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    New out-of-cycle release of Adobe Flash Player 31 came today: (tested/working on Windows XP SP3 and XP x64 SP2) Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
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    Finally a snake is caught . Python37_WinXP_20181128_105126167.exe https://www114.zippyshare.com/v/FBBJz5vw/file.html Special thanks to Samuka since I stole his API implementation. Special thanks to FranceBB for making installer for me . I believe it will help Https proxy development too.
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    What's annoying to me is the fact that those who rail endlessly against XP almost never mention that it is being updated and it's not a secret since people have been taking advantage of the PosReady 2009 hack for years. In the last four months I've downloaded and installed at least 22 security patches alone for this older system. Not only that but you can still get the latest virus programs, flash player, and thanks to this project an updated browser. It is an old OS and probably has holes nonetheless but it's not like it isn't getting support. I'm usually on something newer but millions use XP regularly for whatever reason and it works fine, always has. It's almost funny how some of these anti-XP internet freaks go on a rampage, as if they have something to lose. No matter what forum their heads act like they're about to explode at the mere mention of XP. The end of support for PosReady is next April so it will require extra locking down but I wonder how many malware/virus trolls even bother with it anymore, they probably moved on to Windows 10.
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    New release of Adobe Flash Player 31 came today: (working on Windows XP SP3) Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
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    Any of roytam1's options are great for Windows Vista and XP. You can use Basilisk/Serpent 52, K-Meleon on Goanna (KM with the Pale Moon engine to give it better compatibility), or New Moon. I won't get too far off topic here, but even though the Pale Moon developers (or at least Matt Tobin in particular) may be childish, don't let them stop you from supporting/using @roytam1's work to keep updated browsers going for Vista/XP, as if it weren't for him, us Vista/XP diehards would be out of luck... I'm extremely grateful that he's dedicating time and effort into providing not only one, but several browsers for these OSes, since I am still an avid user of Vista myself. Read paragraph above Thanks for the addition! Added to the list in "Audio & Music Creation/Editing Tools" section. Another thing I should mention, Avast Antivirus (both editions) will soon stop supporting Windows Vista (and XP) in January 2019. According to this article, the software will no longer receive major version updates (and therefore new features) on Vista, but it will continue to offer protection for users of these operating systems through definition updates, which personally is fine with me since that's what really matters. Another update for AV on Vista - Sophos Endpoint Security & Control, a suite of applications made by Sophos (including AV), no longer supports Windows Vista as of October 31, 2018, so the last version has been listed: However, as I pointed out on the list entry, it should also be noted that this EOL does not affect Windows Server 2008 SP2, which should be supported until around July 2021, according to the Sophos support article linked. Anyways, thanks to those of you who kept this topic active while I have been away. I should be online more often from now on (for real this time )
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    Microsoft Update offered me two suppsedly important updates for Office 2010 on Windows XP a couple of days ago, KB2863821 and KB4461522. They installed fine, but the next day I came to use Word, and it would not run, with the error message - Application popup: winword.exe - Entry Point Not Found : The procedure entry point GetDateFormatEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. This was followed by "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application". I quickly found that no Office programs would now run, with the same error messages. I removed the two updates, and all returned to normal. I have no idea which of the updates caused the problem, and I haven't been offered either of them again so far, but if you are offered them, beware as they may well completely break your Office installation!
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    BTW, a bit late, but here are the November updates: Replaced Monthly Rollup with the new KB4467706 (located on the root directory of the repository) Added Security Only Update, KB4467700 (located in the folder "/Security Only (Post August 2018)") Replaced Internet Explorer Cumulative Update KB4466536 (located in the folder "/Security Only (Post August 2018)") Replaced .NET Framework Security and Quality with: -KB4459933 for .NET 2.0 SP2 (located in "/NET 2.0 SP2/Security and Quality Rollup") -KB4459945 for .NET 4.5.2 (located in "/NET 4.5.2/Security and Quality Rollup") -KB4459942 for .NET 4.6-4.6.1 (located in "/NET 4.6-4.6.1/Security and Quality Rollup") https://mega.nz/#F!txxRyLzC!1vBMGzMHiL864f3bl1Rj1w I think Microsoft already released this update for NT 6.0. Checkout KB4039648 on the Extras folder of the repository. They also released this update for Windows 7 in around 2015, if my mind serves me correct. What might change in the coming months is that MS may incorporate this update into the Monthly Rollups... we'll see. EDIT: Also forgot to add the new timezone update, KB4468323. It's now in the extras folder.
