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  1. Thank you very much, i used Serpent versions from december 2023 (i do not know why but it seems to me they worked slightly faster then april-may 2024 versions. Now thank to your advise i updated to latest 2024-07-05 Serpent (both 52 and 55) and it now works. And it is good to see Hotline finally working as it suppose to be in roytam1 browsers.
  2. Serpent and New Moon browsers for years have an issue with big and famous HOTLINE.UA site. Knowing that many Ukrainians are here, on MSFN, i am surprised nobody before me reported this issue for one of top 10 Ukrainian sites. The issue is next: as you can see on screenshot below i searched, using Serpent,, for example, a cassette, on top search page at address hotline.ua. However it give me this: Promise.allSettled is not a function This bug continuous for years. Can it be finally fixed? Hotline.ua is not some marginal site, it is well popular shopping system uniting most of Ukrainian internet shops. To overcome this bug when it happens and show you this failure message you then need to click mouse on search page with thing you search and press ENTER. Please solve this issue - it is so annoying and in 360ChromePortable 13.5 it is not happening, but i love roytam1 browser.
  3. What with site uefa.com Why only empty white page and nothing else? (Fresh March version of New Moon)
  4. The problem was real. After Moonchild and several others Pale Moon forum members contacted Cloudflare, they eventually, not without a problems, fixed it. You can read it here if you want to: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=249856#p249856
  5. What happening with CLOUDFLARE checking? I can not get into tabletki.ua or other sites protected with cloudflare. I tried New Moon and Serpent - infinite checking on cloudflare. What's going on? Sites protected with cloudflare works on Firefox for Android.
  6. I just tried, using New Moon (2023-11-30) to read twitter. And it suddenly gave me that: This browser is no longer supported. Same on Serpent (2023-12-15). Question - why? What is going on?
  7. No, SSD can not fully TRIM itself cause it does not fully know what data should be deleted and what stored. Samsung once tested File System Aware Garbage Collection - prototype SSD that can theoretically fully TRIM itself, but it does not worked as they expected.
  8. I don't get it. Mesa9x v21.3.8.20 is emulator of HW openGL from windows 98\ME. What is have to do with universal VESA Graphics driver with hardware acceleration for XP? Can some one explain me?
  9. I'm sorry, but this can not be taken serious in 2023 year. The first CPU with SSE2 was released in year 2000. That's more then 22 years ago. Let those people go and upgrade to something more modern. Windows XP works so much better on 4-core systems. Now we have even 8 core Ryzen work with XP. There is no excuses left for staying on none SSE2 system now. Go and upgrade to at least Core2Duo or Athlon64X2 - they are dirt cheap now. I repeat there is no excuses to seat on, like Pentium 3 or Athlon XP and demand everyone attention. Those systems are completely obsolete, they serve people well for 2 decades, now live them alone and upgrade! Thank you! Finally someone with common sense and logic.
  10. Toshiba 3.5 7200RPM AF format drive. Very fast, silent, works 10 years, more then 50000 hours. Great thing.
  11. Last activity of JustOff was right before war - in February 2022. I worry we might never see him again.
  12. I want to transfer my New Moon profile with all the passwords to another computer (from 32bit XP to 32 bit W7). Tell me in what folder (and path to it) passwords are saved on system C disk in New Moon? What folder i should copy to another computer to have my profile and passwords work there?
  13. I must admit - last version of New Moon 28.10.6a1.win32-git-2023-04-07 seems much faster then previous versions. Does anybody else notice that? Even huff-post loads faster. Also as i understand with latest versions of NM\Basilisk we don't need Palefill add-on, because we have WebComponents enabled, am i correct?
  14. So weird hateful people. Why they hearts so full of hate? What's wrong with them? Wow, just WOW ! What an hateful person. Is he out of his meds? I saddened an astonished buy this level of unprovoked aggression and hate. Absolute nonsense. In fact that was true when win XP was in it's prime and "normies" use IE6 or IE7- that was time when you will always catch up so virus very fast. This was the reason i migrated on Firefox around 2007 - tired of viruses exploiting million holes in IE. With all XP updates and using unique browsers like New Moon + Ublock, - chances of virus infection is extremely low. 99.99% modern viruses now can not even work in XP now - they code is incompatible with it anymore. P.S. Speaking about old Operation Systems, i have question. I recently watch a lot of YouTube channel "Action Retro", when retro enthusiast upgrade to unusual fast level Apple PowerPC machines. And one of they major problems - they not having modern browser anymore - cause they tied to Tiger and Leopard OS and they "forks" like Sorbet Leopard and they only(?) developer of they own Firefox fork TenFourFox abolished project, so they left without modern update internet browser. So i wanted to ask Roytam1 - how hard it will be to recompile latest NM28 to PowerPC machine? Is it really possible to do even once as experiment? I just wondering.
  15. I did not know that. However, turns out i already use for a 14 days this March version of New Monn, where WebComponents is included. That's not accurate statement. I usually download new versions from here: https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser And i usually read whats new in "Official Pale-Moon changes picked since my last build:" and "Official Basilisk changes picked since my last build:". Because i expected that the most critical changes will be mentioned there. The reason why i miss mention about WebComponents, is because it is written as casual change in the middle of long list named: "Official UXP changes picked since my last build:" Here is examle of issues from there next to important WebComponents announcement: I usually not read this because i don't understand meaning of this. I wAS expectING more BIG announcement about WebComponents enabled, then getting it lost in the list of super-complicated issues that 99.9% of people do not understand. I Like how the Pale Moon guys did it: They openly said - "hey guys, we now enabled WebComponents by default, major change, long awaited, how cool is that!!!" So i notice that. But if you think i will read every - Issue #OVER9000!1111 - you simply wrong and you lying to yourself. I deeply respect work of roytam! and often like and up-vote his posts here,
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