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  1. Emmm... Are you talking about standard old windows 90's style? Display properties -> Appearance -> Effects -> Show window contents while dragging ? When you change interface in Display Properties as you like, in themes rename then your current theme to, for example, "my theme 2021".
  2. I know. And here is why: Luckily on simplix page, link to it i post here earlier, they re-upload new version of file. USB3 driver for XP, ACPI driver for XP as well as AHCI and many more are there.
  3. So i contacted with PotPlayer developers with question about end of win XP support and get answer. Here it is (spelling and punctuation preserved): So, as i understand, version from January 27, 2021 is last with win XP support. https://cafe.daum.net/pot-tool/BHPW Also i contacted with developers of another program that recently stop working with Win XP. It is D3Dgear - Game Recording Software. https://www.d3dgear.com/ And in conversation it turns out that developers apparently, while updated they program, did not notice that they drop support with win XP. So now, they
  4. There is no obsession. Dixel is right. By many people words like "obsession" considered as rude. You have to be absolutely ignorant into believing this BS. They didn't "ceased", they just change nickname to drop the heat. It's like you repainting car in PaintShop in GTA game to drop the heat. They did it many times before and only total suckers buy on it every time. Here is they own timeline of nicknames: Cheka (1917–1922), GPU under NKVD RSFSR (1922–1923), OGPU (1923–1934), NKVD (1934–1946), NKGB (February–July 1941/1943–1946), MGB (1946–1953), KGB(1953-1991), FCS (1993-1995) FSB
  5. I think you are mistaken. Here is a test that i read in 2012. I barely find it in 2021, but i found it! As you can see on a page below on powerful Kepler videocard (as well as on 7970) PCIe x16 v1.1 not much slower than on PCIe x16 v2.0 https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-ivy-bridge-pci-express-scaling/23.html Note that Test System there is much faster then your F-S Xeon system. They use 4.7Ghz (!) Core i7-3770K + ASUS Maximus V Gene Intel Z77. So your "30-45% slower framerate" is probably from your F-S system as i explain earlier. I rest my case.
  6. From my experience developers often do not notice that changes they make brake XP compatibility. And since not a lot of people nowadays use XP nobody tell them. So i think somebody should write an email to POT Player developers and tell them that they last release do not install on XP. Frankly maybe i should do it. Oh well i already did it. P.S. Also, Sampei. Nihira, i notice that you with PotPlayer always give link to they main page, where only last version can be downloaded. Did you know that they have this weird korean language-only page, when you can download they old releases to? He
  7. Read this links: Long post on simplix Also: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html#msg61916
  8. Should you? Stop using this obsolete crap! And start using cool programs for XP. MPC-HC ( - the very last MPC-HC that use native filters that have DXVA1 HW AVC decoding capability (MPC video decoder). http://www.mediafire.com/?xfgh33iws56bh#i01azgcvfqjzx Media Player Classic - BE https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/files/MPC-BE/Release builds/1.4.6/ Also Pot Player is still updated for Win XP and can play YouTube videos even live air! http://potplayer.daum.net/
  9. I use in my New Moon only 2 addons - one that JustOff support and update - Legendary uBlock https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock-for-firefox-legacy Other is PDF Viewer 2.3.235 by IsaacSchemm - https://github.com/IsaacSchemm/pdf.js-seamonkey/
  10. http://half-open.com/home_en.htm Half-open limit fix - Very good simple program.
  11. Did you open at least 100 half-open outbound TCP connections? Or you have standard XPSP2\SP3 10 connections? I personally open 200 connections in my XP. Alternatively you connection in XP maybe used by some torrent program, or other process, maybe some bot-network. Check in Task Manager in Networking is network are busy while it should not. Like if no program running (like uTorrent) and there is Networking activity it is time to investigate it for you.
  12. Well you just tell your PCconfiguration: CPU, GPU, Motherboard and we will tell you is it possible to install XP on that. XP 64 drivers are myth from 2005-2006. And it is mostly not true. Geforce GTX 980 and all Maxwells, Core I7-3770k and up to Skylake possible. There is no big difference in drivers availability and if your configuration have XP-64 drivers, then who care if some eccentric old rare lan card that you don't have don't have XP64 driver. You know what i mean? I just found this article. As-well as this: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-
  13. Then change housing and PSU. I recommend Bequiet brand. They Power Supply and housing in elite version have SilentWings ventilators with hydrodynamic bearing that are almost eternal (300.000 hours) and completely silent. I have one of these - it is amazing. I seriously recommend slipstreamed version that i talk about. It is considered the best. Your slipstream will probably change nothing, because you will just repeat current installation. If you install that slipstream you will know that it not your XP64, but all XP64 work bad on your motherboard. Anyways, i am not forcing you
  14. Hm. Maybe it cause to old GPU driver version. Or more fresh Visual Studio needed to be installed. Here they state that for XP GPU-Z ver 2.22.0 is recommended. Or maybe your XP-64 version screwed up...
  15. Yea this is not how it suppose to be. XP64 is faster then Vista. Hm. It looks like something works weird in your system with XP64 install. Maybe drivers on motherboard, or maybe in BIOS of this rare motherboard something not set right, like not forced PCI-E 2.0 mode, or processor in power-saving mode constantly while running XP? Maybe you need reinstall XP-64 from different ISO, i sent u an email about that. I also see infamous Fujitsu Siemens motherboard. It have incredibly bad reputation in Overclockers community many years ago. It look like it is a server motherboard and BIOS in F-S se
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