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    Hey dude , I got a snake from jungle ported for you . Take care of my pet python. python xp
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    Not sure if it's the right topic to post in but: According to this: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/11/20/running-windows-7-or-server-2008-you-will-need-this-patch/ Beginning in April next year, Microsoft will sign all updates for Server 2008 using SHA-2 instead of SHA-1, also they will release an update about a month earlier that adds SHA-2 compatibility to Server 2008. I just hope that this update will be compatible with Vista as well.
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    Good news for users using Avast or AVG antivirus protection, the file "rpcss.dll" of KB4466388 and KB4467689 in English (ENU) is no longer incorrectly detected as malware. @someguy25 @Bersaglio If interested, created a batch where this problem will be corrected when MUI packages are used. Any appropriate language code in the batch needs to be customized (SET "LangCode=XXXX").
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    ... And you originally thought you wouldn't be able to fix my reported GitHub bug! This is superb We now have a fully working GitHub in latest New Moon 27, just out of the box! ... And to think that Tobin person () had the cheek to call you a lazy "developer"... Your actions speak volumes for themselves, can't stress enough how satisfied I am as a user of your builds!!! May God keep you blessed
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    New Palemoon 27 Build! * This build is beyond official 27.9.4 build. 32bit https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.1a1.win32-git-20181117-a6bf60af2-xpmod.7z 32bit SSE https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.1a1.win32-git-20181117-a6bf60af2-xpmod-sse.7z 32bit noSSE https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.1a1.win32-git-20181117-a6bf60af2-xpmod-ia32.7z 64bit https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.1a1.win64-git-20181117-a6bf60af2-xpmod.7z source repo: https://github.com/roytam1/palemoon27 repo changes since my last build: - ported mozilla upstream changes: - Nikhil Marathe - Bug 1139665 - Check content load policy in FetchDriver. r=baku (25ded6c22f64) - Nikhil Marathe - Bug 1143857 - Add FormData serialize support to Fetch API. r=ehsan (1ff28a6f0b77) and enable fetch API in pref. (a6bf60af2)
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    New build of basilisk/UXP for XP! Test binary: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win32-git-20181117-c94825c86-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/basilisk52-g4.1.win64-git-20181117-c94825c86-xpmod.7z diff: https://o.rths.cf/basilisk/UXP-xp-gitdiff-20181110.7z PM28XP build: Win32 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.2.0a1.win32-git-20181117-c94825c86-xpmod.7z Win64 https://o.rths.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.2.0a1.win64-git-20181117-c94825c86-xpmod.7z Official repo changes since my last build: - Don't build internal updater by default and set default update channel to an inactive one. (9d2d304a6) - [PALEMOON] Use generic application icon for external applications in about:feeds (c8d90e332) - Revert "[PALEMOON] Use generic application icon for external applications in about:feeds" (e3f4fe530) - [PALEMOON] Use generic application icon for external applications in about:feeds (81c27113a) - Revert "[PALEMOON] Focus and select the first non-collapsed text element in the bookmark properties dialog" (0cded9cf5) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP (3438b20bd) - Issue #861 - The bookmark properties window should focus on the Name Picker text box on init (b199e3aa0) - [Pale Moon] Sync notification widget's messageImage should inherit the 'type' attribute (46a5c51bf) - [PALEMOON] Re-apply removal of unnecessary code (Findbar is no longer in the gBrowser) (16e5a6bc2) - Merge pull request #869 from FranklinDM/sync_notification-work (3c342ab20) - Split the content viewer marking function in CCUncollectable out, so a document-based marking function can be used separately. (2db00388a) - Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/UXP (d8e3bde97) - Fix build bustage. (a748fde4c) - Tell the cycle collector about nsScriptLoadRequest::mElement. (c94825c86) My changes since my last build: - update TwemojiMozilla.ttf to Twemoji-v11.2.0 base
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    Hi guys, I have signed up specifically to thank Dave H for his solution to the problem of Office 2010 modules not opening on XP after the latest Windows updates. Before I found this thread I was about to uninstall MS Office and replace it with OpenOffice instead (I might still do that!). Now that I have removed KB4461522 everything has returned to running as it should. Thanks once again, Dave, and I hope all others in the same predicament will find your fix.
