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  1. I'm waiting, I'll see if this wait benefit or not Although waiting worries an old man like me when it comes to something uncertain
  2. I did not mention @Dave-H because he has a thing with this, I mentioned him because he is their friend and maybe his words are more heard than me and he may join them in this matter, since it is possible and Damnation brought up the topic, why does a project like this stop, maybe Dave-H will bring this topic to them and his words will be more heard From an old man like me, no one respected him. and as you see Damnation Ask for help Information to Damnation (infuscomus) : The ban on you on the EclecBoard website has been lifted WinWord2000 (Mox AX,BX in EclecBoard) Grazie a tutti !
  3. @Dave-H As usual, no one answered, something really strange
  4. @LanXing If you're willing to setup LAN debugging that's your best chance of getting a solution as damnation said
  5. They need a crashlog no the error code because is this information is not sufficient to trace the source of the error
  6. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD @Andalu @Dietmar @daniel_k @pappyN4 @George King @Damnation hello , Why don't you allocate a little time every week on one of the weekdays or half a day his name is the day of Windows 2000 and try with Damnation to make this work, there are many who want to use Windows 2000 because it is classic like those who also want to use XP, please agree to this please, Damnation helped you a lot and you should help him too and respond beautifully to his work with you. I am an old and sick man. I wish to see this working on Windows 2000, grant me this wish before I die, and even if you do not care about me, help the man because he is not bad with you . I am sure you will not let me down
  7. @Damnation Thank you for your advice, because of the lack of time I installed Windows 10 because his birthday is in an hour, and I have to go to my daughter’s house and give the computer as a gift to my grandson. I wanted this computer to be accompanied by Windows 2000 or XP , but there was no time left to do this or do experiments may fail. I hope to see you succeed in working on Windows 2000 development
  8. I bought my grandson a new pc Dell Latitude 7300 Core i5, but I wanted to install Windows XP or 2000 on it, it shows an error 7B in installation , Is there a version stable of ACPI that can solve this problem
  9. Are you going to add these functions (missing imports) using ImportPatcher ? If yes I can help , jumper taught me how to do it WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !
  10. Hello , I'm glad you're back at work, are you working on 2000 and XP at the same time ? This is really cool WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !
  11. Thank you jumper I'll see how fwd work . WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !
  12. Yes, this method is enough, I tried it now but how to add missing function in ntdll.dll with ImportPatcher WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !
  13. Are the names of the functions that you have chosen approved or just a choice, because they do not resemble the names of the missing functions. With the addition of faultrep.dll and XP compatibility this error appear i don't use any vanilla update Can you please compress the modded program (pickMeApp) and upload it here to try it on my system with out any update? WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !

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