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    That's the problem: I wasn't stating my preference... what I was is called being ironic! Why is it almost no folks nowadays are able to even detect irony? And no, please, don't answer the above question: it's just a rethorical question. Now, what is literal is that the next post about renaming @roytam1's forked browsers in this will be deleted. That's way off-topic and totally pointless nowadays. So, please, stop. Do stop. Resist useless posting.
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    To prevent user confusion, I strongly recommend disregarding the tutorials and contacting me directly instead about the extended kernel. The original post appears below for prudency.
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    Let me begin by thanking you for continuing to deliver updated builds of your browsers, despite the recent major hardware hardships... (pun intended! ) Starting with last weekend's New Moon 28 package (linked-to above) and including this weekend's latest NM28 offering, I've noticed that 3 compiled files, all previously associated with Serpent 52.9.0 builds, have somehow slipped into New Moon's main app directory; these files are: Accessible.tlb AccessibleMarshal.dll IA2Marshal.dll I browsed quickly your custom UXP branch and did not find any clues there as to why these 3 files now appear inside NM28's main appdir ; if it's any info, these 3 files also do not appear inside upstream official compilations of Pale Moon 28.13.0/29.0.0a6; but since our fork has deviated somewhat from upstream, that fact may or may not be relevant... Mentioned files, as pretty much expected, continue to reside inside Serpent 52.9.0's main appdir (as well as in upstream official Basilisk 52.9.2020.09.11 ) Now, as a test, I went along and deleted those 3 "errant" files and latest New Moon 28.10.2a1 32-bit (buildID=20200918232718) launches and runs fine here (Vista SP2 32-bit, build 6.0..6003) without them... It looks as if those files are generated via a first stage Serpent/UXP compilation and are then added, by mistake, with other compiled files that are common/shared with the New Moon 28/UXP compile/build (possibly to expedite compilation of both UXP browsers...); if that's by design (and may I note that this wasn't the case with the previous [now lost] building environment), perhaps it would be best to remove those 3 unneeded (for NM28) files post compilation and prior to packaging/uploading... https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/issues/1653 Clean up Windows widget code https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP/commit/6f5cd8a [widget] Clean up Windows widget code some. Can you please elaborate a bit why upstream UXP#1653 was not merged? Would it have broken WinXP compatibility if it had? Being on Vista here (NT 6.0), could this have been handled slightly differently if it provides performance improvements on Vista+? (e.g. ifdef'd to load the code under Vista+ but not under XP?) Apologies if I'm asking something that can't be done... I'm really sorry to have to bring this up, but don't you expect "upstream" to hear about that? You are, at the end of the day, still building "unofficial" Pale Moon builds and upstream have modified that branding (which is their prerogative, it appears...). I won't pretend I understand fully the Open Source licensing schemes, but I smell (additional) trouble coming from upstream, this time from Moonchild himself With all said and done (and undone) in the past, I'd hate to witness any further escalation between "us" and "them", especially if it results in more restrictive action(s)/sanctions from upstream... What do others think on this? Finally, I don't use any of these forks myself, but out of pure (healthy) curiosity, what source do you actually use now to produce updated builds of? AFAIAA, upstream have moved to a private repository, so are you now just updating the platform (UXP) submodule/component, which is still public? Thanks for all your hard work and efforts , thanks in advance for any answers received... Best greetings
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    Yah, there's been a few times before where it took Big Muscle a while to update Aeroglass to support a new version of Win10. I think this might be the first one that it gets lapped. IE the October update will come out before BigMuscle had a chance to make it work with the spring update I ended up uninstalling Aeroglass as I'd deferred months and months of security updates to keep it working. If Aeroglass ever gets caught up again, I'll gladly reinstall it. For now I'm setting with a dark theme and accent.
