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  1. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    What part of the post quoted below did you fail to understand?
  2. +1! Keeping working up-to-date browsers is maybe the most important task for ensuring the survival of XP as a day-to-day, all purpose, OS!
  3. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    I think so, too. It appears that all the program does is (i) flip the bit then (ii) create GPT/ remove GPT and (iii) quick format. Sure. Incidentally: it seems the My Books are normal SATA disks in a SATA/USB converting active case and, if so, that they might be used to perform your proposed experiment...
  4. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    Yes! It is. Well... sort of: it depends on which OS one's running the WD Quick Formatter... if on XP one can only "quick format" with 4KiB sectors, but, when on 7 (probably Vista+) one gets two options (see picture): "Factory Default" yields 512e GPT, while "XP Compatible" leeds to 4KiB sectors, as before. On XP the "Configuration" options are not offered, possibly because XP isn't compatible with GPT. Now, even when the drive is GPT formatted, as it comes from factory nowadays, the WD Quick Formatter finds the drive on XP and lets one "quick format" with 4KiB sectors, although it won't allow reverting to "factory state" on XP, AFAICS (the option is not offered). But, anyway, it sure is reversible.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Etta James - Ball And Chain
  6. Yet another suggestion of a potential definitive name for New Moon. What about "Mooning EoS" ???
  7. I confirm your finding. It seems MS's overworked intern forgot to update the version number, isn't it?
  8. +1 No. Then again, I use it once a month for MU only, so I cannot be positive, but I bet I'd've noticed it, if mine had that issue.
  9. Nowhere. There is no such version.
  10. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    The program requires no installation besides unzipping, FTW. Some more info: https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=3868
  11. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    Save your money. All My Passports have everything onboard (perhaps a SATA controller and a SATA/USB bridge, perhaps a single unified chip for both or a direct USB controller, whatever) and has just two connectors: the USB one seen from outside the case and an RS323 for maintenance (hidden by the case), both being atacched to the disk drive itself. The case (any of the 3 generation styles) is no more than a shell with no electronics whatsoever. I don't know about the My Books (I've never had one in my hands), which are bigger, but I bet it's the same case. See: Sidenote: My friends who used to buy external USB Seagate drives on sale cheaper than internal ones to upgrade notebooks (by getting the disk out of the case for it) always hated My Passports, because they don't allow that and their case can be damaged on openeing, preventing even their being resold to lessen the loss. See: This one is the exact model of 4TB My Passport I have, except mine is orange, not red.
  12. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    I fail to see the ontologic™ difference between: and Now, I must remark that any WD My Passport (even those <= 2 TiB) ask the user to install a WD proprietary driver named wdcsam.sys, which only mounts when an external WDC USB drive is connected, and whic describes itself as a "WD SES Device" and is supposed to accelerate the communications between the device and windows. However, WDC says it's optional, and that the drive works OK without it, only somewhat slower. I know that to be a fact for the 1 and 2TB WD My Passports, but I had the "SES Device" already installed when I formatted the originally GPT 4TB My Passport and it became visible to XP all of a sudden. I think, though, it may be a fact the SES Device is not needed for the reformatted 4TB to be visible and usable... then again I cannot test to find it for a fact, ATM.
  13. > 2TiB External USB Drive on Win XP? Of course!

    512-bytes per sector (see attachment). I think that's precisely what this version of the WD Quick Formatter, http://download.wdc.com/misc/WD_Quick_Formatter_Win_1_2_0_10.zip does: set some undocumented feature in the Drive, to change it from exposing 512e to exposing 4Kn. Now we also know it works both for My Books and for My Passports. At least for the USB external drives, I agree it's an established fact, yes. 4TB_My_Passport_Original.7z