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    I have installed the extended kernel on a Vista x64 VM last night, and I tried running the latest Firefox ESR (78.5), and I got the same error as @jns629 at first. Looking at @tamarindojuice's response, I decided to follow his advice to jns629 and patch firefox.exe. And it worked! However, I'm a little concerned that firefox.exe needs to be patched like this with every update, which can get annoying. So, with that in mind, is there a way I can automate the process somehow? I mean, it's of course not hard to do manually, but I'm nevertheless curious. c
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    This happens to be my first post on the Windows XP forum, so any suggestions/additions/corrections from longtime XP users are most welcome. Antivirus: You have avast and AVG which still receive definition updates but which don't receive major app or feature updates. Firewall: Windows firewall should be enough in most cases but an additional firewall would be better, keeping in mind that XP does not have UAC . Browsers: I'm actually astonished that you have not heard of the great @roytam1's browsers! They are still supported and work well on XP, but I heard Chrome is being backported to XP. That would take some time. Until then, use roytam1's browsers. Sandboxes : I honestly don't know (lol) as I don't use any. However if sandboxie works fine, go for it. But if it doesn't, then a smart brain.exe would do. Malware scanner : Malwarebytes 3.5.1 still runs and receives definition updates. I use it instead of AV on my Vista system. In addition, update till 2019 through posready updates if you use XP x86, but if you use XP x64, then I won't be very worried as XP is used by less than 1% of worldwide PC's today, making it an unlikely target for hackers and malware.
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    Hi , first off , I'm sorry to remind : this top is : Share your Windows >Vista< experience! and not about "the look of 7". There's too much to write about the differencies . Some of the ugliest things about Win 7 are : fonts (yes that "true" type ones) - washed out and blurry , oversaturated UI colours , like for ravers at the acid party. I always had the best monitors available , so I can tell. Also , sound , oh boy. It's nowhere near Vista's punchy and sharp audio quality . I have Asus D2 , so I can also tell the difference . Win 7 has fat , thick , flat , ugly taskbar . etc , etc , etc . P.S. Compare Vista's wonderful orb and Win 7 (I don't even know how to name that "acid something").
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    That's because Google have deprecated the old "classic" youtube layout and now yt defaults to loading the polymer layout (several iterations of it exist) which, unfortunately, IE8/XP (and also IE9/Vista) can't render... IIRC, there existed a now dead project called Google Chrome Frame, which used to bring Chrome's rendering engine to Internet Explorer (more info on Wikipedia); I can't remember exactly what version of Chromium it was built on (and the installer itself is currently hard to locate on the web) but it's worth a (long) shot, if available, to test [polymer]youtube loading inside IE8...
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    yeah i had 4.7.2 now i reverted to 4.6.1
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    Looks like Bandcamp Downloader 1.3.5 only requires .NET 4.5, but jns629 might perhaps have a higher version installed?
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    That .NET problem doesn't seem to be tied completely to the extended kernel. For example, with and without the extended kernel, here is the situation of the Visual Studio Community installer: .NET < 4.6: error message stating 4.6 is needed .NET 4.6/4.61: launches .NET 4.6.2+: exception in kernel32. Unfortunately .NET debugging is a little complicated but I should get to it soon if obfuscation isn't a problem.
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    Open the firefox.exe with CFF Explorer, go to Import Directory, rename ntdll.dll to ntext.dll, save and try to launch it again...
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    IBM t60 owners, hello! Share your experience with the t60 if you have ever owned one and share what you have done to make it usable even now and a system properties screenshot (if you still use it of course). Just for reference: I myself don't have a t60 but I have seen a plethora of YouTube videos on how t60's are great and still usable now.
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    I am currently checking to see if this is the issue, which I have a feeling it is, since this sounds like something that could cause these kinds of issues. In my other post, I am just saying that I haven't confirmed anything as definitely causing the issue.
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    This thing is very old by now. I've had it for a long time. After all the updates and tweaks, i'm not even sure whether it's still active or just "existing" there... Doesn't show up in the list of currently loaded addons on YT. [edit] OK, second attempt. I had to force it with the gcf: prefix.
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    I first used Windows Vista on a eMachines T3000 series tower my dad got for my brothers in 2008 or 2009. It had dedicated graphics (ATI i think) and it ran it very well. Used it to play shockwave games mostly. I regret getting rid of it in 2013. In 2018 i had Windows Vista running on a cheap 480gb Patriot Burst SSD i bought off NewEgg on sale for about $55 for my Toshiba Satellite L67D-S7052. The laptop had a 2.9 ghz AMD N640 dual core CPU i had upgraded to a 2.2ghz AMD N970 quad core cpu. Windows Vista ran on it so well. The best looking Windows OS IMO.
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    I'm sorry , I do not agree . I use Windows starting from Win 93 , and I do not agree . In my opinion the best are Win 2000 (for it's time) and Vista. Always hated XP . XP is like oversaturated and bloated Win 2000. Win 7 is somewhat like Vista after unsuccessful plastic surgery and filled with toxins after that (I guess explains why it is slower).
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    i guess he will find time to withdraw any 'donations' sent via paypal!
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    Or just posted that before your post showing up :P Because of the SSE2 issue...
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    1) Windscribe VPN - https://windscribe.com/ Need registration on any email. 10Gb monthly limit on a free account. Add-on v.0.1.61 for FF52 - https://www.upload.ee/files/11196640/windscribe-0.1.61-fx.xpi.html (versions newer 0.1.61 do not work in FF52). Note: in about:config parameter "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" should be set to 0, 1 or 3. Also available client for WinXP - https://assets.windscribe.com/desktop/win/Windscribe_1.80.exe 2) Browsec VPN. Add-on v. for FF52 - https://www.upload.ee/files/11196624/browsec- No registration required. Four countries are available. Unoficial build - no banner, no google-analytics. Note: in about:config parameter "network.cookie.cookieBehavior" should be set to 0, 1 or 3.
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    I have gathered a large variety of updates, tweaks, other software / addons for XP x64 / 2k3 x64; of which I believe will or can be useful depending on the users needs. Now, I can't guarantee that I have all the updates are here but, I can at least offer what I have managed to collect. I hope that this collection helps some of you from at least having to hunt down some updates / software yourself. I have updates ranging from 2014 & lower, plus 2015 & 2017 along with some other enhancements, tweaks, and software. To clarify, I am absolutely not responsible for damages or incorrect usage of software / updates from this archive. PLEASE be careful & always make backups before proceeding with anything! Good luck! Sincerely, XP-x64-Lover Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q2d8qhynwdr6ad4/XPx64_%26_2k3x64_Updates_+_Tweaks_+_Other.7z/file Download Link (Screenshots of Archive contents): http://www.mediafire.com/file/50yi737yalhlaj3/Files_List_Screenshots.7z/file
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