTaskMemAlloc directly instead of calling a function that calls it with LoadLibraryA and GetProcAddress. Also, here's the matching implementation of GetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID: mov edx, [esp+AppID] test edx, edx jz short loc1 mov eax, lpString test eax, eax jz short loc_7D04A866 push eax ; lpString call ds:lstrlenW inc eax add eax, eax push eax call ds:CoTaskMemAlloc mov [edx], eax mov eax, lpString push eax ; lpString2 push dword
  15. I have already looked at what functions it needs and there were only a few missing in ntoskrnl. I also noticed that it requires WinUSB. Both of these will be added to KernelXE when they are confirmed working.
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