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  1. And here is the same program for XOR with my nice Neuron in Scratch. Oh my, here you can see at once, how bad "higher" program languages are Dietmar
  2. I just make a new XOR program for my Neuron with two thresholds, see post above waaooh, Dietmar
  3. I do an intensive test of those 3 of my Neurons, who make the XOR function without direct calculating XOR. Some thoughts about my idea: No noise at all, no vanishing gradient, always a clear signal, most easy calculation. The output of each Neuron is of type INTEGER. And it accepts any double values as input. Which means, this New Neuron and so this XOR is error tolerant as much as possible Dietmar PS: This program I test under Netbeans 16 and it works. package newneuron; import java.util.Scanner; public class Newneuron { // Inner class for Neuron public static class Neuron { private double lowerThreshold; private double upperThreshold; public Neuron(double lowerThreshold, double upperThreshold) { this.lowerThreshold = lowerThreshold; this.upperThreshold = upperThreshold; } public int activate(double input) { if (input >= lowerThreshold && input <= upperThreshold) { return 1; } else { return 0; } } } public static void main(String[] args) { // Create a Scanner object for user input Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); // Define the neurons with thresholds 0.8 and 1.2 Neuron neuron1 = new Neuron(0.8, 1.2); Neuron neuron2 = new Neuron(0.8, 1.2); Neuron neuron3 = new Neuron(0.8, 1.2); // Prompt the user for input values System.out.print("Bitte gib einen Wert für Neuron1 ein: "); double input1 = scanner.nextDouble(); System.out.print("Bitte gib einen Wert für Neuron2 ein: "); double input2 = scanner.nextDouble(); // Activate the first two neurons with the respective inputs int output1 = neuron1.activate(input1); int output2 = neuron2.activate(input2); // The input to the third neuron is the sum of the outputs of the first two neurons double sumOutputs = output1 + output2; int xorOutput = neuron3.activate(sumOutputs); // Print the results System.out.println("Neuron1 Output: " + output1); System.out.println("Neuron2 Output: " + output2); System.out.println("Neuron3 Output: " + xorOutput); // Close the scanner scanner.close(); } }
  4. I just have a crazy cool idea of a new KI. Take a look at this Neuron. In some kind it is more intelligent than human Neurons in brain. It uses the "All or Nothing" idea for to make a Neuron to fire (first threshold1). BUT: It has a second threshold2, so that it can solve with only such 3 Neurons the XOR problem. And everything with only positiv(!) weights Dietmar PS: My version of Netbeans 16 allows only 1,3 as input for testing for a double number instead of 1.3 package myneuron; import java.util.Scanner; public class Myneuron { private double threshold1; private double threshold2; public Myneuron() { threshold1 = 1.0; threshold2 = 5.0; } public int activate(double input) { if (input < threshold1) { return 0; } else if (input < threshold2) { return 1; } else { return 0; } } public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); Myneuron neuron = new Myneuron(); System.out.println("Test meines speziellen Neurons:"); System.out.print("Gib eine Kommazahl als Input für das Neuron ein: "); double input = scanner.nextDouble(); int output = neuron.activate(input); System.out.println("Antwort des Neurons: " + output); scanner.close(); } }
  5. @reboot12 I take a look at it tomorrow, thanks for help, now I go to bed Dietmar
  6. Hi, I just test your bios image.bin. No changes compared with original Bios. Amisetupwriter tells Write Protected. And CSM is shown as disabled and Write Protected as enabled. No menu for CSM in Bios. I set before the jumper for CMOS. ru.efi tells the same. Dietmar
  7. @reboot12 Can you send me this Intel Flash Image Tool? I make a try also Dietmar
  8. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I see at the nuked Fernando forum, that in October 2018 you have a talk with Lost_N_BIOS: " Mov_AX_0xDEAD October 23, 2018, 5:56pm 227 That’s cool @Mov AX, 0xDEAD was it that easy, just re-arrange in AmitSESteupData? that was no easy, AMITSESetupData is binary file, i manually found offsets to menus (pages) and offsets to each element. page contains pageid and parentid, i’ve replaced parentid to pageid of "Peripherals". element contains link to sub-pageid, textreference and texthelpreference, i’ve replaced all three fields. then need to modify IFR like i did in post Accessing Locked BIOS Menu Settings (14) because IFR works in real bios, amibcp fully ignore ifr. i specialy did not use amibcp v.5 to save edited bios because this program is overkill, it change/rebase/increase size of many modules, i dont accept this behavior " Can you help me with this Bios for to overcome any problems with switching between CSM and UEFI? Dietmar Original Bios from the ASRock N100DC-ITX board https://ufile.io/pi4xs90q
  9. @reboot12 I cant have the menu in Bios for CSM on the board ASRock N100DC-ITX, for to switch between enabled and disabled. But the Asrock N100M has this menu. And I dont know, if it is easy to restore this menu also Dietmar
  10. @Mark-XP I added an external graphic card. Geforce GT 730. It fits even with its large 16 PCI-e into the 4 PCI-e slot on this board, because this4PCI-e slot is open at the side. The board is stable under XP SP3, I did some tests Dietmar
  11. @reboot12 Can you take a look at all the nvram Variables, that can to be enabled in the Bios of the ASRock N100DC-ITX? I compare it with the 3 raw files of the Bios from the Asrock N100M and found 20 places where an 00 is a 01 or vice versa Dietmar EDIT: Sometimes it may be not easy to understand, if this feature should be enabled in Bios. Because a 01 for the Write Protection should be for sure not.
  12. @Damnation Hi, only when there is a CSM-Core in Bios, you have a chance to set it free. But now there are some boards without any CSM. I think, that it may be not too difficult, to write a generic csm.efi, that you can integrate into Bios as a normal driver. But the hardware around is different on each board, so such a generic csm driver could handle only the most basic things Dietmar
  13. @reboot12 Hi, until now I cant set any nvram variable with any tool, that is on the market. Because all in Bios is still Write Protected. I can use those tools only for to check, if my change by hand of the nvram variable is correct. I look for the Byte pattern of each nvram variable with UEFI tool. For the search via UEFITool I use Byte length of about 300, because with shorter length I always get other "matches". I correct those 3 raw files by hand via Winhex. Raw files in CEF5B9A3-476D-497F-9FDC-E98143E0422C EE4E5898-3914-4259-9D6E-DC7BD79403CF 77D3DC50-D42B-4916-AC80-8F469035D150 For 0xCB3 I change Byte pattern from 01 ==> 00 by hand in each of those 3 raw files. For 0xCBE I change Byte pattern from 00 ==> 01 by hand in each of those 3 raw files. May be, that all nvram variables are stored only in this 3 raw files. But because I cant set off the Write Protection from Intel, this Write Protection sits on other place too, may be even not in Bios but on other chip on mainboard, crazy.. Then I integrate this 3 raw files, each modded at 2 places for 0xCB3 and 0xCBE, back into Bios via UEFITool. Then I flash this modded Bios with FPT.efi. After this I clear CMOS via its jumper. And voila, CSM is enabled, but nothing of this can be seen in Bios. Would be nice, to set all the other nvram variables too, that enables the CSM menu in Bios. Also the menu for to select the graphic card is still not there Dietmar
  14. XP SP3 on Alderlake N100 cpu, 6 Watt Dietmar Now, this board is full XP SP3 compatible: Sound, Lan, Graphik, COM1, LPT1, PS/2 combi (works), Harddisks, USB3, USB2, nvme all works. And it is fast.
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