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  1. I don't own a Dell XPS 8930, but these drivers should work. Chipset: https://www.win-raid.com/t895f42-Intel-Chipset-Device-quot-Drivers-quot-INF-files.html Audio: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER01494284M/4/Audio_Realtek_WIN_A01_313J8-Setup_ZPE.exe Thunderbolt: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER04309822M/3/5510_Intel-Thunderbolt-Controller-Driver_M6YD4_WIN_16.3.59.250_A02.EXE Qualcomm WiFi/Bluetooth: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER04299994M/6/Qualcomm-QCA61x4A-QCA9377-WiFi-Bluetooth-Driver_K2JG0_WIN_11.0.0.740_A08_02.EXE Killer Ethernet: http://deviceinbox.com/drivers/1112-killer-wireless-and-ethernet-drivers.html NVMe: https://www.win-raid.com/t29f25-Recommended-AHCI-RAID-and-NVMe-Drivers.html
  2. I corrected the IDA Tips and Tricks. Also, does New Moon or Serpent work with WildBill's NTDLL?
  3. Installing the graphics drivers fixed the issue.
  4. This also happens with the file you linked. I am using the default VGA drivers.
  5. KernelEx is not installed, and I have an nVidia video card.
  6. I have been dealing with a very weird issue with Windows 98. When I install MDGx's Unofficial HTML Help Update, the GPU stops outputting a display signal. The only way to recover is to reboot the machine. This does not happen with any other update, including other updates made by MDGx. This happens every time I try to install this update and never happens with any other update. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
  7. If you need to slipstream Intel SATA drivers, I would recommend BWC's Intel Rapid Storage Manager 8.9 and in my experience, it works better. It's available on Windows Legacy Update. Extended Core also needs to be slipstreamed. One of the reasons I made this is so I can slipstream the newer Intel SATA drivers.
  8. My suggestion is to get an MSATA SSD and an MSATA to IDE enclosure. What I use in my Windows 98 PC: Transcend MSA230S MSATA to IDE enclosure SinLoon 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter
  9. Windows 10 Enterprise + O&O ShutUp10
  10. I like this idea, but there are 2 things that I would like to mention: 1. You shouldn't permanently disable Windows Update because of ESU. 2. You don't need to sign in to Microsoft to use Windows 10.
  11. These functions will be added to NTDLLx4, which should be ready for release soon Update: sysdm.cpl from Windows XP works on Windows 2000.
  12. In my experience, using /p i also disables APM.
  13. You need to set the characteristics of .xdata to 60000020. Also did you type the H in the section or was it just there? Besides those 2 things, it looks correct.
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