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    I created a script to check if binary contains any SSE2 instructions: http://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/asm-sse2check.7z which contains objdump(from strawberry Perl, 2012) and gawk(3.1.5 MBCS edition) and there is some results(it can't check if code is used conditionally or not, it checks existence only) browseui.dll :: 75eff021: 0f f4 75 6d pmuludq 0x6d(%ebp),%mm6 75eff025: 0f f4 75 8a pmuludq -0x76(%ebp),%mm6 dxtmsft.dll :: 41466697: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 41468917: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax dxtrans.dll :: 41539043: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 41557542: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax ieframe.dll :: 3ed59fde: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 3ee521a0: 0f d4 d6 paddq %mm6,%mm2 3ee5714e: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax iertutil.dll :: 3ec5fb91: 26 0f 5b b7 54 2c 2b cvtdq2ps %es:-0x37d4d3ac(%edi),%xmm6 3ec61265: 0f d4 e2 paddq %mm2,%mm4 jscript.dll :: 3e402aef: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 3e42212e: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax msexcl40.dll :: 1000a296: f2 0f 10 05 a0 10 00 movsd 0x100010a0,%xmm0 {snip} msfeeds.dll :: 43cb2ee4: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 43cefad7: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax msfeedsbs.dll :: mshtml.dll :: 3d1aca7d: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 3d273d80: 0f d4 60 3d paddq 0x3d(%eax),%mm4 3d2920bb: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax msihnd.dll :: 4012a0f3: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax 4012a5ec: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 msjet40.dll :: 1001c688: f3 0f 6f 04 85 00 9e movdqu 0x10179e00(,%eax,4),%xmm0 {snip} msjetoledb40.dll :: 10001519: f3 0f 6f 00 movdqu (%eax),%xmm0 {snip} msjter40.dll :: 1000813b: f2 0f 70 c0 00 pshuflw $0x0,%xmm0,%xmm0 {snip} msjtes40.dll :: 100160ee: f2 0f 10 40 08 movsd 0x8(%eax),%xmm0 {snip} msltus40.dll :: 100068e5: 66 0f 13 44 24 0c movlpd %xmm0,0xc(%esp) {snip} mspbde40.dll :: 10006f05: 66 0f 13 44 24 0c movlpd %xmm0,0xc(%esp) {snip} msrd2x40.dll :: 10009dca: f3 0f 7f 02 movdqu %xmm0,(%edx) {snip} msrd3x40.dll :: 1000c402: f3 0f 6f 41 f0 movdqu -0x10(%ecx),%xmm0 {snip} msrepl40.dll :: 1000df27: f3 0f 6f 46 04 movdqu 0x4(%esi),%xmm0 {snip} mstext40.dll :: 10009285: 66 0f 13 44 24 0c movlpd %xmm0,0xc(%esp) {snip} mstime.dll :: 41e61c93: 66 0f 28 c1 movapd %xmm1,%xmm0 41ecc75e: f2 0f 2c 04 24 cvttsd2si (%esp),%eax msvidctl.dll :: 5fb60aba: 0f fb a8 f2 4f bd 00 psubq 0xbd4ff2(%eax),%mm5 {snip} mswdat10.dll :: 10005258: 66 0f 6f 4e f4 movdqa -0xc(%esi),%xmm1 {snip} msxbde40.dll :: 1000453a: 0f fb a8 f2 4f bd 00 psubq 0xbd4ff2(%eax),%mm5 {snip} ntdll.dll :: 7c9219ed: 66 0f 28 15 e0 1a 92 movapd 0x7c921ae0,%xmm2 7c9219f5: 66 0f 28 c8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm1 7c9219f9: 66 0f 28 f8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm7 7c921a06: 66 0f 54 05 00 1b 92 andpd 0x7c921b00,%xmm0 7c921a3a: 66 0f 2e ff ucomisd %xmm7,%xmm7 7c921a73: 66 0f 28 d8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm3 7c921a8a: 66 0f 54 05 d0 1a 92 andpd 0x7c921ad0,%xmm0 7c921a92: f2 0f 58 c8 addsd %xmm0,%xmm1 7c921ab1: 66 0f 54 1d d0 1a 92 andpd 0x7c921ad0,%xmm3 7c921b2e: 66 0f 28 15 20 1c 92 movapd 0x7c921c20,%xmm2 7c921b36: 66 0f 28 c8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm1 7c921b3a: 66 0f 28 f8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm7 7c921b47: 66 0f 54 05 50 1c 92 andpd 0x7c921c50,%xmm0 7c921b7b: 66 0f 2e ff ucomisd %xmm7,%xmm7 7c921bb4: 66 0f 28 d8 movapd %xmm0,%xmm3 7c921bcb: 66 0f 54 05 10 1c 92 andpd 0x7c921c10,%xmm0 7c921bd3: f2 0f 5c c8 subsd %xmm0,%xmm1 7c921bee: 66 0f 56 1d 40 1c 92 orpd 0x7c921c40,%xmm3 7c921bf6: 66 0f 54 1d 30 1c 92 andpd 0x7c921c30,%xmm3 rsaenh.dll :: 68029460: 0f d4 ca paddq %mm2,%mm1 {snip} win32k.sys :: bf865b39: 0f 5a 86 bf 27 5d 86 cvtps2pd -0x79a2d841(%esi),%xmm0 wininet.dll :: 3e55f2a7: 3e 0f f4 55 3e pmuludq %ds:0x3e(%ebp),%mm2
