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    Alright, that's cool! I'll also make sure to include a link to rloewelectronics.com when you get that up.
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    How popular is Tim Hortons over there? Here the inner part of the cup lids is now maple leaf-shaped! They never attempted this gimmicky patriotic stuff when the company was actually Canadian-owned. Anyway, I announced that the operators of my college's cafeteria were moving away from XP in May. Indeed when the current semester started the XP box appeared to be in a state of network boot failure, presumably. They fixed everything a few weeks ago and now the cashier ignores the Windows 10 POS machine in favour of the XP one!
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    That reminds me: the typo in 45 line55 probably makes that all following lines are ignored. Had the same prob in my own personal files, and noticed it only accidentally, probably much later. Then invented a little trick to make it visible on about:config if the file was damaged: pref on top of file: pref("aaa.CHECK.mysettings.COMPLETE", "*** BROKEN! *** CHECK! ***"); pref at end pref("aaa.CHECK.mysettings.COMPLETE", "OK"); :-)
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    You are welcome to put something up. I just got the rloewelectronics.com domain that I'll put everything on as I sort it out. Reading your post, I think he had given me a copy of Borland's Turbo C compiler at some point. It does seem like he had some sort of custom handling of his includes.
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    Not the best photo quality but the auto parts shop in town is still running XP on one of their PCs.Though (out of picture) the PC is now resting in their counter instead of directly under the monitor as it previously was, the last time I posted about it. The picture is actually from about 2 months ago and I forgot to share it until now. They still are running XP now though!
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    UPDATE! I have done some reworks on the UOC Patch, removing double entries and some other ones that were not applied by the patch. The default framerate has been increased to 240, as it makes scrolling smoother and the maximum amount of layers has been reduced to 6, which seems to be a good compromise between usability and performance. The fix for choppy scrolling with ATI cards has been implemented in the UOC Enforcer. Some of the entries that were formerly located in the core UOC Patch have been moved to the UOC Enforcer, that now is required in order to fully enjoy the optimizations introduced by the new version. So, do not forget to install both the UOC Patch and the Enforcer! An explanation on how to install the UOC Enforcer is written in the first post of this thread. Build number is N2G. The current version of the UOC Patch for Macintosh has been tested on an Intel based Mac Mini 1.1 running System 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard" and using Arctic Fox as a web browser, however it is currently untested on Power Macintosh computers. So, if you have a fast Power Macintosh system (can be either a Power Macintosh AIO G4/G5 or an iBook/ Powerbook G4), please test it and let me know how it runs with TenFourFox. G3 Macintoshes might apply, but I cannot assure how the Patch and the Enforcer would behave on such ancient setups (even though the latest version of the Patch + Enforcer has proven to work very well on a Celeron Mendocino system with 256MB of RAM, Windows 2000 + Extended Kernel and using the onboard Intel Extreme Graphics IGP of the i810 chipset.) None of the UOC Patch + Enforcer version have been tested on Firefox Quantum. Which is obvious, because if your system can run Firefox Quantum, it means you clearly don't need the UOC Patch and the Enforcer in order to make it run better. Plus, Quantum has many differences from the "classic" versions of Firefox and derivatives, and so, I won't support it. WARNING: In case you use @roytam1 K-Meleon Goanna as your main browser and you encounter rendering errors and artifacts when you scroll a webpage, open the UOC Enforcer (user.js, located in your K-Meleon Goanna profile folder) and set the following value "layers.enable-tiles" to False. As always, please update to the latest version, test the Patch and the Enforcer on as many old machines as possible, let me know the outcome. Happy RDDin'! EDIT: I have also removed the [Experimental] tag from the thread title, as the UOC Patch and the Enforcer have proven to be a solution to optimize Mozilla-based browsers for old machines. EDIT 2: I have added a little Paypal Donation button in the main post of this thread. Why? You will ask. "Looking4awayout is e-begging!!!111!!1!!!1!oneoneoneone" someone will say. Nope, I'm not e-begging, even though my financial situation is in dire straits. I've just put the donation button as a way for anyone to send me a little tip of appreciation for the efforts behind the development of the Patch, basically just a way to say thank you. Mind you, this doesn't mean that the UOC Patch will become a commercial product. Never! The Patch is and will be always free. It's just a way for someone to show some appreciation if they feel like. The button is there for anyone who wants to donate something, it's not yelling "DONATE ME" at people. Besides, I am happy to read about people who have improved the web performance of their old machines thanks to the Patch and the Enforcer. And I never thought it would have become so popular, back when I developed the first prototype of the patch for my Tualatin RDD. Which means, I must say a big "thank you" to everyone who downloads and uses the Patch and the Enforcer on their machine, and to MSFN for believing in me and my idea of breathing some life into obsolete hardware, which still works fine and does not deserve to be scrapped only because "it's old".
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    Well, it's been working for 19 years and it's still doing its job, why should they change it? XD
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