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  1. Did you open at least 100 half-open outbound TCP connections? Or you have standard XPSP2\SP3 10 connections? I personally open 200 connections in my XP. Alternatively you connection in XP maybe used by some torrent program, or other process, maybe some bot-network. Check in Task Manager in Networking is network are busy while it should not. Like if no program running (like uTorrent) and there is Networking activity it is time to investigate it for you.
  2. Well you just tell your PCconfiguration: CPU, GPU, Motherboard and we will tell you is it possible to install XP on that. XP 64 drivers are myth from 2005-2006. And it is mostly not true. Geforce GTX 980 and all Maxwells, Core I7-3770k and up to Skylake possible. There is no big difference in drivers availability and if your configuration have XP-64 drivers, then who care if some eccentric old rare lan card that you don't have don't have XP64 driver. You know what i mean? I just found this article. As-well as this: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-
  3. Then change housing and PSU. I recommend Bequiet brand. They Power Supply and housing in elite version have SilentWings ventilators with hydrodynamic bearing that are almost eternal (300.000 hours) and completely silent. I have one of these - it is amazing. I seriously recommend slipstreamed version that i talk about. It is considered the best. Your slipstream will probably change nothing, because you will just repeat current installation. If you install that slipstream you will know that it not your XP64, but all XP64 work bad on your motherboard. Anyways, i am not forcing you
  4. Hm. Maybe it cause to old GPU driver version. Or more fresh Visual Studio needed to be installed. Here they state that for XP GPU-Z ver 2.22.0 is recommended. Or maybe your XP-64 version screwed up...
  5. Yea this is not how it suppose to be. XP64 is faster then Vista. Hm. It looks like something works weird in your system with XP64 install. Maybe drivers on motherboard, or maybe in BIOS of this rare motherboard something not set right, like not forced PCI-E 2.0 mode, or processor in power-saving mode constantly while running XP? Maybe you need reinstall XP-64 from different ISO, i sent u an email about that. I also see infamous Fujitsu Siemens motherboard. It have incredibly bad reputation in Overclockers community many years ago. It look like it is a server motherboard and BIOS in F-S se
  6. Maybe it is power saving under low load? Check latest GPU-Z, it newest version still working with XP. In GPU-Z it is question mark button "PCI-E render test" near Bus Interface line. Also it is hard to diagnose problem when you don't tell what exact your hardware is. Also it can be that Nvidia CPL just show incorrect information - that happened sometimes with different programs - they are not flawless. P.S. Here is link to EVGA forum with program to benchmark PCI-E bandwitch on Nvidia cards:https://forums.evga.com/PCIE-bandwidth-test-cuda-m1972266.aspx
  7. Then why are you posting here? Move along! This is XP subforum, not W10! This is ridiculous statement. Games like Metro 2033 or Metro Last Light would run great on GTX 980Ti, for example. And Between first Metro and 980Ti is more than 5 years, in which XP era was ended. From this post it seems that you even don't know that all Maxwell videocards, including 980Ti and Titan X, work with XP cause Nvidia drivers support them until summer 2016. You might be surprised bye posts of bluebolt in XP64 subforum here, warning SSD, CPU and GPU that running fine on XP64 may shell-shock you.
  8. If you use Pascal (10xx) videocard on windows XP with successfully modded drivers you will get no 3D-perfomance. I just want to clarify this to people who will read it in the future: NO 3D Perfomance. This is cause THERE IS NO PASCAL DRIVER FOR WINDOWS XP that is capable to do 3D-perfomance. Because Nvidia did not create that driver. However i want to say something unusual. Since there is interest for so many people for XP Pascal Driver maybe some measures can be done? 368.81 for XP does not support Pascal. However 368.81 for more modern Windows system support Pascal videocards
  9. I confirming that - on my machine Version it is not working with same message. This means that LS-Tecnology forgot to update system requirements for last version because this message appears when minimal requirements is Vista. However, i also can confirm that Version v3.0.3.2 definitely can work in XP SP3:
  10. Intel SSD Toolbox 3.3.7 is compatible with XP-64 and you can choose in list of compatible SSD what you need. I see some used Intel SSD from list on ebay go cheap. Here is list of Intel SSD with detail description. Obviously MLC and MLC-HET memory type are desirable.
  11. There is such Utility - Solid State Doctor It works in Windows XP and last version release date is: Dec-14-2016. It have function of manual trim and auto-trim that should work with XP.
  12. Ok, but that was not my question. My question was: "please what .reg file should i created?" I ask question to JD there, but pre-moderation there is not working. So days passed and my question there did not pop out. That JD is obviously what i name "quantum genius". Not only his file expired same year he uploaded it on some crappy filegarbage server. But also he did not put text for .reg file instead he put some murkey nonsense with mistakes and contradictions. SO I ASK AGAIN: Help please what .reg file should i created? Again if question not obvious: Help please what .reg file shoul
  13. Guys, a stupid question. What need to be done to enable Outlook Express 6 work with TLS 1.1 and 1.2 ? I found some explanation in comments here by some user JD: https://joewein.net/blog/2018/07/04/outlook-express-error-0x800ccc0b-and-the-end-of-tls-1-0-deprecated-ssl-protocol/ but it is to much confusing. Like... wut? Help please what .reg file should i created?
  14. It is sad that Complete YouTube Saver from Carlos Garcia never was updated and now i doubt they will ever release new version of it. So to download videos from internet i usually use this sites: https://www.y2mate.com/en61 -> For YouTube https://flvto.stream/converter2/ -> for Twitch https://www.tubeninja.net/ -> for others.
  15. I recently start using as main browser New Moon 28.10.2a1 (32-bit) (2020-10-02) and finally stop using 28.3. I am very satisfied with (2020-10-02). It actually play YouTube videos just as good as old 28.3 - no micro-lags, no subfreezing. Now in versions after 28.3.0a1 (2018-12-21) there was (in my experience) for long period of time "choppy video playback". It was in versions of 2019 year and in early 2020 as i remember (again, in my experience). But in New Moon 28.10.2a1 (32-bit) (2020-10-02) video plays without micro-lags. So, from my experience as user, it looks like video-playback have now
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