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    New regular/weekly KM-Goanna release: https://o.rths.ml/kmeleon/KM76.3-Goanna-20200919.7z Changelog: Out-of-tree changes: * update Goanna3 to git 500383702..aebd9e464: - import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - Bug 1194905 - Build libvpx neon code without -mthumb and -mfloat-abi=softfp. r=mshal (24098bdb7) - Remove spurious commandline.css from AF tree. (49cf2bb5c) - Bug 969914 - Make developer toolbar match the light devtools theme when applied;r=jwalker,r=pbrosset (4047862bd) - Bug 1152304 - Add displaying of block notes to dis() in the JS shell. (r=jimb) (9c1d7fa30) - Bug 1126987 - Fix _lastEventSize initialization in stack.js. r=vporof (2083cb437) - Bug 1140569 - Show async stacks attached to timeline markers. r=vporof (f05e1b60c) - Bug 1141553 - Give function name the devtools-monospace class in the profiler r=vporof (0ca698ea2) - Bug 1150112 - Markers overview should react to theme change, and other marker views now use CSS to automatically use theme change. r=vporof (6f72cde25) - Bug 1050500 - Add entry reason to timeline marker. r=jsantell, r=smaug (db9cf8191) - Bug 922221 - implement console.timeStamp(label) to create profile timeline markers. r=khuey (73e513562) - Bug 1059908 - Merge FunctionType and FunctionSyntaxKind. r=efaust (2d765bde5) - Bug 1059908 - Introduce a CONSTRUCTOR flag and make getter/setter/method non-constructable. r=efaust (fddb15f13) - Bug 1162310 - Do not use nonexistent macro when XGILL_PLUGIN is defined, r=bhackett (57a5c2861) - pointer style (55ec84b3b) - Bug 1164602 - Replace js::NullPtr and JS::NullPtr with nullptr_t; r=sfink (9ae473e29) - pointer style (7d735a2b9) - pointer style (987c0128b) - Bug 1135629 - Rename Register::code to Register::encoding for Assembler functions. r=jandem (cf915c814) - pointer style (ac97f0d0b) - Bug 1150337 - OdinMonkey: Optimize the full range of immediate offsets on x64. r=luke (fffb82aa6) - fix typos (511e17002) - pointer style (c1b54384c) - Bug 1135707 - Fix interaction between Arm NOP fill and calculation of IonCache rejoin label r=jandem (306365ec4) - pointer style (a8fe90ade) - Bug 1166809 - Remove DispatchIonCache and RepatchIonCache. r=bhackett (9b8b02bf1) - Bug 1147403 part 3 - Make IonSpewer work during off-thread compilation. r=h4writer - Bug 1147403 part 3.1 - Replace newly added IonSpewPass after KeepAlive transform. r=KWierso (01bd66aa3) - Bug 1147403 part 4 - Extract the printer from the serializer. r=h4writer (290a8887e) - pointer style (fc70e6a1a) - Bug 1147403 part 0 - Replace contextual information of dispatchHook by lambdas. r=shu (e177990e5) - Bug 1065657 - Allow multiple Debuggers to track allocations at the same time. r=shu (66b5a3ba9) - pointer style (bb317bb87) - Bug 1147403 part 5 - Add Debugger::onIonCompilation hook. r=shu (c14a28de1) - Bug 1147403 part 6 - Remove GetJitContext from serializing functions. r=h4writer (6d3d605a5) - pointer style (b2ec50945) - Bug 1147403 part 7 - Fix inIon, only reset the counter when the function is executed. r=jandem (cb6c180ef) - Bug 1165392, Bug 1165463 - Various unboxed array fixes and optimizations, r=jandem. (28ec85004) (d43d81d5a) - import changes from `dev' branch of rmottola/Arctic-Fox: - pointer style (db52d9c32) - Bug 1158407 - Stop using this one weird allocation fallback for MCreateThisWithTemplate. (r=terrence) (5b489cd5d) - Bug 1170124 - Remove unnecessary type monitoring in jit::InvokeFunction. r=bhackett (1603ee063) - Bug 1141865 - Part 2: Plumb new.target on the stack and make it accessible to JSNatives. (r=jorendorff, r=jandem, r=shu) (25cfa92ec) - Bug 1129795 - Convert rest of docshell/ to Gecko style. r=mccr8 (20acc2d82) - Bug 1162309 - Part 1: Remove instances of #ifdef PR_LOGGING in uriloader. r=froydnj (8768f60c0) - Bug 1162309 - Part 2: Remove instances of #ifdef PR_LOGGING in docshell. r=froydnj (e9de046f3) - Bug 1096908 - forward network security messages to the content process; r=hurley (69b38e624) - Bug 1156493 - e10s: move .cacheKey to nsICacheInfoChannel so child channels can get/set it, r=jduell (507efbe2b) - Bug 1017758 - Use infallible getters for appId/isInBrowserElement/unknownAppId; r=bz (8021f0ae8) (39a4e30ae) - import certdata changes from NSS upstream: - Bug 1651211 - Remove EE Certification Centre Root CA root cert. r=KathleenWilson,jcj - Bug 1653092 - Disable server trust bit for OISTE WISeKey Global Root GA CA root cert. r=KathleenWilson,jcj - Bug 1656077 - Remove Taiwan Government Root Certification Authority root cert. r=KathleenWilson,jcj - Bug 1663049 - Add SecureTrust's Trustwave Global root certificates to NSS. r=KathleenWilson,jcj - Bug 1663049 - September 2020 batch of root changes, NSS_BUILTINS_LIBRARY_VERSION 2.44. r=jcj (52d97533c) - import change from tenfourfox: - fix overzealous assertion (M1531906) (af9a8236e) (ec64c2198) - import change from tenfourfox: - #618: EV now from ESR78, update TLDs, pins, HSTS (cb0f39c2f) (d836a27cc) - partly import change from tenfourfox: - #622: M1660537 M1641487(modified) M1645492 (291688840) (558e8c786) - import changes from tenfourfox: - #622: update brotli to 1.0.9, woff2 to tip (7c24b77e7) - #622: actually add new brotli files (fc50954e6) (aebd9e464) * Notice: the changelog above may not always applicable to XULRunner code which K-Meleon uses. A goanna3 source tree that has kmeleon adaption patch applied is available here: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27/tree/kmeleon76
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    what good SSD can we purchase now for XP ?? do we have to purchase 5 years old SSD's that will be hard to find ?? now a 120GB SSD does cost less than a 64GB USB memory stick so it's a good time to get some. I have checked all mainstream SSD manufacturers websites and downloaded their SSD optimizing tool but it doesn't run on XP. they don't even have a link for the legacy versions the Kingston website says that its tool works from W8 and up however I installed it with no issues Kingston is not my first priority nor am I sure their utility with a vintage looking has support for TRIM I know there are some after market tools for SSD but I think they will not be as good as the original one from the SSD manufacturer
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