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  1. Try Smart Defrag 4.1 or 4.2
  2. It's not true. UefiSeven is stable but cannot unlock C0000 memory on some computers: UefiSeven test I have a PC in which I have CSM turned off (UEFI class 3) and I run WinXP SP2 x64 on it without any problems using UefiSeven WinXP x64 + UefiSeven
  3. Qemu (virt-manager) is best run on Linux host e.g. Debian 9. I tested WinXP 64-bit and it works very efficient especially with a second host PCIe graphics card: PCI passthrough karty graficznej na Debian 9 64-bit
  4. The link in my post works! This is a link to the Polish Intel website. Maybe the link to the Polish version does not work in your country. This is a link to the US English version of the Intel website: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/16545/22644/intel-hd-graphics-driver-for-windows-xp-64-exe.html?
  5. OK, already found out, you need to delete the %appdata%/OpenSource folder
  6. I tested several email clients on WinXP that support OAuth2 (IMAP is required). Read this: Yahoo mail and OAuth2 I tested with Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112m set as the default browser on the system Two programs are best: MailNews - tested version mailnews.win32-20200815-b8025053-uxp-d3383327a-xpmod.7z POP Peeper Pro - tested version 5.1.1
  7. How to delete an account from Outgoing Server (SMTP) in MailNews? The Remove button is unavailable. Where is the MailNews data stored in WinXP?
  8. I use the Arduino IDE 1.8.9 in my ThinkPad X61s in WinXP SP2 64-bit, C2D 1.6GHz, and CPU usage is also very low. I have Java8 (1.8.0) installed in my system this way: Java8 on WinXP Arduino IDE installed with the installer from the file arduino-1.8.9-windows.exe I also tested other older IDE versions - 1.8.2, 1.8.3 and they also work. There are compilation errors in newer versions of the IDE.
  9. use nLite to integrate 64-bit SATA/AHCI your disk controller and WinVBlock drivers to WinXP 64-bit ISO image (if in the bios there is an option of the disk mode in PATA, IDE, Compatibility then turn it on and you can not integrate the SATA driver) rename the ISO image to xp.iso connect a USB flash drive (1-2GB USB 2.0) format it to FAT32 with USB Disk Storage Format install GRUB4DOS on this USB flash drive copy the files to the flash drive: grldr, menu.lst, to subfolder images: dummy.ima, xp.iso boot from this USB and select: TXT-Setup WinXP - phase 1 when the message to restart the computer appears, restart it from USB but this time select: GUI-Setup WinXP - phase 2 when phase 2 of the installation is complete and the computer restarts, boot it from the hard disk (remove the USB flash drive) Note1: You must have at least 1GB RAM for the xp.iso image to fit in the memory Note2: If the flash drive is detected by the BIOS as USB-FDD and not USB-HDD, then you have to remove this lines from the menu.lst file: map (hd0) (hd1) map (hd1) (hd0) winvblock.zip usb_disk_storage_format.zip g4d_install.zip grldr menu.lst
  10. Is it about IOBit Smart Defrag? Which version?
  11. Officially, it does not support, but I would try the drivers for individual devices from the manufacturers websites e.g. for Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 driver is winxp64_145111.exe
  12. I noticed a strange thing. If I run a ThinkPad X61s computer with WinXP SP2 x64 while a Samsung smartphone is connected to it via USB, there is no volume icon in the tray. The sound in the system works, I can also manually run the sndvol32 volume control. Re-enabling the icon in the control panel does not help:
  13. In WinXP 64-bit you can use hibernation but it depends on the hardware. All you need to do is switch in boot.ini: maxmem=4096 ThinkPad X61 C2D, 4GB RAM - hibernation OK ThinkPad X220 i5, 8GB RAM - hibernation FAIL WinXP 64-bit hibernation
  14. Still using WinXP SP2 64-bit on two PC's - the best system in the world PC1 ThinkPad X61 C2D 4GB RAM, docking station with LPT and COM ports. I mainly use for browsing the Internet. Page file disabled. PC2 Sandy Bridge platform ASUS P8H61-M LE R2, Intel i3, AMD HD7450 + 2K LCD monitor (2560x1440) connected over DP-DP cable, M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI sound card. This PC is not connected to the Internet and I only use it for audio/video FullHD/720p production with Sony Vegas 9 64-bit at 2560x1440. My favorite games also work: CueClub2 at 2560x1440 Worms World Party Remastered 2015 at 2560x1440 - you can see the entire island, not just part of it, as in the old version NFS3 modern patch at FullHD 1920x1080

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