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  1. Is there a list out from all the cpu, which are affected? I have i7-8700k. On Windows XP the Microsoft patch kb4056615 against meltdown and spectre on i7-8700k makes big problems, Dietmar
  2. Hi all, on my USB 3.1 Stick formatted with NTFS after been connected to the compi with the new ntfs.sys file after kb4056615 I can not copy any file to this USB stick from another compi. I got a message "Diese Sicherheitskennung kann nicht als Besitzer des Objekts zugeordnet werden" [= "This security identifier cannot be assigned as the owner of the object."] Also, a file 75 GByte big I can not rescue from this USB3.1 stick. After copying may be 10 GByte, a message pulled up, that not enough resources I have on my system. But I have about 2000 Gbyte free space. !!!So, something went wrong with new ntfs.sys !!! Be very careful with this patch. After this bad experience I format this USB stick new with FAT32 and all the problems are gone, have a nice day Dietmar
  3. Hi all, I have a brandnew compi with Asus Apex motherboard and z370 chipset. On this compi I installed on a SSD with a lot of work XP 32 pro SP3 with embedded POS 2009 hack for updates, boottime is about 5 sec:)). Also I have on this compi Win server 2003 SP2 32 bit, Win7 32 bit and win 10 RS2 64 bit. After todays update with KB4056615 with the exchange of ntoskrnl.exe my XP does not boot any longer. Ony a black screen with a blinking cursor can be seen. Via win7 I changed back ntoskrnl.exe to the old version. ONLY this gives me the possibility, to come via F8 to "abgesicherten Modus". From there I unistalled the 2 Packages from today, one with name KB4056615. Then I restart my compi with XP and all seems nice. About 3 sec later again I got this KB4056615 update. This times it installes during shutdown without problems and now my compi starts as normal, have a nice day Dietmar