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  1. @Dibya I have an AMD Radeon HD6450 1GB graphics card with hardware DirectX 11 support. Is hardware acceleration DXv10 for the graphics card working after installing DirectX 10 for WinXP?
  2. It is obvious that these are the latest versions for WinXP. Besides, we are in the Windows XP forum section.
  3. This topic was started by me. I meant mainly Firefox and Chrome web browsers - my mistake - I should have titled as: YT may not work on old browsers Firefox & Chrome anymore, starting March 2020 We currently have September 2020 and these browsers work as I wrote in the previous post. I started the topic because I thought that from April Firefox and Chrome would stop working, but it did not. As of today, you don't need any combinations to use YT on WinXP - you only need Firefox ESR 52.9.0 for watching and editing videos, or Chrome for just watching videos.
  4. Today is September 7, 2020, OS WinXP SP2 x64 Watching movies on YT: - still works fine in Firefox - in Chrome it is impossible to turn on full screen on some videos YT Studio: - Firefox - works - Chrome - works but very bad Please do not write in this topic about browsers or plugins other than the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome for WinXP !!! The topic could be properly closed.
  5. Mouse volume control in Google Chrome works again :-)
  6. On Google Chrome, problem with mouse volume control:
  7. Get it: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) and it: Windows Imaging Component for Windows XP 64-bit and Server 2003 64-bit (Deprecated)
  8. Version OpenSSH for Windows v3.8.1p1-1 was in the setupssh381-20040709.zip file. Read this blog: How to setup SFTP with Open SSH in Windows and direct old link was: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sshwindows/files/OpenSSH for Windows - Release/3.8p1-1 20040709 Build/setupssh381-20040709.zip/download You can find the file here: setupssh381-20040709.zip
  9. Some videos do not work in full screen mode in polymer on Chrome 49, e.g. in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqi2Jy0UMiA Clicking the Full Screen button or pressing f key switches the browser to full screen mode - just like pressing F11 key and the video is still playing in the window
  10. true also disables polymer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-z7hoEWaH4&disable_polymer=true
  11. From July 1, 2020, the yellow bar no longer appears (see the first post) but YT still works in Chrome 49.0.2623.112 m on WinXP but in Polymer - you can no longer disable Polymer like this: https://www.youtube.com/?disable_polymer=true
  12. I found a way for MIDI communication between the Win98 guest system in the MS VPC 2007 virtual machine and the MIDI music keyboard via the WinXP SP2 x86 host system: We connect the MIDI In port on our instrument to the MIDI Out port on the PC. Actions on WinXP Host: we install Virtual Serial Port Kit (FabulaTech) and add a pair of COM3, COM4 ports on the default settings: we install Roland Serial MIDI Driver 3.2 for WinXP and set the COM3 port in it, disable Use multiple ports and enable the Activate CTS/RTS Flow Control option: we install the Bome's Mouse Keyboard program, set the MIDI ports IN and OUT and leave the program turned on: set MIDI In to Roland Serial MIDI Input set MIDI Out to output port MIDI e.g. my Creative PCI card has this port Creative Sound Blaster MPU-401 Instead of Bome's, you can use another program that has MIDI In and MIDI Out settings, e.g. MIDI-OX in the Win98 virtual machine options in the COM1 port settings we select COM4: Actions on Win98 Guest: we install the same Serial MIDI driver but Win9x version - Roland Serial MIDI Driver 3.2 for Win9x and configure the same as on WinXP but set COM1 port: in the Control Panel Win98 set the default MIDI Roland Serial MIDI Out A device and/or use a MIDI player/sequencer in which you can select this port directly, e.g. Cubase, Winamp
  13. Very strange but it is OK now and there is no BSOD C2 (without Primetime or when installed). To be sure - I restored the system from the image and installed Firefox 52.9.0 ESR Next strange thing - now YT works without the Primetime plugin I'm sure that on Saturday morning (April 4, 2020) YT did not work without Primetime and there was an error that Firefox does not support HTML5. BSOD C2 was also then. P.S. They make some changes on YT. I noticed that now 720p quality is no longer marked as HD - there is no red HD stamp:
  14. WinXP SP2 x64, Firefox 52.9.0 ESR, HTML5 enabled: On one tab the video from YT is played. After clicking Open new tab (+) BSOD C2 appears. The solution to the problem is to update the win32k.sys file - e.g. KB3070102, same as in this topic: C2 BSOD error when entering a specific web page
  15. F..k, why do you keep saying this? Your reply is not related to recent posts in the topic at all Let's wait for YT to introduce changes (31/03/2020) and then the VistaLover solution will be officially announced here. P.S. This topic is created by me. In April I will personally check and let you know if the VistaLover solution will help.
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