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    I see you've decided to come trolling again Jody... because what else is this really? If you no longer use XP, you no longer care about XP, and you think XP users are somehow backward, then why do you bother to come here to read the XP forum or even attempt to engage the XP users? You say you come here for "discussion" - but most of the time you're only interested in pushing the "accept change and move on" argument. You will agree or semi-agree with some minor point here and there to maintain the impression that you're having a fair discussion or that you're open-minded, but in the end your opinion never really changes. So why do you keep expecting other users minds to change? Do you just like to keep the disagreement stirred up to waste everyone's time? Why do you have such an intense interest in what operating system others choose to use if your mind is already made up about it? Why does it seem to bother you so much when other people don't just "go with the flow?" Who are you to question anyone else for their choices, or to seek "justifications" for those choices? (even if, as you claim, you mean nothing ill by it) If you really believe that something newer is always better, then you're welcome to your opinion. But that's nothing more than "chronological snobbery." The fact that something is newer does not make it better than something older. In fact, the reverse is frequently true. This attitude (prevalent most everywhere I look online these days) that it's OK to force, browbeat, insult the intelligence of, shame, chide, or in any other manner "push" users of any product to give it up for something newer just because someone else says it's better is a cancer, pure and simple. I'll bet that most people pushing this drivel would be deeply offended if say, someone told them their political views were wrong and that they should change because someone else says so. Too many people today are willing to sing the praises of freedom until that freedom applies to something they don't like. Yes, Microsoft has a right to change their products and/or change their business philosophy or whatever. But as far as I am concerned they have a moral obligation to NOT WILLFULLY make it more difficult for users of previous products to keep those products operating. Said users paid for those products, and the fact that some time has passed does not make those users somehow obligated to give up something that works perfectly well and buy something else because Microsoft says so. Don't want to support it any longer? Fine. But don't start putting roadblocks out for those older systems intentionally. This is the main root of the problem that many of us have with Microsoft and many other software/tech companies. It's not what they choose to do, but how they go about doing it. So they want to release a new operating system? Fine. Release it, and if it's really better than what users already have then people will begin to move to it of their own accord. Where the problem arises is 1)when they start pushing FUD garbage about how suddenly you will become vulnerable to this or that catastrophe simply because you haven't chosen to move on; 2)when they use their "influence" to push other companies and products to no longer support an older system; and 3)when they start "manipulating history" to remove information or files relevant to older products, thereby making it more difficult to keep the older systems running (which once again were paid for, and the fact that time has passed does not invalidate this). Very few things make me angrier than when I follow a link to Microsoft's site that is supposed to lead me to some documentation or update for an older system and instead I get some garbage like "We're sorry. This page/update is no longer available. Update to Windows 10 today! It's up to date, fast and secure!" My response? Sure. When .... freezes over. +1 Amen. +1
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    You definitely need to invest in an image backup solution so you can revert your system when making a change that doesn't pan out. I would certainly recommend investing in a copy of Acronis Backup & Recovery software which will also provide a "try and decide" option to test unknown software or changes to your system.
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    New releases palemoon localization. https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases
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    See how they treated OpenBSD devs when they tried to port "the thing" : https://github.com/jasperla/openbsd-wip/issues/86 I think dog face and friends try to make money from open source projets and they get mad when anyone creates a fork from their stuff, because they don't get money from that fork.
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    Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed That's a darn shame... oh well, I never was too big a fan of Avast myself to be honest. I still run an older version of MSE along with the last major version of Malwarebytes for XP/Vista, both of which still receive definition updates which is what really matters (Avast will still receive definition updates on XP/Vista too ) Anyway, aside from Avast/AVG, I have found a couple of pieces of software that no longer support Windows Vista: 1. OBS Studio, a popular livestreaming software, no longer supports Windows Vista after 21.0.1 (released Jan. 2018), so this version has been added to the list: 2. Dolphin, a popular GameCube/Wii Console emulator, hasn't officially supported Windows Vista for quite some time. Despite this, the latest "Stable" release (5.0) along with new "Development" releases continued to work on Windows Vista until a certain point at which I cannot exactly pinpoint, since there are so many versions that have been released since the last time I tested Vista compatibility. For this reason, I have simply listed the last "Stable" version to work with Vista for now: Also, I have added a couple of new pieces of software that continue to support Vista to the "Video & Photo Editing Software" section (thanks to @i430VX for showing me these):
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    You may not like what I'm about to say, but just know that I mean this in the nicest of ways... First off, asking for 'instant answers and collaboration' isn't going to help anything. All this does is make you look rude and somewhat disrespectful to other members here that would maybe otherwise not mind helping you achieve what you're wanting to achieve. Please stop saying things like that when you post or you're likely just going to get ignored. Second of all, you want an unofficial update for Vista? You're not alone. There are various posts here since 2014/2015 that have been discussing a hypothetical unofficial update for Vista to bring it to par with Windows 7 in terms of software compatibility. But, guess what? In these past 4 (almost 5) years now, not a single thing has come to fruition. Need me to explain why? Windows Vista does have a cult following here (myself included) that would love to be able to do something like this. However, doing it requires years of programming experience that no one in the Vista community has. Seeing as (according to your profile) you were born in 2004, that puts you at only 14 years old, which makes me doubtful that you have the experience (if any at all) to even come close to putting something like this together. Those here that do have the knowledge and experience (most notably @blackwingcat) to pull something like this off aren't interested in doing it for Windows Vista, and I had a discussion with BWC about this last year, and he said that creating unofficial updates for 64-bit OSes would be much more difficult as the code is far more complex, which makes it even less likely that anything is going to be made for Windows Vista in the near future since this is the version of it that most people use. In conclusion, you might as well just enjoy what little life Vista has left while you can, because it's only going to get worse from here on out.
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    keep calm and ignore Tobin to prevent overflow of ticks after 49 days? but since browser will not be that stable after several hours of heavy use so it is non-issue here
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    Yes, we do pride ourselves in at least trying to figure out actual solutions, rather than the typical "just reinstall Windows" or "update your antivirus" type posts you see a lot of other places.
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    I don't want to appear picky....but where did incompetence get called a bug.... Had the same from Bitdefender support....I installed the latest release and all of a sudden I couldn't access my "Home Network"...?! Turned off Bitdefender and had access again...got in contact with support and they said they have a bug in the fire wall that will be fixed soon with an update.... I then contacted sales and demanded my money back.....Releasing a version with a firewall bug?! But I see the same with Windows 10....instead of improving they get worse....why the desperate hurry to release a new verison all the time....concentrate on fixing the original before pushing new crap on us....because of the amount of computers that I am getting with Windows 10 and serious problems with hardware etc....I have warned all my customers about Microsoft and their insistance to update hardware drivers...Yes, we can turn it off but as you all know Microsoft activate it again with a new update....So, my customeres are left with "grin and bear it" Look at this crap... Windows Insider Program Explore the future of Windows You’ll be amazed at just how many highlights our engineers have already packed into this early Windows 10 Insider Preview build (19H1), including a more powerful Windows Search, a beautiful new design update, and more.1 PREVIEW FEATURES > Link now working... What bloody engineers?! They couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag!!!!! bookie32